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A cm load of Colorado cacti were lately sold In Chicago.

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of the most charming of Southern of Kentucky, who faithfully followed a wagonforseventeea miles to see when writers, died on the 27th inat the bind wheels would catch up with HBSBT GSOROI was bom in America, the fore. and his ancestors are part English, part The people who expect thai the DemScotch, part Irish, with a dash of Gercratic party will ever come abreast of the Republican party in any movement tor the good of society, are in the condiTBE latest outrage is printing a wooden picture of CHARUX MOBBIS, ot tiou of the faithful, but finally disappointed mountaineers. But it did seem Larned, and calling it Mayor SMITH, of yesterday as if the "reach" between the Philadelphia. fore and hind wheels was considerably TAE Leavenworth Standard is m e r e on the " few Democratic traitors in Leavenworth who are bowling for

JOHS ESTKK COOKS, of Virginia, one about a family in the mountain region Saturday night by burning a hole with throw some light upon this subject and

Senator Instills' Tchtlmoay NORTH k%0 ftOUTHWKHT. ICratexnndeDte St. Joseph Herald ] There H an anciont story over which Three prisoners confined in the jail Your correspondent overheard a c t n the chestnut hell tolled many years ago, at Belleville made good their escape last versation, a tew days ago, that may a poker. Sunday morning they came around for breakfast. Osborne Farmer: Connty Attorney Saxey returned last week from Lawrence, where he was called several weeks since by the serious illness and subsequent death ot his mother. Washington Register: J. H. January, who was sent to the insane asylum from this county about four months ago, returned last Saturday to bis home and friends a sane man. Glasco Sun: W. R. West's new blcck will contain e hundred and fifty cords of stone, twenty-five thousand brick, two hundred loads of sand and thirty thousand feet of lumber. assist the Democratic ofiico holders in finding a plausible excuse lor not taking part in the present campaign. And, as the conversation was not addie.-ied to yonr correspondent, he cannot l-c accused of violating any confidence in '" e same to tbe readers of the i:;vi:ii.' A party of gentlemen were lhv<ii-l. conversing upon the political situation of the country in general, ant: Kansas in particular. Head end shoulders above the otbeta of

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The Campaign Issue

OF TUB . :. > :-. .!: '

was a prominent Kansas Democrat, and two or tiirte prominent Republicans. Senator Ingalls was (he speaker on this occasion, and from his remarks your correspondent quotes: JOUH A. ANDERSON." "Before leaving Washington City," MOST PERFECT MADE aid Senator Incalls, "I called at the Taaas are now thirty miles of sueots White House to tee the President, and Scaudia Journal: We understand learn from his own lips what ho meant lighted by New York city with electric lights and forty-one and tbree-fourtbs Resolttd, That fidelity to the constitu thst the extension of the Central Branch by his civil service rules. 1 said to him. tion and obedience to the laws made in from Warwick to Superior is only a Mr. President, I urn about to leave acres of public parks. pursuance thereof, is the first duty of question of a little time. Bonds have Washington for my home; we havo m A BOSiBEsa boose1 in Lawrence is beelection in f;,';l. ai. 1 I w:.u )d citizenship. Obedience to the law been voted and work will be to know whether your civil serg built of pressed brick from Boston, _ slds from anarchy and protects from probably early next spring. BErCUIilOASt STATE vice rules are made in good and three masons have been brought lawless violence and confusion, and upand whether uitice-hi'luDark Horse: There are probably faith, on its honest, just and impartial eners under your administration are to from Boston to lay t i e brick. D. I t VilBNTIKJ, ot a l a r m forcement depends the satety of life, more homesteaders on their claims now be punched for iaVinsan active partir FOf 0MMMR politics?' The President replied, with MRS. PABBTIL says it is doubtful if liberty and property, and we now recall than at any other time during JOHS L JIABTIN, ol Atehlmo. apparent earnestness, that he meant she ever returns to the United Stales. 'tb just satisfaction the traditional son. A few acres of rye or wheat will just what he said, and that he woulc history of our party for its constant and bo sown on nearly every section ot land In view of her advanced years and the THE CHAMPION COLLECTS T H E LATEST AND certainly remove every officehoidei unbending fidelity to the constitution in Sherman county this fall. guilty of violating this order, in the state of her health, she prefers remain- and the laws of the land, and we em.i.B.ii.LBi.otadndL; Bird City, Cheyenne county, News: event that he learned tbe facts ol such MOST RELIABLE NEWS FROM ALL PARTS ing in Ireland. phatically announce that we do and violation. I then said to nisi that I J. w. HJMILTOS, ct Sonrner. shall demand of all public officers J. W. Bennett, from 5 39, was in town would watch every Democratic officeIT is said that "a mol cannot bra} roiMffltwoisuw. JOF T H E WORLD AND PRINTS I T a fair, honest and impartial enforce- Monday, and in conversation with him holder in Kansas, and that when 1 reTmOTHT McClBTHI, ot Pm. when a brick is tied to bis tail." Thi ment of the law of the land, not for po- he informed us that 1 lumed to Washington next winter 1 New York rFJtHM raises the question litical pui poses or reasons, not to satisfy of c o n that will piobably make forty would make a written report to limi.iii IN AN ATTRACTIVE AND I N 8. B. BEDFORD. 0|0. "What becomes of the fellow who ad- the clamor and maudlin sentiment of bushels per acre. At any rate he will which I would cive the names of every Democratic officeholder ia the State TELLIGENT FORM. justs the brick?" political hypocrites, demagogues and raise 1,000 bushels of corn. guilty of taking part, in the coming shallow pretenders, but because patriotwith the Beloit Courier: Aaron Blake, tbe campaign, togetherviolation. lacts conBEftELICAN C0SOUESS1ONAL TOR Democrats nominated, in most ism, good citizenship and self preservanected with such I said lo man accused of murdering bis daughter- the President that, without expresintf cases, their best men. Let the Repub- tion demand it, and the safety and hap. N. SIOBMLL.eI " in-law, Mrs. Belle Blake, near Glen El- my approval or disapproval of the civi! licans follow their example, looking piness of the people require ft, service rules, I believed in men lirine This resolution sounds like an cdito- der, some two weeks ago, stood a pre- ug to the pledges mado to the people carefully to the questions of courage, liminary examination before Esquiro that elected them to effice, arid that for honesty and efficiency. No cowards or al frcin THE CHAMPION. In fact, if we last week, and on Monday even- this reason I should take an interest in did not know that it was impossible, we imbeciles. should believe that the resolution had ing of this week the Justice held him to the movements of the Kansas ofiiccholders under his administration. The TH* word "Tenia" is said to mean been drawn by some person who bad a t answer to the District Court, which con- Presidont said he would be glad to I ave SYABICSR'S A U R A N T i ! BEPGBMCAS COUXTV C O S \ E TXOS. iles." In Mexico it is spelled Tejas. some time written for the second page venes next Monday, upon the charge of me make such a report as I had prom, l b 1,4 I W B >1 Tte B*Dubl)can roteraot AtcltoooeflpntT"*?- baname is said to have originated of this paper. murder. ised, and again assured roe that ha 3. F. tSTADICER, Froprlstof anted to meet u Mciite < Tho Democratic party of Atchison Wa-Keeney World, 25th: A goodly meant just what be said, and that he .FSOMT 8T SStBomlntheCltiolAttSUcii. irom the fact that the early Spanish county recognizes that everything men umber of Grand Army men and their would promptly remove any one viomissionaries, in penetrating the conn- bold dear, depends on the enforcement lating bn orders. And," said ;he Kansons gathered at D. G. Carleton's last try now known as Texas, found a vil- of the law; that law which is based on Wednesday, and spent the day in cut- sas Senator, "I have already commerced my report, and haveseveial prominent lage of natives living in houses covered the constitution and the amendments ting his sorghum aud corn. Soma ot Democrats 'on the list.''' thereto, and that those who break the with tiles. the W. R. C. women attended, and preNEW YORKBB who has spent much cs of life, liberty and property. pared a dinner for the noble workers. we are informed, is the only shield Another day this week will be given to in Kansas says: "A man in KanKcnnlou of Kn5:is K1<1|PVK. and confusion gathering the crops in. As betore sas has ten months of favorable wea- against anarchy The,Hon. James Smith. Secretary ol lawless violence, meaning stated in this column, Mr. Carleton has ther in which to mature and secure his and been an invalid all summer, and Mrs. the Kansas State Soldier Society, this and two months, January and by " violence," assaults on the public morning issued the following notice to street; the sending of anonymous let- Carleton has managed the farm and tho soldiers who served in Kansas regiFebruary, to be idle and vis cattle, in addition to caring tor her husfriends, and recuperate and be ready for ters; the explosion of powder, and otfaet band. Mr. Carleton was a Union solTOPEKA, September .29, 1 8 8 6 . - A forms of intimidation, including newsthe spring work." paper publications darkly hinting a dier, and he still suffers from a shell meeting of the Kansas Slate Sol Her Society will be held at Emporia on the purpose to thump officers engaged in wound recoived in battle. TUB Globe-Democrat's Wichita corres7th ot October, 1886, commencins at pondent, anxious to give all the details the performance of their duty. All 830o'clock a. ni., at Bis Tent No. I, o>j tbe reunion ground?. All soldiers who these tho Democratic partyof Atchison of the late reception, says: "Mr, C; . Ii"- M ll> I'ltUSPHATE served in Kansas regiments or enlisted county declares itself unequivocally LISLE ia a sort of ministerial-looki from Kansas are most earnestly re"down on." man with a bald spot on the top of quested to be present, and by tlieir Invaluable as a Tonic bead, and while Brother HEWITT was presence, counsel and advice contribute When we consider, that two years to tbe success of the meeting of the saying grace, as it were, ho seemed ago the mildest adjective applied by the Dr. J. L. Pratt. Greenfield veterans of the soldier Statu. be considerably bored.'' Atchison county Democracy to the pro IB all that'll claii JOHH A. MARTIS, President-. JAMBS SMITH. Secretary. COLONEL HIGGISBOK, the author, has hibitoryiaw was "infamous," and the tonic in any case where an acid tone is arrived at the idea that all unselfish peo- gentleman to whose care the banner T h o u mds Say Si>. ple are liars. A man most be accord now committed to Mr. JAMES W. ORR Miss ROSE CLEVELAND, it is an- Mr. T. W. AtUicB, Guard, Kno. writes i declared amid the applause of the conlug tohia philoM)phy,an economist in his nounced, will not clothe herself in the " I never hesitate to recommend yonr Elec nature or else he U profligate of his vention that he would spit upon and Tyrian purple of Chicago, but will pro- tile Bitters to my customers, thsy civo words. So it seems that man only has nullify the "infamous" law; we can ste ject her editorial utterances from the entire satisfaction and are rapid sellers." tho immense progress made. Twi two choices before him in this life, Electric Bitters are the purest and best years ago the law was "intamous;" secluded haunts ot Holland Paten*, must be either a liar or a skinflint. medicine known and will positively curs now it is declared to be the bulwark where no infuriated contributors will Kidney and Liver complaints, purify be permitted to molest or make her and strong tower of society. A LAWBESCE dispatch to the Globethe blood and regulate the bowels. No afraid. Democrat says: "Railroad matters family can afford to be without them. That portion of the resolution which They will save hundreds of dollars in show no sign of a decline of activity declares that the law should be enforced Bncklen's Arnica Salve. The Best Salve In the world for Cuts, doctor's bills every year. in this seotion. The surveyors of the because it is the law, and not to satisfy Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Atchison & Lawrence road have located hypocrites and other bad characters, Sores, Tetter. Chapped Salt Rheum, Fever Hands, Chilblains, Sold at fifty cento a bolile by McPike the line to the fontb from Atchison. should meet the approval of every man. Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi'id. It TheyareTiow-suTveying the line down Of course, ivhen a saloon-keeper has od to give perfect satisfaction, Mud Creek, en route to Lawrence, been fined $100 on each ot thirty-six refunded. Price 25 cents per counts, and cent to jail for thirty-six t m . For aale bv McVitte A Fox A DSMCCIIATIC contemporary, hopes hundred days, i t will make no particuShecpshead Buy race course, last Tuesthat the trustees of the TILDES library, lar deference to him whether he was OLO JOSEPH NBAL, an uncle of Presi- day. They never moved except to ad''_/-'i t.ctlug-i* Icrfaro. Eos/ at when it is established, will make some sent up for political purposes or out of dent CLEVELAND, died in Baltimore on dress a word to each other occasionally. provision to exclude RCTBERFOBD B difference to "maudlin sentiment" The the night of the 27th. He was a broth* They wore Sisters of a religious order, and as the throng of men, some laughHATES from the privileges of the mu- main point was reached when the con- er of the President's mother. .'it:-:::-.-. ::;-:s/.r.\s!Eannus ix ing and careless, some wlld-cyed and TOE stationery trade complains that nificent establishment. It is not likely vention resolved in favor of the enforce' ;-:.-'. ; - ; . j . i, ;: Co.-/--.-.-,- K; bitter of face, passed them, dollar after the government is selling envelopes too that Mr. HATES will live long enough (vv .-.i.-.(.-;j. "(/<-.'/ tiv'Jlc/::li.i!,kr,a!s.<> dollar dropped into the reticule which moot of law. cheaply. . During the past flfiy years the proprie- one ol the sisters held open, but unobto iee any benevolent institution grow .'( .::::.:; c>ht;nr,jlieeJs~. tors of Bruidreth's Pills have received trusively, before her. "I have watched IV the Knights Templar parade in out of tho money of SAKOEL J. S u m With this Democratic declaration the them before as I have to-day " said a S t Louis M. W. PETTOK 8. COLES, Grand ..,-, cr.j ariticipefficBin the saloon keepers of this city and thousands of voluntary testimonials ot Newarker. "They are always just s( Master of Virginia, wore the original BOKAMA MACEAT hopes to create out county have received another notice to wonderful cures'effected by these F They not ooly cure rheumatism, dyspepsash and apron presented to Brother of the Postal Telegraph Company a sys- 'quit." TBE CHAMPION is endorsed, vinria, piles, diarrtnn, liver complaint and all ent to the passion which you see in alQBOROS WA3iiINOTOS by Brother LAEAY- tem as extensive as the Western Union, dicated and reinforced. Tbe Demo- fevers, bat greatly prolong the human life. most every man's face. They are levyJf. & T . C O U S I N S , and predicts that in doing so he will cratic party of Atchison county rises in On& or two at night, on an empty stom- ing a tribute for the Lord in tbe devil's abode. TnaVl what I call it. Tbe tribreduce rates to tucb an extent as to wrathful majesty and says to the gin- ach, for a week or two Is Hiffloient. IT will require all the legal talent o ute is bigger tbau you would think. Stingers: "In tbe name of patriotism Mr. SOLOMON and all the native elo- away with business letter writing The winners give because the money side of three years. His most ambitions good citizenship, self-preservation, and THE vigilance displayed in regard to came easy: the loser? give to propiti Al querns of Mr. DOSAHOK to malt people believe that the taxpayers ot plan is to build a line through to Sao the safety and happiness of the people, the cattle disease, if extended to chol fortune. I know men vho would not dare pass without leaving soim Kansas ought to pay BATLBT WioonJ Francisco. Mr. MACKAT is preparing menaced by your infamous vocation, era, would save tho lives of thousands with the Sisters." of human beings. RH'S fees in the ZIEBOLD & HASOLIH case, to join hie wife in Europe, and expects depart ye cursed for Missouri." yet the platform demands i t In this connection wo may remark Groaning on the lied of Agony, : that the consistency of tbe Democracy In the throes of rheumatism, which has GENERAL YOOHG, of Georgia, ou Toe druggists in this city andc of Atchison county is a whole jewelry reached the inflammatory stage, the Inwho are conscious of violating the BUI General at S t Peterabnrg, says the valid baa just cause to dap:ore tbe ineffi- results froin that true con; n , . Russian army is simply perfect An liquor law would do well toretu OLIVER AMES who has been nomina- ciency of medicines which could neither IndicMcs perfect bealth or b&'.y :..; i i:-"-n.!. cave deep delved in the earth. The English officer who witnessed the recent uproot the disease at Its outstarl, nor aver', You may possess it, If you will jr.irify cud Democratic plattorm denounces such, maneuvers at Krasnoe Seloe, say3 the ted for Governoi by the Republicans of iteidreaded climax. Hosteller's Stomach a blood with A?cr*3 Saisaand utters words of awful rebuke to all infantry was very slow, their boots were Massachusetts is well known here, be- Bllters Is a medicine which, without the parllln. E. M. Howard, Newjwrt, N. II., ragged, and when the men got into coming so from his visits, made when danger attending the use of some of the writes: " I suffered for yean with Scro*. who do not drag the caitiffs to j camp tbey pulled them oh", and the be was interested in the Central Branch. ordinory specifics for this malady, is inTna Democrats nominated a very bandages worn in lien of socks came He is tbe wealthy but unpretentious finitely more searching and effective. AVer's good ticket yesterday, and the Ropubli, with them, and the men went about descendant and member of a family of Used at the otart, It checks tho progress of cans should understand that they must barefooted; and that the artillery was Shovel-makers. He makes money hon- the disease, and expels, or neutralizes, tbe nominate a very good ticket to "match badly horsed and the harness was of estly, spends it generously but judi- rheumatic vires fn the blood. Who so it." The Republican party has the beat ferior kind. ciously, and is a generally good speci- takes It incurs no risk, and is sure to be great relief. It bus entirely rcsiored irte tc health." Jar.ica Freud), Atchison, Kens., principles, and has had them the long. men ot the New England man who is benefitted. Valuable la rheumatism, it is writes: "To til penom suffering from equally efficacious as a remedy for neuralest, but is none the less bound to have Capital-. Attentions paid to Mr. not too full of business to take a whole- gia, liver complaint, indigestion, chills Liver Complaint, I would Btron-If recomthe best ticket. Speaker CARLISLE and wife at Wichita some interest in public affairs. The and fever, debility, and Inactivity of the lucnj Ayer'* S;i:>-;i; .- '!'.. I v.-.-.;; Kit\-c" mugwump Springfield Republican opwlih adisease of Uie liver for ncitriy two were in very good taste, showing kidneys and bladder. It may, also, be re- years, when a friend advised ma to tn! THE Republicans did not interfere gentlemen may always expect respect- posed his nomination, and hopes are en- lied upon to promote sleep and appetite. . U yivc !>iiirl ir!Vf,nru3 with the Democratic convention yesterful treatment in any Kansas commu tertained that it can be induced to ophas cured me." Mrs. 11. Jl. Kidder, 41 day. It was run by Democrats, who nity. Political lines are drawn closely pose his election. Pwl^htsl.,Boston,Mass., write*: "For have voted, rote now, and expect to "ltoscos COHBXIKO," said a New York *ever3; yenrs I hive \i-d AJ-CI-'J Sari* here as anywhere, but in social affairs vote the Democratic ticket. In like friend of thnt gentleman the other day, parllla In B J family. I MWr feci eafe, politics were never recognized in this THE Charleston Sen and Courier manner the Republican primaries and '"comes see mo frequently, and I have State after the first five years of trcu shows a commendable disposition to mlay, October till, A. Ik. 1880. noticed that on eadi occanon he is difcounty convention should be run by learoMOtfdoekii m. of *tld daj. Irte Id ble when Democracy was in the saddle. its lot over and under and make tho ferently attired. He has different outer Republicans, who vote and expect to I proiserir, situated l n Atchison Mr. CARLISLE is a distinguished citizen best of things. Now, amid tho shat- garments, a different pleat to his shirt, vote the Republican ticket of the country, entitled by reason of tered walls of a half-wrecked city, and different over-gaiters, and very often a different styleof watch chain, He tells without It. As a liver ttsssMM arid high personal character, as well as bv in the face of dire predictions that mo that he is not rich, and I am not at genemi purifier of the blood, It has no I s view of the strong resolution in his general reputation, to polite atten spread terror among the superstitious, all surprised at that. However big a Hn. A. , Allen, Winierpocl:, favor of law and its enforcement, adoptmay be, he cannot tion everywhere. He will now know it comes out smiliugly in a new dress T., wrttcs: "21y youn-cat child, two ed by the Democratic convention, there years of age, was bftn wtta Bowd Coo for himself that Kansas is not only a and looks as cheerful is if nothing bad does not seem much sense in tb pWnt, which wo coulduotcure. TYo tried good place to live, but that sensible happened. It is tho embodiment of many remedies, but lie continued to grow duct of the professed Republicans who and enterprising people live here. nerve, pluck and good reuse. worse, and finally becamo so reduced In are inclined to blubber over the little Even ir Ton Buy a Dozei flesh that wo could only UOVQ him upon saloon that died. Since the Democratic THE Globe-Democrat, which for sev- common porous plasterswhich you can pillow. It was suggested by one of tha party has resolved that tho saloon D. A. ELLSWORTH writes to the Topeka get for a song at any of the Cheap John doctors Ibit Scrofulfi nught ho |Tic cau eral years made life a burden for the stay gone, Republicans have no occ druggistsyou have merely thrown away of tb (rouble. Wo procured 4 bottle of Journal from Chase county: Texans by its assaults on their State, your money, lor one Benson's Capcine for trying to call it back. Democrats are terribly shaken up ovor now says that the "story of the progress Plsster is worth them all. The reason is the action of the ROBERT EUMET club, of Texasjin recent years reads like thia:Benson's Is the only porua plaster IT IS hoped that Messrs. SOLOMON and majority of whose members have gone In the market that Is honestly and skillDosAnuK, the Democratic candidates over to the Republicans, carrying their fully made, and scientifically medicated. for the Legislature, will plant them- green flag with them. There MR. GEOROE P. PAHSOSS' striking T O T U B Others are no more than nominal immitaselves squarely on that plank of tboir room in Mossback-land for such men as tide in the September Atlantic, tions of Benson's. They are chep because Ivinsiltotihn. Itsu party platform which declares that the MATT MACDOKALD, the President of the "The Saloon in Politics," ha3 been so they possess none of the ingredients worked wonders, for, in a sliort Uuw tax-payers of Kansas shall pay people EUMETT club, one of tho most progres- widely read, copied and discussed that which render Benson's valuable. The was completely cured/ for breaking the law, and reward them sive and popular young men of Chase it is to be printed in pamphlet form. letter are prompt to aot, pleasant to wear, Sold brail Druggist*.' I-i fi-:-iiin:>.f ,;f <; for running breweries, distilleries and county,while JOHK MADDBSS address and erne In a few hours ailments which Prlco S i ; Six bottles, $5. ANOTHER Kansas book has appeared, others will not even relieve. The public the like for six years after they have to the Irish-Atnericans of Kansas has created a furor never equalled in the entitled "Unfair Distribution of Earn- are especially warned against so called Prepared by Dr. J. C Aycr b Co., Loi been informed that they are violating Mass., U.S. A. ings," by W. V. MASRHAIX, of Oswogo, " Capsicin," " Capsicum," " Capucln" or the law. These bounties cannot be political circles of the county. JOBS Daily, bw mail, per year $8.00 'Capelclne" plasters, as worthless articles paid except by an appropriation by the MADDBH has one of the strongest per1 " six montns 4.00 intended tb deceive. Aak for Benson's Legislature Let Messrs. SOLOMOK and sonal followings in Central Kansas, and 1 H n CLARA BARTON has gone tc and look tor the "Three Seals" traiemaris " three months 2.00 DOSAHOK tell the people they will vote will in a short time take the stump Charleston to organize the Red Cross and the word "Capcine" cut In the canrxe Weekly, per annum 1.60 MARTIN and MCCARTHV move." for such an appropriation. work in behalf of the sufferers. '_ six months 75 . - ::, - !'. c

shortened, when the Atchison County Democratic convention adopted, without a dissenting vote, in fact amid a silence you could bit with a club, the following resolution as part of their platform:

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Its Editorial Department has long been noted for strict impartiality, candor, feariessness and ability in the discussion of the topics of the day. Politically, THE CHAMPION is the organ of the Republican party, the advocate of its State and National platforms, and the ex'.';/,.; ponent of its principles. It will endeavor .: : . ".< !'-'. i . during the present campaign to furnish its readers with reports of meetings, speeches, and the progress of the canvass in Kansas DOWNS & KEATING. and elsewhere. Its reports may be relied on as authentic, and as containing all the 'IK!.'! - - M- M :.:-.;-;.:. - items of interest. It will be devoted during -i: is 0I1SSS this canvass to the great struggle now going on in Kansas, of Republicanism against Democracy, the Home against the Saloon. THE CHAMPION is the oldest paper in Kansas, and having the largest circulation of any paper in the State, it takes special pride in giving to its numerous patrons a readable paper, wholesome in tone, and on the right side of all great questions. It will give prominence to Kansas, Kansas men, Kansas institutions and Kansas progress.


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