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Kansas Farm Loans

MORTGAGES nt 0, 7 and 8 principal payable at home.

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stand, on Commercial street between Third and Fourth. Mr. P e t e r s is now an honored citizen of Marshall county, and visits his old friends in Atchison three or T h e cards of lour saloon-keepers a p - four times a year. Mr. Dleabach, whom in " ; h c Champion" of January pear, a n d of t h e lour ihree, H e n r y Lips, h e aucceeded In business, is still a resident ol Atchison, in ^ood circumstances, living with bia good wtfo in their comdead, and one, J u l i u s Uolthaus, now Uvea fortable home, o n S^uth Fourth street, M Weston, Mo. Something or Interest t o Old Citizens. W. S. Mooieboufe, now of Bismarck, wh*re h i s friend* gather o n c e n year at Dakota, was In t h e r e a l e i t a t e and I n s u r - grape time. ance business at t h e comer of T h i r d and L?wis H i g b y conducted " T h e Atcbison T h e l a z y m a n of T H E C H A H T I O X saved Commercial. machine shop " Ue afierwards developed his legs and Indulged In retrospection George Ostertsg's advertisement Is into a [ l u m b e r and gas titter, and a few ywtMday, bis field of operations being years ago moved to F t Worth, where h e t h e oldfilesof t h e paper. At t h e s u g - marked "LCO-ly." H e was then a ! imlih and wagon-mnker, and lives among is doing well.- H e w h a an erratic genius, gestion of Major J o h n M. Crowell, who is us still in the same business, prosperous ind Is remembered by many friends now regularly on our staff b u t not on t h e W . r o U , rhe pages of t h e period 1866-67 and rich. McPike & Allen w e n . In tbe d i u g buslThe Story Toldfaythe / were turned to at J a n u a r y 1 and^J o! 1807* Major Crowell r e m a r k e d tliat t h e gayest New Years' day of t h e good old times w. F . Barndt announced a Itook of grocer-, that Now Years' day. Tnere had been lea and liquors, bis place of imtinesa being brilliant ball at Price's ball t h e n i g h t b on Commercial, between Sixth and S e v fore, given by tho firemen. T h e beauty, e n t h . H e has since left t h e country, and fashion, a p d chivalry of t h e c o m m u n i t y is probably dead. attended, and there was DO sleep till J- C. Mt;Cully was a wagon and carriage morn. On N e w Years' day t h e ladies manufacturer on F i l t h , near Commercial. kept " opea house." Such s u i d and quiet H e has grown rich l a t h e twenty years citizens a s D. C. Nowcomb, t h e late MT that have elapsed, and now occupies a eplendid building on Kansas avenue. G i r d , J o h n A . Martin, J o h i T h e Atcbison & St Joseph a n d t b e J o h n M. Price, David Auld, J o h n M. Crowell, S. C. K i n g , A- G. Otis, W m . Weston & AtchisoD railroads were a d v e r Hetheriogton, Chaa. Holb-jrt, ant, others tised by D . Carpenter, Jr., Supt we might mention, wore y o u n g and full card announced: "Express for \ MottGerber kept tbe "Grant bakery


J a n s e n ore dead, Klniuii Is a farmer In Brown county, and F r a h m has gone no one knows where. T h e i r hotels passed out of existence byfireyears ago.

H e died and waa succeeded in 1 by Geo. W . Simonds. i L. Klper, founder cf t h e present house oi L. K i p e r & S o n s whose business in 188C amounted to $750,000, had a card En t h e paper nonnuacicg "Cash for Hides, F u r and W o o l " Hh p k c a Ol business was in " J o h n C. H'.i^'s store, wast side Commercial street, uearcoincr or Eigbtli." T h e o G, U i r r e s was in t h e h a r d w a r e business. H e bus for many years been sleeping t h e last sleep in Mt. Vernon cemetery. H i s widow and children survive him, and a r e living in a comfortable h o m e on Second s t r e e t TIios. Butcher, who still lives among us, was r u n n i n g "the City Mills." which ha formerly been k n o s n as"Dickson's Mill, N i c k JohnsoD. . colored mau, was the resort of all t h e best people city. Charles Maage was in t b e boot and r.hce business. H e is atill a resident of the ciiy. living on West Main s t r e e t


Ague Cure
i: -.i'i> u: nniidoto for alt n u d a t U l dig. o r d e r , which, so far as known, la osd* in no other mined*. It contains no Quinine, nor


SOU ay all Drugging.


ciitKcn JjmouscBJUftYft,

Drugs and Meaiflnes. YjK&ralo Dealer In Liquors (aulhorlied) and Clgan

D t D S r t u r o exA Aswl-sai t.y T r a i n s ,

woman, and child in tbe community Thefirmafterwards erected the big business bouses they now eccupy. Mr. McP i k e has retired from active d u t y In tbe business, and will move to Los Angeles

First National Bank ison Savmss Bank Galvanized Iron Cornice CIGARS TAILOR

Light and Top Buggies

Lon knit Real Estate A?eali, 127 < - . m n n r r l o l S i r . . ' ! . I'p

General Insurance Agents

Rear Atchison Savings Bank

r o LOAN
and Brown CotmUtS

Contractor and
v . . ' l i s n v i . ..NSAV

:,-,;; (

W. F. BAKSOWfi, Sup't.

CABPEtTER, K o r l b Gib Nlr**I, n r r S n n f A F c ,

. ^sjHg^fesws^iiase,
Atchison, Kansas, Jon. 2,1887.


Atchison, Kansas,


O. E . S E I P ,
And Manufacturer of

Makes a specialty of shipping

Contractor & Builder.


. .. J. Harwi. A.


Iron.-. S t e e l , W a g o n M a t o r i a l , KTa.Ua, S m o o t h and Barbod Wire.

O n o c f t h e most enjoyable events o' the holidays in colored society was tbe reception held b y t h e Ladies Benevolenl ID tbo first column on t h e first page, Society Wednesday afternoon from 2 t o C immediately following the c o l u m n head, at t h e residence of Mr. and Mrs U 11 S. H . Qlunn announces that b Champ, No. 200 First street. "attorney r.nd counsellor at law," and that his office Is in " P r i c e ' s building." J u d g e Glenn U still in sctive practice. The> next Wen. I * & n ' Hutt'ten I r e n t l i advertisement is that of " J o h n J. Iogails, Is a great (heck to tbe n&tiuo. Few knew that he was even Indisposed when IIIP attorney at law, office In H u b e r t ' s buildnews of his death was flashed over tbf ing, Second s t r e e t between Commercial wires and thousands of people s'ood Mid M a i n . " Mr. I n g a l l s i s n o w a United i g b a s t at the sudden change Irom health Stiles Senator and still & resident of i o d vicor to cold and silent death. For Atchison. J . C . DimicK, now dead, was a the past twentyfivoyears there h a s been no man m i r e constantly before t h e public than General J o h n A. Logan. Through block. T h e fourth in t h e column all his career he has been noted for bis 11. Price announces that b e is an fearlessness and p n r i ' y of character, both n e y a t law, notary public, and real estate in public and private life. Loved by and war claim a g e n t . " H e t e l l s t h e peopli Irleosis ami respected by enemies he will he "will practice in Atchison and adjoining counties, loan money, m a k e investmourned by all. ments, b u y aod sell real estate," etc. T b t Ills death add3 another to t h e long list card runs through t h e files for man; of victims to sudden and acute r h e u m a - years, and is marked " d & w - l y . " H i was In P r i c e ' s block, on Fourth tism. Probably no disease is so common T h i s building years afterwards a; rheumatism, n>ne is more suddeD or s t r e e t dingerous, and t h e r e is certainly none burned down, b u t within two years the which so completely baffles medical skill. sito has been rebuilt by Mr. Price, and his ' ono remedy has yet baen discov- present office Is la identically t h e same ered which Is a sure and safe euro for spot that r. occupied in t h e historic buildng of t h e city's early years. J o h n Gray, rheumatism and its twin disease, neurnlmd that is Athlophoros. I n Ibcu- IOW l i v i n g a t Durango, Co]., h a d a law of cases Athlophoros has proved a iffice over Lareeloer's drug store. These ire all t h e lawyers, all at least w h o adverquick and certain cure for these diseases. In connection with Athlophoros Pills it tised in the local paper. * has never y t t failed to speedily effect a

wards went into business with Col. M. Q u l g g , now fuel agent of tbe Atchison, T o p e k a & Santa F e railroad. Mr. Dolan is now getting rich i n real estate traffic at Wise & Crookhain were tbe local u n 8. Wills, local ticket agent, ran an Chicago, and Mr. O ' M e a m is conducting a dertakers. T h e i r place of business was of tbe Hannibal & S t Jo- general store at Effingham. on Kansas avenue, between Seventh and seph railroad, then only completedtoS t 8. Greeoibaum 4 Co. were In t h e milE i g h t h streets. Mr. W i s e i s d e a d . M r . J a s e p b . P . B . G r o a t w a s general ticket linery business. Grcenabaum dlssppeared Crookham is still with us, and promises to agent, and C. W. Mead general superin- many years ago, and la now dead. live many years y e t T h e site of their luteudent P. H . Early, local ticket agent L o o m i s & C a w k e r a were Ibe auctioneers; old place of business la occupied by P r e t - at St. Joseph, also advertised t h e " North . F . Brlley & Co. were in some Bort of T h e Mayor of t h e city w w Casslus G. el's former bottlioe works. Missouri" ide; a man named Hiegiuson made Foster; t h e City Clerk. H . Clay P a r k , t h e V . W. Parker was proprietor of the attresses; one W. R Smith told d r u g s Albert Bracke aod Robert F. Wetzel Police J u d g e , B. F . H a r r i s o n ; t h e City At, Atchison and Topeka Stage Co." T b e and wall p a p e r ; R o b t Forbriger was conducted a meat market o n F o u r t h street, f r n e y , 4 . U. JJorton; t h e Marshal, J . H Atchison & Pike's P e a k railroad b a d theo below Commercial. Mr. Bracke retired township trustee, and advertiserf for sealed Langsdorf; tho City Treasurer, W m . Bow- reached Monrovia, and t h e advertisement several years ago with a wagon lad ol proposals for a wooden hridjre over Deer man; the City Engineer, E . 3. W i l l s ; t h o read that coaches would leave that station money to a country residence a few miles creek o n t h e Troy ro&d; one M . C- White Fire W a r d e j , A J . D o u g h e r t y ; t h e Wharfarrival of trains from Atchison "for White was a grocer, northwest of t h e city. Mr. W e t . * ! master, M : ' c . F i n n e y . Of tliese, Mr. Fos- Grasshopper Falls, M t Florence (now lives here, rich, and for many years was ter is now u United States J u d g e , living t t J u l i u s Kuhn ran a four inch card anMeriden), T o p e k a , " and other points the smartest man in t h e City Couucll, T o p e k a ; Mr. Park is postmaster at A t c h nouncing groceries at wholesale and r Passengers left Atchison at 8 a. m. and until Joe Footitt knocked h i m o u t ison; Mr. Ilorton i s Chiel J u s t i c e of t h e reached T o p e k a at 4 p. m , fare $6. That 'all. H e i still in business, b u t long State; Mr. Bowman is In the mill business years ago dropped t h e retail trade. In the kept a grocery and provihere, aod Mr. Wills 13 superii.tondent of opoly, t h e railroad, has aion store on Fourth street, between Com- year just closed be Bold nearly a million t h e Atchisoi since reduced t h e t i m e to an hour and a mercial aod Main. Tney disappeared In dollars worth of goods. sages show quite a grist of t h e m , and be ow we give their names, t h e n a t u r e of .heir business or trade, their later history, ind their fate as far as we know It. Many >f t h e m a r e dead, many still with us, and nany scattered to t h e four q u a r t e r s of t b e globe. half, and t h e fare to a dollar rents. Mr. Parker is now a n Chicago. fifty the great exodus many years ago, nobody knows where.
B,now a . m a n ot venerable years, advertised " B a r n e s ' Boarding House," on F i l t h street, between Kansas aveuue and Santa F a street (now Shif 1 -t :*->. Mr. Barnes aod his pleasant wife

Monday excepted; AccommoProf. W . B e l l .Boyd taught y o u n g legs nf social vinegar then, and were out with and feet how to behave themselves in his r good clothes on to make calls. As dation, 1:30 p. m , S u n d a y excepted. many as eighty gentlemen made tbe r e s s f o r S t Joseph, 9-15 p . m , S u n d a y "new dancing and waltzing academy thrse xcepied. On Sunday ExptesB doors west of t h e Planters house," H e I rounds, and In t h e evening t h e r e was a opened u p lor business November 18. sort of round-up at Mrs. Crowel.'s. Re-, S t J o a t 2 p. m. On Monday Accommodation leaves at 7:15 p. m." T h e s e roads His class of ladies mt from 5 to 7 p . m . ferring t o t h e observance of t h e day T I C K Tuesdays and Fridays. " G e n t s " got In C n A u r i o s of J a n u a r y 2 n u k e s t h e fol- are now a part of t h e K. C-, S t J. & C. . T h e y were originally built a s their work from 7 to 9 on t h e same dayB, lowing record: ison enterprises. and t h e juveniles were on d u t y at 3o'clock 'New Years' day passed off very quietly every Saturday afternoon. Prof. W. Bell .!; Hill cemetery was advertised, with tea pleasantly. Some of t h e stores were Boyd went tbe usual mysterious way o ' all shut, although tbe observance was n o t P. H . Woodard, J o h n M. Price, E . K. general, Our citizens, however, were all Blair, W . C. Smith, J a m e s Martin, G . W . traveling dancing masters, and is probably * by tbiB time. T h e Planters house - : | i i .rt.Tiriy wijoyingthemselves, a n d m n y Bowmao^ J a m e s C. Auld, T h o m a s Wise uf t h e m kept 'open house.' T h e sleighs ioned stood o n t h e sito now occupied and Geo. W, Howe as trustees. Woodard, and buggies were sll in requisition to by t h e Exchange National bank, was after'convey 1 callers from on* bouse to an Smith, Bowman and Wise a r e dead. T b e wards t h e Atlantic bouse, and six or seven other, ahd eggnog seemed to be plenty test a r e still living and residents of A t c h i t h e w?iher was beautiml, u n d - t h e skiei years ago was destroyed b y fire. son, except Howe, who Is In Canada for bright" h i s health. M o u n t V e r n o n c e m e t e r y was T b e Atchison & P i k e ' s P e a k railroad While the-Iocal columns- of t h e paper also advertised, tbe trustees being A. G. Otis, J. Saqul, Robert Forbriger, J . A . (Central Branch of Union Pacific) adverof that period contain little that would Ini lar as Monrovia. It was opteres!the reader of t o d a y , t b e advertise- Chase, A. H . Hoiton, Jacob Leu, T h e o . G. Harres. Of t h e seven Ssqul, Forbriger, erated by W m . Osborn, t h e contractor. ments a r e full of interest especially to t h e is t h e lather of Mrs. K. A. Did citizen, and, hoping to Interest bim. Chase and Harres a r e at resi in their own burying ground. The others are alive, Park and Mrs. J . S. Kellogg. H e Is now we have scanned t h e peg'>s of t h e issue ol man of venerable years, ond Uvea in r e January 2. Ot course a l l t h o m e n wlio and stIM residents of Atcbison, except were in bmiuees then did not appear in Horton, now Chief J n s t l c e of Kansas, who tirement at bis h o m e at Waterville, N e w York, visiting Atchison once a year t o see is temporarily living at Topeka. ;be columns of t h e local newspaper ,but tbe

English Lutbcrn C h u r c h - R e v . George S . D i v e n , pastor.Service is held each Sunday at 10:30 a. m , in Odd F e l b w a ' hall, southeast corner of F i l t h street and hotel. J o h n Bemer advertised t h e "Pioneer Kansas avenue. T h e Sabbath achool boot and 6hoe store," on Commercial meets at 2:30 p . m . You a r e invited. N e x t Sabbath communion. street between Third and F o u r t h . Kansas Avenue M. E . Church.Love Mrs. Hosmer, who kept a millinery store,retiredfrom business later, and af- feast meeting a t 9 a. m . P r e a c h i n g b y lerwardB died. H w b u s b s n d got into Rev. Dr. Denison, Presiding E l d e r , a t some sort of a scraps and w e n t t q M l g - 10:30 a. m. aod 7:30 p. m. Sacrament after tbe morning sermon. Sunday school Thos. Dolan a J. O'Mearo were in at 2:30 p. ni. Young people's meeting at t h e grocery business. Mr. Dolan after- 0:00 p . m . First Baptist c h u r c h - C o r n e r Ninth a n d Kansas avenue.Rev. J . B. Mulford, p a s tor, will preach, at 10:30 o . m , hia t h i r d anniversary sermon. At 7:30 p.m^, t h e closing sermon of the cource on t h e prodl. gal w o , theme, "Back Home." F r o m today until further notice tho Sabbath school session will occurr at 12 o'clock noon, Instead of 9:30. All seats free to strangers and friends. Christian C h u r c h - C o r n e r Kansas avenue and Tenth s t r e e t - J . S. Myers, pastor. ServicesSunday morning at 10:45; evenT h e pastor will preach t h e morni n g seiaoD. In tbe evening t h e Rev. Mr. Wellen, a reluroed missionary from among the Zulus ID Africa, will deliver bis lecture oo "CbrisliSDity In t h e Dark Contiuent. H e will use illustrative charts. Lecture . free, and all Invited. T h e r e will be a meeting for y o u n g m e n at i b e rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association this afternoon at 4:15 o'clock. S n b j t c t - " J t o Yon Dealre a H a p p y Y-ar" All young men are cordially Invited. Strangers spending t h e Sabbath in t h e city are always welcome at the rooms. T h e a n n u a l meeting for t h e election of officers aod directors for t h e coming year will be held in t h e rooms next Friday evening, Januory 7. Ever}' m e m b e r is requested to b e ' p r e s e n t Patti wrote from London: " S e n d immediately t o t h e theatre, i n London, b y next steamer, 5 doz* n Champlin's Liquid Pearl."

Five lodges are advertised, viz: Friend ship lodge, I. O. O . F. t J o h n A. Martin, N . G . , and E .ff.Planklnton, secretaiy; Washington lodge, A. F. and A. M , S. F. W a t e r s , W . M , and W. M Jackson, secretary; Washington Chapter, R. A. M., J a c o b S i q u l , II. P., R o b e i t Forbriger, secretary ; Grand Army of the Republic, Geo. J . Martin, Commander, Stanton Park, Adjutant; Atchison lodge, I O. G . T , D T. Bradford, W. C. T , E M. Weed, W . S. T b e Masons and Oqd Fellows met at their hall on Commercial street near Eighth. It wasreachedby a bridge which snannt>d * big h o l e on the front part of t h e lot John M. Price Is now covering t h e site with a handsome brick building. Good Templars and'Grand Army met it the third story of Holbert'a building, o 0 Second street, now tho property of Pomeroy and a part of t h e S t

Saint Andrews M i s s i o n - 1 5 1 5 W e s t Main s t r e e t - S u n d a y school at 3 p. m . Evening service and sermon at 7:30 p. in. Itesidenis of West Atchison specially i n vited to attend. Trinity (Episcopal) C h u r c h - R e v . Ablel Leonard, rector. Servicfs t o d a y aa follows: L i t a n y - Holy Communion a n d s e r m o n s t 11 a . m . Children's service at 3:30 p . m . N o evening service, Presbyierian C b u r c b - D . C.Milner.pastor. Services at 10:45. a.ra.and 7:80. p . m. Mornlngsubja-ct/'BeginntingBj ftvenins?, "Bdeeming t b e T i m e . " Young p e o Pl*1* meeting at 0:30 p. m. S u n d a y school at 9:80 a. m. All are cordially invited.

Carl Holthaua announced t h a t h e h a d just purchased Mr. Grimschied'a fine stock of cigars, tobacco, business in t h e postofflce building. Mr. Holthaus afterwards removed t o sepb, where h e died a year or two ago. Mr. Grlmscbeid, we believe, is still living and runs a farm In this county. F o r t u n e & R s w l e y r a n a bowling alley and bar on F o u r t h street, near Pri Fortune is dead, and bis widow a married J o h n B e m e r . a n d is now liviog with her husband at Wilson, on t h e K. P road. Hawley, we believe, Is living Washington county. Anton Oatertag ran a yearly advertisement ot bis blacksmith and wagon m a k ing business. H e is still i n t b e s a m e busi-

" I would net live a W a y . " N o ; n o t H disease is to m a k e my life a dally burden. B u t It n e e d no', good friend, a n d will not If you will be wise in time, n o w many of onr loved ones a r e mouldering in t h e dutt who might have be* n spared for years. Tbe slight cough wns u n h e e d e d , t h e many symptoms of disease thot lurked within wereslightedanddeathcame. Dr.Pieree

L . A. Alderson was t h e a g - n t of t h e Wilcox & Gibbs sewing i n ^ h i o e . Mr. call t h e dead though it has snatched num. Alderson was alio a miuUter i f i b i gospel, bers from the r e r g e ot t h e grave, and will and t h e founder of t *, F i M Baptist its earlier stages, church, now presided ov.-r bj Mr. H a t * ford. Mr. Alderson.died 1 1 - w years ago. FKOJI -\F.TAWAKA. H i s widow a n d sons sj.d Daughter survlve bim.

- F r a n k CTOW,;,1 returned t o ' L a w r e c c e

yesterday. - C a p t P . B . P.ust, of N e t a w a k a , was i o t b e city yesterday. Miss May Webster will return to Lawrence to-morrcw.

E . Holthau's &.Bro sold t h e ( tionaries of t h e town, and also advertised "meala at all hours, day and n i g h t " Their place of business was in t h e room now S. McClellan advertised t h e "outfitting occupied b y tbe Atchison Savings bank. E, Holthaus la now in St. J o s e p h . ahop of t h e Chicago wapon d e p o t . " Hi blacksmlthiog in all Ka branches & C o , were in t h e clothing mule, and ox shoeing on t h e shortest notice." H i s shop was o n Third u p on t h e editorial p a g e i n great Bhape. They went out ot business jearB ago, and Fred Hoffman and Frank Wiest were are gone nobody knows where. blacksmiths and wagonntakers at Seventh C. J. S m i t h was I D t h e h a r d w a r e busiand Commercial. Hoffman has left t h e w s s , a n d advertised big. H e J a n o w ai country and no one knows where he lives. inmate of t h e Ossawatomie asylum. Frank Wlest was a farmer in the county

Ioall probability many deaths attributed O t H a f M t >look o f Dears l , Morrison, Eagle nd oilier flnl clase farm m i - t e heart disease a r e caused b y these t o r r l e diseases, which a r e far more dangerohlnery. is tltau is generally considered, B u t itook of f i r m and eprlng wagone, open and top buggies and oar. Rhoumy,isin. evon though in a very rlagcs in the stale. After January first we will job granite ware, pieced and stamped tinware. mild form, is extremely dangerous, for It Is liable U any niomont to go to the heart and cause instant death. Why trifle with ae so fatal when a certain c u r e can ce o b t a i n s ! of any druggist?


Hardware & Cutlery,

Tinware, Bird Cages, Buffalo Scales, Steel, Sails, Staples, Miami Powder, Heavy Hardware, Wagon, Carriage and Blow Material. ATCHISON, . . . . KANSAS

J druggist should k e e p Alblophol Athlophoros Fills, but where they cannot be boocht of the drtiggirt the Athlophoros C o . 112 Wall street. Now York, will send either (carriage p u d ] on receipt for Atblopboroj, and 50c for Pills. For liver and kidney difeav-s, dyspop-


T h e n i H B o a r l I'DI

Runs tliree daily trains t o St. Louis, with recllnlog chair ears free, Day express leaves Atchison 3:50 A m . Afternoon express loaves Atchison 3:25


T h e great liit ited express loaves Atchl0:10 p. m. Two daily trains to Texas, 3:M) a. m . and 3:25 p. m. Two daily trains to O m a h a and Lincoln.

chair cars T w o trains daily to Chicago, chair cars tee, 3:50 a. m. and 3:23 p. m . Pullman, Bullet, Parlor find Sleeping

A..- - A . . C a r e y ,

Sooth. In:V-r:;i:i'inu cheerfully civen. Fo. tickets, sleeping berth?, & c , call on oi

for many years, and a year ago removed t o Dr. .lohn H . Sawyer, surgeon dentist, Colorado. advertised by s card marked "n301-d&w Henry Vosse kept a meat market on l y , " that h e baa t a k e n rooms in P i r k e i ' s Commercial.between 8eventh a n d Eighth, n e w brick block, u p stairs, near t h e corner e has been dead many years. of Commercial and F o u r t h streets. D r . Belz & N e u dealt In groceries, produce Sawyer, after practicing with bad succesp, d wines and liquors at B. Hlatt's "old sold o u t his business to Dr. Shulze, and w d , " on Commercial street, between McCoy & Scoville kept a 1 went back to N e w Y o r k . H e returned to Third and F o u r t h . N e u is dead, or baa Mr. Scovilleia now a farmer Kansas a short l i m e afterward and located ) country. J o h n Belz has been for rQvla. McCoy disappeared, no one Doniphan a s a doctor of medicine, b u t many years cashier of t h e German Savinss knows where, y e a r s ago. in died Dr. C. Baker hod an office bank. Mr. Hiatt w h o m they bought o u t , S. Hoke was also a lumber dealer, er "Minehart'a dry goods store, corner is dead. H e was the father of Mr. Hiatt, wsa then prosperous and was once a Fouith and Commercial street," and Dr. of Leavenworth, who is on the penitennber of t h e City Council. His uoforBudington at *' Gould's City drug tiary hoard. ite domestic troubles, divorce and ore." Both of tl ese gentlemen have domage trials, his departure from AtchiJ. E- Wagner was In t h e hardware son, bis death-bed marriage at Salt Lako nee loft t h e country. D r . William J . trade at t h e corner of F o u r t h and C o m City, are recollected by all. Burge advertised bis office in "Graham's mercial. H e was succeeded la trsde b y now block, next door to postofflce," and & Silllman, now Bllsb, Mlze & StlliRobert McCrle was then a mer bis residence "stone building on Commerman, and has retired from active business. tailor, aod is still in that business cial street between N i n t h and Tenth 2S in ao elegant h o m e on South prosperous and attentive to business. streets Dr. Burge now lives in BrookFourth street, but contemplates returning Daviea, T H E C I U M N O S ' S oldest lyn, N . Y . to France, his native land, to spend t h e advertiser, had an advertisement of J. % Qoslio, since deceased, kept a balances o f h i s dsys. business in t b e paper, a n d it has 1 'family grocery and grain store" In the A. B. McQueen and R. S. Andrews were % B e is atill m a k i n g "old p'jstoilico building. firm of painter*. Mr. Andrews died a clolhea, and old residents will haStebbios & Porter were bankers. Both rliis 1 her tailor. are yet living, and interested in busineiB Robbios & Drury were in t h e grocery together at Cheyenne, at which place Mr. ide. They are both alive and still citizens Porter lives. Mr. Stebbins resides in Atchison. B a t t h e whirligig of time Now Y o r k City. H . E . Nickeraon & Co. were furnitu-e has brought them t h e extremes of fortune. A- C. Harrison, dead and gone within manufacturers, running t h e mills now The senior, partner, then a rich man, is recent years, was a "real estate and collect owned b y t h e Atchison F u r n i t u r e Co. oow old and bent, and employed at tho e a t " with office in Price's block. In Tbey went by t h e board financially ten or F o u r t h street railroad crossing aa night his card he gave as "references" J o h n M T h e other partner has iotwelve years ago, Mr. Nickerson leaving Price, T u e o . Bathelow, J. Garslde A C o , hls wealth, and is now quoted at and finally locating at Topeka. Chas. H o n . R . S t Clair Graham, Atchison; P. Inert, t h e "Co." of t n e firm, Btuck i t 9300,000. P. Wilcox, Esq., and Amos Steck, E:q., out, and after a period fraught with hard L. Friend & Co. were t h e o merchants Denver City, Colorado, luck drifted Into tbe Ice business, and is here. Mr. Friend continues in business Cbas. Durst kept a meat m a r k e t "next now counted among the rich men of t h e s ranked aa one of t h e [looreastof Minehart's dry-goods s t o r e " community. most solid men of the city. Mr. Durst Is still liviog in Atchison, and Bela M. Hughes and old 'Squire J a c k Bird was io business then. U e still in t h e meat business. o n were real-estate agents. Mr. Hughes lg now In Chicago. .bard advertised as war claim agent, n e WBB afterwards Couoty Attorney and District Judge, and is now p r a c :ing law at Denver. Hyaian Sommerend was t h e o as now a ercbant. T. E. Simpson was in thst day a hqg and grain buyer lo t h e "old Butterfield warehouse." H e Is now living dowo near Klngmau. W. Hoover & Bro. were In t h e stove business. T h e y a r e now dead. W. Hoover was the father of t h e present J e r o m e Hoover. James Gould was In t h e d r u g business.

W. P . Mudgett, the Greenlef lawyer, Ladies' Sewing Society, but t h e ladies of was In town yesterday. Netawaka think theirs is tbe b e s t I t is a - M r . and Hra. J o h n Moore have reunion society composed of m e m b e r s of all t u r n e d from Kansas City. our church denominations, and ilsobject George Tclte la able to b e about is to h e l p along tbe improvements ot t h e place. By their efforts in a large degree again, after a. dangerous illness. J. C. Archer, a prominent citizen of is due t h e building of oursldewalks- Tbey work in unity and harmony for our N e t a n u k a , was h town yesterday. - M i s s Rope!, of Topeka, spent Friday churchee, one year helping to beautify ia tbe city with Miss J e a n Anderson. one a n d then another. Now they have assumed t h e iaudible enterprise of seating Miss J e a n Anderson will return t o t h e beautllul Congregational church, jnst Lawrence to-moirow, to resume h e r completed, at a cost of upwards of $3,800. studies. W. J . Morrisson was a q u e e w w a r e I t was on this occasion that they gave t h e rs. J. J. Locker was yesterday morndealer. H e died many years ago, his most elegant supper last night ever before ing t h e reclpieot ol a handsome F r e n c h widow following himtothe grave about spread in our thriving town, and netted plate mirror, t h e gift ol her husband. six years ago. Hia son "Dock," is t h e society close on t ofiftydollars. T h e Mrs, E m m a Gardner, a t e a c h e r c f t h e lug dairyman. officers of tbe aociety a r e : President, Grecnleaf p u b l i c icbools, was pleasantly W . F . Bailey & Co. kept a dry goods Mrs. T . C . H o l m e s ; Secretory, Mrs. O . J . entertained by friends in Atchison o n store. W h e r e a r e tbey now? F l e m i n g ; Treasurer, Mrs. W. W. Letoon. N e w Year'B day. T h e tables were fairly loaded d o w 0 with good .bingo, while in t h e rear of t h e building w e r e several wagon loads held in reserve for an emergency, Mr. T. C. Holmes!, acting commis-ary. Presiding over Ihe tables and waiting on t h e hungry were M i s . W. W . Letsoo, Mrs. T. C. Holmes, Mrs. G. G. Bolmun, Mrs. sT. S. Belknap, Mrs. D. R. Todd, Mrs L. D. Nichols, 'Mrs. Thos. Hatch, Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. A . Neal, Mrs. Lizzie Rooi. snd Mrs- W . C. Crawford, than whom ji would have been difficulttofind a mort
MIBS M. E d i t h Lccker was tbe r e c i p -

NETAWAKA, J a n . 1 .Every town has

ient on N e w Year's morn of a beautiful gold watch, a present from her father, J u d g e Locker, for efficiency as journal clerk in his office. Nelson Demorest, a very pleasant and obligiog young gentleman, w h o has fold g w d a at Newcomb'B for ten years, has resigned his position and will g o w Florida. His fellow clerks remembered him very kindly with preseots. A public reception was given e x Mayor C. C. B u r o r s at t h e rooms of t h e Atcbison Club last night from 8 until 10 o'clock. Owing to t h e cold weather no ladies attended, but two or three h u o d r e d gentlemen availed themselves o f t h e privilege of paying their resfects and tejtifying their rejrret that Mr. B a r o e ifindsit necessary to leave us. Salvation Oil la shfe and reliable. 25

era) hundred had bt>ea fed. ' K. OF P. UALL dancing was kept up till nearly d a y l i g h t Although t h e largest In it was one of t h e most elegant ever given i o Netawaka. Delegations ol Knights of Pythias were present from Whiting, Wetmore and otbor najghborlog towns, ceeded by a largely attended meetine of t h e order, which was held at t h e P r e s b y Speeches were m a d s by several prominent members of t h e orde And this is t h e way t h e good people i Netawaka watched t h e old year o u t an ie oew year la.


And Black Diamond Block

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H . Moulton & Bro. k e p t t b e "Massasoit livery atoble." H . H . Moulton is whftre, a lew years ago, be ran for Govaddress, CUAB. K. S T Y L E ? , now a rich capitalist and speculator in n t h e Demcci atic ticket, and is now Passenger and Ticket Agent. Atchison, and bis brother, G. L . Moulton, a respected and honored citizen of t h e after getting rich here, went a tew years beautiful city on t h e continent ago to Kansas City to get richer. H e now 'Squire Jackson Is living some place in After January 1, 13S7, I will q u i t tbe awn brokers buiuess,and all pawns m u s t lives on a large ranch i n Anderson county. be taken out by that time. S.Prahm & Co. kept t h e "Kossuth bouse" A. S n e l l i r u n a steam bakery and c o n on Fourth street, between Commercial fectionery on Commercial - street, between B. BkiuisTBiN. and M a i n ; T . R . Jansea, tbe "Cincinnati Fourth and Fifth. H e died eight or ten - J t c l i , Prairie Mange, r.o.1 Scratches of years ago. leaving a widow and t w o every kind cured in 30 minutes by Wool Fiod Mabn, tbe " S t Louis house," corner bright and interesting girls, who are (till ford's Sanitary Lotion. L : o no other. Fourth and Main, and Anthony Kimmi, living h e r e . T h i s never fails. Sold by J. H . Brown, t h e "Liber'y house," on Commercial street, J . C. Peters & Co. w e r e In t h e grocery druggist, Atchison. between F o u r t h and Fifth. Mabn and

Bncfclen'i Arnica S a l y e . T h e Best Salve in t h e world for Cuts, Ulcers, Salt

T h e Jeweler. N. B . - M y regular low prices when ou purchase and a perfectfitguaranteed.

H o l i d a y Itaten. Corns, and all T h e Missouri Pacific railway will eell lively cures Piles, or no pay required. R * 'o give perfect satisfaction, excursion tickets at one and o n e - t h i r d inded. Price 25 cents par faro for tbe round t r i p to oil who desire to b n . For sale by M c l ' l k e & Fox visit friends or celebrate the holidays. Tickets on sale December 23, 2 4 , 2 s , 3 0 A Hoflt L i b e r a l Offer. 1, also J s u u a r y 1, 1387, at union T h e Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, p i l o * . depot and C. E. Styles' office directly offer to send thoir celebrated Voltaic cf union d e p o t Belts and Electric Appliances o n t h l u y days' trial to auy man afflicted with n e r owest rates on choice city loans. vous debility, loss of vitality, manhood, etc. Illustrated pamphlet i u sealed e n v e lone, w i t h full particulars, mailed iiae. Write them at once. , iUgiiBU, Maine. P4-it2flt.

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