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Smoke Oar Senator cigars. The public building is sure. - T h e County Board is in sessioi - D r i v e s them away, Is what St. Jacob* Oil does with rheumatism and neuralgia Fifty years ago yesterday, in BrownsCity Clerk Gerow has had bis deti vllle. Pa, Mr. James Martin and Miss freshened and brightened by the paiutJane M. Crawford were p-onounce band and wife by Rev. Mr. Johns our Mr. Waggener as "Riley" Waggener <dd time Presbyterian minister. - S e n d yonr addresstoBurks Medicine Co, Qulocy, Ills, for froo sample Tooth A colden wedding celebration i s i rarei -Everest will celebrate on the 31, - F o r baby caps gotoMrs. C. May's


Spring Announcement 1886

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Mcndota L u m p Coal OnMc.le Sat Coal, uiiou City ();:!. Lehigh Anthracite, Italic and Bnv'l Lime Louisville Cenieiit. PlasterParis, Building P a p e r , Sewer Pipe, Sdendid Qualities! Latest Drain Tile. Styles! ODcc and yard 1200 Main. RARE BARGAINS Telephone 100.

elation this morning at 9 o'clock. Thefirstman who rises to -Collections in the County Treasurei'j about the public buililog site office are beginning to pick np shot on the sput temi annual settling day draws nigt The steamer Dakota will take the You doubt men's words, hut cannot Select Knights A O. U W. on an doubt the effect of Burks' White Pine s!oo to St Joseph, Thursday. Balsamwhenoncetiled. Fiflycenta. Marahal Price has tho thanks of the The Rock Island submittedftpropoemployes of this offico for firing a lecturer sition to Wabaunsee county yesterday, who took a position beneath our w Bowls to the amouft of $105,000 are last night

-Lawyer Tomlinson has sacrificed bis Thieves broke into Dr. Bryning'a mustache to the demands of weather, and stable Sunday night and carried oil a set now looks, every inch of b i o , like a of harness. They also visited J. M. CoRoman gladiator. vort's, where they secured a saddle, " I was all nm down, and Hood's Sar- The Bostwlck, who holds down second saparilla proved just the medkino I base for the Pomeroys and tio Bostwick needed," write hundreds of people. Take who holds down the woolsack in the Po- It now; 100 doses $1, II I Ootht, m i tM Hid tkfl ftHMpftt- J . L . McKenxle, tho celebrated team Instructor, will be present at the i of Friendship Lodge, 1 . 0 . 0 . P, to-night, and all Odd Fellows are urged T3T /% T V T g / \ p> tend. Ctiarley Nichols, who was tiding with tht The Atchison''Live Stock Insurance Company" hasfiledarticles of inc Atchison Lodge So. % Sons of Her Uoo. The directors are J. II. KejtvildB mino, has arranged to bold Its second an. A. B. HaiL Frank Weiler, II. S. Reynolds AtcniEOE, Eftnsas. June 8, 1886. nual picnic at Zlbold & Hagelin's grove and I t Jonts, all of Atchison. Monday, June H . Good music will be in PHAVnt: Vk* President and Gtal Manajn: The constitutional harmony of our attendance. JOHN J. IXGaLlS. I! Y. HASLET, system Is rapidly disfurbed by CaPhletflDdlWWaij E.O.AEJC8BT. Work on the building north ol the healthy liver. To enjoy lile, regulate your STREET S0BB1P. Fifth street bridge was resumed yesterday, liver and kidneys by using Dr. J. DlBitrOiH. a compromise having been effected with Lean's Liver and Kidoey Balm. MnJ.inpra, R M.uaw>r, C u r r e n t I l e m a Toand '!n:-il.:z Aronnd 8. li, irasbr. CMi Uanler. Mr. Meacham. It will be occupied by W. C. Temino appeared In Roth, the blacksmith, Smoke Our Senator cigars. For the indefinite aches and pains of to assault and battery upon the person of For millinery goods go to M r i C. Tan);icu.i2iwiItiiiiX!.'ur fc oerroui patients Tongaline is superior t< W.G.McDufl. McDulTdldnotar. May'* laiert on tlowdepoitb. loani tr.oi any other anodyne. For nervous bead Kid Mber securttr, dealt in an testify. T e a m e wasfloed$5 ant Leavenworth coal burns freely, mikes ache or muscular rheumatism It is almost which he peid. Liter in the day a war DO clinkers or dirt, aft] Is splendid for a specific Park Ritchie, 11. D , St Paul, rant was issued charging Temme with violation ol the liquor law. Every boltlo of Barks' Wliii - T h e talk that Mr. Low proposes t Balsam warranted to core coughs and eclds. Try It offer Atchison a jerkwater branch con necting with the extension out ot St Toe Poaicroy Coal Company can give Atchison and Topeka clubs was the pret Joseph at or near Union, ia allnoosenso consumers a choice of eig'ot or ten dill-rtie,-t ever pi ijed in the city. The u ent articles of ccaL Should such a proposition be made it stood 8 to 7 In favor of Atchison. would be voted down so hard that \v Wo have found no remedy, for mali-Attention, Select Knights! You arej friends would turn sick at the stomach, ria, so reliable and fe as Ayer's Ague requestedtobe at the meeting TWENTY YEARS Cure. Taken according to directions It Atchison will iniirt upon a southwest line Legiontonight, as mailers of importance nerer fails. direct will come up; alto temocommunications The Hock Island Company is running In addition to owning the I ffoin the St. Joseph Legions will be reed. the slick trains from Atchison east, vis ber shop, Fred Koester, Jr., is alio the O. A. KiBog. Recorder; E. H. Greene, proprietor of thefinestbath rooms in the S t Joseph i Pullman sleepers and elegant Commander. city. The bireat bath is now in operation reclining chair cms; also dining cam M. A. Lowsajs that owingtothe very The Heck Island has no tqual. The most improved gasolene store narrow valleys of the streams of Potta,' cars free." For Information call at city made is for sale at Herman Jocuem'a. watomie county a railroad could not be Also the beii refrigerator and ice office, opposite baggage room. Two trains freezer. If you ham a Bshiog party In H l . ' f ' i Mior,e*po)ts and S t Paul. west eicept at great expense. It was the view, gotoJoacbem's foc.ttckle. W. Jynes, agent original intention of the Reck Island to Gasolene, the best In the market, at build from the Missouri rivertoManual -Tbf-re may be some doubts about the Intlea & Kaller, the grocers. Cans called tan, but when Mr. Parker made a profile Rick Mand boom, but there are none for anJ dellrered promptly. Telephone map of the several surveys acton Potta- about the public building, aa will be seen 133. Groceries as cheap as the cheapest w.tomie the project was given up. by the following received b y T i i e C i u i i . 50* O n a t n M Ntrect, AtrhleoD. Pollto attention and goods delivered Speaking of the exercises of the law PION from Congressman Morrill yesterday: promptly. "The House Committee on Public Buildc l i a of the Sttto University, on Saturday, Do not take quinine for inalai the Kansas City Josiml correspondent ings has just voted loreportthe Senate orders. Ayer's Ague Cure contains none, says: "The oration of the morning was bill, amendedtoseventy live thousand dol. rr any other injurious ingredient. This delivered by B. F. Talbott, of At larf, for a public building at Atchison." preparation, if taken strictly in aco - A telegram was received at police upon 'The Judiciary.' Mr. Talbott is a with directions, a warre-nted to cure all convincing speaker and his oration keadqnariers from Qestou, Iowa, Sunday AT^iiolosalo malarial diseases. glowing tribute to the Judiciary of the telling Marshal Price to look cut for a SUM, its work, its history, its stranger with two lingers and th - T h e life giving properties of Ajer's Sarsaparilla have established its well usefulness. He concluded amid, great his right hand gone, and offering a earnedreputation,and made it the most applause." offiftydollars for his capture. Yesterday elfrctual and popular blood purifier ol morning Officers Chew and Fergnton - T h e State convention of (be Ancient the day. For all diseases of ike stomach, sighted the fellow and immediately took liver, and kidneys, this remedy has no Order of niberniana was held at Leaven- him in. He Is wanted for burglirixlnp worth no Sunday. There were forty two equal. Price $1. tho Revere hotel at Creston. The Creslon delegates in attendance, each of the Having converted the entire teen divisions throughout the State being authorities have been notified of Hon of Atchison to using Blair & Auld'a represented. Several changes lu by laws rest, and the Manual at once win


occasion. The gathering lost night was ; of a very pleasant and really joyous acter. A venerable couple surrounded by their children and grandchildren In the enjoyment of good health, and having the I rerereoce not only of their family, but all their numerous acqui not soon forgotten. The last evening at the residence of Mr Mills was made up nearly altogether ol the family and old residents of Brownsville. Al the special request of the old people there was lug was passed in cordial greetings and pleasant rerival of old memories. The only living witness of tho wedding of fifty years ago is Miu Isubell Crawford, the venerable sister of Mrs. Martin, now eightyfiveyears of age, who was present last evening, fail of life and energy. Mr. Martin Is elifhty-three and Mrs. Martin in her seventy.flfih year. There are now living three sons and two daughters and sixteen grandchildren.

S I S , 5 1 4 a n d . S I 6 F e l i x St.,

"j?. jogSE^sa:, . . . . ivdco.

It is with pleasure that I announce the opening of my spring exhibit, and feel confident that it surpasses all previous efforts, as it embraces the latest novelties in fine goods. Having furnished many fine residences in Atchison, I am desirous of a continuance of the liberal patronage bestowed upon me, and will offer the finest, largest and most complete assortment of

Capital, . $10(1,000,


There is no more beatiful sight on earth than a devoted husband and wile who hive traveled together for half a century, and now io the ovening of lile, the center of devoted chilureo and transfer to tho other life. They may say one to the other: "We've ctlinbrd the bill tbeelUier


A host of friends will wish the c plo many more yeans of comfort and loy. The following relatives of the ve couple and old Brownsville people were present: Mr. ami Mrs. F. D. Milk, Governor Martin, wife and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. A!f. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Martin and daughter, Miss Isabel! Crawford, 1 M a E . K. Blair, Mr. and Mrs. David Auld, Mr. and Mrs. G.fl.T. Jobm and Mrs. D. C. Newcomb, Mr. and Mrs. J.T.Coplan, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. White, K E f t B U U COUSTY. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Milner, Mr. William Auld, Mr. Thomas Butcher, Mrs. Jose- Ill .lnii..,,.. or Ilia llrpntillrai! O n phine Lashler, Mr. W. C. Smith, Miss FannloWoodard, Mr.W. U . Crookbam, BIXLEVIIXE, J a w 0 - A t Ihs I t q n b t i . Mr. and Mrs. Ja?. M. Edmonson. CM counly convention held here K-4a, w elect delegates l o l l * slslo convention HORSFORD'S ACID PHOSPHATE t Topeka. Jul; 7,1880, delegate* were aleded [avorablo to John A. Martin for M.rfccd B e u f l t l l Iad:gtsUon. Governor, and tho following rcrolutiim Dr. A. L. Hall, Fair Haven, New York, were unanimously adopted by a rising ays: " I h w s prescribed It with marked " in indigestion ami urinary trocr.i'i." Wntnpjs, Our felloiv citizen S. G.

ever shown under one roof in the west, at prices that will meet the approval of the closest buyer. A fine passenger elevator has partment, (five floors) with comfort. Respecufully yours,

just been completed, which enables customers to visit each de-


' Louis Haz.

am! is not at all surprising, that we, operating five large stores, and buying all goods in large quantities from manufacturers and importers for cash, can largely undersell all other dealers who are not as fortunate as we are.


t Stands to Reason

?Ine Watch Repairing a Specialty.


M. A. Low is at the Byram. - W . W. Fgan ii at home sick. - 1 . B. Wilcox Is registered at tho I

') he Bis ever proved liinr nit a gentleman of tha pureat character

eminent skill and u e c a n : 1...1 counly and bas alirat* John Peterson, the contractor, is d been a derated It-publlcao, Ibonforo b; gou*ly ill, ftwlrrd, That tho pgoph of Heraldic -Major B. 8. Willi has returned from

'I" :-: ;-vr *, ; ,: i. ;


City Sunday. - M r s . S. H. Taggart has retui her hom* In Salina. - J o h n Emit, Sr., of Kipioina township, was into*nyesterday. - M i u Jessie Isbell leaves this morning to visit friends in Quincy. Amelung, the grain dealer, is at home taking caro of his liver. Frank Royse is attending United Statu Court in Leavenworth. John Donahue, the Jackson county granger, was intownyesterday. i entertain ng - G e n . W. W. Guthrie will go to Leavenvorth tc-Jnytoattend Unlttd States Court. ss Georgia Jowett leaves for Buffalo. WyoaiUf this ntek to visit her lister, Mrs. White. - M r . and Mrs. A. C. Low leave for bio tomorrow afternoon. They will be cent all summer. - J o m s i B. Weaver, J r , of Iowa, Sundayed in Atchison, the guest of his grand iher, Abrnm Weaver. - J . W. Orr and F. P. Halsey, have returned from the Indian Territory where they have wme cattle interests.

fill t

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Uonrention to bo bridal T . m k a , 4 o l l lS&U.touMallbonomble raeaoi in llieii' poer to secure tho nomination of Hop S. G. Slover for Iho office of Sum Treat liter o l l h e S a l e of Kansas.


S. H. R D V I B D ,


Cknirnun Convention. J. R Ciaen, Secretary.

were made, and organizers were appointed to establish divisions wherever practicable. The officers elected for the ensuing year Special Lino of Goods for this Seaaon were: Delegate, Michael Heery,Topeka; rise them to patronise the local a Secrelary, Daniel J. ClifiWd, Atchison; the Blair &Auld article. Treasurer, M. J. Fiiberty, Kansas Cily, Kas, M. Heery, Topeka, and J. McDeir Martin & Scboaek, by reasoi moo:, Kansas City, Kas, were elected orMartin's prominent connection v National Association of Jlajter Painter*, gmliers. The next annual convention are always ahead ol the procession, and will be held at Atchison, in June, 1887. are able to adorn a house with al! Die - F . D. Mills, proprietor of the electric new frills Introduced in the trade. Mr. S&nack, as is well known, is tha best light plant, announces that he will be readytotalk businesstothe city In about fresco painter in the State. twi weeks, when ho will appear before the W. A. Work, Secretary of the Iowa Council and submit a proposition. He Is Traveling Men's Association, says prepared to furnish any number of street Wo have a full lino of Palmer's regard Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and lamps the city may desire, and will dla worka, Flags, Ac. 8end for catal Diarrhoea Remedy aa one of the safeit and tribute tha servicetoany part of town. Remember that our Groaa Liat ia His machinery is the very best, large lower than any iaaoed




.: M . r



and gave testimony that E l Cork, proprietor ol tbo White Elephant aaloon, was guilty of violations of the liquor law. Afterwards Barker went to the County Attorney and stated that he wanted to drop the matter and askedtowithdraw his testimony. The County Attorney, it Is underetood, will not let Barker abandon the

Monday morning, June 7, we will put on sale a fresh arrival of figured lawns and white goods. Each day from 9 to 10 a. m., and from 2 to 3 p. m , we will sell figured lawns, both white and tinted, at ONE CENT A YARD. Pacific lawns, in white, tinted, black and brown grounds at 6% cents per yard. Every. body knows that Pacific lawns sell everywhere at 12^ cents. White goods, plain and figured, at 3%, 5%, 7%, 9% cents, worth 7% 1 0 , 1 % 15 cents. Our entire stock of dress sateens at one third less than case prices. This sale will last all week.

Spring Greeting From My New Store to My Friends and the Public:
O w l n l l y presmo this for future reference, when a perfectfiningsuit, ready mad* buy. spring styles, call at & Weber's new store, where the



the duty ol Counly Attorneys U

cholera morbus or diarrbrci. I ha tbls medicine personally." My daughter was troo lied wltl Disease forfiveyesra, gW * :up hy physiciaoa, had sinking spella, constant pa! BjflMatflliMt, great swelling over her heart estendlng left arm, and tevere spoils of neui igia i p w n i . i l l a a u n l t a i l c l i l M tending over entire body, doclo-j could c ii-.i, ,:::. ,l K.r- , W h not help her. Dr. Graves' (lent - Regulr - " aaurkrotaMMKo. tor cured her within three months.Jas

should the County Attorney decline w call upon the Attorney General to insl tute proceedings against him (Gilbert). additional machlccry will bo necessary Medical T t s t t e o i r . Tbls will cost about $20,000, a sum Mi 100 West 49ih Stret, New York. June C, Mills doe3 not caretoinvest until be Is 1833.Having in tbo course of sure the demand for the light will justify practice extensively used Allccck's Po tbo expense. rous Plasters lo the various disei - T h e School Board, at its regular conditions of the lungs and pleura, and monthly meeting last night elected always with success, I recommend tl teachers for the ensuing year as follows use in that m * t aggravating disease, Si Superintendent, It. C Meade; Principal mer CaUrth, or Hay Fever; strips of High School, G.B.Osttom; Principal Plaster applied over the lliroat and chest Sonth Atchison school, F. M. Draper will afford great relief from the choking Principal Division Street school, It. J. St tickling in the throat, wheezing, st Clair; Principal Wert Atchison school, JJ. of b r t s ^ a r t f t ] * tatae cheat R. McCflHMiCK.: J. Niles. All lady teachers who served

Miss Abbie Scofieid, Mis Cora OsterMgaudMiss Millie Webb leaveforSt l/iuls this week to visit friends. Miss Scolleld will spend the summer.

Absolutely Pure.

1 3v ) thins in nun's and boys' clothing. Hats and caps and ger.ta' furnishing goods, every dfsirablokiiKl.

Ikmhr. i*<y it. *i>. D M


Senator Icgalls arrived homo . (n style and most moderate In price. At my new ncd (pad tus store you'll find TtoBewflstppef varies, i aunti of panic, WJLIII11igion venlcrday inwning. 1 | -iMic labor in my merchant U.loiing derartueut- I can confidently Mrs. Iogalls will go to Topekato-dayto atteallhegraduatiugexercises of Wash- nf.fii.1 (in.'ii: '.rilii-.-ii.!..,-.! ;..!.,.-.. ^..-:M ,L1 *e designs In imported and domestic clothstoselect from, I have just now upon " * " Roiu.fiuj.lbPottUKS CO, l(KJ ffiU College, woich takes place tomor n w . Their son, Ellsworth, will be among 0 * 1 ! ; 1 respoctlnlly solicit a share of your patronage. In my handsome new store I

Mt f M- ; i ;. , j , ::," 'k , L KB B Ki ii.:,.,,t,rlm .-,,; j , ir I.' J l Ia .; ! i.M; ,. i ] . H t


Hon, Concord, N . H . 81 per bottle at oggltts. - T h e Arlington hotel, at the corner of ie city. It | b only one block from tlio Union depot tsiuess than any town. Only transient Ratca,$3 per day; day board, 84 per week, or *I(I per month. Reduction to show people. J. W. Meow,

l'i.of plialic U I W I Rye.

A Medicine! Tonic Stimulant, ei by the medical profession, for Drspeprli,

> ajatfa .. al U o-:.;. g Si i :.

T E BEST H -'iintm.F*

hare now on hand L ' . t - r s : spring and summer styles in clothing, hats, gents' neckwear, collars, cunV, the very beat cash can ranunaud. ... Joths as well. --'/ ' Btaek in the carry a O f boys'/mo clothing 1State cf full lino, and children's percale waists; imporled

% W

sas I carry, and at the very 1 > e benefit of. 'Tis ono of my ways of mak33'wy time you require fine clothing, men's drets and fancy abirta, underwesr, trunks and valise*, select and neat, R . e m e m b e rtocall at C. Weber's new store, 5C8 and 510 Commercial street.

lirt year were reelected, and Miss Plait, Miss Denning, Miss Scofieid, and Miss McMIMllUl m i l . Queen were elected substitutes. The su stitutes are all graduates of the class '86, except Miss Piatt At the request of ore, whose record as a hotel n committee of colored people, t ho election good frays back, has leased of teachers for Lincoln and Douglass the St James hotel on Secondrtrcet,bo- schools was postponed until an SMIJ-M tween Main and Commercial, and it is now meetingtobe held June 21. Memb Beginning Monday, June 8th, the I The bouse Is one of the committee made speeches and so towing low rotes will be offered: P. the best furnisiwrt and most conveniently the board while Uiey had Ibe floor. sMto,y8j i : appointed hoeU in KtDMS.tnd b located Joe Kaihiens Is very much pl< only a block from toe Union depot Ta. A special writing clus will be S* p?r week, or $1G per month, with Sioux City. He says the TVinc joying a splendid circulation and making ducted from 9to11 o'clock r in. Tuition rates more a barrel of money, and the city ia on the $3 per month. For any further eve of a tremendous boom. The tele, -Mr. Lewis Morrison, the actor, said to phone reached there a few days ago, and . Campbell on Saturday last that he its advent was celebrated by excnraiooa, E. L. M c l i . m u . President aid rather r h y to $100 in Atchison than bris.-bandf, processions andfireworks,j $300 in Leavenworth. In Atchison the Ten thousand strangers came to Iowa to audience is sympathetic and responsive; By request of a largo number of our In Leavenworth it is colJ and stolid, and business men and citizen?, I e l l a meetMI-Mt to play well a company must have a bouse ing on Tuesday Bfteawon at i o'clock {the PtlDt'jfMl.S4M. iMStanda the business on the shge 8:h lost) at Board of Trade rooms,toconMr. Morrison also said that Mr. D. Mctogether and devise the best plan to Leod, of Atcliiioo, is the lx>st photr- received every tirate the coming Fourth of July. Lei he ever sat before. distinguished citizens in the procession, there be a large attendtcco of onr citizens ) power of money, and what the ' was a great day for Sioux City, and Mr. m , U M H ,..: LT.BMlKlttMil I M t i N n y , J m c S t l i . A. It. IKHO. small sum of trrcnlyilve cents will do If Kathtens with enterprise characteristic of ter ol attraction at Atchison this Uthahoutofvio'tWtpm of | ft properly invested. Ask any |rsoo the Atchison man got out an extra header M a c * * i l l l impefl;. sltu-iied In Jtcbisai question, vthat i3 ibo dearest and most ala Day." Sioux City will also fm year Instead of neighboring citiei. S. II Kelsey, Mayor. n u m m u r MR) r the north haKotu precious thing to you and the answer is ive its waterworks. The supply come Look to \ e u r Interest, dly the samelife and health mfifty-twoordinary "drive wells" and Owing to the fact of my buying goods Where, "hen. Is twenty-five cents or any i power It the old faihioned curb and tn more powerful or valuable to idlass. but at the suggestion of Mr, by the car load for cash, I am rrepatod to you than In saving life. That is the prethrees it la proposed to contract with give thoso desiring to miygooos In large cost of a bottle of Chamberlain's Sharrard.SearlesitCo.of Atchison,fnra quantities the benefit of a liberal dir. Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcei Remedy, the number ol "Monitor" windmills. A new Write or inquire for prices ar,d great life saver. It is made for bowel two hundred thousand dtllar hotel is goudge youreelt. * 'nts and nothing else, and is plea;, ing up, which will bo oiwned this fall with AHDRLW MCKBETBB, ant to take and certaintocure. a great flourish. Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Commercial street Atchlinp. ,

Ladies wishing berries for preserving will find it to their advantage to orderthemonthe2d 3d or 4th of June. They are better, finer and cheaper than ever before at


417 Commercial Street, Atchison, Special attention is direoted to the extraordinary bargains offered during the week

i n si

i' !- . 'i-';iT-: A':' ::.SBAf'rf,, K.-ir.'i.' ' r.fc i .li.

; If 1?,
MILLINERY GOODS, PURE SILK, TAFFETA SILK, LISLE GLOVE3 and SILK MITTS in all the latest designs and shades. Special sle of UNLADNDRIED SHIRTS, linen bosom, lined front, double back, at 49 cents.

fo. :.:(:; ':: ;, ! i, . ir,.';;, ,;! r. " .

-:: ...


FRJCOE VlLXaA. N o r t n S i a o X.ots
MSiueneuipiiniMrls. How Hlao|laKtg <""" ::l-:i:Mb.:i''l FtaBHI :;: H I l.::i *.ll,r,'

Morrill <s Janes,

Hiawatha, Kansas, Offer


AT P R O M S ! TO (jlO P 3 R ACRE,

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