आ न न न इ

न अ न


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Threads join me, confine me Twist me around Yet I bear a cheerful countenance Amongst these puppets On whose tune do I dance? What character do I play? I keep smiling till the curtain falls Come closer, shake my hand If you wish, embrace me if you please Watch me Fearless, without care Walking over the bridge of slender thread Clap, Clap The game is over After the curtain falls I am bound by threads Entangled and in knots

Immobilized, Unable to move despite my best efforts Then why these heart beats in me What is my entity? Who commands them to move? After the curtain falls Wingless my dreams fly In the very darkness My shape grows Dragging bonds Falling, Rising Cripple without props I limp at my own pace If you dare Meet me behind the screen If you wish, embrace me if you please Hearty fellow, that’s me If you wish, Making my ugliness as excuse Turn away your face for good Shyam 21 June 2012

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