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Evaluation is an important aspect of the Elan program. Outside consultants of national reputation visit Elan regularly several times each year to critique aspects of the program, critique the staff and participate in staff education.

The most positive impressions had to do with the enthusiasm of the youngsters as they embraced the peer hierarchal system and learned responsibility from involvement in this system. Clearly the youngsters are enthused about participating in this program, and they seem to have learned remarkably well a rather complicated social system which should prepare them for socialization in adulthood. I consider the academic department to be another of the strongest assets of this program. There appears to be good morale among the academic staff, with a relatively long length of stay for teachers, and a high level of selfrespect and job satisfaction. The emphasis on developing youngsters' self-esteem in academic areas came through loud and clear. John F. Curry, Ph.D.
Director, Adolescent Program Department of Psychiatry Duke UniverSity Medical Center April 1985

I came away from Elan both excited by the events that had occurred at the time of my visit and with a strong view that many young people were being helped and that the level of this help is higher than in any other organization I have seen allegedly trying to solve the problems of adolescents in trouble.
G. C. Quarton, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry and Director Mental Health Research Institute University of Michigan October 1979

The institution and its students grapple with some of life's most difficult problems. Yet the atmosphere of hard realism which prevails carries a flavor of kindness and compassion which leaves residents reason for hope and optimism. The support and success they experience in the educational program contribute greatly to this feeling.
1982 Educational Program Review Committee Harvey Scribner, Ph.D. Chairperson February 1982

In brieL it was a surprisingly interesting experience, positively impressed with the program offered.

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All my interviews and observations lead me to conclude that the staff is successful in achieving their objective with 85% or more of those who complete the program. Young people are able through this residential experience-the peer hierarchal system, group process and highly structured environment 24 hours a day-to learn how to relate to others, to value legitimate authority, to recognize corrupt authority and to handle guilt and develop inner controls.
Rev. Msgr. Joseph T. Alves, D.5.W. Executive Director Family Counseling & Guidance Centers, Archdiocese of Boston April, 1985 Inc.