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Draft Minutes Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Monday April 16, 2012 Continued

to Monday April 23, 2012 1. Call to Order The meeting held in the City Council chambers at Seaside City Hall, on the above stated date, and was called to order at 2:00 pm 2. Roll Call TAC members in attendance April 16th were Roger Dolan, George Riley, Brad Hageman, Tim O’Halloran, Bill Reichmuth, Lawson Little, and Dave Stoldt. Mr. Stoldt departed the April 16th meeting at 2:45. Tom Frutchey represented staff. Attendees of the April 23rd continued meeting were Roger Dolan, George Riley, Keith Israel, Rick Riedl, Bill Reichmuth, Lawson Little, and Dave Stoldt. Tom Frutchey and Daniel Dawson represented staff. 3. Approval of Minutes of April 2, 2012 No minutes were presented for approval 4. Public Comment on matters not on the agenda Public comment was received 5. Consider various supply proposals, and take action as appropriate Presentations were delivered by representatives of the Peoples’ Desal project and the Deepwater Desal project. Materials were delivered to the TAC members. At the conclusion of a question and answer session, it was determined to continue the meeting to April 23rd. 6. Discuss Screening criteria and evaluate proposals relative to screening criteria; consider requesting project proponents to provide information responsive to screening criteria; and take action as appropriate Mr. Riley suggested that vetting the numbers rather than requesting significant new data should be a goal. Mr. Reichmuth indicated that the number of inquiries could be limited and the focus should be on “fatal flaws”. Mr. Riedl suggested that if you are asking for responses, as many questions as can be asked should be asked. There was general discussion about what the key issues should be, how many questions should be asked of project proponents, and should it be a one- or two-round process. Several members were inclined to simplify the questionnaire by eliminating excessive detail.

Committee members expressed concerns over the lack of protection or indemnification the TAC members have for making recommendations to the Board that may affect a project’s success. It was recounted that no progress had been made by the Board to secure insurance for the JPA and its TAC. It was decided that responses from the project proponents should be provided by May 17 for discussion at the May 21st meeting of the TAC. Mr. Dolan moved, with a second from Mr. Little, to have a three person subcommittee to review and approve a revised set of screening criteria to be updated by a subcommittee with the understanding that the criteria would be distributed to the proponents directly after the updating, in order not to have to delay until the next meeting. Motion was approved 7-0. 3 members of the public provided comment, including “proposed Questions for Project Evaluation” (attached.) Mr. Little departed at 3:10pm). Messrs Riley, Reichmuth and Dolan agreed to be the subcommittee. 7. Consider recommending that the Board adopt a policy supporting the use of public financing for all new water supply capital expenditures, and take action as appropriate Mr. Riley presented a memorandum titled “Public Financing of Water Production Facilities” dated April 17, 2012 (attached.) Mr. Dolan moved, with a second from Mr. Reichmuth, to recommend such a policy to the Board, with revisions and the exception of item 5 in the memorandum. Motion was approved 6-0. Mr. Stoldt departed at 3:30pm. 8. Plan upcoming agenda The draft May 7, 2012 agenda (attached) was discussed and modified. 9. Consider information exchanges with regulators and take action as appropriate After discussion, it was concluded that this topic was not timely and should be held over to a future meeting. 10. Discuss and consider task schedule and project management, and take action as appropriate The task matrix (attached) was presented but not discussed. Public comment Public comment was received 11.
12. Adjourn 

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 4:00 pm.