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Shipping boat sits out in the massive ocean. INT: SHIP’S HULL A dozen armed men stir in the dim light. A desk sits near a wall with ROMAN SIONIS’(BLACK MASK) feet propped on it. At the opposite end of the hull a door swings open allowing the deck’s light to seep in. Sionis sits up in his chair as a man wearing a trench coat enters. The trench coat man slowly walks toward Sionis’ desk passing the armed men. Sionis stands: “Floyd Lawton, do you have something for me?” Lawton: “Depends, do you have something for me?” Sionis nods and one of the men holds up a briefcase. Lawton takes notice and tosses a cloth sack onto Sionis’ desk. Sionis turns the sack upside down spilling diamonds. Sionis: “Did you have any problems?” Sionis holds a diamond up inspecting it with a magnifying glass. Lawton: “Some of the locals attempted a resistance but they quickly changed their minds.” While looking through the magnifying glass Sionis’ black face gains an angry expression. He violently throws the diamond on his desk. Sionis: “Are you trying to play me by bringing fake diamonds?!” Lawton’s face is stone: “That’s what you’ll get when you pay with fake money.” Sionis: “You’ve played your last game Lawton!” The armed men cock their guns stepping closer to Lawton. Before any of them take another step Lawton raises his arms revealing wrist guns and mows down the entire room. In fear for his life, Sionis tosses several duffle bags, filled with money, on the desk. Sionis: “Here! Take it all! It’s three times our original deal!”

Lawton walks over to the desk putting his wrist gun at Sionis’ head: “I don’t want your money Roman.” Lawton’s wrist gun goes off. EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE-DAY INT: BOARD ROOM Board members and contractors sit at the large conference table with BRUCE WAYNE and LUCIOUS FOX. They sit to the attention of a nervous consultant MR. RUSSEL giving a presentation. Russell: “After losing the Ricon and Chandler deal we’re looking at a 39% drop bringing us into the negative on Wall Street. We’ve hit stagnate waters and early reports believe we will continue to fall.(pause) To put it simply Wayne Enterprise is no longer a big player in the game.” Board member 1: What about the international market?” Russell: “We are even less relevant. With the unstable economy everyone is staying in house. It’s a dead zone.” Board member 2: “Are we seeing the finals days of Wayne Enterprise? Possibly a merger?” Fox quickly spins his chair around facing the table Fox: “People we are getting ahead of ourselves. Wayne Enterprise has been a global giant for decades. We will wait the storm out and return to prominence as always. I’m not going to sit around and wait for Armageddon. If anyone feels different you are free to leave.” EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE FRONT STEPS Wayne and Fox walk down to the stone steps leading to the busy street. Wayne: “That went well.” Fox: “People see a little smoke and assume the whole forest is in flames. We went through the same doubts with your father.”


Wayne: “Maybe so but my father and I shared a slightly different passion in life.” Fox: “True but that’s where I come in.” Alfred drives up in front of the two men Wayne: “Need a ride?” Fox: “No thanks, I’ve got my own.” Fox gestures to a black Rolls Royce Phantom parked in front of Alfred Wayne smiles: “I must pay well.” Fox smiles back: “That you do Mr. Wayne.” The two men enter their cars and drive off. INT: WAYNE’S CAR Alfred: “I presume your meeting went well Master Bruce?” Wayne: “Going well is a very loose term these days.” Alfred: “On a lighter note Ms. Madison is on the line for you.” Wayne picks up the phone Wayne: “Hello beautiful” Madison (over the phone): “How was your meeting?” Wayne: “It had a beginning, middle, and end.” Madison (over the phone): “Oh one of those?” Wayne: “One of those.” Madison (over the phone): “Well it turns out my sister won’t be coming to Gotham after all. How about a night out?” Wayne: “Sounds good….” Before Wayne can finish that sentence a semi-truck runs a red light ramming into Fox’s car. Alfred slams on the breaks. Wayne: “Was that Fox?! Hey I’ve got to let you go.”

Wayne drops the phone and quickly exits his car sprinting to the Fox’s crumpled car. He finds Fox covered in broken glass with blood dripping from his head. Wayne’s eye catches a steady stream of gasoline leaking onto the pavement. Wayne begins to panic shaking his unconscious friend. Wayne: “Fox! Wake up!” Suddenly a loud explosion engulfs the car into flames knocking Wayne back. The raging fire leaves Wayne helpless as once again he is unable to save the lives of the people closest to him. EXT: GRAVESIDE - DAY A large gathering of people, dressed in black, pay their respects to the deceased icon. A beautiful forest of flowers covers the wooden casket. Bruce stands, beside Julie Madison and Alfred, with a heavy heart as Fox’s eulogy is read. EXT: ARKHAM ASYLUM-NIGHT INT: HUGO STRANGE’S OFFICE Sitting on Strange’s desk are files upon files. Names on the files include Joker, Waylon Jones (Killer Croc), Harley Quinn, Harvey Dent, Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze), Edward Nigma, and Jonathan Crane. Strange studies each one, taking notes, along with replaying interview tapes over and over again. EXT: WAYNE MANOR-DAY INT: BATCAVE Wayne sits at the massive computer watching a well respected economic strategist, OSWALD COBBLEPOT, perform an interview on “60 Minutes” with Bob Simon. Cobblepot does not appear as short rounded man but a more realistic businessman Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Simon: “Mr. Cobblepot you are renowned as the single most influential man on Wall Street when it comes to predicting the winners and losers. With that, many people consider you a prodigy. What do you say to those statements?”


Cobblepot flattered by the remarks: “I’ve never considered myself a prodigy or even an expert. I simply enjoy the ends and outs of economics. I constantly soak up every fabric of information I come across. With that knowledge I make predictions based solely on the best interest of that company. The name of the game is making money and people make the choices that bring in a revenue stream.” Simon: “I’m sure you have seen the recent decline in Wayne Enterprise. What do you believe has caused the fall of such a giant?” Cobblepot surprised at the bluntness of the question: “Wow you really are putting me on the spot. To answer your question I believe time is responsible. This world is evolving at an unprecedented pace that no one can realistically keep up with. Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne, and Luscious Fox did an outstanding job creating the empire but eventually new blood with new ideas are needed.” Simon: “When you say “new blood” are you referring to yourself?” Cobblepot laughs: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” Simon: “Seriously if Bruce Wayne walked through that door with a job do you take it?” Cobblepot pauses for a moment considering the questions: “Let’s just say I would listen.” Wayne pauses the tape on Cobblepot’s face. He leans back in his chair pondering the notion of Bob Simon’s question. EXT: GOTHAM ROOFTOP-NIGHT Batman sits perched on the head of a gargoyle statue panning the skyline. The sound of police sirens fill the air. In a brief moment Batman sours from the building top into the night. EXT: GOTHAM SHIPPING DOCKS A single hanger is surrounded by police cars and cops collecting evidence. COMMISIONER JIM GORDON stands inside the hanger panning over the dead bodies. Forensics teams take photographs of the brutal act.

Batman: “How many?” The sudden voice startles Gordon. Gordon: “I hate when you do that.” Gordon gives the forensic team a look: “Take 5” The hanger clears leaving Batman and Gordon alone Gordon: “Fourteen, but this one over here will really surprise you.” The two walk over to a body lying next to a smashed chair. The body is wearing a green suit. Batman: “Nigma” Gordon: “He solved his last riddle.” Batman: “Any idea who did this?” Gordon: “I was hoping you could tell us. So far no prints have shown up. No eye witness, nothing. Batman examines Nigma’s dead body for clues. He then takes a final glance at the other bodies. Batman: “Let me know what you find.” Gordon: “Always do” EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE-DAY INT: BRUCE WAYNE’S OFFICE Wayne sits at his desk deep in thought. Contemplating the next move for Wayne Enterprise along with the mystery of who was finally able to knock off the Riddler. Mr. Russell’s knock on door pulls Wayne back to reality. Russell: “You wanted to see me?” Wayne: “Yes, come in and shut the door behind you.” Russell enters the office, closing the door behind, and takes a seat.

Wayne: “I’ve been thinking about where we go from here. Have you heard of Oswald Cobblepot?” Russell immediately recognizes the name: “The new hot shot who brought Wall Street to its knees?” Wayne: “That’s the one.” Russell: “You would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t. He’s been on the cover of every newspaper and magazine for the past 6 months. Are you wanting to bring him on board?” Wayne: “I want to meet this guy first. See what he’s all about.” Russell: “He’s about making money. Taking yesterday’s trash and turning it to gold. You believe Cobblepot can do the same for us?” Wayne stands from his chair and walks over to a large window viewing Gotham’s vast skyscrapers. Wayne: “This Company has been through a lot with its recent decline and Fox now gone. He was the backbone of Wayne Enterprise, never settling for anything less. It’s time for a new mind with new ideas. Wayne Enterprise still has so much to offer this city and world. Wayne turns back toward Russell Wayne: “And I believe this man can continue that purpose.” EXT: GOTHAM POLICE STATION-DAY The overweight cynical Detective HARVEY BULLOCK sits at his clutter filled desk reviewing photographs of the homicide involving the Riddler. One by one Bullock flips through the pictures taking notice that each victim died from a single gunshot wound. Detective JAMIE HARPER, the newest member of Gotham’s police force, comes over to Bullock’s desk. Harper: “You wanted to see me?” Bullock not taking his eyes off the photos

Bullock: “Take a seat.” Harper sits curiously waiting for Bullocks request. Bullock: “Did you get your hands on the ballistics report?” Harper scrambles in the folder, she his holding, retrieving the report. Harper: “I did. Each victim was murdered by the same gun….” Bullock interrupting: “You mean the same model.” Harper: “No the same gun shot each man. Every firearm leaves its own signature on the bullet casings’ primer. Every recovered casing had the same signature.” Bullock’s face, no longer buried in photos, is completely locked on Harper. Bullock: “You’re telling me a single man was able to knock off one of the most elusive criminals in Gotham?” Harper: “Looks that way.” Bullock: “Does Gordon know?” Harper: “He needs to.” INT: GORDON’S OFFICE Gordon sits at his desk reviewing the ballistics file Harper had previously given to Bullock. After several moments Gordon tosses the file on his desk. Gordon: “No wonder we didn’t find any prints. It was just one man. Who in the world is capable of this?” Bullock and Harper sit across from the Commissioner’s desk Bullock: “Considering the common link with each victim receiving a single fatal gunshot wound. I’d say someone with highly advanced training with a firearm.” Gordon: “The good news is they gave us one less criminal to worry about but by performing a 14 body homicide they also jumped to the top of the most wanted list.”

Gordon stands from his chair and repositions himself on the desk’s front corner. Harper: “Could it be rival gangs or someone new trying to make a name?” Gordon: “We’ve had gang wars before but nothing of this magnitude. Edward Nigma was a heavy hitter. He wouldn’t fall to some rank amateur.” Bullock: “You don’t think….” Gordon: “Don’t even finish that Bullock. I’m not making him public enemy one just yet.” Bullock: “Whether you’re ready to or not you know the Batman is bound to snap. Who else could pull off a stunt like this?” Gordon leans down into Bullock’s face with an angered scowl. Gordon: “Bullock I do not have time for your personal vendettas on this case. Your job is to collect evidence and present a case off that evidence, nothing more.” Bullock returns with an equally angered scowl Bullock: “Understood” EXT: ARKHAM ASYLUM-NIGHT INT: STRANGE’S RESEARCH LAB The eerie lab showcases dim lighting and surgical steal instruments aligned across gray walls. Amongst the large shelves are boxes upon boxes of research notes while newspaper clippings of various Batman headlines clutter the walls. A large window fills the center of a wall with a distant view of Gotham’s city lights. Strange works at a table and from the shadow emerges Floyd Lawton (Deadshot). Strange: “Deadshot, are you ready for another night on the town?” Deadshot: “Give me a name.” Strange hands Deadshot a Joker card


Strange: “Basement of the Quarter building in the Narrows. Watch yourself he’s got a sense of humor.” Deadshot takes the card from Strange exiting the lab EXT: NARROWS The blackest of nights, streets littered with graffiti, homeless men with garbage fires. A picture of suffering and desperate, where the evil go to die. EXT: QUARTER BUILDING Built on the struggles of life. Broken windows, rusting steel, and stench of corruption make up its exterior. INT: QUARTER BUILDING-BASEMENT

The Joker and his henchmen sit at rusted table. Joker: “It is time to get back in the game boys. No more hiding. HAHAHA” Joker puts his hands over his face and quickly pulls them away: “The peak-a-boo game is over! HAHAHA” The henchmen SHOUT in agreement Henchmen: “Where do we start?” Joker leaps on the table and grabs the man’s collar pulling him in: “HAHAHA I thought you’d never ask!” The power suddenly shuts off leaving the men in darkness The Joker’s laugh slowly builds: “H-A-H-A-H-A is the Batman paying us a visit?” In the darkness a menacing voice comes forth: “Worse” Joker: “Ok boys time to welcome our guest.” Silence continues as none of the henchman make a move. The lights quickly cut on. Joker’s finds himself staring down barrels of his henchmen’s guns. At the rooms center stands Deadshot dropping a thousand yard stair on the clown. Joker: “Not me you fools, him!”

The henchmen don’t bat an eye at the Joker’s request. Deadshot: “Your men work for me now.” Joker nonchalantly hops down from the table walking toward Deadshot: “I can see that. So the Batman has you doing his dirty work. Can’t say I blame the guy. He’s a little obsessive.” Deadshot: “Not exactly.” Deadshot pulls a pistol from his coat and puts a bullet between the Joker’s eyes. Joker’s limp body falls to the floor dead, blood trickles down his face. EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE-DAY INT: CONFERENCE ROOM Wayne sits at the end of the large table. Oswald Cobblepot enters the room. Wayne very happy to see the man stands to greet his guest. Wayne: “Mr. Cobblepot, great to finally meet you.” Cobblepot nearly star struck: “The Bruce Wayne himself. It is truly an honor.” The two take their seats. Wayne: “Thank you for coming on such short notice.” Cobblepot: “Believe me Mr. Wayne this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Sorry to hear about Mr. Fox. He was a titan in this industry.” Wayne: “That’s why I brought you here. Wayne Enterprise is in unfamiliar territory. Stocks are dropping, contracts are falling, and our CEO just died. I saw your interview on “60 Minutes”. What you told Simon, do you believe it?” Cobblepot takes in a deep breath letting out half of it: “Mr. Wayne I believe Wayne Enterprise is the gateway to the future. The assets, reputation, shear resources outweigh your closet competitors by a land slide. This company can and will lead our world into the centuries to come. You are capable of changing lives and redefining how we look at energy production, weapons,

agriculture, medicine, space travel. There is no limit. Someone just has to open that gate.” Wayne ponders Cobblepot’s statement for moment: “And you can accomplish that?” Cobblepot opens his briefcase and pulls out a folder handing it to Wayne. Cobblepot: “A successful man is a prepared man. Here is an action plan of how Wayne Enterprise can reclaim its rightful place atop the world. Just a little something I cooked up on the way here.” Wayne takes several moments flipping through the folder. He drops it onto the table. Wayne begins to crack a smile: “I’m sold. How would you like to become the CEO of Wayne Enterprise effective immediately?” Cobblepot taken back by the offer: “You’re serious?” Wayne:” It’s time we have new blood in this place. I think you’re the man for the job.” Cobblepot smiles: “Where do I sign?” EXT-GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT-NIGHT INT-MORGUE A typical morgue lab with stainless steel operating tables, tools, and body bags. Gordon enters walking over to DR. FIELDS standing next body covered with a sheet. Gordon: “Is it him?” Fields pulls down the sheet revealing the Joker “DNA is a match. Somebody finally got him.” Gordon shaking his head in amazement: “I honestly never thought this day would come. Now we’ve just got to find out who’s doing this.” Fields:”I may be able to answer that.” She points to a stab wound on the Joker’s chest.

Fields: “Although he died from a gunshot to the head I found a stab wound in the upper chest.” Fields reaches onto a table revealing a Batarang fragment to Gordon: “And this is what caused it. It was sticking out of him when he came in.” Gordon in utter disbelief at what he is seeing: “Has anyone else seen this?” Fields: “You’re the first to know.” Gordon: “Keep it that way for now.” EXT: POLICE DEPARTMENT ROOFTOP-NIGHT Gordon stands next to a Bat Signal shooting high in the sky. Batman: “What do you got?” Gordon quickly turns toward the Dark Knight: “The Joker is dead.” Batman: “How?” Gordon: “He took a bullet between the eyes but we found this in his chest.” Gordon reveals the Batarang fragment to Batman. Gordon: “Look familiar?” Batman takes a closer look at the fragment recognizing the design: “Who killed the Joker?” Gordon taking a deep breath: “No official leads yet but this doesn’t look good. I’ve been on your side since day one but I can’t if you’re becoming an executioner.” Batman: “I did not kill the Joker. This is a distraction.” Gordon: “How did they get this though?” Batman: “I don’t know.” CUT TO: BATCAVE Wayne sporting a cowlless batsuit, sits at the massive computer analyzing the Batarang fragment. He manipulates several controls

dissecting the dimensions and materials of the fragment. Alfred walks up behind Wayne carrying tea. Alfred: “Tea Master Bruce?” Wayne not taking his eyes from the computer: “Just put it on the table.” Alfred takes notice of the Batarang fragment on screen: “Designing a new Batarang?” Wayne: “It’s one of mine.” Alfred not expecting such an answer: “Excuse me?” Wayne: “I have an impersonator Alfred. Someone is out there killing with my weapons.” Alfred: “Any idea who?” Wayne: “Not a clue. There’s not so much as a fingerprint on this thing. I’ve got to find out who before it’s too late.” Alfred: “Will this be changing your dinner celebration for Mr. Cobblepot?” Wayne: “No, he is far too important to Wayne Enterprise’s future. Just like Batman, Bruce Wayne has duties as well.” EXT: WAYNE MANOR-NIGHT A party atmosphere outside the mansion as guest make their way inside. INT: PARTY AREA Some of Gotham’s most important people treat themselves to fine wining and dining. Soft music plays in the background as guest mingle and enjoy company. A well dressed Bruce Wayne walks over to another well dressed man and his colleges. Wayne: “Mayor Grange nice to see you again.” Grange shaking Wayne’s hand: “Always a pleasure Bruce.” Wayne turns to see Gordon with his wife SARAH GORDON and daughter BARBRA GORDON

Gordon:“Fine party Mr. Wayne.” Wayne: “Thank you sir.” Wayne taking notice of Gordon’s daughter: “Barbra you looking stunning as always just like your mother.” Sarah and Barbra share a flattering smile: “Thank you” Wayne notices a gorgeous woman wearing a beautiful black dress who has just entering the room. Wayne: “If you would excuse me.” Wayne walks over to the woman handing her a drink and sharing a kiss. Wayne: “You bring a whole new meaning to the little black dress.” Madison smiles: “You don’t clean up so bad yourself. Is the man of the hour here yet?” Wayne: “Not yet, you now these people can be shy at first.” Madison: “You’re not making it easy on him inviting Gotham’s dream team of citizens.” Wayne chuckles: “The man needs to know how to carry himself in a room. Wayne Enterprise isn’t a quickie store off the interstate.” Cobblepot: “I would not be taking the job if it was Mr. Wayne.” Wayne happy to see the man: “Oswald glad you finally arrived at your own party.” Cobblepot: “My party. Kind of hard to say that when I don’t know anyone.” Madison: “That’s what I said.” Wayne: “Oswald I would like you to meet my boss Julie Madison.” Cobblepot: “A pleasure Ms. Madison. Mayor Grange walks up the trio. Grange: “This must be the man of the hour.”

Cobblepot shaking the Mayor’s hand: “Oswald Cobblepot” Grange: “I knew your grandfather when he was Mayor.” Wayne: “Grandfather?” Cobblepot: “Theodore Cobblepot, he was here in Gotham years ago, small world.” Grange: “Indeed it is. Mr. Cobblepot I wish the best of luck to you and welcome to Gotham.” Grange walks away Cobblepot: “So what can I expect from tonight?” Wayne: “Hopefully nothing too daunting a couple hundred handshakes, pictures, interviews; just the usual.” As Wayne finishes that statement a gunshot goes off in the room. People scream and panic scattering toward the exits. Several more shots are fired. Amongst the frantic guest emerges Deadshot in his trench coat along with his henchmen in tuxedos. Wayne grabs Madison’s hand. Wayne: “You know where to go. Get there!” Madison acknowledges in agreement and scampers away. Wayne then turns his attention toward Cobblepot. Wayne: “Find a man named Jim Gordon and stay with him.” Cobblepot: “What about you?” Wayne: “Don’t worry about me.” Cobblepot runs off with the wave of people. Wayne exits behind them into an alternate room. Deadshot and his men have each exit covered preventing the people from escaping. Deadshot addressing the trapped prisoners: “Where is the one they call Bruce Wayne?” No one answers until Grange steps forward. “What do you want with us?” Deadshot: “Your soul”

Deadshot raises his arm revealing a double barreled wrist gun pointing it at the Grange. Just before a shot is fired Batman leaps into action knocking Deadshot to the ground. Batman on top of Deadshot lands a punch to his face followed by another. Batman: “It’s me you want.” Batman’s next punch is blocked by Deadshot: “You’re right Mr. Wayne it is you.” Batman’s concentration broken for a moment with that statement. Deadshot takes the chance kicking Batman off. Batman now surrounded by six henchmen, throws down a smoke bomb and unleashed furry on his enemy. Through a cloud of smoke he smashes his fist into Henchmen 1’s face followed by an elbow to the back of Henchmen 2’s head. With 4 left Batman round house kicks Henchmen 3 and puts his knee in Henchmen 4’s stomach followed by slamming his fist to the neck. Henchmen 5 charges Batman with his sword aimlessly swinging. Batman catches the blade with his sharp wrist bracers putting Henchmen 5 in a headlock and kicks Henchmen 6 knocking him back. Finally Batman picks Henchmen 5 over his head whaling him at Henchmen 6 finishing them off. Batman hears a familiar scream. He turns toward its direction to see Madison held at gun point by Deadshot. Deadshot: “It’s no use! Tonight your world will be turned upside down!” Batman: “Who are you?” Deadshot: “Someone like you, someone trying to make a difference.” A tank like truck crashes through the wall between Batman and Deadshot. People scream and scurry in fear. Before Batman can get to the truck it drives away. Batman throws a tracking beacon to its exterior. The truck exits leaving behind destruction with no sign of Deadshot, henchmen, or Madison. Batman scampers away from the distracted crowd. INT: BATCAVE


A loud roar takes the environment as the tumbler’s lights cut on. The tumbler speeds out of the Batcave headed toward Gotham. Batman manipulates the controls displaying a schematic of Gotham. On the schematic a blinking light appears.

INT: TANK TRUCK The henchmen load their multitude of guns as Deadshot sharpens his sword blade. Madison is terrified for her life. Madison: “What do you want with me?” Deadshot pauses his sharpener: “To show Gotham their beloved Batman is no immortal.” EXT: GOTHAM STREETS The tumbler speeds down the busy street dipping and dodging traffic. INT: TUMBLER The schematic reveals Batman closing in on the truck. INT: TANK TRUCK Driver looks in his side mirror seeing the tumbler closing in. “Get ready boys. He’s here.” Deadshot and the henchmen cock their guns. The truck’s top hatch opens. A henchmen climbs out with a bazooka firing it at the tumbler. Batman is able to dodge the massive explosion and continues his pursuit. INT: TUMBLER Batman manipulates controls firing mini guns at the truck’s tires blowing out the back left. INT: TANK TRUCK Driver struggles but regains control continuing down the highway. Deadshot: “The bridge is up ahead.”

The two approach a bridge over pass. The tank truck makes it under but as the tumbler approaches an Apache chopper emerges firing multiple missiles creating a large explosion. INT: TANK TRUCK

Driver see’s the explosion from the side mirror. Driver: “No way he survived that.” Deadshot: “I want him alive.” CUT TO: EXPLOSION SITE Batman emerges from the destroyed tumbler. He see’s the tank truck cut a sharp left into a parking garage. Using a grapple gun the Dark Knight explodes into the night toward his enemy. EXT: TOP DECK OF PARKING GARAGE The tank truck roars to the top coming to a screeching halt. The cargo door opens with Deadshot, Madison, and the henchmen filing out. Batman glides in joining them in a standoff. Deadshot: “You’re a resilient man. I’ll have to give you that.” Batman: “Let the girl go.” Deadshot: “I can’t do that. I first need to understand you Batman. You have the singular rule of maintaining life at all cost. For years you have slapped Gotham’s bottom feeders on the hand with your fear gimmicks. Because of your unwillingness to act someone had to clean up your mess. The Joker and Riddler met their long overdue death by my hand. It was the only way to make a statement. An example needed to be made.” Deadshot turns to look at the terrified Madison: “And now another example is to be made Bruce.” Deadshot’s wrist gun goes off killing Madison. Her limp body falls to the ground. Batman: “Julie!!!” Batman, overcome with anger, chargers toward Deadshot. Henchmen create a wall in front of their leader. Batman violently begins

kicking and punching the men keeping them off guard. Henchmen 1 pulls out a lead pipe swinging it at Batman. He blocks his first swing and takes it away from him slugging Henchmen 2 and 3 to the ground with it. Henchmen 4 and 5 come at Batman. He blocks henchman 4’s punches then lands a blow to his ribs. Henchman 5 pulls out a pistol but Batman is able to block it shooting him in the foot followed by an upper cut knocking him to the ground. Henchman 5 comes back at Batman but is punched in the jaw followed by a kick breaking his knee. Batman lands an earth shattering punch to henchman 7’s temporal followed by bone crushing round house kick to henchmen 8’s head. The once army of henchmen now lay scattered on the ground. Deadshot has disappeared. Batman runs over to the lifeless Madison. He holds her close devastated at his loss. CUT TO: VIKI VALE NEWS SET Vale: “Reports are coming in that Waylon Jones better known as Killer Croc washed up on a Gotham City shoreline this morning. Investigators are still determining cause of death while they continue to form leads. CUT TO: JACK RIDER NEWS SET Rider: “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with breaking news that Harvey “Two Face” Dent, former Gotham City district attorney, was gunned down last night. Once again investigators are still building evidence toward the killer.” CUT TO: VIKI VALE ON NEWS SET Vale looks disturbed as to what she must say. Vale: “I encourage small children and the faint of heart to excuse themselves from this broadcast. Moments ago police discovered the bodies of Harley Quinn, Victor Fires, and Jonathan Crane suspended from a tree in Gotham City Park. The one responsible for the brutality is unknown at this time.” CUT TO: POLICE DEPARTMENT-CONFERENCE ROOM Bullock outraged: “We’ve got to get Batman off the streets! He’s turned into some kind of mercenary.”

Gordon: “Shut it Bullock! We have no evidence linking him to the murders.” Bullock: “And we have nothing saying he’s innocent.” Harper: “What about the Batarang in the Joker’s body?” Gordon rolls his eyes in disgust thinking no one else knew. Bullock: “Batarang? What Batarang?” Grange: “Are you withholding evidence Gordon?” Gordon takes a deep breath realizing his job could be on the line. Gordon: “Dr. Fields found what appeared to be a Batarang fragment in the Joker’s chest. It was investigated. Batman denied being at the scene.” Bullock: “Of course he denied it! Why do you trust him! We’re next!” Grange: “That’s enough detective. Jim effective immediately you are relieved as Commissioner on the account of tampering with evidence. Chief Inspector VANE will assume Commissioner Duties until further notice. Assemble a team and bring in the Batman.” Vane: “Yes sir” EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE-DAY INT: CONFERENCE ROOM Cobblepot stands in front of the board members giving an update. Cobblepot: “Alonzo Kurstov owns 90% of the water and oil supply in Russia. Nickolie Jenner, Kurstov’s partner of 13 years, has moved on due to no longer being able to pull his weight.” Russell: “I thought Jenner retired because of a heart condition?” Cobblepot: “Call it what you will but Jenner was a leach.” BEAT


Cobblepot (continued): “This is the opportunity we’ve been looking for. Kurstov is an international power house. If we take Jenner’s place Wayne Enterprise would regain global dominance.” Wayne: “Sounds like a bold move. Do we know if Kurstov is even interested in doing business with the West?” Cobblepot: “After dealing with Jenner’s excuses and lack of motivation Kurstov is willing to work with a professional organization as ourselves.” Wayne: “Let’s meet Mr. Kurstov and go from there.” The meeting is over and board members exit the room leaving Cobblepot and Wayne. Cobblepot: “The board seemed a little reluctant to my idea.” Wayne: “Today’s international market is definitely outside the box for them.” Cobblepot: “I know Luscious Fox would not have approved but I feel like that’s how Wayne Enterprise got in this mess.” Wayne defending Fox: “Fox was the first person to make Wayne Enterprise relevant since my father. Do not put the blame on him.” Cobblepot: “My mistake Mr. Wayne. I did not mean to attack his reputation.” INT: BAT CAVE Wayne sits at the master computer viewing inside the police station via their security cameras. He notices Gordon’s name is no longer on his office door. It now reads Commissioner Anthony Vane. EXT: GORDON’S HOUSE-NIGHT INT: GARAGE Gordon has the hood of his car up while he works on it. Batman: “Out of a job?” Gordon startled, bangs his head on the hood.

Gordon grimaces in pain rubbing his head: “I thought we talked about the sneaking up thing.” Gordon scans the area making sure no one is watching: “Something like that. Grange fired me for keeping that Batarang fragment a secret. They’re coming for you though. You’re the prime suspect.” Batman: “I didn’t kill those men Gordon. It’s a set up, some kind of distraction.” Gordon: “Well its working. CUT TO: SURVEILLANC CAR ACROSS THE STREET Two undercover cops watch Gordon and Batman through binoculars. A hearing amplifier allows them to listen in. Gordon: “Any idea who’s behind this?” Batman: “I have a feeling the one who crashed the Cobblepot welcoming.” Police cars come to screeching halts around Gordon and Batman. Guns aimed directly at them. Batman quickly uses his grapple gun exploding from the scene. Bullock picks up his radio: “Batman is headed east. Repeat Batman going east through the air need chopper assistance.” Radio: “Copy that.” CUT TO: GOTHAM SKYLINE Three choppers flying through the night. Using infrared radar one pilot spots Batman. Pilot 1: “I’ve got him on radar atop the Scott Building.” Swat member: “Copy that. Go live. We take him alive...if possible.” Swat member fires several pepper spray bombs toward Batman. The roof feels with a cloud of pepper spray. Batman quickly covers his face with his cape making his way towards the buildings edge. Swat member: “I’ve lost visual. Anyone see him?”

CUT TO: CHOPPER 2 Pilot 2: “I’ve got him. He’s in the alley. Get ground support.” CUT TO: ALLEY Batman coughing and disoriented makes his way to the alley’s end. Swat members repel down the building walls to Batman’s position raising their weapons. Batman now finds himself surrounded by a dozen guns. Swat member: “Get on the ground and place your hands behind your back.” Batman does so but before cuffs can be placed on him several gunshots are fired dropping Swat members. Deadshot and his henchmen arrive gunning down the entire Swat team. Batman slowly gets to his feet still feeling the pepper spray’s effect. Deadshot and the henchman look upon the wounded Bat. Deadshot walks over and knocks Batman to the ground with a punch. Deadshot: “I couldn’t let Gotham’s finest take you just yet. We still have much for you to see.” Batman: “Who are you?” Deadshot: “Patience never has been your strong suit Bruce. In time all your questions will be answered. Oh and by the way Julie’s funeral was beautiful” Deadshot tosses a flower from the funeral on Batman and gives him a final kick to the ribs then leaves. INT: INTERROGATION ROOM Gordon sits handcuffed to the table in the brightly lit room. Bullock enters sitting in front of Gordon. Bullock: “Jim this doesn’t have to be difficult. Do you or do you not have information on the Batman murders?” Gordon: “I don’t know anything.” Bullock: “You don’t know anything? What was the visit for? Needed help changing the oil?”

Gordon: “He wanted to know why I was relieved as Commissioner.” Bullock: “So he brought you a sympathy card.” Bullock stands kicking his chair against the wall in anger: “I’m tired of the games Gordon! Batman killed an entire Swat team tonight! I told you we would become the target and now it’s personal! Where is the Batman?!” Bullock punches the table in anger. Several officers and Commissioner Vane enter the room. Vane: “Harvey that’s enough.” Bullock gives Gordon a menacing look as he exits. Vane: “Put Gordon in a cell. We’ll try again later.” EXT: WAYNE MANOR BALCONY-MORNING Wayne looks upon the rising sun with Alfred. Alfred: “Master Bruce will you be staying in today?” Wayne: “No, Cobblepot set up a meeting with Russian billionaire, Alonzo Kurstov. If he’s going to be a potential partner with Wayne Enterprise I want to meet him.” Alfred: “Very well, I will prepare your breakfast.” Wayne: “Thanks Alfred.” Alfred exits the balcony leaving Wayne. After a moment Wayne grabs a framed picture of Madison from the balcony shelf. Wayne looks at the picture with heavy heart as he misses the one person in the world that gave him a normal life. EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE-DAY INT: CONFERENCE ROOM Wayne enters to an empty room. Wayne expecting a meeting with Kurstov his surprised and heads for Cobblepot’s office. INT: COBBLEPOT’S OFFICE Wayne: “Where’s Kurstov?”

Cobblepot sitting at his desk: “There was a change in plan. Mr. Kurstov had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t make it. He already wanted to do the deal so we signed on it.” Wayne stunned: “You signed the deal?” Cobblepot: “It was our only chance. People like Kurstov don’t have time to wait.” Wayne shuts the door: “Oswald I may have appointed you CEO but it’s still my name on the front of the building. It’s my money and my company. Cancel the deal.” Cobblepot: “You can’t cancel the deal. We’ll lose Kurstov completely not to mention the buyout clause.” Wayne: “What clause?” Cobblepot: “If either partner terminates the contract an amount of 100 billion dollars will be paid. It’s standard.” Wayne clinches his jaw in anger but pauses for a moment regaining his composure: “This better work Oswald.” Cobblepot gives a menacing look to Wayne as he leaves the office. INT: STRANGE’S OFFICE Strange sits at a computer typing notes while reviewing others. Deadshot stands in the shadowy corner. Strange: “Everything is coming together as planned. Begin the final phase.” Deadshot: “As you wish”

INT: BATCAVE Wayne manipulates controls of the main frame computer finishing restoration of a new tumbler. Wayne walks over to the new tumbler. Wayne: “Begin diagnostics” Computer: “Diagnostics commencing”

Wayne goes back to the main frame manipulating controls bringing up a news site. A breaking news headline reads “Kurstov Bankrupt Wayne Enterprise Sunk”. Wayne’s eyes widen in disbelief. He clicks on the story discovering its truth. Computer: “Diagnostics complete, tumbler fully operational.” EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE-MORNING INT: HALLWAY Wayne storms down the hall looking for Cobblepot. INT: COBBLEPOT’S OFFICE Wayne enters holding up the front page of the Gotham’s Time Newspaper. Wayne: “What is this all about?” Cobblepot: “It’s a minor setback” Wayne: “Minor setback? They’re predicting the end of Wayne Enterprise!” Cobblepot: “It’s blown out of proportion Bruce, media talk. I really wouldn’t worry.” Wayne: “Who do you think you are coming into my company and thinking you can do whatever you want?” Cobblepot stands from his desk angered: “You wanted this Wayne. You wanted this the moment your little family business became irrelevant. I’m doing my job!” Wayne: “You no longer have one.” Cobblepot: “On the contrary Mr. Wayne you don’t have one. Kurstov going bankrupt put us in the same boat. The government now owns Wayne Enterprise and their first act was putting me atop the corporate ladder.” Wayne slams Cobblepot against the wall putting his hands around his throat. Wayne: “You will pay for this.”

Cobblepot: “Now Now don’t make me throw you out of my building.” Wayne looks like he wants kill Cobblepot. He releases his grip, straightens his suit, and walks out. EXT: WAYNE MANOR-DAY INT: KITCHEN Alfred stands at the sink washing dishes when he hears a noise coming from the hall. He goes to investigate. Alfred: “Master Bruce is that you?” When Alfred turns the corner he is met by Deadshot’s double barreled wrist guns. Deadshot: “Hello Butler” A punch to the back of Alfred’s head puts him on the floor unconscious. EXT: POLICE DEPARTMENT-DAY INT: FRONT OFFICE People are running around in a panic, phones ringing off the hook. Bullock: “Is the airport secured?” Harper: “Not yet. Security is working on it.” Bullock: “What’s taking them so long?” EXT: GOTHAM AIR PORT-DUSK Henchmen are throughout the airport where security guards lie dead on the ground. Hundreds of innocent people sit huddled in corners. Several henchmen converge with Deadshot. Deadshot: “Bombs in place?” Henchmen: “Just as you asked.” Deadshot: “What about the Butler?” Henchmen: “He’s in position.”

EXT: WAYNE MANOR-NIGHT INT: HALLWAY Wayne walks around the halls looking for Alfred. He walks up on a note where Alfred was abducted. The note reads “It’s time Bruce” Wayne crumbles up the note in anger. He enters the library pulling back a book for the wall to slide open revealing an elevator. INT: BATCAVE Wayne exits the elevator and makes his way to a sealed vault. As he opens the vault a dart sticks in his neck. Wayne pulls out the dart examining it and slowly becomes woozy falling to the ground. Several henchmen pick up Wayne’s body carrying it. One henchman speaks into a radio: “We have Wayne.” EXT: POLICE DEPARTMENT-NIGHT INT: JAIL CELL Gordon sits alone in his cell staring at the floor and hears footsteps coming down the hall. Harper enters and walks to Gordon’s cell holding keys. Gordon: “What are you doing?” Harper unlocks the door opening it. Harper: “Not everyone thinks you’re guilty. Here’s your stuff.” Gordon takes the bag from Harper and steps out of the cell Harper: “The airport has been taken over and with a bomb threat. No one knows what to do. You’re the expert.” INT: DARK ROOM Wayne lies on a medical table with restraints on arms, legs, chest, and across his forehead. He slowly regains consciousness. Strange: Ah Mr. Wayne nice to see you show a little life.” Strange walks over to where Wayne can see him and cuts on a bright light. Wayne squints his eyes in discomfort.

Strange: “First off I am Dr. Hugo Strange director of psychology at Arkham Asylum.” Wayne: “I know who you are.” Strange: “Very well then we will forgo formalities. I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here?” Wayne: “The question crossed my mind. Where’s Alfred?” Strange: “No worries, Mr. Pennyworth is safe. You have always been a fascinating creature to me. The death of your parents projected you into a crime fighting Batman. You are a world renowned billionaire, a celebrity, yet you choose to live life fighting Gotham’s trash. I never had an encounter with you personally but my line of work allowed me to see you through the eyes of the ones you dedicated your life to stopping. Criminals like Crane, Quinn, Joker, Nigma all gave in depth accounts of your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies. After reviewing each detailed interview I realized the Batman was truly indestructible with no equal. But what I did realize even though Batman and Bruce Wayne are two separate people they still in habitat the same body. A person does not defeat Batman they defeat Bruce Wayne. ” Wayne’s face turns to fear realizing what Strange has done. Wayne: “You were behind the murders.” Strange: “You live up to your reputation detective. The truth is this is a hard town to standout in. I needed to clean out the cupboard to get your full attention. And that Batarang worked perfectly turning the attention of Gotham’s finest on apprehending you. Gordon losing his job was not in the plan but worked toward the cause.” Wayne: “Cobblepot works for you.” Cobblepot emerges from the shadows walking with umbrella across his shoulder: “Right you are Mr. Wayne. I’ve done some thinking, and since the name Wayne Enterprise would now fall under false advertisement, how does Oswald Enterprise sound? I think it rolls off the tongue nicely.”

Wayne gives Cobblepot an angered look. Cobblepot leans the umbrella against the chair. Strange: “After Mr. Fox’s “accident” the perfect opportunity to infiltrate Bruce Wayne presented itself. I look at Oswald like a Penguin. Harmless to the naked eye but get too close and they’ll turn on you.” Wayne: “You’ve proven your point. What now?” Strange: “Not yet. You see Gotham’s airport currently has enough C4 to create the Grand Canyon. Once I set it off and kill somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand people only then will Gotham see how blind it is. Gotham has been under your pathetic watch far too long. You never have or will truly make this city safe. See how easy it was to dispose of Gotham’s filth yet you could never do so. It’s time for a new class of crime fighters.” Wayne: “You’re no different than the rest of them. Taking innocent lives to prove your point, You’re not fighting crime you’re part of it.” With Cobblepot focused on Strange, Wayne discretely releases a wrist restraint. Strange: “It’s matter of perspective Mr. Wayne.” Wayne quickly grabs the umbrella smashing it across Strange’s face then Cobblepot’s. Wayne frees himself. He stands over the drossy Strange. Wayne: “This is why you’re like the others because you lose.” He picks up Strange slamming him against the wall unleashing punch after punch leaving a face covered in blood. Strange falls to the floor. Wayne turns to see Cobblepot running for the door. Wayne quickly grabs him, both hands around the neck. Wayne: “This time I’m gonna throw you out of the building.” Wayne throws Cobblepot out of the large window into the water below. EXT: ROOFTOP

Wayne manipulates his watch. A moment passes and the Batwing arrives jettisoning a vault. The vault opens revealing his Batsuit. Batman enters the Batwing. INT: BATWING Batman manipulates the computer: “Gotham Airport.” A GPS appears signaling the airports location. The Batwing flies off toward the airport. EXT: GOTHAM AIRPORT-NIGHT Police and SWAT teams surround the area. GCPD choppers fly over with spot lights. Vane: “Do we have eyes inside yet?” Bullock: “No sir, cameras are down.” Vane frustrated: “Then what do we have?” Bullock: “Snipers are in the tower and bomb squad cleared the perimeter. Other than that they’ve got the building sealed like a fort.” CUT TO: POLICE CAR Harper, with Gordon, drives up to the airport. Gordon: “You know you’re going to jail for this.” Harper: “Not after you save two thousand lives. So please don’t mess this up.” CUT TO: BATWING SOARING THROUGH THE NIGHT INT: BATWING Batman manipulates controls going into stealth mode has he approaches the airport. EXT: AIRPORT RUNWAY Six commercial aircraft begin moving toward the terminal gaits. INT: AIRPORT TERMINAL GATES

The mass of hostages has been divided up and placed at different boarding gates. Henchmen: “We’re ready to board.” Deadshot: “Board” The henchmen begin herding the frantic hostages through the concourse gaits to the plane. EXT: AIRPORT POLICE PERIMETER Officer: “Commissioner, choppers are reporting that six planes have been moved to the terminal gates.” Vane: “What are they doing?” INT: AIRPORT TERMINAL GAITS Deadshot: “Is the chopper ready?” Henchman: “Awaiting your command” Deadshot: “Do it” EXT: POLICE PERIMETER The crowd of police and rescue scamper around unsure of their plan of attack. An Apache chopper emerges from the runway. Bullock: “Is that one of ours?” Officer: “I don’t think so.” The Apache turns toward the GCPD choppers and shoots them out of the sky. The flaming aircraft crash in the police perimeter causing everyone to scatter. INT: COMMUNICATION TOWER Snipers bust out the window returning fire. Their rifles pepper the chopper but cause no damage. The Apache fires a missile blowing up the tower. CUT TO: Gordon and Harper, near the perimeter, take cover from the debris.

EXT: POLICE PERIMETER The Apache begins to make another pass to finish them off. The Batwing appears on scene. CUT TO: Batwing radar pinpoints all police in area giving ID through face recognition. Off in the distance Jamie Harper and Jim Gordon’s IDs match. Batman takes a second glance at Gordon’s name. He then switches gears to the weapon’s radar putting the Apache’s tail rotor in its crosshairs. Batman fires off several rounds causing the chopper to spin out of control crashing to the ground. Police swarm the chopper to arrest the henchmen pilots. Police: “Freeze!’ The pilots hold pistols to their own heads killing themselves. CUT TO: Gordon and Harper arrive at the devastated scene. They spot Vane, Bullock, and other officers stirring amongst the debris. Gordon helps Vane up. Gordon: “Commissioner, are you ok?” Vane reorients himself: “Yeah, what are you doing here?” Gordon: “Heard you needed some help.” Vane turns to see the extent of the damage: “We need a miracle.” CUT TO: Harper helps Bullock to his feet. Bullock spots Gordon with Vane. Bullock: “Where to he come from?” Harper: “We’ll talk about it later.” CUT TO: The Batwing hovers above the airport’s glass ceiling. Batman drops through the ceiling in the airport. INT: AIRPORT

Batman quickly scans the area to find no one present except the ceiling’s broken glass. EXT: POLICE PERIMETER Vane walks over to an officer: “What do we have left?” Officer (unoptimistic): “We lost the snipers in the tower and the two choppers. We’re dead in the water.” Vane: “Any idea on the hostages?” Officer: “None” Vane aggravated at the losses: “This can’t be happening!” Officer: “SWAT is still on stand by sir.” Vane unsure of his next move looks at Gordon Gordon: “Send them in” INT: AIRPORT TERMINAL GAITS Batman slowly enters to find Deadshot standing in the middle of the room. Deadshot: “Glad to see you could make it.” Batman: “Strange and Cobblepot are finished. It’s over Lawton.” Deadshot laughs: “You put me in the same breath of those worthless posers. I’m insulted.” Batman: “I put you in the same breath with every lowlife trying to bring harm to Gotham.” Without Deadshot seeing, Batman manipulates a control on his utility belt. CUT TO: Gordon’s beeper goes off. He checks it and recognizes the number. He quickly grabs his radio adjusting the channel. After several moments of static it clears and Gordon hears Deadshot’s voice through Batman’s ear piece. Gordon: “Listen up! I’ve got ears in the airport.”

Vane and Bullock rush to Gordon Bullock: “How are you doing that?” Gordon: “It’s a secure channel we use.” Vane and Bullock give Gordon a suspicious look Gordon: “It was his idea.” INT: TERMINAL GATES Deadshot: “I think you underestimate me. After all I’ve managed to kill two of the people you care most about. Fox and Madison never stood a chance when they walked into your life. ” Batman tightly clinches his fist with anger: “And I’ll personally see that you pay for each one.” Deadshot: “Before you take the final count let me update you on the situation. There are six planes full of innocent bystanders men, women, children, families a bunch of nobodies. However, there is one person you might know.” Batman: “Alfred” CUT TO: Gordon’s eyes quickly cut to the radio wondering if he heard what he thinks he just heard.

INT: TERMINAL GAITS Deadshot cracks an evil smile: “The most important person in your life. The man who raised you to be the upstanding citizen you are.” Batman: “If you....” Deadshot: “Before you start with the threats hear me out. Each plane is rigged with enough explosives to blow us sky high.” Deadshot holds out two switches: “It’s quite simple. The switch here in my right hand is to five of the planes while the one in my left is to your butler’s plane. I’m only going to use one of

them and I’ll let you choose. Two thousand innocent lives or Alfred?” CUT TO: Gordon: “Hostages are on the planes! SWAT is clear to engage!” CUT TO: SWAT members blow through the airport’s entrance to an empty lobby. INT: AIRPORT LOBBY The team spreads out clearing the area. Once member walks up on sheet covering a doorway. Using his rifle, he pushes the sheet to the side finding a bomb in the corner. SWAT: “BOMB! MOVE!” Before anyone can move the lobby explodes into flames killing the team. CUT TO: POLICE PERIMETER Everyone scampers back as flames engulf the airports entrance. Bullock screaming into his radio: “Pettit! Pettit come in!” He hears nothing but static. Bullock throws it down in frustration. Bullock: “What are we doing?!” INT: TERMINAL GAITS The explosion shakes the entire building. Deadshot: “Sounds like they attempted the front door. One thing Strange kept telling me is the Batman has no physical equal.” A dozen henchmen emerge from the gaits. Deadshot: “I’m personally not a believer that but I’d like to see it for myself.” The dozen aggressive men surround Batman. He raises his arms into a fighting position as the first man lunges. Batman cracks

his fist across the man’s skull dropping him. The other eleven all jump in at once. Batman flips over the crowd and lands a roundhouse kick to henchman 2. Henchman 3 has his punch blocked, arm twisted, and finished with a headbutt. Batman picks up henchman 4 by the throat slamming into the floor. Henchman 5 violently swings a wooden bat unable to land a hit. Batman blocks the bat breaking it and throws the fragments blinding henchmen 6 and 7. Batman finishes off henchman 5 with a punch to the ribs followed by an uppercut to the chin. Batman smashes henchman 6 and 7’s heads together dropping them. From behind, henchman 8 wraps his arms around Batman while henchmen 9 and 10 land punches. Still bound Batman lands kicks to henchmen 9 and 10 and then breaks henchman 8’s grip knocking him out. Henchmen 11 raises a gun to the Bat who uses henchmen 9 and 10 for cover. The gun goes off wounding the two henchmen. Batman takes the gun knocking out the henchman and finishes the group by roundhouse kicking henchman 12 to the ground. Batman turns his eyes toward a furious Deadshot. Batman: “The doctor was right.” EXT: PERIMETER Gordon: “The planes have the hostages and bombs. The airport only has the bomb controls.” Vane: “How do we take out both?” Gordon hesitates for a moment: “An air strike. We blow up the airport with an air strike.” Bullock: “We do what?” Gordon: “We have no one else to send in. If we don’t act now it could be too late.” Harper: “Batman is in there.” Gordon: “I know.” Vane: “How do we disable the bombs?” Gordon: “We use an E-Bomb. It’s a high power microwave that fries any electrical device within a five mile radius.”

Bullock: “So we are gonna blow up the entire airport and then knockout a five mile power grid? Are you crazy?!” Gordon: “What else can we do Harvey?! No matter what happens people will die! Someone has to make a choice....even if there’s no good one.” INT: TERMINAL GAIT Deadshot takes off his trench coat. Deadshot: “Why don’t you just kill me and end this? I know the battle going on inside you. Bruce Wayne saves Alfred but with so many casualties Gotham loses its faith in Batman. Batman saves five planes but Bruce Wayne will be responsible for the death every person he ever cared for.” Batman can hear Gordon through his earpiece: “An airstrike is going level the airport in 2 minutes. It’s gonna happen with or without you in it.” Batman begins walking toward Deadshot: “That’s not a decision I will have to make because I’m not Gotham’s only savior. It’s full of people willing to do the right thing and make the hard decision. I’m just one of many.” Deadshot shoots Batman with his wrist gun knocking him back. Batman holding his side gets back to his knees. Deadshot: “If there are so many then I’m gonna be busy.” Deadshot raises his wrist guns. Batman quickly throws a Batarang damaging both guns. Batman charges knocking Deadshot to the ground. He lands several punches. Deadshot grabs Batman’s head slamming it into the floor and kicks him off. Deadshot lands several punches to Batman’s ribs. He prepares to land a knock blow but Batman catches the punch. Batman twists his arm, puts a knee to his stomach, and grabs him by the throat slamming him against the wall. Deadshot is physically beaten. Batman turns to see more henchmen coming out of the terminal gaits toward him. Batman: “Batman and Bruce Wayne do more than occupy the same body they occupy the same soul. This mask is not to hide an identity but a symbol of hope. Gotham cannot be torn down by evil because there will always be heroes to rise and defend it.”

As Batman finishes that sentence the airport goes up in flames as the planes fly by. EXT: POLICE PERIMETER Mammoth flames engulf the environment as the airport is destroyed. Gordon: “Activate the E-Bomb!” CUT TO: Each airplane’s controls go dark and power down. Military personal cut through each plane’s hull rescuing hostages and taking down the henchmen. Alfred walks off a plane unharmed. EXT: POLICE PERIMETER Vane walks up to Gordon: “The hostages are safe and accounted for. Any sign of Batman?” Gordon’s face expresses relief along with sadness: “No sign yet but we’re looking.” Mayor Grange walks up: “Gentlemen that was an exceptional job.” Grange turns to Gordon: “Commissioner Vane told me what happened and upon his request and my recommendation you are to continue your duties as Commissioner.” Gordon: “Thank you sir.” Grange and Vane walk away attending to other business. Harper walks up. Gordon sarcastically: Thank you for breaking me out of jail.” Harper smiles: “Had a hunch you could handle this. Do you think we’ll ever find Batman or know who is?” Gordon pauses for a moment remembering what he heard on the radio: “Anything is possible.” EXT: SKY-NIGHT A cargo plane flies through stormy weather. INT: CARGO AREA

A doctor along with men wearing black ninja suits stand around a table. On the table lies a body covered by a sheet. RA’S AL GHUL walks over to the body. He pulls back the sheet revealing the battered and burned body of Bruce Wayne. Al Ghul: “Is he dead?” Doctor: “Yes, the explosion caused severe burns to the body and lungs.” Al Ghul examines Wayne for a moment then forms a smirk: “That won’t be a problem.” From outside the window Lazarus Pit becomes visible.