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problem is not a new one, but the solution is very

Elan is a school. It is not a correctional institution nor is it a mental hospital. It is a carefully conceptualized and caringly administered residential community for adolescents with "out of control" behavioral problems. Elan works with juveniles to help them see the causes and consequences of their conduct and then to teach them the skills of responsible living. Elan was founded in 1970. It was started because there were no proper facilities for youth who did not belong in mental hospitals or in penal institutions. Those adolescents who were sent to mental institutions were not cured. They learned how to become patients. Those who were sent to juvenile justice institutions were destroyed either because they became victims of actual criminals or because they themselves became criminals. Unlike the usual institutions which operate in the medical social work model or the correctional model, Elan insists that each individual is responsible for his own behavior and only grows through practicing responsibility. Elan's philosophy insists that each person is only as sick as he or she wants to be. The community of peers isn't fooled by the clever manipulative actions and self-defeating adolescent behaviors in the way conventional institutions have allowed themselves to be bamboozled. The Elan community will not tolerate the individual who insists upon illness. It demands that each student comes to grip with wellness. Elan is highly productive. Through Elan several thousand troubled adolescents have freed themselves from alienation and confusion. Their obnoxious behavior has become unnecessary and fades away into unpleasant memory.