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Dr. Davidson is the Medical Director of Elan and the head of the professional staff. He began his association with Massachusetts General Hospital as a resident Fellow in Child and Community Psychiatry in 1956; he continues to this date as a Consultant in Psychiatry. He is a former Instructor at Harvard Medical School, is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Maine and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and belongs to the American and New England Societies for Adolescent Psychiatry.

Mr. Ricci is the Executive Director of Elan. He had personal experience with the self-help modality during its early days and its subsequent development. He established and directed one of the first such facilities for the State of Connecticut before founding Elan. His impetus is responsible for the development and refinement of this modality to the level achieved at Elan. Mr. Ricci is in charge of the daily functioning of the Elan program and the training and development of its staff. The professional staff of Elan represents men and women who take great pride in upholding the highest professional standards in their fields. There are clinical psychologists, social workers, residential staff, and certified teachers. Each Elan unit has its own assigned clinical staff person. The professional staff provides a complete range of clinical services including: psychological and educational testing, intake assessment, clinical consultation, treatment, planning and evaluation, discharge planning and follow up.