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Especially important is the residential staff.

These are men and women with a unique blend of academic background and personal experience with subsequent training in Elan's special techniques. Staff members so trained cannot be manipulated by"clever" adolescents as professionals too frequently are. Elan staff members know how to organize the students into selfactuating groups accepting help from peers and responsibly returning that help to others. This direct care of students at Elan is closely monitored through a sophisticated system of checks and balances. Elan has a unique Department for Evaluation and Control which makes daily reports directly to the Executive Director. This department collects information and data from all aspects of the program to monitor the overall functioning and attitudes in each unit on a daily basis. Nothing is left to fester for tomorrow.

As a result, corrective action is recommended and implemented immediately; the continuous staff training programs are focused on the pertinent skills, concepts and policies; the appropriate blend of staff for each unit is determined; daily staff supervision is provided and individual student's plan is constantly updated. This office maintains an intimate level of communication with both the on-line staff and top-level management. This highly organized process of supervision insures that every aspect of Elan's complex system is properly administered to provide optimum benefit for the students.