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The peer oriented social structure is vital to the Elan concept because it provides the framework for developing

the important tools of growing up. Students learn to accept criticism without taking it personally. They also learn that their self-esteem is not dependent on the acceptance by losers. Students develop the important skill of creating constructive interpersonal relationships. At Elan, people learn to take orders, criticize constructively, give orders reasonably, care for others, stand up for themselves, and work with others.

LAN brings the acting out behavior of the student into psychodynamic groups where it can be handled, observed, understood and corrected. The two basic tasks for a student are getting along with peers and learning to get along with inner stresses and


The most important thing students can take away from Elan is the improvement of interpersonal relationship skills. The root cause of the student's original problem is usually uncovered here. Psychodynamic problems are dealt with at Elan in groups, many forms of groups. These groups are learning exercises about one's self. They teach sensitivity to the needs and problems of others. It is also getting in touch with feelings, and understanding what touches off feelings and finally how to control the acts engendered by them. Most Elan students arrive after individual psychotherapy and other schools have proven ineffectual. If it might still be helpful, individual therapy may take place at Elan, usually with a member of the professional staff.

LAN aims to return your adolescent to society as a whole person ready and able to assume the responsibility of citizenship. We construct the most effective individual re-entry program for each student. This stage usually lasts for 3 months. Some students work or go to school in nearby communities while continuing to live at Elan. An older student may enter college while another may find it beneficial to seek part-time work in the area. Some students may go directly home, others may stay at Elan as junior staff members.