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At ECC side there are 3 types of documents that can be CIF-ed to SCM: In SCM all of them are stored in the same table. info record Contract Scheduling agreement In SCM all of them are stored in the same tables. Transaction in ECC to create them:

ME31K - Contract

value contract ‘Validity to’ is mandatory Items created according to requirement (M, D not transferred to SCM) Delivery address = ship to on SCM

ME31L – Scheduling Agreement. (you can consider it as a more detailed contract)
Can create schedule lines.

ME11 - Info Record -it extracts data from sales order, purchase order and it is automatic
It can be created manually also. It only has validities. ME01 Source List is not mapped in SCM Is a collection of agreements. Used to build conditions in ECC Integration model - have separate mapping, and separate process but in SCM are processed the same way If the model is activated and you want to cif: Deactivate the model and reactivate - send all data Reactivate – send delta CFP1 – reevaluate all the models for systems BD52 – Change pointers - defines the fields for which a transfer is triggered when value is changed BD50 cifsrc - is not active < = > nothing will be automatically transferred.


Function group: CSRS Critical points: mapping Important FM: CIF_TPSRC_SEND Price ranges can be defined for: Valid period - should not overlap Qty - can overlap.

In order to be usable procurement should be active. Also Assigned Transportation Lanes must be active. Target location could be different than destination location for subcontracting.

For Scheduling Agreements . Info Records have no items. Contracts have only the Assigned Transportation lane tab Contract contains a “guess” qty On the scheduling agreements we have a fixed/real qty Cost ranges Goto -> purchase order history.

/sapapo/PWBSRC2 – deletion
Checks if it is used.

Package /sapapo/pur_src /sapapo/inbound_cif Internal procurement is the 4th type of document only used in F&R MRP area is only in the SM server, so part of the program is not available. Contract package: lane to the packager and from it. In update there are some fields that cannot be changed, so you can only delete the entry and recreate it. Tables: /SAPAPO/TRPPROD /SAPAPO/TPSRC BZQID - makes the connection between /SAPAPO/TRPPROD and /SAPAPO/TPSRC BZQ INT (TRPRPOD) is for the 4th type – F&R You can have the same info record Subco Consi Costs In /sapapo/tpsrc – csint – cost id /sapapo/snp16 – validities of the cost and target location /sapapo/snp14 – how it was created, type of cost, cost function, /sapapo/snp15 – fix or variable cost. Bapi - PROCUREMNT RELATIONSHIP Type of object BUS10008 Delete multi Read keys /sapapo/mmpur_tpsrc_del_check ----check if it is used Get list /sapapo/mmpus_tp Selects from v_tp Save multi Sli = source list Read keys Mapping and the /sapapo/dm_mainaint_tpsrc Note that currency is APO $ and it converted, if needed.