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give you all a chance to utilize new behaviors and to experience opened communications.

This visit will probably involve a leave of several days from the campus with you. Another student, farther along in the program than your child, will go along to help you and to support your youngster.

Those of you who have participated in painful family therapy sessions do not need to be afraid. This is not a continuation of family therapy activity. It is a practice session for skills of communicating and relating.

Always remember, Elan's philosophy does not allow you to be blamed for your adolescent's behavior. That behavior is the adolescent's responsibility, not yours.

Quarterly Reports
Families worry and they need information. You will be getting reports pretty much on time, 30-40 days for the first report and quarterly thereafter. There may be some minor delays because of the vagaries of the program. If the report seems excessively overdue, please do not hesitate to call. We try to make the report comprehensive and down to earth. It is written by the psychological counselor or clinical social worker of the student's particular unit. The quarterly report to you is the product of the counselor's own observations, and the two reports written weekly about the student by others. The report will emphasize attitudes and issues, as well as reporting specific incidents. It will tell you in reasonably plain English what the student has been doing, how care has been modified for your child's individual needs and what is planned. Frequently, some of this material upsets or worries parents. For instance, a report of depression may alarm you. But depression must occur when the resident becomes aware of how he has wasted his opportunities and hurt others. This kind of depression is desirable and useful because it leads to a new, more mature way of handling life's problems. Do not hesitate to have the report explained to you further if you find yourself upset by its contents. Student therefore, confidentiality is always an important consideration; the report will only go to persons mandated by law to