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120MW Relax Wind Park 1
Construction of an onshore wind farm in the Margonin region of northwest Poland. EDP bought the Relax Wind Parks portfolio - which totals more than 1GW in potential developments - in 2007. Maintenance work will be carried out by Gamesa Wind Polska. The Relax 1 project comprises two sites: - Margonin Zachód wind farm - 11 wind turbines of a capacity 2MW each and total capacity 22MW already installed - Margonin Wschód wind farm - 49 wind turbines of 2MW capacity each and a total capacity of 98MW already installed The project is a first stage of a larger development planned by EDP in the same area. The further development of the project assumes: - Installation of 60 wind turbines of 1.5MW each (i.e. 90MW in total) in the Golancz commune - Installation of five 1.5MW turbines with a total capacity of 7.5MW in Golancz commune - Installation of 31 wind turbines in the Wagrowiec commune At completion of these projects, the wind farms operated by the company in the area will have a total capacity of 240MW.


120MW Relax Wind Park 1
Financial Close: 28/10/2010 Type: Primary Financing SPV: Relax Wind Park I Sp zoo Value: $230.98m USD Debt: $106.82m USD Concession: N/A Concession Period: Sorry no data available


Example Project

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Company Name Role Sorry no data available

Operator Roles
Company Name Role EDP - Energia de Portugal SA((/Company/33414)) Operator

Other Roles
Company Name Role Sorry no data available


Current Owner(s)
Company: EDP - Energia de Portugal SA(/Company/33414) Percentage: 50% Start Date: 01/10/2010 Comments: Nuevas Energias del Occidente Company: Buttero Holding(/Company/37604) Percentage: 50% Start Date: 01/10/2010 Comments:


Example Project

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Previous Owner(s)
Sorry no data available


Project Timeline
2010 Approval 04/10/2010 News: Infra PR: EBRD co-finances Poland's largest wind farm(/Articles/64871) 2010 General Announcement 01/10/2010 News: EIB to provide loan for Polish wind farm(/Articles/64853)


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• Cécile Sourbes() • 18/02/2011 IJ is highlighting some of the major deals WestLB and BES have been involved in over the past three years

Polish wind farm reaches FC(/Articles/65665)
• Renewables(/Sectors/2) • John McKenna() • 11/11/2010 Financing of a 120MW wind farm in Poland has closed, with debt provided by the EIB, EBRD and a club of Potugues and Polish banks


Example Project

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EIB to provide loan for Polish wind farm(/Articles/64853)
• Renewables(/Sectors/2) • () • 04/10/2010 The EIB is to provide a PLN 178 million loan for the 120MW Margonin wind farm project in Poland, which is less than it previously approved earlier this year

IJ Insight: Renewables in July(/Articles/63748)
• Renewables(/Sectors/2) • Cécile Sourbes() • 30/07/2010 The start of the summer period has seen important activity in the European wind market and in particular in Eastern Europe where a number of projects have reached financial close

FC imminent for Polish wind project(/Articles/63679)
• Renewables(/Sectors/2) • Tom Bowker() • 28/07/2010 Financial close on Poland's biggest wind farm yet is set for financial close in the coming days with local currency financing coming from a club of commercial banks and European multilaterals

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