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Organizational Plan

Form of Business: The form of business will be a private company. There will initially 6 members in the organization which can later be changed according to the requirement and scale of the business. All members will participate in the business actively and with responsibility. Identification of the members: The form of business will be a private company and all the members will equally contribute in the owner’s equity. All the members will responsible for their duties and have to own all the outcomes either desirable or undesirable as they would exercise their powers they have received. The terms and conditions of the membership will be to contribute on equal basis in the profits and losses of the company and rewards and bonuses will be given on the basis of performance in their concerned duties and assignments.

Authority to control: The General Manager/Managing Director to be appointed by the Board of Directors will be the supreme body and all the heads of different departments would follow their instructions and would be answerable to him. The will be elected on majority basis by the board of directors and each member of the board of directors will have one voting right. The candidate who gained most votes will be elected as the G.M and will carry a right to issue orders to his management team. If any serious conflict arises on any issue a committee would be formed by the board of directors to resolve the conflict and the decision of the committee will be final and supreme.

Hierarchy of Organization

General Manager

Manager Public Relations

Manager Finance

Manager MIS

Manager Marketing

Manager H.R

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors will consist of all the members of the company. The members will select a General Manager. The details of potential Board of Directors and their qualifications are given below:

Name: Expected Designation: Qualification:

Mr. Ali Shan General Manager MBA MIS

Name: Expected Designation: Qualification:

Ali Raza Manager Research and Development MBA FINANCE

Name: Expected Designation: Qualification:

Anees Ahmed Manger Marketing MBA FINANCE

Name: Expected Designation: Qualification:

Muhammad Faisal Manager Finance MBA FINANCE

Name: Expected Designation: Qualification:

Akmal Bajwa Manager H.R MBA HRM

Name: Expected Designation: Qualification:

Zubair Rauf Manager Operations MBA Marketing

Roles and Responsibilities of the Members: The form of the business will be a private company and all the members are directors of the company as well so they will actively participate in managing the business and will exercise different powers assigned to them. Each member may perform one duty at one time or different tasks simultaneously if the circumstances required doing so. Following are the major roles and responsibilities of all the managers:       Review of operating and capital budget. Developing long and short term strategies and policies for the accomplishment of goals. Supporting day to day activities. Resolving conflicts among all the managerial and departmental activities. Ensuring that the assets are in proper form and efficient use of their own. Development of network for the efficient working of the organization.

Signing Authority and Control: The M.D will have the complete signing authority and will represent the organization to outside parties and to sign agreements with them. The heads of different departments will represent their departments and will have the signing authority on that level.

Management Team: The management team consists of six members who will be head of departments according to the field of their interest. The details are given below:

Name Roles and Responsibilities:

Ali Shan (Managing Director) Smooth functioning of whole organizational departments, to overlook complete activities of the strategies and policies to achieve the organizational goals.

Name: Roles and Responsibilities:

Ali Raza (Manager R & D) To study the new trends in the market regarding the services and to plan for the innovations and changes in order to enhance the service standards and build competitive edge.

Name: Roles and Responsibilities:

Anees Ahmad (Manager Marketing) To handle sales, forecast sales, and handle the service area of company. To take steps to build customer loyalty and to make a comprehensive and effective marketing plan.

Name: Roles and Responsibilities:

Muhammad Faisal (Manager Finance) Look at the financial position, activities and resources of the company, handle the books of accounts of the company, perform internal audit and annual external audit of the company, look at resources from finance is available, give advices according to the financial position to the chairman and the board of director for further strategies of development or product diversification.

Name: Roles and Responsibilities:

Akmal Bajwa (Manager HR) Handle the organizations human resource activities like recruiting, selection, orientation, performance appraisals, motivation, rewards and benefits to the employees, governmental obligations and regulations about the bio hazard and employees, employee safety and health issues. Check the balance of the employees in the organization for excessive and under employed workers.

Name: Roles and Responsibilities:

Zubair Rauf (Manager Operations) provide service facilities, over look the purchases and the raw material conditions; see the difficulties of distribution channels and the better resource for raw material, handle the activities of subordinates, provide them effective advices about the service standards and operation of the business.