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Warm and Safe in Winter by plunket nurse sue

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all keeping warm as the colder days start to engulf us. Here are a few tips to keep your baby’s sleep
environment safe and at the correct temperature throughout the winter months:
• Keep the room well ventilated with the door open, especially if using a heater.
• Keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for a lightly clothed adult.
• Overheated rooms are not safe for babies. Using an electric heater with a thermostat is best.
• Avoid using fan heaters in your baby’s room when your baby is in bed as fan heaters can overheat the room.
• Gas heaters should also be avoided in your baby’s room as they can give of dangerous fumes
• Place the cot away from windows, curtains, blind cords, power points and heaters. Sleeping your baby away from the windows
helps keep their temperature stable.
To check your baby is at the right temperature while in bed:
• You can check baby is warm enough by slipping two fngers down the back of their neck. If the baby’s back is warm then they
are fne, even if their hands and feet feel cool. If they feel hot, take of some of the covers.
• Choose bedding made from natural fbres like cotton and wool as they “breathe” and help keep baby at an even temperature.
• Baby will usually need one more layer of bedding or clothing than you do to stay warm.
(Information from Thriving Under 5)
Take care and keep warm,
Wellington South PlunKet nuRSe’S viSitS & contact detailS
Our fabulous nurse is in the Plunket clinic Monday, Wednesday and alternate Friday
afternoons and she does home visits on Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Friday mornings.
Call 383 7663 to make an appointment between 9am and 4pm, or text on 027 275 5154.
Check out our website for previous newsletters and more info:
Kia ora and welcome to our Winter edition! We hope you enjoy all the goodies inside this issue...
We’re still looking for some eager beavers who’d like to join our lovely committee: it’s a great way to meet
more local parents and have a bit of fun while helping the community. Please see our notice in this issue
and email us at or check out our website or facebook pages to find out more.
island bay . owhiro bay . houghton bay . berhampore
winter 2012
plunket newsletter
book review:
no regrets parenting
by Nicci Coffey
For some reason, I keep expecting the pace of life to slow down.
At least a little. That hasn’t happened yet. And I’m beginning to
think it never will. The boys have adapted beautifully to school,
and as I write, we are midpoint of our frst school holidays.
The typical school day (dropof with Dad, pickup with Mum,
then relaxing together afterschool, followed by the chores
(dinner/bath/bed)) has created lovely blended days this frst
term. Holidays then started with returning to the Playcentre
for special sessions to enjoy playing with their friends who
have also been at school, and what with visits to the Zoo, the
Observatory and swimming lessons - the frst week fashed
past! Next week with family visiting is a full house and another
full schedule.
Strangely, In the midst of this - I picked up a book. Well, several
actually, due to the Island Bay library starting up a ‘pimp stand’
with tempting new books on display just by the front door. Last
time I was there I just swiped the entire top two shelves clear,
sweeping up books on Slow Gardening, How to stress less,
Digital Photography, Boys Growing up, Confessions of a Cofee
Group dropout, and fnally No Regrets Parenting
Given that the only reason I’d chosen them was that I could
simply pick them up in one armful and check them out in a
single minute, it’s not surprising most of them were forgettable,
although I haven’t got to the photography one yet. The Cofee
group one particularly irritated me, it seemed to be a 365 page
long excuse about why a woman whose routine-free, demand-
feeding lifestyle justifed never mashing a banana for her child.
I’m afraid I just didn’t get it. Perhaps being a mother of twins
and relying on routine for sanity just makes me prejudiced
about anyone who trumpets that it isn’t needed and isn’t
necessary - especially when most of her book is a moan about
motherhood. But I digress.
The bright spot in my random assortment was Harley Rotbart’s
No regrets parenting. Now, let me start with a disclaimer. This
book pretty much assumes your life is going great. You’re in
a two parent household, with 2.4 kids, gainfully employed
and your biggest concern is saving for their University fees.
So it’s not really going to hit the spot if, quite frankly, you’ve
got bigger issues to deal with. But here’s what I liked - frst,
he pretty much gave an overview of parenting from cradle
to college. For those of us in
between those two points, it is
nice to read something reminds
you to look back, and prompts you
to look forward and without an
overtone that you’re only reading
a parenting book because life
is in crisis. You get a bit of
a pat on the back for what
you’ve done, and a cheat sheet
for the future.
Another thing I particularly liked is most of his chapters were
about a page and a half long. He outlines an issue (say, getting
your kids attention), proposes a solution (not telling - you’ll
have to read it), and gives a couple of examples of it working
and why he thinks it works. The whole book is not like that,
but a lot of it is. So it’s easy to pick up and put down in the few
nanoseconds we get to ourselves.
One thing I really like is his theory of ‘double-dipping’. He uses
this to describe time where you’re together - eg. reading, but
they are reading the latest teen romance, and you are nose
deep in say, a parenting book! That’s a success - you’re enjoying
an activity together, but each of you participating at your own
level. And he gives a lot of ideas how to do that. Swimming
is another good one. He’s also quite good on the technology
battle - when it works for you, and when it works against you
(cellphones, Facebook, computer games and so on). If nothing
else, he gives you his perspective and you can fgure out
whether that helps or not.
His key message is simple. Really try to make the moment
momentous. Take your moments where you can fnd them, and
concentrate. It might be driving them in the car. Listen to them.
Be there in the moment with them. Think about how they are
experiencing it, and join them in that experience. It all sounds
a bit pyscho-babble, but what makes this book worth checking
out is his practical tips and tricks to fnd those moments. I think
if there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a mum to twins, is that I need all
the tips and tricks I can get, so I plan to steal quite a few of his!
Available via Wellington City Libraries or see:
Helping You Make Informed Choices about Birth and Parenting
Please visit our new website to fnd out more about our courses
and membership and much more |
Follow the fashion! |

977 1247 | M: 021 236 4738
and look, velvet is a personal
favourite of mine and often
worn in a blazer or cardigan.
Whether it be lace, wool, leather
or fur, choose your texture and
enjoy it. There has to be other
major benefts to winter other than
crockpots and roaring fres. For fashion this season, it is about
wearing and enjoying textures.
The biggest rule of all is to always stay true to what suits you.
So don’t add ‘bulk’ to areas that don’t need any. Find other ways
of incorporating all the wonderful winter trends in other ways.
Accessories are always a sure fre way of feeling great and looking
stylish and another way of incorporating some, or all of the above
To see a stylist from Wardrobe Flair costs $199 for two hours. This
includes your colours, body-shape analyses, wardrobe re-vamp,
shopping list, colour chart and consultation summary. Shopping
trips are $95 per hour. We do mainstream and pre-loved shopping.
“This services cost the same as couple of pieces of clothing you
bought and never wore”..
Trudi Bennett,
Sensorial activities help children develop
an understanding of order and pattern,
these are necessary for the foundation
of the mathematical mind.
Capital Montessori is a community
preschool for children aged 3 to 6 years
where Montessori principles are embraced
to help your child develop independence,
confdence, creativity and most importantly,
a love of learning. Our preschool offers:
• a 3 year foundation for life: holistically developing
skills in the key areas of practical life, socialising,
leadership, language, music, mathematics and
cultural topics (including science);
• 20 ECE hours applicable;
• free weekly playgroup for under 3’s.
To discover more about our approach
call 04 389 2395 or to download an information
brochure visit
It is a really exciting time for fashion this winter. Not only do we
have a great mix of warm and cool toned clothing, we have some
sensational coats, pretty, fattering dresses, exciting prints and lots
of wonderful texture. What more can a girl ask for?
I am always going on about colourful winter coats and to be honest,
I doubt I will stop with this. Make a great frst impression and walk
into a room or cafe making a wow impact. A great cut and colour
coat will make even that person sufering from SAD (seasonal
afective disorder) smile. Add a couple of bonus compliments and
your day will just get better.
What is needed under that fabulous coat? why a pretty dress is
what. While the word on the street is that tunic’s and legging are
on the way ‘out’ they are still a very practical option for mums at
home this winter. Comfortable and easy to wear, because you have
leggings on getting up and down of the foor is not a problem. If
you want to be cutting edge fashion then coloured or textured/
patterned tights will make a simple, easy to wear merino dress a
trendy option.
Some people are scared of animal print. There are two things you
need to remember about animal print - frstly get used to it because
it comes around pretty much every winter season. Secondly less
is more for those not used to wearing it or are nervous about the
‘mutton/lamb’ scenario. A leopard scarf or gloves can sometimes
be just the right amount. For others a dress is all good (as long as it
is not too short or TOO low - or see above scenario).
Texture is a wonderful thing and in full abundance this season. Fake
fur is fun (if not a little bulky for some with a larger breastfeeding
chest!) Cable knit ditto. Fine merino layers are superb for warmth
winter trends 2012
Trudi & Sarah of Wardrobe Flair
book review:
no regrets parenting
by Nicci Coffey
healthy eating and living
for under 5s
by Anna Bordignon
I can’t imagine what cooking today would be like without the tomato? Apart from onions, tomatoes are probably the thing I use
most in my cooking. I am sure this is true for many of you. I make a lot of Italian inspired meals like lasagne and bolognese, because
these are very popular with the kids. I also make a lot of casseroles and always add tinned tomatoes to these.
When tomatoes are in season and cheap, and I am trying to be good, I eat baby tomatoes as a snack instead of other sweet things. I
also enjoy making fresh tomato sauces for gnocchi and other pastas. I simply roast them with garlic, rosemary, thyme or any other
herb available this brings out an intense and sweet favour. Then I puree/blitz them in the food processor and combine with slowly
sauteed onions and leeks. I make big batches of this and some goes into the freezer for the colder months.
Tomatoes are loaded with vitamins such as A, C and E. They are a great source of potassium and calcium, but their greatest claim
to fame is their lycopene content. This is an antioxidant that helps lower cholesterol and protect us against strokes, cancer and
heart attacks.
Our bodies can access the benefts of lycopene more easily from cooked tomatoes. Here are some ideas for getting more cooked
tomatoes into your diet in these colder months:
■ Baked tomato risotto - use tinned tomatoes to replace some of the stock
■ Sausage casserole - tinned tomatoes or tomato soup replaces water/stock
■ curries - try tinned tomatoes instead of stock/coconut milk or add tomato paste to thicken
■ home made pizza - use tomato paste and top with chopped, deseeded fresh tomatoes then add favourite pizza toppings
Find out more at our blog site www. munchcooking. com Join us on facebook:
We have fortnightly competitions for our Munchette members to win loads of useful products. All you have to do is LIKE us on facebook.
PluS: If you are a closet mummy-entrepreneur or one established (defned as a mummy who has great ideas and has a product or
service etc ) we would love to hear from you as we are keen to promote you in our new website we are building. Just email us at
munch. cooking@gmail. com
You’ll call
them your
part-time angel
We call them
Au Pairs
German and French Demi Au Pairs
20 hours per week live-in childcare
and housework, in exchange for board
and pocket money
Call or email us for more info (04) 803 3434
Mobile: 027 6347218
After three months in Rose’s Coordinator shoes at the Community Centre I am now feeling much more at home than I was when I wrote
the last piece for the Wellington South Plunket newsletter. Not that I didn’t love being in Island Bay at the start you understand. It’s just
that now all the tasks of the job are starting to become second nature and I don’t have to refer to Rose’s very helpful coordinator’s guide
nearly so often. I haven’t thought about it before but I think a new job is a little bit like caring for a new baby. I don’t mean to make a
direct comparison because obviously a precious new human being is beyond comparing with almost anything else upon this earth.
Nevertheless, in a new job you can be just as scared of making mistakes, upsetting people, forgetting to do something important at a
certain time – OMG the arts and crafts people are here and I haven’t got the tables and chairs out – again!
But after three months you don’t forget things so often and you realise that most mistakes won’t result in death and destruction and just
as kids survive almost anything, so do community centres! Actually Island Bay Community Centre is doing a lot more than surviving – it’s
thriving. As the winter months approach there seem to be more and more groups using the centre.
Mondays have suddenly become the busiest day at the centre with the following new additions to the programme: Fitness by Revolve
Boot Camps at dawn (also on Wednesdays frst thing), Pilates for mums at 11 and Toolbox Parenting in the evening. Not to mention all the
other Monday regulars.
Some of you will have attended the recent very successful Wardrobe Flair fundraiser that Island Bay Kindergarten ran here. The centre is
an ideal place for this kind of event and we welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to hold an event whether it’s a fundraiser, birthday
or other celebration.
A workshop sure to draw plenty of participants is “Welcome to My World” - all you need to know about dementia. Designed specifcally by
Alzheimers Wellington, for people who are living with someone who has a dementia this course of fve 2 hour sessions begins on Friday
June 1st at 2pm - entry by gold coin. Call us for more information.
We are looking forward to joining with Tapu Te Ranga Marae to celebrate Matariki on
Saturday 23rd June. It’ll be a real family afternoon with activities for kids, music, hangi,
sleep on the Marae optional before rising for pre-dawn Matariki stargazing, tree planting
and a well earned hearty breakfast! Look out for more information about how to join in on
our Facebook page: or call us at the centre 383-
There’s always something happening here so do call in and see us to fnd out what might
suit you or perhaps that other person in the house who needs to get active! You’d be
surprised how many people just drop in here for a cuppa and a chat and we are always
happy to see them. So next time you’re on the Parade at the shops call in and see us, down
the drive behind the pharmacy.
Colin Slade,
Island Bay Community Centre, 137 The Parade, 383 7464, 021 227 8206,
Where are We?
Right behind the Island Bay pharmacy in the
shopping area. Come down the drive by the
Pharmacy, at 137 The Parade. To fnd out more
about what’s happening there each week,
check out noticeboards at the centre, New
World Island Bay, outside the “Bay Bar”, or go to:
You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook.
community centre
You’ll call
them your
part-time angel
We call them
Au Pairs
German and French Demi Au Pairs
20 hours per week live-in childcare
and housework, in exchange for board
and pocket money
Call or email us for more info (04) 803 3434
Mobile: 027 6347218
facebook links
CoMMunItY Centre
GaraGe SaleS
plunket in your neighbourhood
Interested in meeting other mothers with babies of a
similar age to yours? Join a PIn Group!
Plunket in Your Neighbourhood (PIN) aims to provide an avenue for
mums and caregivers to informally meet other mums and caregivers
of babies around the same age. PIN groups can be a great support
network as they allow you to make new friendships and discuss what
your babies are doing at various stages of their life. All meetings are
open to everyone and are held at the Island Bay Plunket Rooms.
If you are new to the area or wish to be put in touch with a PIN Group
with babies/toddlers/children around the same age as yours, the PIN
Coordinators can also help. To contact the PIN Coordinators with any
enquiries email:
pin groups
Island Bay Plunket
Dad’s Coffee Group
Keen for a relaxed and informal get together with
other stay at home Dads during the week? We meet
on a regular basis to solve the problems of the world.
Contact Brett on 383 5546 or
We’re looking for someone who can take over the
role of newsletter editor on our fab committee.
If you’re familiar with MailChimp, that would be an added
bonus: Plunket NZ have set up templates to help us connect
with our communities, so we’d love to hear from you if you’ve
got a bit of time and enthusiasm to help us set this up!
Just send us an email if you’d like to fnd out more: editor@
Come and join our local toy library ~ and
you could become a toy librarian too!
Call karen: 970 7752 or email:
167 the Parade, Island Bay
Saturdays (except January) 9:30–11:30am.
Membership $50 yearly if you can’t do duties,
$30 if you can. toys: 50c–$3 per week.
our newsletter needs you!
get involved with plunket in our community
island bay . owhiro bay . houghton bay . berhampore
Miramar 04 387 8612 West Wellington 04 891 8614
Become a PORSE
Educator today!
Work from home and have your
own children with you!
If you are a grandparent, extended family member, family
friend or are currently providing care for pre-schoolers,
PORSE offers you opportunities to support your existing
care relationships.
If you consider yourself motivated and nurturing and are
interested in working in early childhood from your own home,
we’d love to talk to you today!
Get a group of friends together, we will come to you to
discuss becoming a Home Educator and bring morning tea.
Need Childcare?
...think PORSE
Childcare available now in your
area with PORSE In-Home Educators
Subsidies that may be available to you include Work and
Income, 20 Hours ECE, Multi-birth and PORSE Subsidy.
Miramar Ph 387 8612
West Wellington Ph 891 8614
Get a group
of friends together,
we will come to you
to discuss childcare
options and bring
morning tea.
Call us now!
island bay plunket
toy library
Education in Schools
Together, the best start for every child | Whanau awhina
Wellington/Wairarapa Babysitting Courses
’t m
t, b

Course cost: $5
To book, please call Moana Uerata-Jennings on (04) 460 4667
Please Note: You will receive a certifcate on completion of the course
Participants must be 14 years and over
When Time Where
Wednesday 11th July 10am – 3pm St Orans College,
55 High Street, Lower Hutt
Thursday 12th July 10am – 3pm St Catherines College,
Upper Bourke Street, Kilbirnie
Friday 13th July 10am – 3pm Kuranui College
East Street, Greytown
finger food for your baby or toddler
Mum to Freddie, an active toddler, I’ve recently started blogging about healthy, easy recipes to feed hungry tummies. The blog is called
Freddie’s Food The recipes aim to be low in salt and sugar, tasty and appealing (even to the fussiest of eaters!).
I am a massive fan of fnger food for babies and toddlers and recently run a fnger food series on my blog. Letting babies feed themselves
is great for developing their independence, hand-eye co-ordination and their pincer grip. It also allows your baby to explore diferent
textures.  A great advantage to ofering fnger food over purée is it helps take away the possible food battle of “just one more mouthful” as
you are giving your baby control over how much they eat, depending on how hungry they are.
Freddie rejected the spoon at around 7 months so I started him on fnger foods slightly earlier than Plunket’s recommendation around 8-9
months. You will know your baby is ready to give feeding themselves a go when they are able to chew and have started developing the
pincer grip (are picking things up with their thumb and fnger).
Initially you might fnd that everything goes on the foor but very quickly, if given the opportunity, they will start getting more accurate
- I will never forget watching Freddie eat peas one at a time at great speed. To make your life easier I recommend putting a splash mat
underneath your baby’s highchair. In this way you can pick up dropped food and put it back on the high chair knowing the surface is clean.
It also makes tidying up much easier!
To prevent your baby choking when you frst introduce fnger foods make sure they are able to sit up by themselves, that they are able to
chew and that you ofer them foods that are soft and easy to chew. To limit their frustration try making or cutting food so it is easy to pick
up and hold.
Watties have produced a handout listing a range of diferent fnger foods for both 9 and 12 month olds that you might fnd helpful to give
you some ideas of what to try. Your Plunket nurse, Sue, can give you one at your next check-up.
Here is a great fnger food recipe for Cheese, Marmite and Spinach Quesadilla which Freddie and his Dad love! I hope your little ones do
too. For more meal ideas and some hints and tips on making meal times happy times check out Freddie’s Food.
Cheese, Marmite and Spinach Quesadilla
Makes: 2 Serves (1 adult & 1 toddler)
Preparation: 5 mins | Cooking: 5 mins
40g grated cheese
2 handfuls baby spinach
2 tsp marmite
2 wholemeal tortilla wraps
Preheat a frying pan or griddle pan on a high heat.
Grate cheese and spread tortilla wrap with marmite. Mix all the ingredients
and share between the two wraps and fold the wraps in half.
Place the folded wrap in the griddle or frying pan and press down. Cook for
about 2 minutes until crispy then fip over and repeat.
Transfer to a plate, cut into triangles and allow to cool slightly.
Our schOOl is nOw Open fOr new enrOlments
9Small class sizes
9Warm, friendly, purposeful
9Values and virtues programme
9opportunities for leadership
e.g. librarians, Peer Mediators,
School Councilors
9Caring, committed, professional
9Specialist teachers of reading,
music, ICt and te reo Maori
9Quality after School Care
9Child centred, individualised
9Positive student–student,
student-teacher relationships
9large grass playing feld,
hard courts and adventure
9Welcoming, friendly, inclusive
9‘open door’ policy to the
school and community
9kindergarten on site
our school is now open for new enrolments.
For an application package or more information, please contact
Owhiro Bay School: Ph: (04) 383 7189 | Fax: (04) 383 9548
Email: | Website:
or pop in and see us to see our school in action:
96 happy Valley road, owhiro Bay, Wellington 6023
cOme and jOin us!
The Greatest Cakes
Delicious handmade and
sculptured novelty cakes in any
design for your kids birthday party
or for any special occasion.
[04] 479 0447
Gym for All
Help your child learn movement skills

i n
g , balancing,


in a safe fun environment with experienced gymnastc coaches.
Equipment includes:
Trampolines, tunnels, bars, ladders, beams, balls, hoops and loads more.
Toddler, Preschool and
gymnastic classes held in
Hataitai Park, Hataitai,
Classes available
Monday - Saturday
Harbour City GymSports
Enquiries and enrolments welcome 04 386 4443
ticKets $18
Car Seat rental SCheme

ISland Bay Plunket toy lIBrary


ISland Bay Plunket roomS

Home visits in the community: TuesandThurs
Plunket Parent eduCatIon SeSSIonS

5700775See info on next page.
WellIngton South Plunket CommIttee
Plunket karItane FamIly Centre

Family, community and health
ISland Bay medICal Centre

aFter hourS medICal Centre

WellIngton South ParentS’ Centre

ISland Bay CommunIty Centre

ISland Bay lIBrary

PoStnatal and antenatal dIStreSS

ParentS aS FIrSt teaCherS (PaFt)

BedWettIng hotlIne

mISCarrIage SuPPort grouP

SandS (StIllBIrth and neWBorn death

SIdS (Sudden InFant death)

nZ doWn Syndrome aSSoCIatIon

neonatal SuPPort grouP

Parent to Parent (ParentS oF SPeCIal
needS kIdS)

Parent helP, WellIngton

WellIngton Women’S reFuge

ISland Bay PhySIotheraPy Centre

la leChe league

motherS’ netWork – dISCuSSIon


St hIlda’S ChurCh ISland Bay

St CuthBert’S BerhamPore

PlaygrouP For ChIldren under FIve
WIth allergIeS

Music groups
WellIngton South Parent Centre

Musical Tots:09:30–10:10am,21–5years
Musical Jigglers:10:30–11:10am,11–21years
Musical Dots:11:15–11:45am,mobilebabies
Musical Dots:1:00–1:30pm,non-mobilebabies
muSIC and movement For kIdS
lIl grooverS
Wednesdays10.30-11.15am.Suitable for2-5year
olds.Cost:$6perchildperclass. Casualmorning
mInI mInStrelS

SonIa’S muSIkgarten

Other activities
lIttle lIghtS toddler ChurCh Little
andanactivityeverySundayat theIslandBay
4s.Nocost. FormoreinfocontactIBPCChildren
Cool BuBBaS Create

yoga For mumS
Bring baby with you to yoga & rebound from

CommunIty garden kIdS’ SeCtIon

SundayS @ Petone SettlerS muSeum
Pre-SChool StorytIme @ lIBrary
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6 months to 5 years. 45min storytelling and fun. 7 days: 10:15am,
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BarnardOS nZ, wellingtOn SOuth

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383 9618 88 The Parade, Island Bay
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Our range refects a commitment to ethical and environmental
practices and a fresh modern take on essentials fo baby.
It has grown to include 100% certifed oganic cotton and
merino wool baby clothing, sleepwear and bedding,
a luxurious botanical skincare range fo mothers and babies
and unique toys to inspire the imagination.
growing babies oganically. 0800 222 920
Emily Newton:
Registered Financial Adviser
I have over 10 years experience and a
genuine passion for helping people,
especially families with children. Please
call me to arrange a no obligation review.
04 4999 240
027 609 3258

Dangers of bank cover
UNLIKE PEOPLE, not all bank policies are created
equal. Wide variations in premiums are a
warning that you should be careful about what
cover you have in place.

Cover offered by bank insurance is in many
cases much narrower and contains more
exclusions than insurance bought from an
insurance adviser.

As an insurance adviser, I work on your behalf
to find you the most suitable deals.
Also remember that insurance advisers are
experts in their field and can quickly find and
compare insurance quotes. And because I am
obliged to search the whole market, you can be
sure that my recommendation will be the one
that best suits your needs, and not biased or
skewed due to other business considerations.

Another advantage is that you get to deal with a
real human being. Many larger insurers have
implemented automated response units. Whilst
this saves them money, it can be frustrating
when you just want to speak to a person.


Paying big bucks in
ACC Levies?
If you’re self-employed and non-
PAYE, I can help you reduce your
We are an ACC approved business.

Win an iPad 3!
Contact me to review your
insurances: bank cover, credit
card insurance, mortgage
repayment cover, domestic &
commercial insurance. Im
flexible with time and location,
I’m happy to come to you.
Review in June or July and go
into win an IPAD 3! *conditions apply

with free iPad in the subject line
Phone 04 4999 240
and we can arrange a review of your
insurance situation.
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Trustee Service Statistical Data Report 2008 – 2009
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www.i nsolvency.govt .nz
Of stroke suffers will be under 65

1 in 6
People over the age of 15 will be
diagnosed with arthritis in their

Of health insurance claims
are for members aged 30-

One day, I couldn’t even
open my lipstick!
Anne, a fit healthy woman with three
children, started noticing tingling and
numbness in her hands. Anne was
dropping things, but just felt a bit
clumsy. However, it became frightening
when, one day, she couldn’t even open
her lipstick.
Anne went to her doctor and was
referred to a specialist who ordered an
MRI scan. She was diagnosed with a
chronic compression of the spinal cord
and nerve roots. Anne had health
insurance, so she made immediate
contact. Her claim was approved, and
less than two weeks later, Anne was in

People per month have
been waiting
for longer
than 6 months for their first specialist
assessment through the public system.