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He was thrilled- utterly thrilled.

Just when he thought that things could never be better, at least better than getting into the New York Academy of the Dramati c Arts, he immediately realized that he was about to start a new chapter with th e person who gave meaning to his life. Kurt Hummel was more than happy to get ou t of Lima, Ohio, knowing that his father was also moving on from his life there. He was part of the congress now so most of his time was spent on his work. Alth ough the brunet had an overly emotional session with his father the night before he left, Burt immediately stressed the fact that he knew that his son would win the hearts of millions through his theatre work. Kurt knew that his father neve r understood his passion for theatre or even music in general but knowing that h is father was 110% behind him made his heart swell with love. Besides, he could always call his father when he missed him most and he knew that Carole would do a magnificent job in taking care of his father. Having to post-it and repost-it his things were activities that Kurt used in ord er to stall his departure even further. As he looked at his almost empty room fo r one last time, he could not help but feel bittersweet emotions overwhelming hi m. He was moving in with Blaine Anderson. After a tearful goodbye and with the promise that Burt and Carol would try their best to drop by before classes had officially started, the students finally wen t on the plane to the city of their dreams. Of course the whole plane ride was a drag. Finn kept on talking about the food and how it would have been much bette r if they brought their own. Rachel was blabbing on and on about how they were s upposed to give a shocking first impression on all of NYADA by performing a numb er on their first day back. Kurt had no choice but to pretend that he was fiddli ng with his iPod when all he wanted to do was to share the intimate moment with his boyfriend. Blaine did not seem to mind the commotion though, accepting it to a certain degree. When glasz met hazel at one time, the couple simply smiled as if reassuring each other that things were bound to get better when they reached their own apartment. Since Rachel planned on bunking with Finn anyway (stating that they really had to get used to each other especially if they were going to get married soon), he would be able to have Blaine all to himself when they reac hed New York. At least, that was what Kurt thought until they reached their quaint home. While his first instinct was to just get the things out of the boxes and simply arran ge them, Kurt knew that he would just have a fit if the paint managed to stain a ny of their belongings. Luckily, the living room already satisfied Kurt's demand s and he simply locked Blaine out while he worked on their bedroom. After a few hours of working, Kurt felt fatigue slowly overcome him too and while he just wa nted to leave this and cuddle with his Blainers, the perfectionist side of him j ust did not want to relent. At least, that was what he thought until Blaine ente red their bedroom, asking him if it was time for them to grab some food to eat. Like an artist caught before finishing his work (though really, Kurt was already done with painting and rearranging the bed and all), he tried his best to push Blaine out of the room but simply stopped when realized that Blaine wasn't going anywhere else. "Do you... like it?" Kurt was sure that he had never felt more nervous compared to what he was feelin g now. He was certain that he was going to die if Blaine did not like the arrang ement of their room. The place was not quite big and while he wanted to arrange it much differently, he had to work with what he had. Their bedroom was homey an d it gave off the vibe that they were truly home. Kurt was not yet ready to shar e a bed with Blaine and he was more than happy when Blaine decided to simply mov e both of their beds in the bedroom- sharing a room without sharing a bed. Hey, it also meant that Kurt could easily snuggle up to his boyfriend when they had t he chance to- especially if they were watching a movie. "If you don't like it th en I'm sure I can just repaint it when we get back from the grocery store. But f or now, I really need a bath." He gestured to his painted overalls- something th

at he wore when he was working in his father's shop. After a quick shower and a thorough moisturizing routine, Kurt finally put on a simple gray shirt and skinny jeans- along with his favorite pair of high boots. The outfit was certainly a dressed down version of what he would normally wear b ut hey, it was his first night in New York- with his boyfriend. God, he was cert ain he would never stop loving the way he described Blaine was his boyfriend. Af ter twirling a little bit, he took Blaine's hand in his before walking along the streets of New York. "I can't believe that I'm finally here... With you," he bl ushed, squeezing Blaine's hand as if to emphasize his point. Here in New York, t hey were able to hold each other's hands without anyone raising an eyebrow or sh ooting them a nasty look. They were home.