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Shelf space: Builders surprised, but prefer to remain cautious Tags: Microsoft , Windows 8 , Windows RT , Touch Pad , strategy

, size Strategy - The launch of space is it a win-win strategy for Microsoft and the ma nufacturers of tablets? As for manufacturers, which only the principal were info rmed of an announcement three days before the presentation area, this indecision is predominant. "Wait and see", they concentrate on the moment. Acer founder Stan Shih, has welcomed the announcement by Microsoft to launch Win dows 8 tablets under its own brand. The position of Stan Shih, who is no longer involved in the direction of the manufacturer since 2004, does not seem to be un animity among manufacturers. These are not rushing to comment in any case the arrival of the tablet surface a nd the new strategy adopted by Microsoft. Manufacturers, OEMs and far from the p ublisher they buy Windows licenses, navigating between surprise and caution. Acer and Asus have found space on June 18 According to Reuters, Microsoft has in fact largely kept its partners in the dar k . The editor, in particular through Steven Sinofsky, director of the Windows d ivision, some manufacturers did not inform that three days before his press conf erence, while still short on detail. But only the closest partners of Microsoft have been warned. Sources at Acer and Asus, respectively the fourth and fifth world manufacturers of PCs, have discov ered the existence of space only the day of its presentation by Steve Ballmer , that is to say June 18 For some, contrary to the thesis supported by Stan Shih, Microsoft's strategy wo uld not encourage manufacturers of tablets to work closely with the editor to en sure the success of Windows Terminal 8. On the contrary, even if such a policy d oes not, however consensus yet. Microsoft may change its strategy by the prices of Living, unknown If Microsoft's strategy was actually to save the ecosystem Windows 8, success en joyed by OEMs, ignore the existence of surface - presumably in preparation for s everal months - he was the most suitable policy? Time will tell, especially since in not disclosing the price space, Microsoft gi ves some leeway as to its price positioning. He may well opt for such a segment where its main partners are not installed. But conversely, Microsoft can make the price of a compelling argument Surface ma nufacturers in their price positioning. Clearly, the carrot or the stick, or bot h. Dell and Lenovo insist they still support Windows 8 Interviewed by , Lenovo and Dell still say they will continue to support Windows 8. Acer and HP have meanwhile declined to comment. Also questio ned, Samsung and HTC have not yet responded. The output of 8 tablets in Windows not to intervene before a few months, negotia tions and adjustment remain available with Microsoft. So it is better for manufa cturers to maintain good relations ... The line manufacturers is therefore clearly to "wait and see" ["wait and see]. S ide of Dell, for example, with Windows 8 tablets hope going into the business an

d thus to block the iPad from Apple we prefer to kick for touch face competition issues raised by the announcement of Surface . Dell officially, no upheaval has been reached. "Microsoft is an important partne r for Dell and we plan to market a full line of Windows 8 tablets - and other end of year" is responding to the China Electronics Wholesale manufacturer Price