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Province of Occidental Mindoro

Department of Agrarian Reform

General Information:
I. Land Area

Alienable and Disposable Agricultural Lands
As of 1st Qtr 2012

587,985 ha. 156,004 ha. 72,341 ha. (13.5% of Land Area)

CARP Scope LAD Accomplishment Leasehold Coverage LAD Balance
II. Population

37,838 ha. ( 52% of Agr'l area) 35,530 ha. ( 94% of Scope) 3,654 ha. ( 5% of Agr'l area) ** 2,025 ha. ( Area per title) 452,971 84,930 2.39% 0.57 0.465
(2010 Census)


Number of Households Provincial Growth Poverty Incidence

(among population) (among families)

Total Number of ARBs ARB Households
III. Number of Municipalities

26,203 ( LAD & LHO) 33% 11 151 Mamburao Lone Hon. Amelita G. Villarosa Hon. Josephine R. Sato

Number of AR Barangays Capital Congressional District Representative: Governor
IV. Major Economic Activites:

Palay/Rice and Corn production Salt Production and aqua -culture( Bangus, Prawns, Crabs) Cash Crop ( onions, garlic, tobacco, mongo) Average Prov'l Yield: (2011) Rice: 3.93MT/ha. Corn: 3.08 MT/ha. Onion/Garlic: 8.06MT/ha.

* Revised Scope= cumulative accomplishment as of end June 2009 of 34,423 ha. Plus the validated LAD Balance
of 4,025 ha. as approved by DAR Excom per Res. No. 1 S. of 2010 and PARC Excom per Res. No. SP-2010-04.

** Validated with LAD CARPER Database . Carpable area is estimated at 1,606 ha.

CARP Profile:
Cumulative Accomplishment as of 1st QTR 2012

Land Distribution:

Landed estate 14%

GOL 9%

OLT 30% GFI 3%
VOS 11%

VLT 14% CA 19%

Total accomplishment:
Total No. of Title Holders: II.

35,530 Has. 26,203

( 94% )

Agrarian Justice Delivery: 1,916 3,324
Agrarian Law Implementation (ALI) cases resolved cases adjudicated by the DARAB PARAB


Program Beneficiaries Development
Number of ARCs launched/confirmed Total Agrarian Reform Area in the ARCs Total Number of ARBs in the ARCs

19 31,758 ha. 81% of the total AR area 19,006 68% of the total ARBs

86 Physical Infrastructure projects completed which provided the
following facilities :

123 km. of farm-to-market roads 28,190 hectares covered by irrigation projects 21 units of pre/post harvest facilities 12 Health and Sanitation projects(PWS/CP-WASH) 50 Organizations assisted with 4,992 ARB members with better access
to Support Services and other development interventions Php 481 Million in the form of credit and microfinance were provided to 12,265 ARBs for the implementation of 2,913 crop production, marketing, livelihood and agri-based projects under DAR's Credit and microfinance programs for the ARBs. 3,636 ARBs enabled to have access to public health care through DAR's Greater Medical Access sa Bayan-anihan to promote good health 29 graduated under the Programang Agraryo Iskolar