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Stephen R.

2900 S. Waynesville Rd. Morrow, OH 45152

October 21, 2011

Director Robert S. Muller
Federal Bureau of Inves ga on U.S. Department of Jus ce 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Re: Federal Civil Rights Statutes; Title 18, U.S.C., Sec on 242, Depriva on of Rights Under Color of Law and Title 18, U.S.C., Sec on 241, Conspiracy Against Rights. Dear Director Mueller, I am wri ng this le er in reference to the Color of Law complaint that many DOJ and FBI employees have been so confused about. There seems to be some problem ge ng my case opened on Color of Law abuse, I have filed this complaint several mes always resul ng in a neglect of responsibili es. This me I am filing the Color of Law complaint with you to make sure it will be addressed with competency. The first me I started reporting viola ons under Color of law and Public Corrup on with the FBI was back in 2009 in the Cincinna Field Office. All the correspondence, over 30 e-mails and le ers which most of them were directed to Special Agent Thomas Bailey, head of the White Color Squad. Nearly all the correspondence I sent to Mr. Bailey and others related to the lawsuit I filed to redress the embezzled quarter million by Warren County, Ohio Judicial Officers. Several Special Agents were very polite, answered my ques ons, and informed me that Agent Thomas Bailey was in charge of my case. Other Agents, when they looked up my name on the computer, clamed up, they would not tell me anything, this is when I first realized my name was on the Black List. I kept sending informa on but never got a response. I had even no fied them before a Federal Crime was about to be commi ed, your FBI people made no a empt to intervene and just let the Crimes by Judicial Officers be commi ed against their vic ms. Their vic ms didn t have a change without federal protec on. One day I took more evidence down town to give to Special Agent Thomas Bailey, when I arrived, I was told that Mr. Bailey had stated that he was not going to open a case, he didn t
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want my evidence, and I was not allowed to speak to any of your people. This was very disturbing, without Federal Protec on an innocent vic m is like sheep in a Slaughterhouse. I had a empted several other avenues to address these viola ons under the Federal Civil Rights Statutes with no results. As long as my name was on the Black List, no employee of the DOJ was going to touch this case without authoriza on. I sent out over a hundred e-mails, le ers, and complaints; most of the me I received no response and every once in awhile someone would make up an excuse. This is why I am filing the Color of Law complaint with you. No DOJ employee is going to open a case on Color of Law Abuse without your authoriza on, besides, it is not the vic ms job to protect him/her self from a corrupted state government, it s the job of the Federal Government to protect the people from tyranny and corrup on. Please see that this Color of Law complaint is given to a competent and responsible person, this cover-up has been going on way too long. The ci zens of America are coun ng on you to protect their civil rights and civil liber es. When just one of us loses just one of our rights, then the freedoms of all of us are diminished. I look forward working with you in protec ng .


Stephen R. Lilley