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Relationship Agreement Whereas, the party of the first part herein referred to as He/His/Boyfriend, and the party

of the second part herein referred to as She/Her/Girlfriend have arrived into mutual understanding and consent to enter in a relationship on the 19th of December 2011 Whereas, the purpose of the said relationship is to foster an environment conducive to the holistic personal and academic growth of the parties, through a sentiment of reciprocated love respect honesty loyalty and support The parties hereby stipulate on the following. General Provisions Section 1 Definition of terms- The terms used herein shall be understood in their common meaning except if otherwise provided Schedule Section 2 Weekdays – Weekdays shall be spent on work, study and preparation for class, and other activities which promote personal development. The parties shall meet one hour before class. Section 3 Weeknights – Weeknights shall primarily be spent studying for the next day’s class except if it is followed by a vacant day in which case it may be spent as he or she sees fit. Tuesday and Thursday nights shall be allotted for dinner which shall not extend beyond 12am. The limitation applies to all other activities other than studying. Section 2. Weekends – Saturday is a freeday which may be spent with friends or family but only after class. Sunday shalll strictly be couple’s day from 12pm; no other activities may be entertained except urgent family, health or personal matters. Section 3 Vacant day, No class – Shall be spent in the same manner as weekdays. Section 4. Reviewin for exams – In case of heavy school work specially during exam season the schedule herein provided or otherwise agreed upon may be changed provided that notice is given the soonest time possible. Section 5 Exam Season – Exam season begins exactly thirty days prior to the first examination day and ends after the last exam of the period.

Finance Section 1. Common fund – A common fund shall be created by the parties as soon and as far as practicable. It shall be composed of the monies and properties contributed by the parties, in the amount or proportion as may be agreed upon. Contributions shall be submitted monthly. Section 2. Management, Disbursement and Accounting – She shall be responsible for the management and accounting of the common fund. No disbursement shall be made except for expenses specifically provided in this agreement, provided that in case of an urgent need of any party, and with the consent of the other a disbursement may be made upon request. Section 3. The provisions of the Civil Code on co-ownership shall apply to the common fund between the parties in all matters not provided for in this Agreement. Section 4. Limitation on Expenses – No disbursement exceeding 600php shall be made in any single date. If such excess occurs the excess portion shall be paid pro rata.