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We ensure efficient rotation!

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As a global service provider focusing on preventive fault diagnostics and the repair of wind turbines, we ensure the efficient operation of your equipment. Our many years of expertise, state-of-the-art measurement technology and preventive measures allow us to offer you an independent multi–vendor service. All operations are designed to reduce down-time, increase reliability as well as the lifespan of your wind turbines. Initial fault analysis or troubleshooting to determine the current status applies to the following services:

Mobile vibration measurement - using VibXpert® Cost-Effective and Quick Analysis of Wind Turbines
Utilising accelerometers and VibXpert®, minute vibrations can be measured and isolated. Miniscule damage can be detected and repaired timeously, saving unnecessary costs. • Quick analysis of the current status or comparison of existing and previous measurements • Cost - effective measurement of critical values saving and avoiding a time-consuming and expensive video endoscopic analysis • Avoiding unplanned and costly loss of production downtime • Extensive measurement and analysis features can be created according to DIN ISO 9001 directly with the VibXpert® measurement protocols • CONDITION MONITORING / remote monitoring of your wind energy system is made possible with optional accessories
Typical points of measurement on a drive-train

Drive Train Alignment (Coupling Alignment) Faults and Excessive Energy Consumption in Wind Turbines resulting from Misalignment
Drive Train Alignment - a must for all rotating parts! Damage to the rotor shafts, excessive vibration and reduced lifespan can be avoided by regular inspection of the shaft alignment. Considerable operating and maintenance costs can be avoided. Laser accurate alignment ensures minimal failures and increased product efficiency due to vibrations being reduced to a minimum.
Graphic representation of bearing damage

Advantages of Laser Precision alignment:
• Less wear on bearings, seals, shafts and coupling • Reduced downtime • Prevention of high temperatures to bearings and coupling • No excessive vibration • No damage to the rotor shaft • No loose fittings

Field balancing (on-site balancing) Frequent failure of your complete systems due to imbalance
Main causes of imbalance in wind turbines
• Change in the original mass of the rotor blades: This can happen after repairing the rotor blades (e.g., after lightning strike) • Deterioration: Mass change through ageing e.g. material loss / attrition
Rotor Blade balancing weights

Advantages of field balancing
Rotor optimization - Reduction of premature wear of the main bearings • Operating the wind turbine in the resonance regions will reduce the tower intrinsic frequency • Smooth rotation of the rotor • Reduction of drive train vibrations

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