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CONSULTANTS ARCHITECT 1. SCOPE OF WORK The consultant shall provide services in respect of the following works: a) b) c) Preparing submission plans. Architectural work and site development Perspective views and presentation drawings. : M/S.GRAVITY DESIGNS : C.M PRADEEP, B.Arch.AIIA

2. SCHEDULE OF SERVICES The consultant shall after taking instructions from client render the following services: a) Prepare conceptual designs with reference to requirements given and prepare approximate estimate of cost by cubic measurements or on area basis. b) Modify the conceptual designs with reference to the requirements given and prepare approximate estimate of cost by cubic measurements or on area basis. c) Prepare working drawings necessary for submission to statutory bodies for sanction and assist and advise on formalities. d) Prepare working drawings, Specifications and schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare estimate of cost. e) Prepare a short list of contractors together with approximate justification. f) Prepare working drawings including large scale and full size details, detailed specifications and schedule of quantities sufficient to invite tenders. g) Prepare and submit the complete working drawings and details sufficient to commence work at site and for the proper execution during construction.

h) Visit the site of work and provide periodic supervision as and when necessary to clarify any decision or interpretation of the drawings and specifications that may be necessary and attend conferences and meetings as and when required and to ensure that the project proceeds generally in accordance with the conditions of contract. 3. On completion of the work the consultant will prepare and submit two sets of built drawings of the building and services. 4. ADDITIONAL SERVICES a) b) c) d) Structural Consultancy Electrical Consultancy Plumbing & Sanitary Engineering Air-conditioning

5. MODE OF PAYMENT For each of the services the scope of the consultant shall be paid in the following stages consistent with the work done plus reimbursable expenses agreed upon. Payments made to the consultant are on account and shall be adjusted against the final fee payable. Preliminary Stage Stage 1 On submitting the final preliminary Drawings/designs Stage 2 On submitting preliminary drawings For obtaining approval from statutory Stage 3 During preparation of basic working Drawings and details sufficient for Preparing item wise estimates of cost Stage 4 On submitting detailed specifications, Bill of quantities, detailed architectural Working drawings, structural and services Designs together with estimate of costs Sufficient to invite tenders Stage 5 15% of the total fees payable

25% of the total fees payable less payment already made 35% of total fees payable less payment already made

50% of total fees payable less payment already made

On submission of complete set of drawings And details sufficient for the work Commence at site Stage 6 On completion of the work

75% of total fees payable less payment already Balance payment making the total equivalent to 100% of the fees payable

6. CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES a) Provide detailed requirements of the project. b) Provide a correct site plan to suitable scale showing boundaries, contours at suitable intervals existing physical features including any existing roads, paths, existing structures etc. to which the proposed service can be connected c) Pay the fees of the consultant within ten days of submission of bills. d) Take note of the observation made by the consultant on his instructions and visits ad ensures the correction of deficiencies in the work pointed out by him. e) On the advice of the consultant prepare a short list of approved contractors who would be allowed to tenders, select the contractors for the project in consultation with the consultant. 7. PROJECT CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE a) A project co-ordination committee consisting of representatives of users, project engineers and consultants may, if necessary, be constituted. Project co-ordination committee shall discuss the drawings and documents submitted by the consultant and give decisions probably to avoid unreasonable delay in the progress of the consultant’s work


8. EXECUTION OF THE ASSIGNMENT a) In the event of consultants firm closing its business, the clients shall have the power to employ any other agency to complete the work after payments has been made to the consultant up to the stage of service then in progress.


Appoint consultants in consultation with the client. The consultant, however, shall be responsible for the direction and integration of the consultant work. Consultant shall be solely responsible for the competency and detailed design and supervision of the work entrusted to them. The consultant must have the authority of his client before initiating any stage of his duties. The consultant shall make necessary revisions as may be required by the client in the drawings and other documents. No change shall be made in the approved drawings and specifications at site without the consent of the consultant. The client shall have the liberty to postponed not to execute any work and the consultant shall not be entitled any compensation for no execution of the work except the fees which are payable to the consultant up to the stage of services then in progress.

c) d) e) f)

9. ARBITRATION All differences and disputes arising between the client and the Architect on any matter connected with the agreement or in regard to the interpretation of the content thereof shall be referred to the Council of Architecture, New Delhi for final decision.

Signature of Consultant

Signature of Client


From, Mr.A V Abdulla Sangeetha Building Railway Station Road Calicut – 05 To, M/S Gravity Designs Engineering Consultants Second Floor, Jamia Nuria Building Westhill PO Calicut – 05

14th May 2012

Sub: C/O Proposed Addition and Altration of Sangeetha Building,Raiway Station Road , Calicut Sir, We are pleased to appoint you as the total Consultants for the above said Project at fees stated below as per the Terms and Conditions appended. Fees: 05% (Five percentages) of the Total Project cost.

Calculation: 1st Phase 2nd Phase Thanking you,

Yours faithfully