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(Taken from an actual project plan, developed for a client of Vision Systems)





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ABC Company Inc. has great potential for growth and increased profitability, yet there are many challenges that need to be overcome. The critical elements requiring improvement are procedural, not technical, and related to production, as opposed to sales. Current ABC Company management is addressing the primary need to systematize operational procedures and reorganize where necessary. Therefore, systems automation solutions by Vision Systems will initially have a modest impact on the growth potential for ABC Company Inc. in comparison to that of the establishment of operational procedures by management (including Material Planing solutions), yet will be very complimentary to those efforts. As internal procedures become systematized, it may be beneficial to implement low-end MRP II or ERP technologies, especially in the area or inventory management. After a improving material planning through re-organization, systemization, and or leveraging technological solutions, the benefits of sales and workflow automation provided by Vision Systems will begin to have a much greater influence in driving ABC Company Inc.'s growth. For, the benefits of sales automation at ABC Company Inc. will be largely dependent upon the institution of sound operational procedures and production systems capable of dealing with the desired increases in sales. It must be noted that there is an honest difference of opinion between engineering and sales regarding the cause and severity of production limitations. The sales staff may be reacting merely to issues regarding procurement and not production per se. This may also be the result of Sales being too involved in Engineering work (another area of differing perspectives). Whatever the reasons, systems and procedures will most likely rectify the issues and/or perceptions of issues. In light of this, Vision Systems will not attempt an ROI assessment, as there are simply too many procedures yet being defined that will have a greater impact on profits. Additionally, Vision Systems has put the analysis of some project targets on hold, until they become more defined as the result of other developments. Some late stage solutions will require further investigation and analysis, and possibly the assistance of an MRP consultant, before Vision Systems can provide solid recommendations (i.e. product selection), however Vision Systems will attempt to make some preliminary recommendations to maximize the benefit made by ABC Company Inc. in the investigation phase. Vision Systems has identified a handful of existing processes which can be automated at this time, to facilitate ease of use, better communications, and more accurate reporting. These are Described in the details of the Phase I and Phase II implementation overview sections. The greatest ROI will be achieved when more advanced automation solutions are implemented in Phase III and beyond. A general Vision for an advanced phase also follows.



SUMMARY OF RECCOMENDATIONS ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Physical infrastructure is sufficient. Some minor upgrades would be beneficial ABC Company should install 8 licenses of GoldMine version 5.0 At least one individual should be trained as an administrator ABC Company needs to systematize and document operational procedures for all departments, prior to investing in more advanced automation solutions ABC Company needs to improve its inventory strategy and operations specifically ABC Company should consider more robust accounting and inventory control software such as ACCPAC ABC Company would benefit from investing in the infrastructure of a basic sales automation system (with a few workflow aids) now, and may develop a complete customer life cycle management system at a later date ABC Company should leverage GoldMine or an enhancement to GoldMine, to create a Customer Service/Technical support solution, and may be interested in a arrangement to reduce costs in exchange for documenting its success story Users Training will be critical to ABC Company's ROI Implementation may begin at any time

SUMMARY OF PROPOSED INVESTMENT ♦ Phase I (infrastructure, basic functionality and training) $5100 ♦ Phase II (initial workflow automation aids and reports) $5300 ♦ Phase III (customer lifecycle management/ Sales Automation) TBD Optional Modules ♦ Quoting Module ♦ Customer/Tech Support Module ♦ Additional Training Days ♦ Additional Report Design per hour ♦ Basic Time tracking module ♦ Custom Interface Programming ♦ Technical Support Contracts

$1600 $1200 (less $200 on phase I) $600 $100 $350 TBD TBD



DETAILED RECOMMENDATIONS PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE The current physical infrastructure is sufficient to support the implementation of these solutions at least into phase III. At this time, no additional equipment needs to be purchased. Vision Systems does recommend doubling the Server RAM, and upgrading the RAM on any workstation to 128 MB (especially if Win98 is the OS) in order to improve system performance. Some phone wire routing may be necessary, as well. It is highly recommended that ABC Company begin to use its DSL ISP for the routing of email, and that the AOL email be phased out. GoldMine does not support AOL, and as such, email correspondence, an increasingly used form of communication, will not be stored in GoldMine's history, and users are required to use an unnecessary application to email contacts. Incremental database backups should be conducted daily. ABC Company's current backup resources should be sufficient. CONTACT DATABASE Vision Systems has determined that GoldMine will be more than adequate for ABC Company, due to its scalability, the availability of 3rd party applications, the workgroup functionality required by ABC Company, the requirement to support a remote site, and current user familiarity with GoldMine. Vision Systems recommends that ABC Company upgrade to GoldMine version 5.0 for the following reasons. ♦ Version 5.0 is much more user friendly and easier to learn. This is important, as several "uninitiated" employees will need to adopt the system. ♦ Version 5.0 allows for better customization that version 4.0 ♦ GoldMine Software Corporation will eventually phase out version 4.0, and incremental updates will be less available. ♦ GSC will produce many free incremental upgrades to version 5.0 ♦ If necessary in the future, an easier migration path exists to GoldMine Service & Support ♦ Version 5.0 has many new and powerful features, such as the literature fulfillment center, and email rules that would prove to be valuable tools for sales and customer support. Vision Systems recommends an initial license count of 8. This will allow for 8 simultaneous users (including the remote sales location). This would require the upgrade of the current 5 user license, and the purchase of 3 additional licenses through Vision Systems. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION Vision Systems recommends that one ABC Company representative receive at least an intermediate level of training. This Administrator will be able to solve many simple issues inhouse. The Administrator will also be trained in concepts relating to data back-up.



Additionally, it is recommended that a Technical Support Agreement between Vision Systems and ABC Company Inc. be implemented, including the installation of PC Anywhere software. This will ensure a speedy response time, and minimize any possible downtime. SYSTEMS AND PROCEEDURES Currently, there are few documented procedures. ABC Company is absolutely dependent upon the skill and knowledge of certain key personnel. While the talent of these key individuals is very beneficial, the benefits are not easily shared, as "best practices" have not been codified into an SOP. ABC Company Inc. Management is actively involved in the establishment and/or revision of operational procedures. Vision Systems can only echo the importance of the establishment of measurable standards of operation in each department where, for the most part individuals set their own standards. For purposes of automation, the development of these systems creates a moving target. The absence of such systems not only makes modeling of an automated process a fruitless endeavor, they exacerbate a production bottleneck that hinders the implementation of a complete Sales Automation solution. Vision Systems suspended a complete investigation of this area of need, as the benefit/cost ratio was not in the favor of the client, in light of implied budgetary pressures and the urgency to initiate at least minimal improvements. As a result, a complete vision of the automation required for the complete sales cycle, from prospecting to order fulfillment, to secondary marketing, could not be achieved. It is recommended that once standards are in place and production capacities improved, that further discovery be conducted to determine the most appropriate path to a complete cycle of sales automation. Until these needs are addressed, Vision Systems does not recommend any movement past Phase II of the suggested implementation plan. Of particular importance, is the establishment of procedures and supporting technologies for inventory control and management. It is important that any applications implemented support or include quoting components that can be easily integrated with GoldMine. INVENTORY STRATEGY The current lack of an inventory strategy, as attested to by the responses to the Inventory Strategy Questionnaire (Addenda A), is a primary hindrance to timely production, and ultimately, a primary hindrance to any efforts designed to improve sales. It is understood that Management is involved in a re-organization to address this issue. While Vision Systems does not engage in Inventory Management or MRP consulting the following recommendations may be made. It is very likely that Management is already undertaking similar steps to remedy this current lack of a strategy.



ABC Company Products (and components of those products) should be analyzed and categorized according to different stages in the supply chain. The analysis must consider elements such as service level requirements, lead time, positioning, inventory control drivers, and rationalization. For example, routine replacement parts would be categorized as "A" while made to order components with less demanding service levels (Custom Terminals) would be categorized as "C" items. This categorization should be a helpful step prior to reviewing overall strategies by product classifications, inventory stages, excess or obsolete inventories, and Sales & Operations families, etc. This segmentation of the problem will help fine tune ABC Company's inventory strategies. The classical strategies or initiatives that can then be addressed include demand-pull techniques, lead time reduction, velocity improvements, setup reduction and the like. The basic control processes that may then be established include targeting service level parameters, lot sizing practices, safety stock and safety time conventions, etc. Finally, the strategies should be reviewed on a periodic basis (yearly, quarterly). A successful inventory strategy will be necessary if ABC Company is to transition from management by crisis to management by design. This will improve production operations, and contribute to the potential of increasing the sales effort. ABC Company should investigate retaining the services of a resource-planning consultant. Vision Systems also recommends that ABC Company enroll at least one employee or manager into APICS (The Educational Society for Resource Management), If none are currently enrolled. APICS could be a very valuable resource. The San Diego Chapter can be contacted at: (Phone: (619) 687-5515 #4, or E-mail: and on the web: and ACCOUNTING/INVENTORY SYSTEMS While it must be established that Vision Systems does not focus on accounting system consulting, and that a complete analysis of the challenges related to inventory management has not been conducted, it may be beneficial to share some inclinations based upon initial investigations. It is understood that management is currently involved in restructuring and establishing procedures for better management of inventory, the success of which is foundational to any enhancements afforded by technology. Vision Systems recommendations are therefor made with this assumption. The following technologies will greatly improve the efficiency of anticipated systems and proceedures. ACCPAC for Windows should be seriously considered as a possible future accounting package for the following reasons: 1. Several links currently exist to GoldMine 2. A link exists to QwikQuote, the quoting application favored by Vision Systems for ABC Company Inc.


3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

ACCPAC was designed primarily for the manufacturing industry ACCPAC was designed for small businesses ACCPAC uses COM, so future custom programming (if required) is relatively simple ACCPAC uses a modular pricing model, so the investment can be spread over time ACCPAC linked to GoldMine, linked to QwikQuote has been referred to by manufacturing consultants as a great solution as a "poor man's ERP" 8. ACCPAC will facilitate and extremely scalable solution, if and when ABC Company Inc. requires a full featured ERP solution, it may choose to implement the MISys/2000 Manufacturing System component (designed for ACCPAC), an easy to use, modular system also designed for small manufacturing businesses. MISys/2000 Manufacturing System is used in 38 countries by more than 5,000 users. Entry level MISys system investment typically begins at around $100,000. If ABC Company grew in sales to require this kind of solution, the investment in the ACCPAC would not be lost. The editor of the magazine "Midrange ERP", in correspondence with Vision Systems has also recommended the investigation of the following vendors or Application Service Providers (ASP). These are not recommendations, but these companies have products that are designed for the low-end market and can be acquired for "short money." Vendors:

Kewill, Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, Epicor
all of the above, plus… USDATA, BHR, Apps4Biz

It is unknown or doubtful whether any of the applications provided by the companies above are designed to integrate with GoldMine, however. MARKETING AND SALES AUTOMATION Tremendous potential exists for marketing automation, which can be exploited once the previously mentioned production constraints are eliminated. Once production capacity is increased, Vision Systems recommends that a complete customer life cycle management system be implemented utilizing GoldMine's Automated Processes®, including a "drip" system utilizing combinations of letters, emails, and faxes, and automatic workflow checks to better manage the sales pipeline. In conjunction, design of detailed pipeline management and analysis reports should be implemented. Additionally, leads analysis reporting should be developed to assist management in determining the most effective marketing techniques. Vision Systems recommends Qwick Quote for automating the quoting process. Qwick Quote integrates with GoldMine, as well as various accounting applications such as Quick Books and ACCPAC. Additionally, Qwick Quote will support a web client, if and when ABC Company would like to take orders from the web site. Qwick Quote may be implemented in any phase, and certainly by phase III. The benefits of Qwick Quote, however, as with other components of sales automation, will be more fully realized in the later phases, when production issues have been addressed. Qwick Quote has also been recommended by Vision Systems, as it is the simplest quoting application for users to learn. Ease of adoption is a critical issue, with the amount of



change that is anticipated to occur at ABC Company, as it transitions from manual to automated processes. It is recommended that more specific sales and marketing related discovery and analysis be conducted at a latter date to determine whether ABC Company would benefit from other solutions such as telemarketing solutions for GoldMine, Caller ID screen pops, Proposal Generation applications, etc. Sales and Marketing Automation is Vision Systems' reason for existence. Yet Vision Systems can recommend nothing other than the establishment of the infrastructure and foundations of such solutions at this time. It is hoped that this opportunity will be revisited after more critical issues are addressed at ABC Company. CUSTOMER & TECHNICAL SUPPORT
Two-thirds of customers leave a vendor because of inadequate customer care. - Yankee Group If a company can decrease customer defection by only 5%, it can double its profits. - Harvard Business Review

Vision Systems recommends implementing a GoldMine based Customer and Technical support solution. Gold Support is the favored product for this purpose. Gold Support is simple and affordable and of course, integrates with GoldMine. Gold Support allows users of GoldMine to view open issues, and allows support personnel to easily track issues based upon an assigned issue I.D. Gold Support also includes a searchable knowlegebase. A knowledge base is highly recommended by Vision Systems. A knowledge base not only allows for a more expeditious resolution of customer issues, it can drastically reduce the amount of time necessary to train new support and technical personnel, as the combined experience of the support personnel is stored in a centralized location. Even an untrained technician may be able to solve some issues simply by doing a search of the archived knowledge. Gold Support may be implemented at any phase. If ABC Company would prefer to not implement Gold Support at this time, Vision Systems can offer a temporary solution that should provide similar functionality. This is what is actually proposed for phase I, in order to minimize the initial cost to ABC Company. The temporary solution would incorporate a combination of Macros, Alarms, and utilizing the GoldMine Info Center for a knowlegebase. While this solution will not be terribly robust, it should minimally meet the needs expressed by the Engineering Manager at ABC Company. USER TRAINING Vision Systems has proposed a minimum level (8 hours) of user training. Two groups of four students, receiving 4 hours of training should be sufficient to bring all users up to an introductory level of GoldMine familiarity. While not quoted here, it is highly recommended that at least sales and management personnel receive additional training, as this is critical to ensure adoption of the system and maximization of ABC Company's return on investment.



Training may be conducted on site, providing that ABC Company can facilitate the temporary co-location of several workstations (preferably networked). It is recommended that users be grouped by engineering personnel and sales personnel, so that the instruction may be tailored to their specific needs. If ABC Company requires, arrangements may be made for off-site training in a professional classroom environment. SCHEDULE It is believed that it is not premature to begin initial development of a GoldMine based automation solution for ABC Company, providing that the implementation is- a) phased in, beginning with the establishment of the application infrastructure necessary to support future development and b) production enhancing procedures and technologies congruent with anticipated GoldMine integrated sales and quoting systems will be implemented. The closer the progress towards a complete and integrated system (Customer life cycle management, automated marketing, MRP, etc.) the greater the ROI. PAYMENT 1/2 of the payment for any agreed to phases or module is due initially, with the remaining half due at the completion of the phases or modules in accordance with the specifications set forth in this proposal.



Phase I
♦ Acquisition and installation of primary software components for main office ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

and remote site (GoldMine, FaxRush, GoldScan) Train users in new applications (introductory level) Data Migration, and remote site synchronization setup Establish initial Company Document Templates Interim Tech issue tracking system, including macros, and report for Engineering and Management (not needed with optional Gold Support module) Establish Backup Plan

Benefits: ♦ Improved communication in-house ♦ Improved communication with customers ♦ Scores of pre-designed reports for customer and time management ♦ Until adoption of a better system in phase 3, engineering will benefit from an interim solution for recording, tracking, and reporting on open tech issues, including a minimal knowledgebase solution utilizing GoldMine's Info Center ♦ Centralization of Customer data facilitating better response times ♦ Document management and integration into central database ♦ User training maximizes investment in the applications and establishes more discipline work habits ♦ Routine backups safeguard valuable data, and minimize potential down-time ♦ Track the historical flow of communications with a contact whether by phone, email, fax, or letter ♦ Better time and project management using individual and team planning tools ♦ Current data (i.e. Trouble call documentation) will be stored in central system ♦ Scanned Documents easily linked to, and retrieved from contact records ♦ Expeditious Faxing, inbound and outbound faxes linked to individual contacts for immediate retrieval ♦ Menus customized to maximize the effect of user training, and minimize user errors that can destroy important data ♦ Laying the foundation of a robust, flexible, and scaleable open-architecture system that can be further developed to meet the needs of ABC Company in the areas of workflow, sales, and marketing automation ABC Company Investment: $5100



Phase II
♦ Customize database for sales forecasting and tracking Customer and radio shop ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

information Creation of user scripts and screens for sales forecasting and gathering of customer and radio shop information Customize database for pipeline management Customized report creation for management and sales, including various pipeline, and forecast reports Customized report creation to generate the Technical Information Sheet dynamically Establishment of a easy Technical Information collection procedure utilizing elements established in phase I Design custom reports in support of the above elements

Benefits: ♦ Supports engineering's need for complete technical information, while supporting the Sales department's need for a system that is easier for the customer. With this system, the bulk of the data may be acquired using a script during one or two phone conversations. The data is instantly captured into the database for historical and analysis purposes. Furthermore, the customer sign off document will be pulled from this same data, so that the whole process is simplified for all parties involved. ♦ Scripts should make it easier for a sales rep to fulfil the forecasting requirements of management ♦ Capturing forecasting data into the central database, allows for complex forecasting reports to be created in moments which will help management to analyze sales and marketing effectiveness and identify weak areas ♦ Common reports can be generated at the push of a button ABC Company Investment: $5300



Phase III
This phase can not be properly attempted until Procedures are standardized, and the production limitations are corrected. At that time, more discovery and analysis should be conducted and the established automated solutions re-assessed in light of true Sales and Marketing Automation goals and precise mapping of the sales cycle. The list below is "Blue Sky" as further discovery will be required to ascertain the components right for ABC Company. ♦ Installation of and training in Qwick Quote, if not already provided ♦ Installation of Gold Support and training, if not already provided ♦ If ABC Company growth requires it, implementation of GoldSync allowing for ♦ ♦

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

automatic synchronization of databases. Creation of complex Automated Processes to guide workflow Creation of separate Automated Processes for nurturing of prospects, leads, qualified prospects, customers, lost customers, lost prospects etc.. utilizing letters, emails, and faxes Creation of a master automated process to automatically manage contacts within the sales pipeline Develop web site to capture and automatically market to web leads Possible web site development to allow on-line ordering or replacement components Develop macros and/or custom interface to allow create a easier and faster user experience Setup expeditious proposal generation software if useful to ABC Company's Sales department Possibly implement lead databases that can import into GoldMine, such as Info USA, D&B or InfoBase Establish Telemarketing Scripts if necessary Create Management Reports to allow measurements of sales and marketing efforts Implement job cost, hour tracking and billing solutions



Phase III (continued) Benefits: ♦ Increase sales, by turning GoldMine into a virtually self-running marketing machine ♦ Increase sales by helping sales reps to get more done, in less time ♦ Increase sales by eliminating ball dropping on leads and prospects ♦ Increase sales by obtaining Top of Mind presence among prospects with drip marketing techniques ♦ Increase close rate by better managing the sales process ♦ Use analytical reports to identify and codify "best practices" ♦ Increase sales by freeing sales reps from redundant, time-consuming tasks ♦ Increase sales by actively yet effortlessly encouraging customer referrals ABC Company Investment: TBD



These components may be implemented at any phase. Vision Systems recommends these components, yet realizes that ABC Company may prefer greater flexibility in implementing them in order to keep initial costs down. Vision Systems does not consider these elements to be critical at this time for the following reasons: The speeding up the quoting process is unimportant while production can not match it, GoldMine has sufficient facilities to act as a low-level support solution, Neither component is foundational to ABC Company's total system.

Qwick Quote Module Benefits ♦ Speeds up the quoting process ♦ Allows for the tracking of Cost of parts ♦ Allows for multiple margins ♦ Improves Customer support with its online catalogue feature ♦ May be used to create an on-line store ♦ Quotes generated are shown in Goldmine as Forecasted sales

♦ Quotes

converted to sales are recorded in the linked accounting application as a sales invoice and recorded in GoldMine's history ♦ Quotes may be sent as email attachments ♦ Quotes Synchronize between sites ♦ Helps to standardize the quoting process

ABC Company Investment $1600 Includes installation, basic configuration, import of parts list, and training for 3 users (does not include web component)

Gold Support Module Benefits ♦ Real-time integration with GoldMine ♦ Automatic issue ID (ticket) generation ♦ Updates GoldMine history ♦ Allows for the creation of customized workflows ♦ Allows for customizable issue categories, i.e. area, severity, category, priority ♦ Robust, filterable knowlegebase ABC Company Investment $1200 (if implemented in phase I, $200 will be deducted from phase I costs as the phase I support facilities will not be needed) Includes installation, basic configuration, and training for up to 5 users.



This pricing reflects the vendor's offer to Vision Systems, to reduce the cost of the software by 35%, in exchange for ABC Company's documentation of its success story! Additional Training Module Training is the often ignored, but most practical way to maximize return on investment. It helps encourage adoption of the new systems, and enables users to be more productive sooner than otherwise, and minimizes user mistakes. ABC Company provides workstations and training area: ♦ Intermediate level training (up to 10 students) full day class $600 ♦ Advanced level training (up to 10 students) full day class $600 ♦ Administrator level training (up to 2 students) full day class $600 Vision Systems provides workstations and training facility off site: ♦ Intermediate level training (up to 10 students) full day class $1700 ♦ Advanced level training (up to 10 students) full day class $1700 ♦ Administrator level training (up to 2 students) full day class $1700

Additional Custom Designed Reports Module ABC Company may utilize Vision Systems for custom report design on an asneeded basis ABC Company Investment: $100 per hour

Time Tracking Module Development of an entry-level method for tracking engineering time spent on projects for clients. This would include macro button and report design within GoldMine, and training for the users, to produce a simple, easily learned solution. More powerful solutions are available via integration with GoldMine 3rd party applications, and may be preferred at a later date. ABC Company Investment: $350



Custom Interface Design Module A custom interface allows ABC Company create buttons and input screens tailored to specifically meet exceptional needs. This is not necessary at this time, however Vision Systems believes that ABC Company should consider this option prior to any advanced workflow automation development. The description is provided here merely to provide vision for the future. Benefits: ♦ ABC Company may have buttons designed any way they like ♦ Multiple rows of related buttons may be accessed on multiple tabs ♦ Custom screens allow a cleaner interface for some of the workflow automation solutions being considered. For example, Goldmine scripts can not capture data that has a one-to-many relationship with the contact, therefore extra fields are required to do the same job, resulting in a less clean solution which may also require more expensive development later on. Custom Screens, on the other hand utilize programmatic solutions to solve this problem writing data to any database in GoldMine, including those with one-to-many relationships ♦ Custom Screens allow for simple input of complex data that would normally be very time consuming in GoldMine ♦ Custom Screens and buttons lower the learning curve experience by users ♦ Custom Interface programming also allows for the dynamic interaction with other windows based applications such as Microsoft Word. ABC Company Investment: TBD

Technical Support Modules To ensure a maximum amount of up-time, minimize the impact of technical issues, and ensure a minimum service level. There are 7 incremental plans available to Vision Systems' clients for technical support
1. Incidental Plan: $35 per incident phone and $30 per incident email support. 2. Incidental Value Plan: A block of 10 incidents (phone or email) for $315. 3. Email Plan: Unlimited email support for $95 per quarter, per user. 4. Light Phone Support Plan: 2 hours per month of technical phone support at $395 per quarter. Additional users $215 per quarter.


5. Value Phone Support Plan: 4 hours per month of technical phone support at $675 per quarter. Additional users $375 per quarter. 6. On Call Light Plan: 2 hours per month of on-site technical support for $555 per quarter. 7. On Call Value Plan: 4 hours per month of on-site technical support for $925 per quarter. Hours do not roll over from month to month. Support beyond chosen plans will be billed at normal rates, plus expenses.

Alternatively, ABC Company may choose to buy blocks of support time with Vision Systems Pre-pay plans:
Casual Caller agreement (non-contract) 3 or 4 hour agreement 5 to 19 hours agreement 20 to 40 hour agreement 41 to 80 hours agreement 81 or more hour agreement $180/hour ($3.00/minute) $150/hour ($2.50/minute) $125/hour ($2.08/minute) $115/hour ($1.92/minute) $105/hour ($1.75/minute) $95/hour ($1.58/minute)

The minimum billing increment for phone calls (including PC Anywhere "electronic site visits") is 15 minutes and additional minutes bill at the prorated hourly rate. Minimum on-site visit is 3 hours and a half-hour trip fee (billed at the hourly rate you select) applies. The contract remains in effect until booked hours are depleted. Contracts are pre-paid unless you select as needed "Casual Caller" support. Credit card authorization is required for "Casual Caller" support.

ABC Company may choose to arrange for remote administration and technical support with Vision Systems. Remote support may be billed as phone support, yet allows a Vision Systems consultant to access your systems directly via PC Anywhere.
PC Anywhere software for Remote System Administrator $195/2 license package



Phase I Proposed Project Timeline Actual dates may very. This is merely to demonstrate the anticipated implementation schedule.
Task Name Install GoldMine Server, clients, Remote. Customize Menus Install FaxRush Server and Clients Install GoldScan, Initial fax templates, Tech history Data Migration User Training for GoldMine, FaxRush, GoldScan and Synchronization User Eval/ Troubleshooting phase Wed May Thu May T W Fri May 1 Sat May 1 Sun May F S S 5/11 Mon May Tue May M T Wed May Thu May W T Fri May 1 Sat May 2 Sun May F S S Mon May M Tue May T Wed May W







Phase II Proposed Project Timeline Actual dates may very. This is merely to demonstrate the anticipated implementation schedule.
Task Name Custom Field Design Tue May T Wed May W Thu May T Fri May 2 F 5/25 Sat May 2 Sun May S S Mon May M Tue May T Wed May W Thu Jun 1 Fri Jun 2 T F Sat Jun 3 S Sun Jun 4 Mon Jun 5 Tue Jun 6 S M T

Custom Report Design


Forcast script design and testing Tech info Fields Design



Tech info script and report design User evaluation and testing 6/7



Addenda A Inventory Control Strategy Questionnaire Averages
It must be noted that there was a general disparity between sales and engineering survey results. This may simply be a lack of perspective or understanding of current procedures, or simply a lack of communication. Regardless, there are perceived issues.
4 - Excellent - Highest level results are being achieved. 3 - Very Good - Fully performing this. Have achieved original goals but additional goals are attainable. 2 - Good - Most of the processes and tools are in place. Not fully utilizing them but additional goals are being pursued. 1 - Fair - People, processes, data, and/or systems are not in place. Few if any goals have been achieved but they are being pursued. 0 - Poor/Not Doing - This is required but no goals are being pursued. No one is working on getting the people, processes, data and/or systems in place.

Overview Question There is a defined strategy for inventory to insure adequate stock for production and shipments while minimizing inventory costs. There is a regular management review process in place to insure that inventory is being managed to support this strategy. Score: 1,0,2 Detail Questions a. An inventory strategy and plan exists for each S&OP (sales & operations planning) product family and is updated on a regular basis as an integral part of the S&OP process. Inventory levels are managed in the aggregate through the S&OP process. Score 1,0,2

b. A regular review of product offerings is performed - the breadth of the product line, its impact on inventory and opportunities to rationalize the offering are reviewed. Score 0,1,2


c. A periodic review is performed to determine what is the appropriate level in the supply chain to hold inventory in order to support customer objectives consigned inventory, finished goods, intermediate or subassembly, components, raw material, supplier held, etc. Score 0,0,2 d. A regular analysis is performed to determine the drivers of inventory. How much of the inventory is determined by lot sizing or safety stocks? Is the amount of each within the established guidelines supporting the product strategies? Score 0,0,2 e. There is a process in place that identifies and deals with excess inventory. Write-off inventory is analyzed for root cause and problem resolution. Score 0,0,2 f. Safety stocks are utilized where appropriate to support customer service objectives. When safety stocks are consumed, there is a mechanism to replenish them on a time-phased basis. Score 0,0,2 g. Where appropriate, seasonal or other anticipatory inventory buildups are managed through a very visible process. Score 1,0,2 h. Continuous improvement processes are being used to reduce the total inventory in the supply chain while maintaining or improving customer service levels. Score ½,0,2



Addenda B

ACCPAC® Small Business Series
Inventory Control
Inventory Control is a complete multi-location inventory management/accounting system that keeps track of stock levels, processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments. It includes extensive screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information on quantities, prices, item movements, and sales history that is crucial for effective inventory management—regardless of the size of your business. Highlights
• • • • Comprehensive stock control and tracking Multi-location inventory management Flexible pricing and costing features Upgrade from any prior version of ACCPAC® Plus™ Accounting

Stock Control Reports • Item Status • Item Valuation • Overstocked Items • Reorder Report • Slow-Moving Items • Bin/Shelf Labels • Item Labels • Serial Numbers General Reports • Alternate Items • Vendors • Locations • Location Details • Categories • Bills of Material • Physical Inventory Worksheet • Reorder Quantities • Account Sets • Price List Codes • Item Structures • Segment Codes • Options Price/Sales Analysis Reports • Price Lists • Selling/Margin Analysis • Markup Analysis • Sales Statistics • Transaction Statistics COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 23

COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL VISION SYSTEMS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Transaction History Posting Journals G/L Transactions

Comprehensive Stock Control and Tracking
Track an unlimited number of inventory items for any number of locations. Maintain different item number structures of up to 24 characters and up to 10 segments. Handle fractional quantities to 4 decimal places. Use different units of measure for purchasing, selling and stock keeping. Use categories to classify stock and to allocate costs to departments or cost centers. Allocate items to as many different control account sets as you need. Record serial numbers and details for shipments and orders. Enter 250-character comments with each transaction detail. Adjust inventory by quantities and costs. Assign up to 9 vendors per item. Specify an item bin number for each location. Assemble items using single-level bills of material.

Flexible Pricing and Costing Features
Cost items to 6 decimal places by moving average, FIFO, LIFO, standard costs, most recent costs or user-defined costing methods. Use an unlimited number of FIFO/LIFO buckets. Define two optional costs. Specify special sale pricing for a range of dates. Cost items by location with complete reporting. Set sales prices for a specified time period. Use up to five markup or five discount price levels per item and price list. Set pricing by percentage or amount and by customer type or quantity purchased. Use up to six decimal places in prices. Define an unlimited number of units of measure per item with fractional conversion factors. Maintain separate price lists for different customer types, payment methods, or regions. Copy prices between lists, specifying percentage change or a multiplier. Update prices for all or a range of items on a price list. Define up to eight optional fields for items. Create validation tables to restrict allowable entries. Print Reports to analyze your inventory to determine:

• • • •
• • • •

price levels and identify products that do not meet the desired markup items whose profit margin is less than a specified percentage items that are not selling well items that need to be reordered

Integrated Solution
Inventory Control integrates with other financial applications. Inventory Control automatically provides information to Order Entry about item numbers, descriptions, and prices; quantities and locations of stock on hand, committed, and on order from suppliers; and alternate item numbers. When integrated with Order Entry, committed and on hand quantities in Inventory Control are automatically updated when you enter orders and invoices. Accounts Payable provides a list of vendors to aid in setting up the vendors from which you purchase items. Accounts Payable also provides you with a list of vendors during receipt entry. COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 24


Complete Statistics for Easy Inventory Analysis:
• • • • • • • • • • • Print item evaluation, reorder report, overstocked items, slow-moving items, and a physical inventory worksheet. Complete reporting by transaction. Print transaction history by Inventory Control account showing beginning and ending balances. Accumulate transaction and sales statistics by periods that you specify and retain that information for as long as you require. Keep an additional 300 characters of item information, two user-definable costs, shipment statistics and most recent cost. Create and post inventory adjustments directly from the physical inventory worksheet. Maintain sales data (units sold, sales amount and actual cost) for an unlimited number of previous periods and years. Store multi-period reorder data and sales projections by location for better stock management.

Data Entry Made Easy
Dynamically change the sequence of data entry fields to increase productivity. Mask unwanted data entry fields. Use segment validation tables to reduce data entry errors.



Addenda C

QwikQuote The other half of sales automation
How others use QwikQuote... • A major medical products company increased sales quotations to 2000 quotes per week and generated faster reporting in its in-house quoting group. • A racking and shelving manufacturer deployed a QwikQuote- customized pricing tool to 300 salespeople in less than 6 weeks. • A manufacturer of baby changing stations deployed 30 copies of QwikQuote to double quote production in a new product line. • A car wash equipment maker standardized dealer quoting and now provides a centrally maintained database. • Thousands of small businesses have increased sales production with QwikQuote! "QwikQuote is easy to operate and does what it promises. By freeing your salesperson of the drudgery of manually assembling bids for complex jobs or multiple services, QwikQuote enhances their productivity. It links easily to your contact manager and automates the other half of the sales automation process." - Computer Shopper Magazine

How QwikQuote works...
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Save time and increase sales with QwikQuote! QwikQuote instantly compiles, prices, customizes, and prints, faxes, or e-mails your quotation. Speeds up customer response time Standardizes quoting procedures Streamlines management reporting Makes sales teams more efficient Centralizes product / catalog information Single User & Network Versions NEW! QwikQuote for the Web: port your QwikQuote price list to the Internet Customized versions for special requirements Requires Pentium, 32MB RAM, Windows 95/98/NT Insert the contact from your contact manager with a single click. Built-in Acrobat PDF generator lets you e-mail formatted quotes. Intelligent printing wizard lets you include corporate logo, pictures, and customize unlimited documents, then preview before printing. QwikQuote does not require Crystal Reports or any other software to create customized layouts. Fax your quotes with any faxing software, or print them. Import lists of products and services from popular formats like Excel, dBase, Access, FoxPro and more! Send and receive quotes between other offices / notebooks. Use the Optional link to QuickBooks to convert your quotes to QuickBooks invoices. Custom columns let you track the information you need to. Modify the printed quote format by specifying columns to print, headings to use, labels, company logo etc. Supports Canadian GST/PST taxes Supports any world currency by relying on Windows currency settings. Use QwikQuote's Reporter 5, Crystal Reports or any other report generator to generate customized reports from the Access reporting database. Create product bundles. Track product pictures, benefits, videos, weights, detailed information and more! Design quote, invoice, purchase order, and other documents by arranging columns, changing the headings, adding fields from your contact manager, and moving fields within the Layout design tool. COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 26

How QwikQuote works...(more)

COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL VISION SYSTEMS • • • • • • • • • • • Find your quotes easily with the quote management tools. Know the profit on your products by tracking cost, price, and list price in the Analysis Box. Specify the margin, markup or discount for each item in your quote. When prices change, use the markup tool to adjust your profit margins Up to 30 quantity price breaks for each product. See what price your customer last paid for a product. Describe each product on your quote up to 32,000 characters. Create quote templates to save time when creating many similar quotes. Create and use multiple product databases. Use your contact manager to synchronize attached quotes, then create a centralized reporting database with QwikQuote File Organizer. Works with the latest 32-bit database engine.

Summary of Features
QwikQuote builds quotes and orders from an electronic price list that you build or import, and then attaches the quote to the contact record in ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, or Microsoft Outlook. If you have no contact manager, you can use QwikQuote's own contact list. QwikQuote prints customized forms, faxes with programs like Symantec Winfax, and even creates Adobe Acrobat-compatible files for e-mailing. (This built-in e-mail feature is unique to QwikQuote; other programs require you to purchase Acrobat for about $179 per user.)

With QwikQuote, you'll spend more time with customers and less time with paper!
Easier to learn and use QwikQuote follows the logical selling process through four screens: 1. Retrieve the customer's name and address from ACT!, Goldmine, Maximizer, Microsoft Outlook, or QwikQuote's Contact List, 2. Choose products and services from your Price List (over 100,000), 3. Arrange your presentation and pricing strategy, and, 4. Customize your quote layout --including product pictures or your logo! QwikQuote can help remove pricing objections. Improve your company's customer support QwikQuote puts product information at your salesperson's fingertips: just double-click on a description to enter QwikQuote's Catalog - a support screen featuring scrolling Info Box, Key Benefits, extended description fields, Picture/Video Box, shipping weights, inventory levels, spec sheets, quantity pricing fields, and more. If you're in sales, you'll use this screen every day; if you're in marketing, you've found a better, faster, and less expensive way to distribute information about your products and services. Totally customizable for your needs QwikQuote handles every approach to pricing including margin, discount, markup, customer-specific, and even Dynamic Price Allocation: set competitive prices on key items and QwikQuote automatically allocates profit dollars to non-commodity items. Use your existing data! Start quoting in minutes! Import Price Lists from Excel, dBase, Access and other leading databases! QwikQuote's easy import routine allows you to line up fields in your existing price list for fast import, and even to save import routines for new data. Don't have a price list? Add products to your QwikQuote Price List "on the fly" to make it easier the next time you quote that product! Link to your contacts in ACT!, GoldMine or Maximizer! QwikQuote links "live" to your contacts in ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, or Microsoft Outlook with DDE and ODBC links: just tell QwikQuote which contact manager you use and where it's installed: QwikQuote does the rest! No need to import or re-type contact names. QwikQuote even updates forecasts in GoldMine and saves quotes as attached files in ACT!, GoldMine and Maximizer so it's easy for your assistant to find and close a quote when you're out of the office. Find the right products fast Instant SQL searches - even free-text searches in seconds that take 20 minutes in other programs - will increase your responsiveness and close more sales faster. COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL 27

COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL VISION SYSTEMS Improves group sales performance and customer services Sales people are often thought of as "the front line" or "road warriors" -- highly individualistic people who sometimes succeed in spite of the company. In a more complex, fast-moving world, though, companies are integrating relationship handlers, technicians, and inside sales people into more effective selling teams. The networked version of QwikQuote helps make those teams work better by offering faster response time, better technical support, and shared information. Networked QwikQuote's ability to write back to customer history files in leading contact managers provides instant response to customers inquiring about their quotes. All the information is available to each sales team member, whether or not the originator of the sale is in the building. The customer is served immediately. No additional software required Other quoting programs require additional spreadsheets and accounting programs. With QwikQuote, you've got everything you need to generate fast, customized quotations.



Addenda D
If ABC Company outgrows the currently recommended systems, MISys/2000 would be a solid, full MRP solution that would not require drastic changes to established systems. It is provided here as a long-term migration option only, and demonstrates Vision Systems' commitment to a consistent, practical, and scalable solution for ABC Company Inc, even including the possibility of massive expansion. MISys/2000 Manufacturing System for MS-Windows If you have been searching for affordable and user-friendly manufacturing software, search no more. You have found the MISys/2000 Manufacturing System, the world’s most economical and easy to operate manufacturing system. Powerful Yet Easy to Use MISys/2000 was designed to be a sensible alternative to cumbersome and expensive manufacturing management systems. It performs the advanced functions small- to medium-sized manufacturing firms need, yet its familiar MS-Windows interface makes MISys/2000 ideal for the non-technical user. MISys/2000 runs on the kinds of computers you probably already own. So there is no need to buy expensive hardware. Your Windows-based desktop PC (Pentium®) is the perfect platform. Built-in Growth Path MISys/2000 is modular, so you purchase just the functionality you need. Start with the core module, MISys/2000 Level 1. When your company grows and needs more functionality, additional MISys/2000 modules add serial/lot tracking, manufacturing orders, master production scheduling (MPS), material requirements planning (MRP), shop floor control, capacity planning, and much more. Integrated Business Solution MISys/2000 is a member of the ACCPAC for Windows accounting family from ACCPAC International, a division of Computer Associates, the world’s largest and most experienced software company. You can run MISys/2000 stand-alone, or fully integrated with ACCPAC for Windows as a complete business solution. Proven Functionality There are already over 5,000 MISys users in 38 countries, many of whom have thoughtfully contributed their comments and suggestions for this MS-Windows version, MISys/2000. Each has found MISys to be an effective solution where power, affordability, and ease-of-use are critical issues.



MISys/2000 for Windows is installed easily and implemented quickly. There are no other manufacturing software products that offer such immediate payback. Satisfaction Guaranteed No one wants to own software that doesn’t do the job. That’s why all MISys end-user software products are sold with a money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our ultimate objective. Begin with MISys/2000 Level 1 for Inventory Control, Multi-level Bills of Material, and Integrated Purchasing. Activate Level 2 when you are ready to add Manufacturing Orders, Master Production Scheduling, and Material Requirements Planning. Activate Level 3 to add Tool Maintenance, Work Centers, Routings, and Bills of Manufacturing. Features of MISys/2000 Level 1 Maintain Detailed Inventory Data • Record detailed stock status for all inventoried items. • Track inventory in multiple locations. • Choose decimal precision for fractional quantities and costs. • Maintain inventory levels with minimum. maximum, and reorder points. • Instantly display transaction history, where-used (BOM implosion), and outstanding order status. • Embed detailed item notes, or attach a word processing document and picture to any item record. • Associate a unique set of general ledger accounts with each item, or class of items. • Transfer manufacturing subledger entries to ACCPAC for Windows General Ledger at fiscal period end. • Maintain resources such as supplies, labor, and overhead. • Identify any number of qualified suppliers and approved manufacturers with any item. • Track standard, average, recent, FIFO, LIFO, and last supplier costs. • Import and export data from/to other systems to speed setup and data analysis. • Track quantity and cost history for each item. • Retrieve sales orders from ACCPAC for Windows Order Entry. • Value stock on hand, in reserve, in WIP, and on order, instantly. • View stock status at any number of stocking locations. • Roll-up standard costs automatically; revalue inventory at any time. Create, Print, and Track Purchase Orders • Print internal purchase order approvals and multi-page purchase orders.


Specify purchase order formats to fit virtually any pre-printed form or print on plain paper. • Place blanket orders with scheduled delivery dates. • Copy previous orders to speed up amending order generation. • Receive items individually or by exception. • Print optional purchase order receiver. • Expedite or close orders at any time with any quantity received. • Transfer invoicing data directly to ACCPAC for Windows Accounts Payable. Produce Vital Manufacturing Information • Spotlight shortages, excess, and unused items. • Value inventory at standard, average, recent, FIFO, and LIFO costs. • Track physical inventory variance and variance valuation. • Explode bills of material 16 levels deep. • Cost out bills of material current standards. • Perform bill of material implosions (where used) for any range of items. • Identify items that should be reordered; see where to buy them, how many to buy, what to pay. • Built in WYSIWYG report writer provides easy access to virtually all database fields. Perform BOM-Driven Stock Transfers • Unlimited number of details per bill of material. • Project material requirements based on current stock status, work in process, and proposed manufacturing orders. • Perform "what-if" inventory checks based on proposed transfer orders. • Create and maintain multiple BOM revisions. • Process BOM’s based on ECO effectivity dates. • Charge stock transfers to jobs or projects for comprehensive job cost tracking. • Select stock transfer method: batch or direct. • Move raw materials based on requirements of multilevel BOMs. Optional build-down to lowest BOM level. • Transfer finished goods to ACCPAC for Windows Inventory Control based on desired stocking level. • Create cost-based quotations in ACCPAC for Windows Order Entry. • Move inventory from one location to any other location. Features of MISys/2000 Level 2 Create Manufacturing Orders • Create manufacturing orders based on standard bills of material. • Associate jobs with manufacturing orders for detailed cost analysis. • Edit manufacturing orders to create custom job orders.



Allocate special items such as labor, supplies, and tooling to customize manufacturing order. • Attach word processing files to provide unlimited amounts of online documentation. • Attach pictures (.BMP, .PCX, .WMF formats supported). • Create and link child manufacturing orders to any parent manufacturing order. • Copy previous orders to speed up amending order generation. • Print internal manufacturing order approvals and multi-page production manufacturing orders and travelers. • Analyze standard, projected, and actual job costs with performance variances. • Create detailed manufacturing order pick lists. • Pick partial or complete manufacturing orders. • Complete support for Stock, WIP, and Reserve stock with automatic backflush. • Back-flush complete or partially completed manufacturing orders. • Automatically adjust raw materials based on actual production yield. • Special handling of non-backflush type items. • Record scrap resulting from specific manufacturing order processing. • Expedite and close manufacturing orders at any time with automatic cleanup of partially committed material. Produce Master Production Schedules • Create a Master Production Schedule (MPS) for any planning horizon. • True bucketless scheduling with user-defined period number and size. • Save and re-open multiple production schedules. • Maintain a pool of active production schedules. • Share production schedules among MISys/2000 workgroup users. • Include or ignore current inventory, purchase order, and manufacturing orders in MPS. • Create and maintain batches of scheduling events. • Fix production start dates and schedule forward to completion. • Fix production completion dates and schedule back to start. • Apply batches to MPS to simulate planned purchasing and production activity. • Retrieve and schedule sales orders from ACCPAC for Windows Order Entry. • Instantly spotlight shortages of raw materials and sub-assemblies. • View master production schedule for all items, or items meeting specific stocking criteria. • Drill down master production schedule to view item schedule on period-by-period basis. • Drill down item schedule to view current and planned activity. Analyze Material Requirements Plans


• • • • • • • • •

Base material requirements on zero, minimum, or reorder points. Create Material Requirements Plan (MRP) based on results of MPS. Print detailed Purchasing Advice Report to show items which must be purchased in order to satisfy MPS. Purchasing Advice Report identifies available suppliers and suggests expediting existing purchase orders where appropriate. Print detailed Production Advice Report to show items which must be built in order to satisfy MPS. Production Advice Report suggests expediting existing manufacturing orders where appropriate. Create purchase orders based on quantities and dates indicated by MRP. Create production manufacturing orders based on quantities and dates indicated by MRP. Print MRP reports showing activity for all periods, active periods only, or net activity per item.



PRELIMINARY PROJECT AGREEMENT: Vision System shall undertake the proposed project plan consisting of the following: Phase I ______ (initial)

Phase II

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Additional Modules Module: _________________________ ______ (initial) ______ (initial) ______ (initial) ______ (initial) ______ (initial)






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