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Resume Contact Address Saurabh Khare 755/170A/9 Tilak Road Rajrooppur Allahabad U.P. 211011 E-mail : saurabh1681@gmail.

com Mobile : 09907886366


Objective To obtain a challenging and responsible position in computer operations with emphasis on Systems Technology, where my talent and skills can be utilized at the peak and I can put all my efforts and skills to fulfill the needs of the organization. Strength Sincere, Hard working and Result Driven, Patience, Highly Optimistic, Team Player, Adaptable to any kind of environment.

Profile Summery


Around Four Years of experience in software and Networking industry currently working as Sr.

Engineer implementation (RFID) in Daphne System Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.


Well acquainted with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of application

technically adapt C#, VB.Net programmer with good communication and interpersonal skills.


Experience in the analysis, design, programming, unit testing, integrated testing and implementation

of Application Software Development and Programming. d) Highly motivated self-starter with outstanding problem solving and analysis skills and a quality

focused attitude. e) f) g) Adaptability with domains and Good Exposures of TCP/IP, RFID, EAS, Bio Metric, barcode Domain. Experience in Project and Product development. Good Expertise in Radio frequency identification (RFID), Barcode, Client Server Architecture ,TCP/IP

,Serial/Parallel Port Programming , Networking ,SQL, Device protocols.

Technical Qualifications Diploma in Software Technology and Programming from Design Center, Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College Allahabad (UP). One Year certificate course in Computer Hardware Maintance and Networking.

Academic Qualifications Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Exam High School Intermediate B.Com M.Com PGDCA MCA Year 1994 1996 1999 2001 2003 2007 Board/Univ. U.P. Board U.P. Board Alld. Univ Alld. Univ MLNR AllD. AAI-DU Alld % 58% 57% 53% 54% 70% 75% Division II II II II Grade ‘A’ I Subject Science Stream Science Stream (Maths)

Technical Skill Operating System Language Packages RDBMS Remote Management Utilities Network Hardware Technologies Internet Protocols Routing Protocols Switching concepts Wan Technology Monitoring tools Devices Security implementations E-Mail DOS, Windows and Unix, Linux ( Red Hat, Fedora), Windows Server 2003 C, C++, Visual Basic 6.0, Java & HTML,ASP MS- Office, FoxPro, PageMaker 6.5, PhotoShop, CorelDraw 10 Oracle8 (PL/SQL) Remote Desktop Client, Remote Admin Ping, Trace route, Telnet etc. EnteraSys-switches (A2H124-48, A2H124-24, E1), L3-switch EnteraSys ( N7) CiscoRouters (2500 Series, 2811,1841). Frame relay, Routing, Switching, OSI model, IP addressing. TCP/IP,IP,ARP,ICMP,TCP,UDP,FTP,TFTP,SNMP and SMTP. Static and Dynamic (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP). LAN technologies (Ethernet-CSMA/CD),STP, VLANS ISDN, Frame Relay, PPP. SolarWinds Engineer’s ToolKit Hub, Switches, Routers, LAN Testing. Access-List, NAT. Manage and Configuring Outlook, Lotus Notes(client)

Installation and configuration of Video Conferencing System (Aethra & PolyCom) , Video Conferencing Over IP & ISDN System

RFID EAS Biometric IP Camera

Tags (LF, HF, UHF) Active & Passive, RFID Readers (Active & Passive) frequency(LF, HF, UHF,Microwave)etc. EM, AM, RF Gates strips and tags Fingerprint and card based attendance and Access Control System Installation and configuration (DvTel, Pelco)

Professional Summary [PROJECTS] Title TCP/IP Based Local Area Network Implementation Role And Responsibility Site Survey & Preparing the Bill of Material as per Requirement, Manages a biggest network up to 850 clients, Layer 2, Layer 3 Switches and Routers. Responsible for installations, troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance of Systems. Preparing the Documentation & Training Manual for Sites, Billing of Projects, AMC Follow-up, work regarding fiber cables including SM & MM Commissioning , Installation of Fiber Optical Based LAN, Entrasys Switches with fiber module, fiber splicing single mode and multi mode in NTPC Vindhyachal.

RFID Based School Visibility System

Understanding With Communication Protocol And Command Set, Develop Application for RFID Reader and Web Application using C#(serial

Communication programming) & , Data base Design(MYSQL) , Assembling Hardwares ,Hardware and SMS Testing ,Installation in client side (h/w and s/w) Software For School\'s Waste management system(CIWMCPL) Coding using C#,.NET (Server Application ) And client application for RFID device to communicate with server and generate Reports Web application for Coimbatore Integrated waste management pvt ltd with RFID Reader(UHF) And GPS which enable to management to track vehicle and container ,and trace location on goggle map, and generate reports in PDF format Personal Identification system (PMO) Data base design ,coding (C#) Software for Prime minister office (Delhi) with biometric finger print device which enable to management to track people Attendance(in AND out)

Vehicle Identification system(NTPC)

Coding (desktop Application using C# and web Application using C#.NET) ,Understanding With Communication Protocol And Command Set, Assembling Hardwares (RFID,Boom barriers, alarm, Relays, ),Hardware and Software Testing in client side , complete installation in given time period ,developing client Application for server ,RFID Reader, Relay(parallel port programming) using C#(client server Application) Software for NTPC (VindhayaNager M.P.) for

track (contractor, Hired, Employee) Vehicle and Driver Information. Monitoring the movement of Employee vehicle that is Entry and Exit of vehicle ,and control unauthorized Access by using Boom barriers, loop detectors ,alarm and sensors (all hardware control by web Application and generate reports )

Hardware Skills Disk Management Installing all computer peripherals ( Mother Board, Memory, Modem, VDU, SMPS, Hard Disk, LAN Card, Sound Card, Printers etc.) Installing & Configuration windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, WLAN, LAN(Hub, Switch, Router, Fiber Optical); RFID Readers , Antenna etc.

Working Experience a) date. b) Worked with Siemens Enterprise Communication Pvt. Ltd. as Network Engineer in NTPC Ltd. Associated with Daphne Systems Pvt Ltd. as Sr. Engineer Implementation (RFID) from Sep 2011 to till

Vindhyanagar Distt. Singrauli -MP, May 2008 to Aug 2011. Hobbies Reading, Listening Songs, Netsurfing. Personal Details Father’s name Date of birth Nationality Marital status Language known Permanent address : : : : : : Late Shri Nanak Prasad Khare 1st June 1979 Indian Single Hindi & English 755/170A/9 Tilak Road Rajrooppur Allahabad (UP)- Pin – 211011

(Saurabh Khare)