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Path of Wotan Ron McVan

The struggle for existence causes the will to make itself manifest. The famous Greek philosopher Parmenides of Elea, who was born in the sixth century BCE wrote a philosophical poem about the way of seeing and the way of truth. In his poem he argues that the multitude of sense objects which come into existence and then pass away in time cannot be considered as true being, which is motionless and changeless. Life as we perceive and experience it, is an ongoing process of motion, friction, and change. If we accept the proposition set forth by Parmenides, what then constitutes our living reality in this world, and what is our purpose to maintain such a reality? What propels most of mankind through this life is a sense of being and becoming, of consciousness and subconsciousness simultaneously. Each man and woman born into this world as a biological organism is composed of living being and soul. Being that has soul is living being; soul is the living thing in man and that which lives of itself and causes life. Each race of man, unlike man himself, through the course of time and history develops its own distinct being and soul. As a race this is projected through the culture, heritage, traditions, religion, and mythos, which are the combined expression of its people. Without this reality of expression the history of mankind would be a series of haphazard events without form, meaning, or direction. Every living being and creature on the planet has its own unique individuality and identity as a species and should function accordingly, as the plan of Nature's laws dictates. Our genetic make-up identifies who we are in life's order of things. What forms our character consists of two major factors, essence and personality. Both are important, but of the two, essence is more dynamic and significant. If we govern ourselves only through our personality devoid of essence, more often than not we develop a somewhat vain and shallow self character. It is much like a young boy's boast of “I am the King of the castle!” while already the tide laps round the sand foundations. It is only when an individual or race has a strong essence that the world stands in awe and great things are accomplished. The powers of our will, soul, and our blood are our destiny! Every race and each individual of that race has an important mission if this life experience is to have meaning and purpose. Above all else, we must follow the genetic upward path of our people to attain perfection and completion. In doing so, however, a people must preserve those racial, primal elements which maintain their own unique character and culture. Our being and our personality are not the external qualities that we are often led to believe. More accurately, our spiritual essence is independent of time and space, forming the “fortress” from which the real will and reason undertake their sorties into “the world.” Each of us has our orlog as decreed by the Norns. The Aryan soul, also, has a collective destiny, which is to arrive at a pure knowledge of nature and race consciousness through the legacy of our ethnic gods and folk heroes. It was Friedrich Nietzsche who wrote that man is a rope fastened between animal and superman, a rope over an abyss... Our ancient, White ancestors understood that to ensure our heritage and racial survival, expansion and

advancement we must initiate means to galvanize our Folk Consciousness. Allegories and myths were developed along with a variety of archetypical gods which best represented Nature's Law and the collective consciousness of the Folk. Foremost and most consistent among all these archetypes was the Teutonic God Wotan. We see symbolized in Wotanism an effort of dynamic will and self-discipline, an effort of intense training of the mind. Through this awareness we put aside the limitations imposed by the “little self.” As demonstrated continuously throughout the last three millennia, Wotanism opens channels in the mind of unlimited potential enlightenment and cohesive strength, not only for individual selfdevelopment, but most importantly for the race itself. Wotanism has been a constantly shifting, historical phenomenon transforming the Aryan Consciousness of the age, making the hitherto invisible visible. The notable 19th century German composer, Richard Wagner, wrote a number of sweeping, Wotaninspired musical scores. Much of this music is highly infectious and inspirational, often capable of reaching deep into the subconscious psyche of Aryan man. Richard Wagner understood the necessity of the Aryan ideal and that an immediate folkish awareness was essential for the self-assertion and the progressive evolution of the race. All contemporary political and religious trends today are aimed at reshaping the era in White history, by raising the depths and debasing the heights with false notions of democracy, equality, and universalism. The retarding of our natural instincts works like a lethal cancer eating away the vital life forces, spiritually, genetically, and culturally. In these current times we can better appreciate what the historian Cornelius Tacitus wrote in the days of ancient Rome: “Freedom (Libertus) in the Indo-European sense is only possible where a people strives to achieve the value of virtues, the dignity of the powerful, upright individual man. If in a people the freedom of the city masses who desire welfare (bread and circus) from the state triumphs, then in such a state the freedom of the individual man and that of the minority will be steadily suppressed by the majority. That is to say the equal subjection of all under on tyrant.” Wotanism is the inner voice of the Aryan soul which links the infinite past with the infinite future. It is not vanity for a race to want its qualities to continue; it is a biological instinct! A race without its mythos and religion of the blood shifts aimlessly through history. The indigenous, nature-based Path of Wotan assures our biological determinance. Wotan beckons to all who understand that the highest path which can be achieved is the heroic path, reaching toward our highest potential as a race and the deepest roots of our collective consciousness and living-being as a Folk. Hail Wotan! Temple of Wotan