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The Wotanist Warrior Ron McVan

Hate for hate and ruth for ruth, Eye for eye and tooth for tooth, Scorn for scorn and smile for smile, Love for love and guile for guile, War for war and woe for woe, Blood for blood and blow for blow -Ragnar Redbeard Great nations are synonymous with the creativeness of their heroic mythos. Every distinct culture begins with a mighty theme that rises out of the per-urban countryside and is carried through the cities of art, intellect and literature. Only in heroic warrior times do we reach a monasticism of great style, and the highest symbol for the complete victory of space over time; is is the warrior become ascetic, not the born dreamer and weakling who belongs by nature to the folk mythos and heroic legend, nor again the scholar, who works at a moral system in the study. Genetics is the essential ingredient in the upward development of a species. However, nature often demonstrates that genetics itself provides no guarantee for survival. Along with intelligence the highly developed race must, also, retain and cultivate the primal will to survive, not just as individuals, but as a distinct species and culture. All life is the will to power. Organic life is one ceaseless round of love and war. Sexualism and slaughter go hand-in-hand. Life is an ongoing struggle and peace only an accident, a temporary luxury paid for in full at the cost of many lives. Might will decide all things in the future as it has in the past. In life a race grows or it dies out; there is no third possibility. As cruel as this reality may seem, this is the hard rule of nature and our universe. The existence of an entire people hinges on the raw essence of collective will and biological determinance. All world historical events are the expression of a race's instinct to self-preservation. World history is the picture of the living world into which Aryan man sees himself woven by birth, ancestry and progeny, and which he strives to comprehend from out of his world feeling. Throughout all recorded history the Aryan race has displayed the most remarkable study in the art of war, producing the greatest conquerors, leaders, mechanized armies and warriors. Parallel to this, he has created the greatest of civilizations and has developed the fine arts, science and technology to the furthest reaches. Like no other time before in history, Aryan man must now face the very real possibility of the total race extinction. A people seldom perish by wars won or lost, but more often by the loss of that vital force of resistance which is contained only in the ancestral bloodline. Every second of every day the future for our children dwindles before our eyes in the stepped-up, relentless onslaught of forced integration, immigration and miscegenation. Whether we like it or not, we are, living under the dictates of a tyrannical, anti-White, “One World Government” whose interests

are in complete opposition to the welfare of our kind. In our own abstract attempt to resist the iron logic of nature we become entangled in a fight against the principles to which alone we owe our very existence as human being. As long as the hereditary qualities of the White race remain, the strength and the audacity of our forefathers can be resurrected in today's times through our own force of collective will. The happiest and most productive folk consist of a well-integrated whole of intellectual, spiritual, ethical and organic activities. To equip ourselves today with the indispensable necessities for the the survival, expansion and advancement of our race and culture we must first restore the roots and foundation of our indigenous folk mythos, traditions and nature-based beliefs, as this is what shapes the essence of our folk. Secondly, to continue waging bloody war against our own people, as suffered in the past, is nothing short of masochistic suicide in this day and age. Today's Aryan warrior must work incessantly in the effort to recharge the vitalism and natural-driven instincts of our ancestors. The distinguished military general, Karl Von Clausewitz stated in his writings, “A people must never value anything higher than the dignity and freedom of its existence; that it must defend these with the last drop of its blood; that it has no duty more sacred and can obey no law that is higher; that the poison of submission in the bloodstream of a people will be transmitted to its children, and paralyze and undermine the strength of the later generations; that honor can be lost only once: that under most circumstances, a people is unconquerable if it fights a spirited struggle for its liberty; that a bloody and honorable fight assures the rebirth of the people, even if freedom were lost; and that such a struggle is the seed of life from which a new tree inevitably will blossom.” Every creature pursues its life with an aim, even it is is unknown to it. The Aryan soul, also, has a destiny, that is to arrive at a pure knowledge of itself and a comprehensive understanding of the universal mysteries, represented collectively in the cultural archetypes of our ethnic mythos found in Wotanism. In modern times, as in millennia past, the practice of Wotanism enjoys a feeling of strength and security and a confidence of ancestral roots, begotten through its conviction to truth, heritage and nature's laws. The greater the comprehension of the significance that Wotanism provides to our understanding of Aryan unity, the greater will be the influence it is capable of exerting in today's times. From this vantage ground of the practicing Wotanist a new concept of life based on racially-conditioned and socially-conscious thought is obtained. Hail ye brave warriors, if you live and conquer for Wotan! This life can be fruitful and victory is glorious, yet the survival of our folk is worth more. Fearless are those who follow Wotan, but greater still are those who earn their place in Valhalla. Such are they whom Wotan chooses for himself, The Einherjar; he gathers from the broad reaches of the Aryan tribes, Warriors from among the bravest of the brave, to guard our folk faithfully, weapons in hand, ready for battle. Temple of Wotan