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June 6, 2005

Troop 103 News Bits
Mystery Trip
Darkness loomed around the doomed travelers as they peered out the car window. A whir of the wheel; they were off. They arrived at an alien-landing site and bought candy but they could not eat it yet. A scratch of the gravel, finally they arrive at their destination, it seemed like a haunted place for sure. Did the doomed travelers care? They were tired and just pitched their tents and fell asleep immediately. The doomed travelers woke up mysteriously, too early, could it have been a spirit panther? The condemned travelers sat and did what they could. They ignored the spirit panther and ate breakfast. Soon they found out what they were going to do. They were going rappelling into a dark cavern that mysteriously moaned when it rained. The first group donned their helmets and coveralls and jumped into the black hole. I suppose you could say that we heard from them later. The second group went for a more subtle approach and rappelled down on ropes. I do not know how the second group learned. But I do know how the third group learned to rappel. They watched a video. How exciting. For some reason, a convict joined the group and they decided to push him after the security guard. Now the rest of the rappellers were just innocent civilians, just wanting to have some excitement. But they did not know what was in store for them. In they jumped, grabbing the rope and rappelling down. When they looked at the stairs, they saw a big huge ice cream sundae. Mmm… how delicious. It was dripping with water though, and they rappelled speedily down and reached the platform. They pulled off their harnesses and waited for the rest of the civilians to get the message that they were done. Once the rest of the civilians had gone, their climbing instructor quickly flew down and told them what to do. Their orders were simple. Go in there and don’t come out. They quickly scrambled down the cave. And as the mystery clue said, “Although pancakes are not on the menu you will have your share”. We went into pancake flats. We oozed into it, and went up to wedgie hill. We slid down wedgie hill and quickly scrambled up the spiral stairs. So finally the third group came out and joined the first and second. How weird that was when the third group came out last. I wonder why. How could that possibly happen? They waited and had a campfire. How interesting. How flammable. The blue flames licked the sky. Everybody traded ghost stories, and at the end we were tired. We performed The American Flag salute. The now undoomful travelers quickly ran out of their campsite, and drove off in their cars to Columbia. Everybody loves Columbia. The first order of business was to drink a sarsaparilla or just a wild cherry drink. The second order of business was to buy candy.


We quickly decided we wanted to go on a tour. We learned how Columbia had mined off the pockets of miners, and the great fire that burned most of the buildings. Once the travelers were done, they slowly walked back to their cars, and sat as they drove off towards home. And so far they haven’t had any other mysterious haunted campouts.

Rafting Trip
The Vikings paddled down the river as fast as they could. They looked like a huge armada of three. They leapt out of their boats to capture another boat that was stuck in the reeds. They slashed at the reeds and lit the reeds on fire to free the boat. They slaughtered the survivors, threw their corpses on the green shore, and burned the boat. With that foul deed done, they paddled on and stopped to rest and feast on their magnificent glory. When they were done feasting on chili or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they ran back to their boats, leapt in, paddled fast, and many a cry of “Stroke.” The captain’s vessel named Gory Vengeance, shot in front of the group and paddled down the stream. Soon the two boats left behind started squabbling and jumping, and boarding each other. (I am sorry we do not have a full account of what really happened because all records were lost or never written.) The first again started slowing down. And soon the angry vessel named Feudal Destroyer quickly caught up to Gory Vengeance and boarded them. The captain’s crew fought wildly and threw Feudal Destroyer’s crew out In vain, one of the fugitives slashed at the hull of Gory Vengeance. Feudal Destroyer paddled hard to rescue their crew. And Gory Vengeance raced down the stream. (And the written record

said that Feudal Destroyer had a hard time with Gory Vengeance’s wake.) Gory Vengeance reached the end of the river first. All the crew quickly jumped out and pulled their boat to shore. They destroyed their boat leaving no trace. They ran into their encampment and left a bloody trail in their wake taking everything, leaving nothing. (Leave No Trace.) They soon reached their home in Norway (or should we say Warm Springs). They settled down and swore an oath never to pillage again. (By the way this is the only written record about this rafting trip so far.) Patrick Painter, Troop Historian

High Adventure Update!
T-103ers go down the river and into Desolation…June 27-29, 11 scouts and 7 adults will be rafting the entire 21-mile section Middle Fork of the American River to the likes of rapids named Satan's Cesspool, Meat Grinder, Trouble Maker etc... Flows have been running between 5almost 7,000 cubic feet per second, which is to say white, fast water! A small party of trekkers will venture into Desolation Wilderness Aug. 20th for a back packing trip. We'll be traveling on high Sierra granite, flitting with the tree line, and swimming in lakes, scrambling up mountains and most likely finding some snow to throw at each other. The HAT Team plans to go on a Monterey Bay scuba & snorkel dive next year, go to Hawaii (Maui) and on the Cavalcade in Phimont. Did I mention H.A.T. is fun, but we need to earn some money? Janis Tipton-King


Candid Camera
Photographer: Karen Huie, Bob Mitscha, Mr. Berggren, and Mr. Wu

“I dropped a coin into the hole. Did you hear any noise when it hit the bottom?” “No, I didn’t. That’s scary. The cave is so deep” “But I heard someone screaming and yelling in the cave.” “That’s even more scary. Your coin might have hit that person.”

People come here to pan gold; others come here to dream of gold.

As part of the mysterious ritual, scouts were led to the saloon to experience the wild side of the Gold Rush. Little did they know that the bartender had a surprise for them. She served up the infamous triumviral cocktails, made of Coca-Coke, cherry juice, and Sprite.

People have different perspectives even when they are watching the same thing. Mr. Howard, “I’ve always wanted to run a sport store. It doesn’t look that easy to run a rappelling store” Mrs. Huie, “I could be another merit badge councilor. I could teach the scouts how to rappel into the cave.” Patrick, “Wow!!! I am going to rappel into the abyss!!!”

You can spot a Secret Agent looking for Waldo who has just escaped from the jail and disguised as a scout. Can you help the Agent look for Waldo?

A piece of gourmet candy is like a bottle of vintage wine. One should enjoy it slowly with emotions and thoughts. Having tasted the candy, Jonathan paused and reflected, “Now I truly understand Einstein’s equation E=MCC”


Photo Album
Photographer: Karen Huie, Bob Mitscha, Mr. Berggren, and Mr. Wu

One of the patrols had their table and food ready for inspection during the annual Cook-Off

Scouts took refuge in the water hole escape from the heat in the rafting trip.

This is the infamous hole that strikes fear and moaning from countless visitors.

There was clear evidence that Troop103 was visited by a mysterious but tiny UFO during their mystery trip

Group picture in the Columbia Historic Park

This is a thousands year old stalagmite formed on the wall in the Moaning Cavern.


Entertain Your Brain
What are their ages?
Five seniors are getting together to celebrate their Birthday. Coincidentally they all have their birthday in the same week. A friend asks them about their ages. They decline to answer directly but give the following hints: Their average age is 69. The median age is 70. The mode age is 72. The range between the oldest and youngest age is 10. Can you find out what are their ages? (See answer on p.10) cell phone, and soon it rang. It was Zeke, who said, "I walked until I found a pay phone, and now I'm at the intersection of three roads. One of them is missing the street sign, but the other two signs say y = 0.25x2 + 3x - 6 and 11x - 4y = 12. Can you find me?" "Well," said Zach, "there is either a bank or a pizza place at the intersection. Which one do you see?" "I see a pizza place," replied Zeke. "OK, stay right there and I'll be along soon," said Zach. Having grown up in Mathland, Zach knew all the roads very well. He walked a short distance and then turned onto a road marked x3 - 4y - (2/3)x2 = 0, knowing it was the road with the missing sign at Zeke's intersection and would take him right there. 1) What are the coordinates of Zeke's intersection? (In keeping with the custom of Mathland, you must show an algebraic solution.) 2) Why did Zach ask about the bank and the pizza place? (See answer on p. 10)

Mathland rendezvous
(taken from the following website Mathland is laid out on a coordinate plane, and each of its roads is the graph of an equation. Because the residents enjoy doing algebra, the custom in Mathland is to refrain from using calculators. Zach and his little brother Zeke were walking around Mathland one day when they got separated by mistake. Zach had a

Editor Corner
Welcome to this issue of newsletter. We have a couple interesting articles from Patrick. The one on the rafting trip is quite imaginative. ASM Janis Tipton-King writes an update of the HAT activities. They have lots of exciting events coming in the summer. We also have AKII continues on the Lord of the Rings column. He also expands the column to cover the Star Wars story. Finally, we found from the web, an inspiring story of Troop 409 based in Oakland. They turn out many Eagle Scouts through adversity and perseverance. We are always proud of what we have achieved in Troop 103. But we also want to hear successful stories from the other troop too. I hope you will all enjoy the stories and the fun. Andrew Kwok, Newsletter Editor


Movie Story Column
Once again I have laid out an annual Lord of the Rings quiz. But this time, due to the Star Wars movie just released, I also wrote another article about the Alliance in the Star Wars saga, how it got started, and how it overthrew the Empire of the Sith Lord. This will continue on for several more issues, but I shall always keep the Lord of the Rings column. -AK II

Lord Of The Rings TRIVIA
(See answer on p.10) 1) Who is the famous person of Rohan to enter the “Paths of the Dead”, and never return? a) Brego b) Theodred c) Eowyn d) Frodo 2) Who is well versed in the lore of Gondor? a) Denethor II b) Ecthelion II c) Boromir d) Turgon 3) Who was the first dwarf to rule as a Dwarven King? a) Thorin b) Balin c) Frodo d) Durin the Deathless 4) Who was the last Dwarven king to rule in Moria? a) Balin b) Fundin c) Ginli d) Denethor II 5) What is the name of a battle plain north of Mordor? a) Dagorlad b) Lothlorien c) Cirith Ungol d) Mordor 6) What was Saruman’s version of the orcs produced by Sauron? a) Uruk Hai b) Orcs c) Ents d) Elves 7) When did the elves first land on the shores of Middle-East? a) 2000 AD b) Year 1 c) 1891 AD d) Year 4 8) What king was most disliked by the people of Rohan? a) Theoden b) Eorl c) Fengel d) Eomer 9) Which two land forged a peace treaty, after one helped the other to fight off invaders from the Fords of Isen? a) Gondor and Rohan b) Hobbits and Elves c) Gondor and Umbar d) Mordor and Rohan 10) Which two nations have always been separated? 6

a) b) c) d)

Dwarves and Elves Mordor and Umbar Ents and Entwives Hobbits and Hobbits

c) To help people d) To assist King Aurthur 12) What are the people of Rohan called? a) Rohirrim b) Gondorians c) Corsairs d) Orcs

11) Why did the Ishtari (Wizards) first come to Middle-Earth? a) To pick magic berries b) To gain power

The Alliance in Star Wars
How it got started A long time ago, when the Galactic Senate was still in reign and the Sith had not yet had complete control, a small group of senators banded together to create the Rebel Alliance. This numerous group of senators believed that the Sith were going to dismantle the Senate and take complete control. Already, the Supreme Chancellor, Palatine, was discovered as a Sith and it was only a matter of time. The Rebel Alliance was forged between the senators of the systems of Alderaan, Naboo, Kuat, Chandrilan, Uyter, Mon Calamari, Lorrd, Sern Prime, etc. These numerous senators first began their mission as 2,000 delegates signing a petition, asking that Palpatine relinquish emergency powers back to the Senate, once the War had been resolved. But, Palpatine disregarded the petition and went on to install regional governors, create the Galactic Empire, and dismantle the Senate. The Later years of the Alliance As the years passed by and new heroes emerged, like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, the Rebels started to attack. Their first target was on the fully operational Death Star. In order to complete this they had to crash through numerous defensive cannons and destroy the reactor. The young Jedi, Luke Skywalker, accomplished all of this. As the battles were waged against the Empire, like the Battle of Hoth, the Alliance finally mounted its last attack in order to destroy the newly rebuilt Death Star. Unfortunately, when the fleet, commanded by Admiral Ackbar, arrived, they found themselves in a trap. But, Han, Leia, and R2-D2 persevered long enough to bring the shields down and the Death Star was then unable to defend itself. Finally, Han got past the lasers and destroyed the Death Star. Thus ended the long reign of the Galactic Empire


Scouting On The Web
This month we used the following words “boy scout”, “nba”, “bay area” for the Google search. We found an inspirational story of Troop 409 based in Oakland. The story was originally reported in the Oakland Tribune. Here is the complete story quoted directly without any changes from the website ( 02f.asp). I hope you enjoy the story

Leadership Among Troop 409
Posted in the Oakland Tribune on Sunday, October 20, 2002 Written By Chauncey9 Bailey, Staff Writer East Oakland Church-Based Boy Scouts Troop Soars Oakland ~ On the tough streets of East Oakland near Allen Temple Baptist Church, some young black men wear only what's hip -- baggy and below-thewaist hanging pants, expensive sneakers, a headset to hear rap songs, and FUBU (For Us By Us) apparel. Billy Mayfield, a deacon at the church, knows it's not easy getting young men to join the Boy Scouts because they are ridiculed for wearing the uniform with merit badges and dress shoes. "They get teased on the bus," said Mayfield, 57, who has been in charge of Boy Scout Troop 409, based at Allen Temple, since 1986. "I just tell my guys to stay cool. The next day I will go with them and without my uniform on, and I will just follow a kid who is doing the teasing home and I'll talk to him or the parents." Mayfield, who is convinced scouting "builds character," has helped 16 boys reach the rank of Eagle Scout, the youth organization's highest honor. On Monday, another young man is slated to become an Eagle Scout, and four others are going through the process to also reach a rank held by 2 percent of Boy Scouts in the United States. Mayfield, 57, a soft-spoken man who hasn't lost his accent from his native Louisiana, works in maintenance for the Port of Oakland aviation department, and is deeply religious. He served three years in the Army and tells young people about the importance of being disciplined and focused -- helping them to ignore negative peer pressures. Urban Scout troops dominated by African Americans face special challenges. Since the Vietnam war, Mayfield said, it has been difficult to get young African-American boys to wear military uniforms because of the deep opposition to the conflict, and because many minorities were drafted to go to the front lines and died, or returned addicted to drugs. Still, in a neighborhood where many young, black males have fallen prey to crime or violence, Mayfield has found those who want to be leaders. One of Mayfield's Eagle Scouts, Jeremiah Evans, 17, has been awarded a 8

full scholarship to Howard University, the historically black institution in Washington, D.C. Another Scout who went on to become a student at Morehouse College came back to speak to other boys. Martin Luther King Junior Morehouse is a black college in Atlanta that has been called the "black Harvard" because of all the leaders it has produced, including Martin Luther King Junior. "Everyone cannot go to college," said Mayfield. "So it was great when another young man who found a career in electronics came back to visit the troop from Stockton." Mayfield has taken his troop on trips to Canada, New York, Washington, D.C., the Grand Canyon and New Orleans for the Bayou Classic, a football game featuring black college teams. Some 14 boys and five adults went to New Orleans last year at a cost of nearly $4,000 for the group. The church has been supportive. "If we raise $400, the church will match us with $400," Mayfield said. The Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Allen Temple pastor, is delighted. "These young men had the potential to be destructive, but now they are achievers.

Under the leadership of Deacon Mayfield and his volunteer staff, we have seen so many Eagle Scouts, and this is unheard of for an inner city Boy Scout Troop." The Allen Temple Scouts meet Monday evenings and Mayfield attracts black teenagers from not only East Oakland, but also Hayward and San Francisco. They all attend Sunday worship services with their families. Mayfield doesn't use the same speech that a Boy Scout troop leader in Walnut Creek would use for white suburban boys. Scouting and Leadership "I tell my boys about the need to build character from a black perspective and that we need scouting to build leaders," he said. "I tell them that I came up in scouting and then the military. And we talk about the importance of good grades and education." If new recruits go to three meetings but aren't convinced, "that's all I can do," says Mayfield with a shrug. The Oakland Tribune: Cityside Contact Information Leanne McLaughlin, Managing Editor (510) 208-6447 (510) 208-6477 Fax


Entertain Your Brain Answer
What Are Their Ages:
Ans.: Their ages are 62, 69, 70, 72, and 72

Mathland Rendezvous:
Equation [A]: Y = 0.25 * X ** 2 + 3 * X – 6 Equation [B]: 11 * X – 4 * Y = 12 Solve the two equations and find the intersecting points: From [B] 4 * Y = 11 * X - 12 called [C] Multiple [A] by 4, substitute with [C], and solve for X 4 * Y = X ** 2 + 12 * X – 24 11 * X – 12 = X ** 2 + 12 * X – 24 X ** 2 + X – 12 = 0 (X+4)(X–3)=0 X = 3 or –4 When X = 3, solve for Y 4 * Y = 9 + 36 – 24 Y = 5.25 When X = -4, solve for Y 4 * Y = 16 – 48 – 24 Y = -14 [A] intersects [B] at (3, 5.25) and (-4, -14) Equation [D]: X ** 3 – 4 * Y – ( 2 * X ** 2 ) / 3 = 0 Since [D] intersects [A] and [B] at either one of the intersecting points, substitute both points into [D] to find out which will satisfy the equation: Substitute (3, 5.25) into [D] 27 – 21 – ( 2 * 9 ) / 3 = 0 Therefore (3, 5.25) satisfies the equation Substitute (-4, -14) into [D] -64 + 64 – ( 2 * 16 ) / 3 < 0 Therefore (-4, -14) does not satisfy the equation Equation [D] meets [A] and [B] at (3, 5,25) Ans.: 1) All three streets meet at (3, 5.25) 2) Because the streets intersect at two points. One point (3, 5.25) has the pizza place, and the other one (-4, -14) has the bank.

Lord Of The Rings Trivia:
Ans.: 1 a, 2 a, 3 d, 4 a, 5 a, 6 a, 7 b, 8 c, 9 a, 10 a, 11 c, 12 a.