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June 5, 2006

Troop 103 News Bits
Winter Campout 2006
We arrived at the snow campgrounds with enthusiasm fit to burst. After setting up our tents, and having lunch, people went out to different places. Many set out to have snow fights, sled down the huge piles of snow, and explore the various available areas. People were setting up snow forts using sleds, disks, and even the top of a patrol box! After doing this they set out to render their opponents useless, and steal all the glory for themselves. Other people were busy battling it out. The battle of the “Big Rock” was especially fierce! Ryan, Nicholas, and Gary were trying to invade the big rock. The defenders were beating them back. So they combined in order to protect themselves from the bombarding enemy by using the tactical Roman Shield Formation. But Sean, David, Christian, and Young-jun, struck back with enough snowballs to make an elephant notice that it would be getting attacked. Luckily no lives were lost, and many lives were saved as a result of a temporary peace treaty. After this battle, some people went down to the slopes to try to carve a path for smooth sledding, and not long after, they did. After all the fun and merriment, we headed in for a superb Dutch-oven dinner. After eating our dinner and Dutch oven concoctions, we all headed over to a farmdecorated-rink to skate. There were no cows or much hay, but there were a ton of people skating and hanging around. After having a fun time for about close to an hour, we finally drove back to camp for a night’s rest. The next day we headed back home. Alex Kwok, Troop Historian

Mystery Trip 2006
This year’s mystery trip was a blast! After getting to the camping area, with pretty incline weather, we started to set up our tents and take out our equipment. Then, it started drizzling, raining, and almost immediately hailing. There was hail the size of miniature melon balls. We had to run and take cover! After setting up our tents in the blinding rain, and moving in our belongings in the pelting hail, we settled in for the night. When the hail (it was as big as golf balls) stopped and the sun was up, we woke up, got out, and started having our quick breakfasts and packing our lunches to eat on the tour boat. We hopped into the cars, and drove to the Moss Landing Marina. The marina 1

was small, but more than adequate. Fishing skiffs, tour boats, whale-watching boats, research boats, and more were docked at different places around the harbor! Soon after arriving we were on the boat awaiting departure. Upon announcements of some safety rules, stories about other Boy Scout troops, directions about the toilets, and instructions on throwing up in the boat (go to the back, check the wind, and aim for distance), we then sailed away from the port. The first few minutes out in the bay were fine, with all the things to look at (birds, sea otters, sea lions, and water). But when we started to get out in the big blue sea, amid the swells and waves, I thought I saw a couple people starting to get a bit sick… Luckily, the captain had some handy little “watches” on board! They were little devices that would send shock impulses through you body on intervals, in order to keep you in shape… Just a bit off the trip, yours truly began to feel a bit uncomfortable, so I popped on a “watch” and went into the lower cabin and tried to sleep it off. It didn’t work. After a couple awakens, I found myself finally seeing whales and many other animals we had come to see. Throughout the trip we managed to spot some whales and Rissos’ dolphins, a key highlight of our outing. Coming back we saw some huge sea lions, and finally got back onto nice, Dry Land. After getting back, and drying out some wet items, a group of scouts went off to the beach down at the other end of the campsite. We then played, made sand castles that would be [eventually] swept away, and had a blast. Then after dinner we went down to the beach and had a campfire. The next day, we packed up, had Scout’s Own in a small amphitheatre, and went home. Alex Kwok, Troop Historian

Water, water everywhere. From downpour, to hail storm, snow on the bench, standing water in the camp, huge swell in the high sea, water spout from the gray whale, playful dolphins in the blue sea, seagulls, otters, and sea lions. What are a few wonderful days in the great mystery of the year!


Ninja Woods
Upon arriving Friday night at Los Mochos, the ninjas secretly set up camp and slept, not knowing what the dawn would bring … The next day, they were fully clad and ready to be briefed. They then made their way to the nearby monastery, which was headed by the kind monks, who provided them with food and sent them on their way. Soon thereafter, they set up their secret ninja training camp, in a field surrounded by many hills and trails. Many trainees came up from their villages in order to learn from the ninjas and the grandmaster. First, they were set into groups and taken up to their camp, where they would get to know their fellow trainees. Then, the grandmaster taught them many skills, which they could show their villagers upon return. Afterwards, they ate their lunches. Finally, the real fun began. The groups then split up under ninja guides, guiding them throughout the whole day, to the training grounds. Many surprises awaited them, such as, the Web, which tested their stealth, and agility. Then, there was the Blind maze, which tried their directional and co-operational abilities. Next, there were the shot ranges, both of them headed by other fellow range masters. Which then tested their knowledge of weapons, and accuracy (with the exception that they knew their safety lessons). There were also obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, memory games, and sessions involving ropes and wood. When they were done, they headed in for another jolly Monastery dinner and delicious edible stars. That night was a night to remember. First there was a game (Capture the Flag) for all the ninjas to have fun and enjoy. There were awards of bravery, courage, and skill given out to the most outstanding groups. Then there was also another treat, a scenario skit put on by most of the elder ninjas, who have experienced and learned much. When at last, their eyes were drooping, minds resting, and ears calm, the trainees were sent off to bed, for a sleep that carried them away. The next day the ninjas, satisfied at the change they had wrought in the kind villagers, packed up and left. Alex Kwok, Troop Historian

Answer of Lord of Rings Quiz
1) a, 2) a, 3) a


Entertain Your Brain
(See answer on p.11)

Empty Squares On The Board
There is a chessboard-like square-shaped board. It contains equal number of rows and columns of smaller squares. If we cover a penny in each of the smaller squares surrounding the board and those on one of the diagonals, we shall use up 404 pennies. How many more smaller squares that are not covered?

Interesting Numbers
729 is a very interesting number: deleting just one digit from this number you can get three numbers whose sum is 180, which is the sum of the inner angles of a triangle (29+79+72=180). Find all such 3-digit numbers with this property.


Photo Album
Photographer: Alex Kwok, Bob Mitscha, Jonathan Tipton-King, Ed Prophet, Karen Huie

Rope Crossing venue in Ninja Woods

Scouts and adults were eager in searching for the whale over the horizon.

Webelos learned how to cooperate with each other Beautiful valley below Mount St. Helena.

Scouts patted the horses during the Cavalcade practice trip.

Group picture on top of Mount St. Helena.


Postcard view of El Capitan

Panoramic view of Yosemite meadow, granite peaks, and the high country.

Beautiful view of Yosemite Fall

Mr. Prophet was teaching First Aid class.

‘The snowball fight has just begun.’

‘Do you feel the thundering power of the fall and the soothing mist?’


Candid Camera

The guests were ambushed (or pleasurely surprised) by the Iron Chefs of Ninja Woods, armed with spaghetti meatballs, bloody stained Ninja Stars, and ear piercing harmonics.

‘Mr. Brown is practicing the latest break dance on grass. Watch the next move. He is going to perform a reverse Camel Spin in Tug Position.’

Animal version of odd couple.

After three windy days (Mystery Trip), both young and old found out the truth of their hair. Ryan had too much hair to cover, but Mr. De Lang didn’t even care.

There is an old saying: ‘How do you get the 800 lbs sea lions off your deck.’

To the horror of his father, Jason was trying a new base jump from the summit of the mountain to the bottom (This picture is intentionally rotated 90 degree to get a better visual effect).


‘Ladies and gentlemen, the climax of the day is the highly anticipated deadly duel between two blindfolded Ninja Masters in the dangerous maze. Actually…they would have fought if they had found each other.’

‘Look at which Ninja Master has been living in the dark side? Master Paxton’s world is even darker because of his Yamaha sunglass.’

Once Joshua started his Rap music, Ryan started break dancing on the rock. ‘Wow! This is cool! Can I try the ATV? I want to do a hand stand with a 360.’ ‘Guess what! You can’t ride it. I have more important jobs to do, like hauling garbage.’

‘The flood water was that high.’ ‘No kidding! It was even higher than Mr. Persson’ ‘This kybo is dirty and stinky. No wonder the scout has to do this from afar.’


Lord of The Rings and Star War Column
In this issue of the LOTR/ SW column, we present many more interesting things uncovered. First, we have an article from the official Star Wars email newsletter, about the sounds that were used to create the Star Wars films. Many of these sounds were real and not synthesized. We also have a very short quiz for the Lord of the Rings, which is entirely based on many unknown, but true thoughts and ideas, from JRR Tolkein (and his son, Christopher Tolkein), about the Lord of the Rings. Along with this, I will include information about the books, which can describe some of these abnormalities. I hope you enjoy this issue’s column, and that you will all have a good summer. AKII

Layers of Sound
As found on the March 2 issue of the “Homing Beacon” "From the beginning of the first Star Wars film, George Lucas always encouraged the sound development to start in pre-production," says Ben Burtt, Sound Designer and CoEditor of Revenge of the Sith. "That way, sound is being talked about when you first see the artwork, and sound effects and concepts for sound are there from the beginning as the films were shot. Once the film is being edited, sound is put in right away." Though that is the tradition with Star Wars movies, the standard Hollywood model had been to scramble to develop sound deep in the post-production period. "In that case, there may be only a short amount of time left to work out all of the concepts; but for us, the sound has really been developed over a long period of time." Like many elements in Episode III, the sound design is a mix of new and old as the Star Wars saga bridges together, and the prequel trilogy segues into the classics. Burtt was very much cognizant of that as he began putting together elements for the opening space battle. "I knew when those ships came in that they were going to be the new Jedi starfighters, which were related to the TIE fighters from A New Hope. I felt the sound should have some continuity, so I started working with the old TIE fighter sounds and adding NASCAR sounds to it to develop something that would hint at the direction of the technology." Burtt describes there being about a thousand different sound projects for the film, not including Foley effects like footsteps. In addition, the sound crew also provided performances both large (Matthew Wood as General Grievous) and small (Burtt as the Niemoidian captain). "We're a small operation, a sound crew of 9 people, so we tend to use ourselves as characters," says Burtt. "Matt and I played in the recent films probably about 30 or 40 incidental characters -- battle droids, Nemoidians, Gungans, Utapaun pit crews, R2-D2, all kinds of robots, and we've enjoyed that because it gives us the feeling that we can really put our performances into the film."


Since the first Star Wars, Ben has been the "voice" of R2-D2, combining synthesizer and organic sounds with his own voice to create the distinctive beeps and boops of the beloved astromech droid. "We revived some of our old equipment for this film," he says. "We pulled out an old ARP synthesizer from under my house, and it was all moldy. Howie Hammerman, our engineer, got it working again so we did lots of new Artoo for this." The combination of many disparate and sometimes surprising sound sources has been a Ben Burtt trademark, and it continued with this final installment of the saga. "You look at General Grievous' wheel bike, and it's nasty, loud and dangerous. I thought a chainsaw would be perfect," says Burtt. Likewise, the low rumble of the very first Star Destroyer we see on screen is actually the filtered sound of Niagara Falls. And the sound of Vader's heartbeat while he is undergoing his final transformation into a Sith Lord is more machine than man? It was a sonic boom emitted by the space shuttle, as heard in northern California. -Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Lord of the Rings Quiz
(See answer on p.3) 1) What was the original spelling of Cirith Ungol? a) Kirith Ungol b) Cirith Ungol c) Crith Ungol d) Cirith Un’gol 2) What was the original name of the capital of Rohan? a) Eodoras b) Edoras c) Meduseld d) Edora 3) What does many think is an example of a palantir, or seeing stone? a) Stone of Erech b) The rock marking the boundaries of Gondor c) Star of the Dunadan This and many other secrets and annotations come from the Book: The War of the Ring By: Christopher Tolkein


Answer of Entertain Your Brain
Empty Squares on The Board
Solution: Assume the square board has X smaller squares on each side. The number of smaller squares on the perimeter is: X + (X - 2) + X + (X - 2) The number of squares on one of the diagonals is: X The total number of squares covered by the pennies is: X + (X - 2) + X + (X - 2) + X - 2 = 404 X = 82 The number of uncovered smaller squares: 82 X 82 - 404 = 6320

Interesting Numbers
Solution: Assume the 3-digit number is represented by ABC. The 3 numbers generated by removing 1 digit are AB, AC, and BC respectively. B + C + C = D X 10 where D can be 1 or 2 eq.1 A + A + B + D = 18 eq.2 If D = 1, eq.1 becomes B + C + C = 10 eq.2 becomes A + A + B = 17 eq.4 - eq.3 becomes 2A - 2C = 17 This is not possible therefore D cannot be 1 If D = 2, eq.1 becomes B + C + C = 20 eq.2 becomes A + A + B = 16 eq.5 - eq.6 becomes 2C - 2A = 4 implies C = A + 2 eq.5 becomes B = 20 - 2C From eq.8, B can be 8, 6, 4, and 2 If B = 8, from eq.8, C = 6. From eq.7, A = 4 If B = 6, from eq.8, C = 7. From eq.7, A = 5 If B = 4, from eq.8, C = 8. From eq.7, A = 6 If B = 2, from eq.8, C = 9. From eq.7, A = 7 Ans.: The 3 digit numbers are 486, 567, 648, 729 11 eq.3 eq.4

eq.5 eq.6 eq.7 eq.8

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