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Introduction (Dove) – EXISTING PRODUCT History of Dove Purpose of new packaging Marketing strategies Products Rates Print Advertisement Case study SWOT analysis Media Product Marketing strategies

DOVE – Existing Product

Dove is a soap bar and personal care brand (including hair care products) owned by Unilever. Dove is primarily made from synthetic surfactants, as well as some vegetable oil based soap ingredients, such as sodium palm kern elate. These synthetic Surfactants are what give Dove the leading mildness among cleansing bars. Dove is formulated to be pH neutral, with pH that is usually between 6.5 and 7.5. Dove products include: antiperspirants/deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions/moisturizers, hair care and facial care products. The bar forms of Dove are currently produced in the cool moisture, exfoliating, sensitive skin unscented, nutrium nourishing, white, pink, calming night, pro-age, and energy glow versions.

History of Dove soap
In 1955, Dove soap was launched in US. Dove contained a patented, mild cleansing ingredient, into the soap category. It was positioned – then and now – as a “beauty bar” with one-fourth cleansing cream that moisturizes skin while washing as opposed to the drying effect of regular soap. Advertisements reinforced the message by showing the cream being poured into the beauty bar. In 1979, the phrase “cleaning cream” was replaced with moisturizer cream”. In 1979, a Pennsylvania dermatologist showed that Dove dried and irritated skin significantly less than

ordinary soaps, based on which Unilever started aggressive marketing and won more than 24% of the market by 2003. In 2006, Dove started the Dove self-esteem Fund. The goal of the fund is to be “an agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves.” To this end, Dove have created a number of largely online- only short films, including Daughters (which also aired in a 75-second spot during the Super bowl XL), Evolution, Onslaught, and Amy. Over the last few years, Dove has focused on delivering products that inspire women to enjoy their own beauty and individuality. As part of our campaign for Real Beauty, the Dove Self Esteem Fund (DSEF) was launched in 2004 to demonstrate our commitment to the brand’s mission ‘to make more women feel beautiful every day, by widening today’s view of beauty and by inspiring women to take great care of them.’ The DSEF aims to educate and inspire young girls through a series of tools and workshops which ultimately protects and nurtures their body-related self-esteem and enables them to become fully realized adults. Through the Fund we aim to reach the lives of 5 million young people by the end of 2010, with at least one hour of participation in one of our self-esteem programmes.

Key Facts
• The world’s number 1 cleansing brand

Sales of over E 2..5 billion a year in over 80 countries

• Outsells all other skin care bars combined in the US Over 1 billion showers taken with Dove products in the US each year

Concept Evaluation:
We evaluate the concept through the consumer survey and we found that majority of consumers prefer to buy TUBE PACK which was in favor of the idea and the idea was excellent. After that we evaluate the cost and we found that per unit cost of TUBE is less than the jar packs. Cost of TUBE pack is 4 to 5 percent less than the jar pack.

Purpose of New Packaging: Marketing:
The packaging can be used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product. Package design has been an important and constantly evolving phenomenon. Therefore we thought that DOVE cream which is in jar pack if bring in TUBE pack the more customers will attract towards it.

The TUBE packages have features which add convenience in distribution, handling, display, sale, opening, reclosing, use, and reuse. So this TUBE pack is more convenient and expedient to use.

Compete in the market:
Most of the creams in the market are in TUBE pack and people like to buy TUBE pack creams, so there was an opportunity to bring well known DOVE cream in TUBE pack so that it compete effectively against its competitors.

To increase market growth and share:
Majority of the consumers buy TUBE pack creams, if DOVE come from jar to the TUBE pack then definitely the consumers who like

TUBE pack will switch on to this new pack of DOVE. Ultimately the market share and growth will increase.

The change in packaging of an existing well known brand can increase market share, attraction, customer base, loyalty but it should be done after doing consumer survey otherwise it can be negative. Modifying the packaging of established brand can cause negative consequences but for this there is a need of proper research. If there is a chance or favorable opportunity for alteration then avail that opportunity carefully as in case of DOVE cream.

Marketing Strategies for the New Product Development
• • • • Product Price Promotion Placement

We are going to introduce Dove Fairness Cream in a Tube Packaging with some extra Ingredients and benefits which makes the faces soft and more beautiful. Before that idea the Dove Cream is only available in jar packaging instead of Tue Packaging. The cream with jar packaging is not easy to hold in hand and in purse especially for those girls who are very conscious about their skins. For securing the market of Dove Cream we are introducing new Tube Packaging. The new Tube packing has many value added features like

• • • •

Convenience in distribution Easy to hold and carry with Easy to use Affordable for all segments

Dove has a wide range of products like • Beauty bars • Shampoos • Conditioners • Hair cream • Hair spray • Styling aids • Mousse • Body lotion • Body wash • Deodorant.

Price is only one P among 4P’s that generate some revenue for the company rest all incurred some cost of the company. As you know that there are several price based approaches are available that company should follow. Here we use Competition based price approach for the Dove Cream with new Tube Packaging. • Firstly we analyze competitor price

• We charge average of competitor price. After complete analysis of all the cost which is incurred we set the standard price of the product which is easily affordable for all segments like low class, middle class, and high class people easily purchase that product.

For the purpose of promoting the Dove Cream with new Tube Packaging we use different sources like Print Media, Electronic Media, and Internet etc Add is given on • Geo TV, AAJ TV, PTV etc • Radio • Dawn Magazine • Jung Newspaper Promote through Banners, Brochures, Charts, Play cards etc

Rates that Print and Electronic Media Charge against Promoting your product through AD Rates given are based on single vehicle of a medium

Advertising Tariff Geo Entertainment Effective July 01, 2007 Time band (PST) 000-0859 0900-1059 1100-1759 Rates per 30 Seconds (PKR) 3,570 10,000 5,000

1800-1859 1900-1959 2000-2059 2100-2159 2200-2359

20,000 37,500 62,500 37,500 25,000

SLOT Aaj Raat Aaj Subah Aaj Dopehar Aaj Shaam Aaj Prime Aaj Night

TIME BAND 00.00 – 06.00 06.00 – 12.00 12.00 – 17.00 17.00 – 19.30 19.30 – 23.00 23.00 – 00.00

BASERATE(per minute) Rs. 20,000 + GST

MULTIPLIER 1 2 2.5 3.5 5 2.5

Aaj Raat Aaj Subah 00.00 – 06.00 06.00 – 12.00

BASERATE(per minute)

Rs. 20,000 + GST

1 2 2.5 3.5 5 2.5

Aaj Dopehar 12.00 – 17.00 Aaj Shaam Aaj Prime Aaj Night 17.00 – 19.30 19.30 – 23.00 23.00 – 00.00

• All prices are subject to General Sales Tax and inclusive of agency commission

• Tickers/Scrolls & DLS/logos are charged 35% premium over Time Band Rates • Fixed positions are charged as per premium schedule Above rates do not apply on special events/special presentations/special place

1. Kindly mention the time slot and multiplier on Release Order. 2. Please allow a credit period of 15 days after the invoice is received. 3. 5% special AAJ TV discount on advance payment received 48 hours before the schedule starts. 4. All Release Orders should be sent to AAJ TV a week prior to the airing schedule. 5. Branding charges for Back Drops Side Displays and other Display material and /or special positions shall be given separately.

Material Handling

1. As per AAJ TV’s requirement, material will be accepted on Beta/ DV formats only, on International Broadcast audio/video quality. 2. The material should be submitted to AAJ TV 72 hours prior to the date of transmission.

*The above – mentioned rate is not applicable to sponsorship of New

The rates for placing ads on Radio are 3000 to 5000 Rs for 1 min The rates for placing ads on Newspapers are 10,000 to 25,000 Rs for Placing on first pages

Actual Cost that is incurred as Promotional Cost

The product which we are going to introduce in Dove Cream with new Tube Packaging after deciding rest all three Marketing P’s now we are in a position to decide where the product is placed. The product should be placed everywhere in the market. Now company also targets those markets which are already not captured by the Dove Cream due to its high prices. The product is place on retail shops through different Distributors. The product is available in the market at fair price.

Case study
“Dove wants to challenge the definition of the beauty. Dove believe that beauty has become too narrow in definition. We want to defy the stereotype that only young, blond and tall are beautiful.” -Philippe Harousseau, Dove’s Marketing Director  CFRB (Campaign for Real Beauty):

 First Phase  Second Phase

 

Declining Sales --- lost in crowded market Increased competition --- Olay, P&G Co (Pantene, head & shoulders), L’Oreal, and Neutrogena.

 Resulting advertising clutter

Stagnation in one or two categories --- In spite of increase in product range Need for Brand Positioning --- Evolve brand image without losing their existing customer base

Marketing Strategy

o Unconventional strategy o Effective advertising, Free publicity o Continuously evolving the campaign o Strong emotional touch o Cross-selling Possibilities

 Contradictory in nature  Objectification of women  Women featured were comparatively slim  Use of idealized images in other brands under the same flagship Contradictory Japanese campaign

 Target male customers  Maintain better standards of quality  Unified advertising throughout the globe  Continuous innovation

Success Of The Campaign

Sales of firming lotion in UK rose by 700%

   

Sales in the US went up by 11.4% Total Sales for the Dove Brand rose 6% No. of visitors to website increased by 200% Grand EFFIE award for advertising effectiveness

Positive response from the masses


Risk of being a brand for “fat girls”

 Involved marketing risk  Copy by the competitors  Undermining the aspiration of consumers  Sustainability of campaign in long run

Media Product
Medium: Radio & e-radio (internet) Program name: Sangamam

Sangamam is a radio music program which enhances different genres of music right from carnatic till western performed by the professional people from the field and also the budding young minds. This program is set to wave a different musical nodes everywhere with the strong essence of music. This is also one of the way in which even the upcoming artists can perform and find a better platform for them to make a mark in the industry.

Marketing Strategies for the New Product Development
• • • • Product Price Promotion Placement

Program Name: Sangamam Medium: Electronic and new media – (Radio & eradio) Frequency: 93.5 Suryan Fm Time: 9am – 10am (Sunday)
The media product is a music program named “Sangamam” which is telecasted through Suryan fm every Sunday from 9am to 10am. Program objective is to make aware of the various genres of the music to the audience played by professionals and young talented people. Sangamam will satisfy all the needs of the music lovers. Audience can tune in from wherever they are with the

help of new medium. Audience can experience the joy of musical nodes and to learn about music as well. As Suryan fm is branded well in the society and so the program is expected to have a great impact. The new Sangamam program has many value added features like • Convenience in distribution • Easy to carry with and tune in from any part of the globe • Easy to use • Affordable for all segments

Price is only one P among 4P’s that generate some revenue for the company rest all incurred some cost of the radio station. Radio is one cheapest mode that we can tune in to free of cost other than the instrument that we use to tune into it can be a radio, mobile, I-pad, and internet. One of the most important things is to attract the audience to tune in to the program so that advertisers come forward to book the slot every time. As we all know the revenue for the station comes from advertisements that are aired. Revenue that a station gets is based on the Competitor’s price tag. • Firstly we analyze competitor price • We charge average of competitor price. After complete analysis of all the cost which is incurred we set the standard price to get the revenue.

Radio Slots
Super Prime Time



9:00 am to 10:00 am Rs 3000/- per 10


For the purpose of promoting the program named Sangamam we use different sources like Print Media, Electronic Media, and Internet etc Ad is given on Sun TV, Sun music, K TV, Sun News etc • Radio • Dhinakaran and Kungumam Magazine • Jung Newspaper Promote through Banners, Brochures, Charts, Play cards etc

Slot (Sun TV, K TV etc) Composite Rate


Rs.14,000/- gross per 10 seconds

As the product is easily available through new media like radio and e-radio (mobile, I-pads...). Distribution process is simple when it comes to electronic media especially radio which is cheap and compact. To make it a unique and attractive program quiz context will be conducted in between the show and prizes will be availed to the winner.

Most important step involved in making the program or a product a popular one is based on four strategy product, Price, Promotion and Placement. Thus the most important factor is that the strategy is based on the target audience. Communication is also one such effective aspect which makes the product to be at its peak and also earning a good revenue and fame. Revert back process should be positive to which communication is the most important process and Customers convenience towards reaching the product. When these concepts considered in a marketing strategy, the process of building a brand is dealt easily.