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1. Why is a 3 phase motor self-starting? How to u get a rotating magnetic field? 2. Why doesn’t a transformer rotate 3.

What happens when I feed a triangular wave to a transformer? 4. What is the difference between earthing and grounding and neutral? Earthing Grounding It is done for the protection of the operators It is for the protection of electrical using the equipment. equipments and appliances in an electrical circuit or system. It is used to conduct electro-static currents It is used to conduct heavy currents due to resulted due to for example lightning and the occurrence of faults in the system in short circuit currents. which they are connected It is used to protect devices that normally It is used to protect elements that normally don’t carry current. carry current. It connects the non-conductive, exposed part It connects the neutral point of individual of the metal structure to earth. equipment in a 3 phase system to earth and provides a reference to the electrical source. 5. In a circuit we are given a voltage at 50 Hz as well as at 60. What will be the resultant frequency/frequencies? 6. A synchronous motor is running at synchronous speed. What happens when the D.C. Excitation is removed? 7. What happens when an alternator is connected to an infinite grid and dc excitation fails with prime mover still rotating? 8. What will I use for measuring insulation resistance? 9. What is the frequency of power in a resistive circuit? 10. Can dc shunt motor run on AC 11. Voltage levels in Suburban traction 12. Why do we need an isolator in addition to a circuit breaker? 13. What is HRC fuse? 14. Will an induction motor run on an inverter? Where will it get reactive power from? 15. What is the voltage profile used in trains 16. How does one obtain variable frequency? 17. Which form of power can be converted to useful work 18. What is skin effect 19. Mention the three conditions that must be satisfied for synchronisation of alternators. (2) V, N, phase 20. Why do non salient pole rotor have shorter diameter? (1) They are turbo machines which run at very high speed. Shorter diameter means less radius of gyration i.e less moment of inertia. Hence less torque is required for rotating the rotor. 21. Can we represent two or more rotating quantities with different frequencies in the same phasor diagram? (1) 22. How will you reverse the direction of a single phase motor? (1) 23. What is the string efficiency of a DC system? Explain?(2 marks) 24. The insulator used for voltage level beyond 33KV?(1 mark) 25. How do i measure current in a tl