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European Broadcasting Union

Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision

The Director General

La Directrice générale

By e-mail:

Ms Miloslava Zemková Director General Radio and Television Slovakia Mýta 1 PO Box 55 817 55 Bratislava 15 Republic of Slovakia

Geneva, 15 June 2012

Dear Ms Zemková, dear Director General, Thank you for your detailed, informative and very worrying letter of 13 June addressed to myself and Vice-President Cappon. I was very sorry to learn that you will not be able to take part in our important General Assembly in Strasbourg next week - but even sorrier to learn of the reasons why. It was alarming to hear that you have been subject to "enormous political and media pressure" to resign as Director General of RTVS ever since Slovakia's Parliamentary elections in March. Such pressure is totally contrary to the principle that true public service broadcasters must be independent of political influence. It also appears quite clear that those attempting to remove you are not even playing by the rules. It is not for the EBU to defend the position of any individual, including yourself. But we do stand for independence for public service broadcasters, for non-interference by elected politicians, and for just process. The attempts to remove you seem all the more unjust because of your clearly successful efforts in merging Slovak Radio and Slovak Television since 1 January 2011. You have made substantial economies and even achieved a surplus for the year despite investing more heavily in programming. Congratulations on these achievements, which were clearly recognized even by the Committee for Culture and Media when it adopted with unanimity the RTVS Annual Report for 2011. (It is ironic but telling that the Committee's chairman later proposed your dismissal.) The EBU will watch developments on this matter with great care and concern. It would be a great shame if the cause and practice of independent public service broadcasting were to be betrayed by the Slovak Republic so soon after it joined the European Union.

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European Broadcasting Union

Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision

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Dear Director General, we shall miss your presence in Strasbourg, but our thoughts will be with you. We wish you luck in defending your organization against political interference. With best wishes. Yours sincerely,

Ingrid Deltenre Director General cc. Claudio Cappon, EBU Vice-President Slavomira Kubičková, Head of International Relations, Radio and Television Slovakia