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LESSON PLAN: much / many FOCUS: much/many/a lot of/ fruit

TIME:60 minutes LEVEL:Pre-intermediate


Students will learn vocabulary to talk about amounts and quantities (much, many, a lot) and food. “Correct the sentence” worksheet, ‘Find Someone Who” worksheet, “Fruit Wordsearch” worksheet, “Gap fill’ worksheet, “Flashcards”. (These are all downloadable from the site.) A bag of rice, 3 apples and a bottle of water.


“How much / many…?”, “There is / isn’t much/many…”, “There is/isn’t a lot of…” and fruit vocabulary. Ask students to tell you the alphabet (A-Z). Then ask for a kind of food or drink beginning with “A”. Let individual students shout out answers. Write them on the board. Do the same with “B”. Put the students into groups of four or five. Tell them to write the alphabet on a piece of paper. They have 5 minutes to write a different food for every letter of the alphabet. (e.g. A – apple, B – bread, C- cucumber…).DO NOT USE ‘Q’ ‘U’ AND ‘X’! After 5 minutes you say a letter and get the students to shout out their answers.


Show the students a bag of rice and 3 apples. Ask them what they are called. Write on the board: How _________ apples do I have? How _________ rice do I have? MUCH MANY

Ask which word goes in the gap. Tell students that we use “much” when we cannot count the items and “many” when we can count the items. Show the students 3 apples and a bottle of water. How _________ apples do I have? How _________ water do I have? MUCH MANY

Hold up the “Much & Many” flashcards. Ask students to say if they use “much” or “many”. Then ask them to shout out a sentence. COMMUNICATION Gap Fill exercise. Hand out the gap fill exercise. When they finish students can check answers in pairs. PRACTICE ACTIVITY 10 minutes


Hold up a small bag of rice. Ask “Is there much rice?” Let the students try and answer. Write on the board: There isn’t much rice. There isn’t _________ water. Hold up a nearly empty bottle of water. Ask “is there much water?” Write the answer on the board. Hold up 2 apples. Ask “How many apples are there?” Write on the board: There are three apples. Then write: Negative: How many apples are there? There aren’t __many______ apples


Now show three (or more apples) Ask “Are there a lot of apples?” Positive: There are a lot of apples. There is a lot of rice. There is a lot of water. COMMUNICATION PRACTICE ACTIVITY 10 minutes PRODUCTION ACTIVITY 10 minutes Correct the sentence. Hand out the “Correct the Sentence” worksheets. Tell students to decide if the sentences are correct or wrong and to rewrite them correctly. Students can check their answers in pairs. Find someone who. Hand out “Find someone who” worksheets. Tell all the students to stand up. They have 2 minutes to ask the questions to as many people as possible and find a different person for each question. When they have finished, keep the students standing up and ask them who answered each question.


Get the students into teams of four or five. Tell the groups to choose a name for their team. Draw a scoreboard on the board. Give each team one board pen or piece of chalk. Tell them one person is the “Runner”. When you ask a question the runner must run and write the answer on the board. The first person to write the correct answer gets that team a point. You will hold up a flashcard and they have to write “Much” or “Many” on the board.