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HOW TO PROPERLY COMPLETE THE REVISED SRA (EFFECTIVE 6/12) MUST be executed on SRA with Effective 6/12 in lower

right corner: Dates/Parties- Make sure day, month and correct year are all filled in. Paragraph 2- Representations- One of these two boxes MUST be checked-- If Contract Advisor is currently representing or has represented NFL management, an addendum SRA Coaches and NFL Personnel Disclosure Form must be attached listing names and positions of NFL personnel, college coaches and other professional football league coaches and must be signed by both player and Contract Advisor. Paragraph 3- Contract Services- One of these two boxes MUST be checked-- You MUST check the appropriate box if the Player and Contract Advisor(s) have or have not entered into agreements or contracts relating to services other than the individual negotiating services described in this Paragraph. If additional agreements have been entered into, then Section 3A MUST be completed AND Section 3B MUST be signed by all parties (see below). If additional agreements have NOT been entered into, then you should not complete Sections 3A and 3B although you must still check the appropriate box as noted above. Paragraph 3A- If additional agreements have been entered into at the time the SRA is signed, then that agreement(s) MUST be attached to the SRA. Paragraph 3B- Signature Required- If additional agreements have been entered into, both parties MUST SIGN this section. Typewritten names or initials will not be accepted. Paragraph 4- Compensation for Services- All parties MUST initial the corresponding lines to indicate what fee is being charged for contract negotiation services. Paragraph 6- Expenses- This Paragraph is divided between Paragraph 6A and 6B. Paragraph 6A MAY be crossed out if the Contract Advisor is not charging player any expenses. Paragraph 6B MUST NOT be crossed out under any circumstance. Paragraph 6B is required conduct under the NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors and is NOT optional. DO NOT cross out Paragraph 6B. Paragraph 13- Governing Law- MUST be completed. And, if additional language is required by state statute the language MUST either appear in the section or an addendum must be attached to the SRA. Signatures/Addresses- Each Contract Advisor MUST SIGN the SRA. Contact Advisor(s) address, phone, and fax numbers must be provided as well. This section MUST also include the Players signature along with his address, phone number(s), birth date and college/university. If the player is under 21 then a parent or guardian must provide their signature, address and telephone number as stated. FAILURE TO ACCURATELY COMPLETE ANY OF THE ABOVE PARAGRAPHS WILL RESULT IN THE SRA RETURNED TO BOTH THE CONTRACT ADVISOR AND PLAYER