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ABSTRACT: RF Remote control means control a particular device by using microcontroller through infrared signals. It is a wireless communication and we are using RF sensors .these sensors are working up to some particular distance. Remote controlling means by using sensors we can ON and OFF the particular device. The RF transmitter should transmit the signal and RF receiver receives the particular transmitted signal. According to the receiving signal the device should be controlled (ON/OFF).i.e. the receiving signal information directly giving to microcontroller, then as per the output of microcontroller the device may control. USED TECHNOLOGIES:
8051micro controller KEIL compiler, LCD, RF modules, Power Supply.

Block diagrams:

RF Transmitter

D c Power supply


relay section

Home needs

Block Diagram

Receiver section in home

RF receiver

Opto coupler Opto coupler 8051


Device 1


Device 2

RF decoder


Opto coupler Opto coupler


Device 3


Device 4


Key pad

RF Encoder

RF transmitter

Operation: The operation are divided in to two types that are 1. Transmitter side operation 2. Receiver side operation Transmitter side operation:1. In the transmitter side we have a) Keypad b) RF encoder c) RF transmitter

We can explain the operation of a each element first a)keypad: Keypad is nothing but the sum of switches In our project according to RF encoder we have four switches in the key pad We can connect the switch to on and off are only for on other wise only for off If we press on the one switch that will 0 and remaining switches produces 1 That will goes to encoder

b)RF encoder: In this project we are using encoder is HT12E Operation of encoders is a 4-word transmission cycle upon receipt of a transmission enable It takes the data from switches as the 4-bit binary and it encodes as below D3 D2 D1 D0 1 1 1 0 =E 1 1 0 1 =D 1 0 1 1 =B 0 1 1 1 =7 Like this the data will encoded and the encoded data will goes to the transmitter c)RF transmitter: In this project we are using 434MHz frequency transmitter This transmits the encoded out put through the antenna Suppose we pressed the sw1 then the encoded output E will transmit through the antenna

This is the operation of a transmitter side . Receiver side operation:a)RF receiver b)RF decoder

c)8051 micro controller d)triac e)up to coupler f)device We can explain the operation each element first a)RF receiver: In this project we are using 434MHz frequency receiver It receive the transmitted data through antenna Suppose we transmitted E it receives the E And it will goes to RF decoder b)RF decoder: Decoder decodes the received data in to binary language It process is like D3 1 1 1 0 D2 1 1 0 1 D1 D0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1

E= D= B= 7=

Like this the encoded output will decode This decoded binary numbers goes to the 8051micro controller

c)8051micro controller: 8051 micro controller gets the decoded input And microcontroller contains the crystal oscillator it maintains frequency constant as 11,052MHz And the 8051 micro controller are In this we can give the input to the 12 and 13 pins

And now output of micro controller we can get at the ports p00,p01,p02,p03 At the output the data can select as

For example the output will 0 1 1 1 then the p00 only reaches output at port 0 Remaining will go to ground The port 0 will go to triac

d)triac: Triac is device which allows the AC supply For example the transistor and fet allows dc supply It will connected to power devices to homeneeds It acts as switch if one time input comes to it then it will on and the input comes then it will turn off The diagram of a triac is like

The gate will get the input from micro controller when ones input comes it will on and for next input it will turn off

d)op to coupler: e)devices: The devices are any home needs which works with 220 volts For example tv,computer,tubelight,fan ,etc The device will connect to the triac anode2 with negative wire And the device positive wire directly connected to the power It prevents the microcontroller from a causes

This is all about receiver side operation POWER SUPPLY: The power supply is 220volts And it positive connected directly to device and negative connected to triac

APLLICATIONS: This will most help full to the phc people and to the old age people

Low power consumption data communication Power saving system Decrease the human power

ThIS mini project is don by T. KRANTHI KUMAR(096H1A0441) R.UDAY KUMAR(096H1A0432) S.ARUN KUMAR(096H1A0436) SIGN: SIGN: SIGN: