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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Secret FDIC & JPMorgan Chase Bank 118 Page Purchase and Assumption Agreement for Washington Mutual Bank Uncovered

Smoking Gun or Another Murder of Crows? You be the judge.

QUESTION -- Are the FDIC and JPMorgan Chase Bank and their attorneys keeping secrets and playing destructive games with the lives of good decent Americans across the land that results in their stealing homes and damaging forever lives and communities? Are they in fact hiding the true agreement (PAA) for the assets and liabilities of Washington Mutual Bank, the failed bank seized by the Office of Thrift Supervision and placed in Receivership with the FDIC who sold WAMU to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA on the very same day? Repeatedly homeowners in foreclosure and their attorneys have questioned the veracity of the 39 page Purchase and Assumption Agreement between the FDIC and JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA for Washington Mutual Bank that Chase, the FDIC, and their attorneys represent to be the real PAA. They have used this 39 page document in courts of law to reap all of WAMU's benefits without bearing any of its burdens in courtrooms, federal and state, throughout the United States. Attorney Vernon Bradley of Sausalito, California, recently filed a lawsuit to stop a foreclosure action on behalf of the Plaintiff, Scott Call Jolley, against Chase et al in California Superior Court in Marin County, California and it is under appeal. This case and the revelations that have come to light through Appellant's Opening Brief filed with the California Appellate Court points to the existence of a different PAA that consists of 118 or so pages as revealed in the deposition and declaration of Jeffrey Thorpe, whose credentials make him a reliable witness. (see below excerpts from Appellant Brief.)

Appellant's Opening Brief presents a strong argument that the FDIC

and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA entered into an 118 page Purchase and Assumption Agreement, rather than the PAA being circulated through the courts in foreclosure cases throughout the United States federal and state courts.

If in fact this 118 page PAA exists, can one conclude that the Respondents and their attorneys have perpetrated a possible fraud on the court and that this possible fraud extends to foreclosure lawsuits (past, present, and future) throughout the United States? And if so, what can be done to help these homeowners who were possibly victimized by judges who unwittingly relied on the purported 39 page PAA to seize and sell their homes? What will these judges have to say about this serious misrepresentation of the PAA if found to be true? Will these victimized homeowners be recompensed for the damage caused to them financially and personally? Will the courts take another look? Below is information obtained through court proceedings. Please read this post in its entirety. LINK