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Shakoria Morgan April 2, 2012 Martha Bowles World Literature #2. Characterize Medea . . .

Is she a Tragic Hero, a Victim, or Something Else

In the tragedy, Medea transitions from a a victim of blindness to love to a female tragic heroine to a victim to depression , and lastly to a woman seeking revenge. It is the story of a woman that betrays everuthing that she has ever known all for the power of love. What is love and what does it entail? After reading this tragedy, the reader will feel for Medea and her emotions, but will also astray from her after she does the unthinkable-murder her own children. It is also set up to portray the point of view of love sick women and their depression. It shows how the one you love has the upper hand, and what it can do to you if thrown to the side. She was blindsided by her love for Jason because she betrayed her family and her native land. In the beginning it is said, She persuaded the daughters of Perlias to kill their father. This is an example of how Jasons love for her was able to persuade to do some of his dirty deeds.When once she is wronged in the matter of love, no other soul can hold so many thoughts of blood.This is the description of how Medea was unable to think logically while in love. I killed, and so gave you the safety of the light. And I myself betrayed my father and my home. And came with you to Pelias land of Iolcos . She was so passionately in love with Jason that she did any and everything that he asked of her. Due to her not witnessing the effect of loving Jason so much, she had dug herself a hole and had no way of getting out. Where am I to go? To my fathers? Him I betrayed and his land when I came with you. To Pelias wretched daughters? What a fine welcome they would prepare for me who murdered their father! In the end Medea comments to Jason by saying, Is love so small a pain, do you think for a woman? This is the theme of the story and the best way to categorize Medea-a victim that is blinded by love. Medea can be categorized as a tragic heroine because she experienced happiness that soon became misery. She was happy when she was married to Jason and gave birth to their two children. She soon experienced misery when she was replaced by Kreons daughter and Jason wanted nothing to do with her or their kids. She had previously belonged to a distinguished family when she lived in Colchis because she was the princess and her father was the king. In her anger with Jason she explains the effect of her running away with him to a foreign land and having no one to help her if there was ever cause. She says, but I am deserted, a refugee,

thought nothing of by my husband-something he won in a foreign land. I have no mother or brother, nor any relation with whom I can take refuge in this area of woe. While she was in her state of depression she cried for herself and the terrors she had done for the love of Jason. She reminisced by saying, Oh, my father! Oh, my country! In what dishonor I left you, killing my own brother for it! Medeas state of mind after being betrayed by Jason is depression towards everyone around her caused by Jasons betrayal on her and their children. She later began to despise the sight of her children. The nurse notices and says, She has turned from her children and does not like to see them Then, the tutor mentioned, So Jason neglects his children for the new bride. Everyone can see the effect it has on their mistress and overall the home. Medea included in the end to Jason when she is flying away with their dead bodies, Now you would speak to them, now you would kiss them. Then you rejected them. She is distraught on how her once very loving husband could not only turn his back on his wife, but also on their children. At this point, she is be a beginning to distance herself to being referred as a victim, but a strong, independent woman. We women are the most unfortunate creatures. She says this with true agony in her heart, because she despises how emotional women are and how foolish they are to allow their hearts to have so much power. As women, they are always getting the bottom end of the stick and tossed away when no longer needed.But on me this thing has fallen so unexpectedly. It has broken my heart. I am finished. I let go all my lifes joy. My friends, I only want to die. It was everything to me to think well of one man. And he, my own husband, has turned out wholly vile. With this quote, she is showing her depression of not wanting to be around anyone, but she is also showing the side of her that does not agree with having to put so much of herself with one man. You can insult me. You have somewhere to turn to. But I shall go from this land into exile, friendless. This is

another cause for her depression, they can disagree as much as they please, but in the end, Jason has somewhere to call home, Medea does not. This was a transition from a victim of depression to a woman seeking revenge. The chorus quoted, In your grief too I weep, mother of little children, you who will murder your own in vengeance for the loss of married love. Which Jason has betrayed as he lives with another wife. They are disappointed in Medea for taking her vengeance on Jason by causing harm to their children. I think this is the final push that Medea needed to set her anger and hurt into something positive-defending her honor and status amongst everyone and showing that yes, she was humiliated by her husband. However, she can rise against that and become an independent woman that relies on no man. When the chorus attempt to persuade Medea to let the past go and move on with her life, she replied, My hateful husband. I pray that I may see him. Him and his bride and all their palace shattered for the wrong they dare to do me without cause.She is furious with Jason and humiliated. It is after the chorus says, This passion of hers moves to something great, do they see her transition from a victim of depression to a woman who seeks revenge. For a woman, nor can she say no to her marriage. A man, when hes tired of the company in his home, goes out of the house and end to his boredom, and turns to a friend or companion of his own age. But we are forced to keep out eyes on one alone. She seeks revenge on Kreon because he banished her and her children from Corinth saying, Medea, I order you to leave my territories. An exile, and take along with you your two children. I will not return home until you are cast from the boundaries of my land. He taunts her with, You are a clever woman, versed in evil arts. And are angry at having lost your husbands love. She hates that he has brought up her straying husband to her and schemes a plan to seek revenge on all three of them by saying, To stay here, and in this I will make dead bodies of three of my enemies-father, the girl, and my husband.

Here, she is taking matters into her own hands to seek revenge on the ones that have done her wrong. She spoke to Jason and said, This is how I behaved to you, you wretched man. And you forsook me, took another bride to bed.He does not deny it, which causes her to boil even more. His response to her comment of I saved your life, and every Greek knows I saved it. He defends it with, In so far as you helped me. You did well enough. But on this question of saving me, I can prove you have certainly got from me more than you gave. That was the ultimate insult saying that she did not do anything worthy of his love. He declined her importance on his life, and she was having none of it. She has successfully sought revenge on the two people-Kreon and his daughter- that caused for Jason to stray. And pleasantly live your life through, laughing at me. Nor would the princess, nor he who offered the match ,Kreon, drive me away without paying for it. So now you may call me a monster, if you wish. She no longer cares how Jason feels about her. She has changed from a victim to a person taking the reins of her life and directing it. In the end, Medea was no longer a victim ,but a woman that was beaten but had arisen on her own.

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