Shuffler 1 Jonathan Shuffler Ms.

Morin ENGL 1103 019 12 October 2011 Werewolf (Part 6) Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons, places or events, unless explicitly noted, are coincidental. Blue. For some reason, I kept thinking of the color blue. I was cold. Little tingling aches crawled up my body. Everything was dark. I strictly remember lying on the ground when it happened, but now I am on something much softer. Suddenly my eyes open. Light pours in as I blink repeatedly, trying to see where I was. It looked familiar. There was a mirror, shelves, closet and that giant tree outside of the window to my left. My memory was fading back in. That was my mirror, shelves and closet. I can’t say that I owned the tree, but I did own the window it was spying on me through. This was my room. I laughed at myself for such a slow start to the day. It was daytime wasn’t it? I looked out the window, the suns rays waved back. Yep, it was. Blue. That color went through my mind again. One of these days I will find out what blue means. I softly rolled over and yawned. A flashing seven colon thirty flashed before my eyes. What an odd place to put that number. It means something though. “Now if I could just,” a searing pain went through my head. My skull felt like it was going to collapse violently. “Where did that come from?” I thought to myself in a half growl half whine sort of way. I looked at the blinking numbers again. Seven thirty five. A small, ringing

Shuffler 2 sound crept from inside my head as I stared at the red flashing numbers. The sound got louder and louder as a slight whistle echoed through my head. That was it! My alarm was going off! I sprang up to my feet in an instant. I fell to the floor even faster. “Darn bedcovers!” I yelled at my sheets as I untangled my foot from them. I rushed to the mirror and brushed my teeth. There would be no time for breakfast this morning. Classes started at eight. It was already seven forty. The rest of my morning was rushed and I hurried out the door to my first class. I didn’t know what was coming.

I rushed in and slammed into my seat. Professor Collins looked at me with his squinty, brown eyes as I slipped my books onto my desk. The room stopped as the clock just hit eight o’ five am. “I see someone was sleeping in this morning.” He said with a dry, monotonous tone. The class laughed quietly among themselves as I looked around the room and attempted to do the same. I opened the book to the page that the girl next to me was on. Her long, brown hair blocked her face. Somehow, I never noticed her. I mentally slapped myself for my lack of observation. She had long, sleek arms that were tannish brown. Her hair swished back and forth as she took notes from the lecture. I couldn’t even hear Collins talking at the moment. My mind was singularly focused, as if in a daze. “…and what do you think about Carter’s take on heredity?” Collins said, staring right at me. I looked over to him as he lowered his glasses and glared at me. My eyes looked at his and I cracked a sideways smile and with a nervous shrug he rolled his eyes.

Shuffler 3 “Next time I ask a question, you better be prepared to answer it Sleeping Beauty. Anyways, Carter believed that…” Collin’s voice trailed off again. “Ya know, maybe if you paid more attention to what he lectures on, you wouldn’t have to look at my book to find out where we’re at. Or at least you could just ask.” A small, quite voice whispered. It was soft, smooth and effortlessly graceful. I glanced over to the source of the voice and there was the brown hair again. I mentally slapped myself again for not looking at her when she was talking. Next time, I will be prepared. My glanced over at her again while the professor’s voice trailed in and out. “I don’t know why you are so intent on looking at the pages in my book. We were all given the same copy.” She said playfully. Finally, time slowed down to a wonderful trance. Her hair whipped around as she spoke and her eyes met mine. A cute laugh came from her as our eyes met. I never believed in love at first sight, but something immediately came to my mind. Her eyes were blue. Suddenly, I glanced back at the professor, who was still talking about heredity. Blue. There that color was again. After class, I waved at the girl. She didn’t notice. I knew I was onto something. I kept forgetting something too. The two pieces weren’t clicking. Little did I know how it important it was that they did.

(This story will be continued next week)

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