Law of Tort Law of Tort 民事侵权法

Principles of tort of tort
• Law gives various rights to persons Law gives various rights to persons • A duty imposed by law to respect the legal  right of others right of others • When a right is infringed, the wrongdoer is  liable in tort liable in tort
– e.g. invasion by trespassers into a property

• When a tort is committed, the remedy is an When a tort is committed, the remedy is an  action for damages, i.e. compensation for  g infringement

Crime, tort and breach of contract Crime, tort and breach of contract
• Crime
– Prohibited by law – The state prosecute the offender The state prosecute the offender – Punishable by fine or imprisonment

• B th t t d b Both tort and breach of contract are  h f t t
– Civil wrongs – The person wronged sues in a civil court for  compensation

Tortious and contractual liability and contractual liability 
• They are similar in that They are similar in that
– Both are civil wrongs; and – The person wronged sues in the court for  p g compensation

• Differences
– In a tortious claim, the defendant may not have  any previous transaction or relationship with the  claimant l i t – In a contractual claim, the defendant and claimant  must be the parties to the contract must be the parties to the contract

Wrong and damage Wrong and damage
• You have to prove your loss if you want to You have to prove your loss if you want to  claim damage
– No loss no compensation No loss, no compensation – E.g. Page 226

• E Exercise i
– Activity 1, page 227

Remoteness of damage Remoteness of damage
• When a person commits a tort with the When a person commits a tort with the  intention of causing loss or harm which in fact  results from the wrongful act, the loss or harm  results from the wrongful act the loss or harm can never be too remote a consequence.
– i e You are liable to the loss or harm caused by i.e. You are liable to the loss or harm caused by  you when you have intention to do so

• Damages will be awarded for it Damages will be awarded for it Page 227‐228

Assignment 2  Assignment 2 – 3a
• Compare and contrast tortious liability and and contrast tortious liability and  contractual liability • Compare between tortious liability and  contractual liability in terms of: l li bili i f
– Similarity – Differences

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