Terri Sindelar Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 1992 (Phone: 202/453-8400) p.m.

ET Cecelia Blalock Young Astronauts Council, Washington, D.C. (Phone: 202/682-1984) RELEASE: 92-13

January 24, Embargoed until 3

STUDENTS COMPETE TO DESIGN COMMEMORATIVE ISY POSTER During a White House event today, at which President Bush kicked-off International Space Year, NASA and the Young Astronaut Council announced a student space art contest called Outer Sight. U.S. students in grades K through 9 are invited to take a trip to their sketchpad, explore their imagination and launch their vision of space exploration. The winning design will become a NASA commemorative International Space Year 1992 poster. Official entry forms will be distributed through the 26,000 Young Astronaut chapters throughout the nation. Entries must be postmarked no later than April 15, 1992. Winners will be notified by May 31, 1992. There will be 12 winners selected, four from each of three levels: grades K-3, 4-6 and 7-9. The grand prize entry will become a NASA commemorative ISY poster. Entries will be judged by a distinguished panel with representatives from NASA, the Young Astronaut Council, the ISY Association, and recognized professional artists. Submissions will be judged on the basis of creativity, presentation, technical ability and appropriateness to ISY. Commenting on the contest, NASA Administrator Richard H. Truly said, "NASA is delighted to join the Young Astronauts Council in launching this exciting and inspiring educational activity. ISY is a year-long celebration of our accomplishments in space and our commitment to press forward in exploration, discovery and scientific inquiry." - more - 2 -

"Our future in space rests in the dreams and imaginations of today's students," said T. Wendell Butler, President, Young Astronaut Council. "Exploring space, like all great pioneering journeys in history, begins with an idea and is limited only by our dreams and imaginations. We are asking children to use their creative talents to capture in a poster the spirit of ISY and their vision of future space exploration." During the ISY year-long observance, 29 space agencies and ministries from around the world, 10 international organizations and the United Nations will be celebrating the spirit of discovery and will be working together to promote a new era of global cooperation and to increase our knowledge of planet Earth. NASA has been designated by Congress as the lead U.S. agency responsible for developing and monitoring ISY events domestically and internationally. The Young Astronaut Program is a national educational enrichment program that uses the fascination of space to increase the interest and skills of children in grades K through 9 in math, science and technology. Since the program began in 1984, more than 26,000 chapters have been established in every state and in 42 foreign countries. For additional information on any ISY program or event, contact the U.S. International Space Year Association (US-ISY), on 202/863-1734. US-ISY was established with support from NASA to provide information on ISY events. - end -