RNHeals Monthly Journal March 2012 Name: Rosefel N.

Dellupac___ Municipality/Province: Balayan___ Area of Assignment: Rural Health Unit___

I.Activities: •

• March 29

March 30

Center for Health Development and Provincial Health Office Orientation at Batangas City >Discussions about the President Aquino’s health agenda; the KP ( Kalusugang Pangkalahatan. >Emphasized the 4P’s (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program) towards uplifting the status of the poorest Filipino families. >Introduced the overview of the updated rules and regulations of Philhealth. >Oriented to perform profiling for continuous health care to NHTS (National Household Target System) Rural Health Unit- March 29-30 >Meeting with the chief nurse for assignment of barangay that belongs to 4P’s beneficiaries. These are Barangay 9, San Juan, Duhatan and Patugo. >Establishing rapport to gain the trust of the patient. >Performing physical assessment relevant for patient’s case. >Execution of intramuscular injection of tetanus toxoid and anti-tetanus serum to patients who had punctured and lacerated wound cases. >Courtesy call with the municipal mayor and he assured to strengthen the medium of the delivery health care to far flung areas like providing a vehicle for transportation in Patugo.

II. Learning/Insights: • Oriented from the different facilities of the RHU. • I learned one of the primary levels of health care which was provided by the RHU to patients like prevention of pneumonia through pneumococcal vaccination. • Secondary level of prevention was also applied in the RHU like PPD( Purified Protein Derivative) testing. In able to provide PPD testing it is needed to have at least 5 children to avoid wastage of PPD. • Learned a precaution of DMPA injection which is elevated blood pressure. III. Issues/Concerns: • We cited that there were medications that were funded by the local government were less than 6 months before its expiration date. IV. Recommendations: • I recommend that whenever that there is a free time for the utility, they will make a list of the expiration date of the medications to prioritize the “first in, first out” so that every medications will count for the healthcare of the patients of Balayan. Signed

Rosefel N. Dellupac R.N._ Rosa R.N._ Nurse Trainee Health Unit




Chief Nurse, Rural

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