Self-Defense Workshop April 7, 2012: Kolkata Every year, millions of women and girls worldwide suffer violence

, be it domestic violence, rape, female genital mutilation/cutting, dowry-related killing, trafficking, sexual violence in conflict related situations, or related conflict-related other manifestations of abuse. Women aged 15 15-44 years are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria, according to World Bank data. Self-protection World Self is, at best, one part of a comprehensive solution to this violence. Keeping this in mind, GBS Yi Yi-Net organized a self-defense workshop for twenty five under privileged girls, residing at All Children Together defense under-privileged Trust, so that they never have to experience the terror and helplessness. The event started with the girls ey getting briefed about certain self-defense techniques, which were followed by a three-hour training three session. One important thing to learn about the art of self self-defense is how to inflict pain on the attacker e and escape, and not necessarily beat them up. One does not need to be an expert in martial arts to succeed in escaping the attacker. A woman’s responsibility is to ensure their safety and protection wherever they are. Gone are the days when women were helpless and uneducated. With proper e. knowledge, determination, confidence, and alertness, women are empowered and can surpass any obstacle or untoward accidents that come along the way. All the members of GBS Yi-NET, participated Yi actively, which was also attended by Mr Rabindra Tatia, Proprietor, Season's and Mrs Arpita Chowdhury, Faculty - Soft Skills & Student Relations, Globsyn Business School. We did not impact a huge number with this event, but what is more important was the joy in their eyes, the joy of learning the ways to protect important themselves. May be we did not teach all the girls but it is a small step towards what we want to achieve achieve.

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