Beth Schmid Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1760) RELEASE: 97-84

April 29, 1997

STUDENT WINNERS TO BE HONORED IN WASHINGTON, DC Twenty-seven students from public and private schools across the United States have won national recognition in NASA's 17th annual Space Science Student Involvement Program competition. The students will be honored along with their teachers at the National Space Science Symposium, May 3-7, at the Marriott Hotel at Metro Center, 775 12th St., NW, Washington, DC. The competition, co-sponsored by NASA and the National Science Teachers Association, is an interdisciplinary program designed to address the need for greater literacy in the areas of science, critical and creative thinking, mathematics and technology. Over 10,000 students in elementary, junior high, and high school competed in five competition categories using their skills in mathematics, science, technology, art and creative writing. The National Space Science Symposium brings together the 27 national winners and their teachers to recognize their academic achievement in an environment designed to further challenge their talents. The trip to the symposium includes formal presentations of their entries by the students. In addition to their recognition in Washington, other awards include opportunities to intern at a NASA field center for a week during the summer, Space Camp scholarships, medals, ribbons and certificates. Winners of the Interplanetary Art competition will have their artwork displayed at the Marriott Metro Center Hotel during the symposium. Interested persons can view the display in Salons A, B and C through Tuesday, May 6. After the symposium, artwork will be on display in museums, schools and other public sites throughout this year. On Monday, May 5, all events will be open to the press. Beginning at 8:30 a.m. EDT, the national winners of four of the competitions will present their winning proposals in Salons A,B and C. At 1 p.m., eight national semi-finalist high school student winners will present proposals for a Mars science experiment project to a panel of scientists. On Tuesday, May 6, students will tour the Capitol and meet their members of Congress. At 6:30 p.m. on May 6, the students and their teachers will be honored at a banquet at the Marriott Metro Center Hotel. The banquet speaker will be Dr. Robert Parker, a former astronaut who is currently Director, Space Operations Utilization Program, Office of Space Flight, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC. Following is the list of competitions and winners.

Mars Science Experiment Students in grades 9 -12 planned and developed a trip to Mars and proposed an experiment to be conducted along the way. Students were required to follow scientific research guidelines when designing the study. The following regional winners will compete for first place during the Symposium: � Faisal Reza, Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, NY � Marja Matthews, Anacostia High School, Washington, DC � Elisabeth Grove, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC � Mark Adams, Brussels American School, Brussels, Belgium � Greg Hammel, Appleton East High School, Appleton, WI � Katie Griffin, Shawnee Mission High School, Overland Park, KS � Andrew Wong, Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, CA � Amy Frost, Laramie High School, Laramie, WY Interplanetary Art Competition Students in grades 3 - 12 expressed their talents in science and art by creating a two-dimensional illustration depicting a scene from interplanetary space and writing an essay describing the picture. The art work will be displayed for public viewing. � Crystal Reiff, McCray-Dewey School, Troy, IL � Aja Gibson, Southern Regional Middle School, Manahawkin, NJ � Ariel Overstreet, Big Timber Grade School, Big Timber, MT Future Aircraft/Spacecraft Design Competition Students in grades 3 - 5 worked in teams to design a futuristic aircraft or spacecraft. The students created three illustrations and wrote an essay describing the spacecraft. � Taylor Gray, Lindsay Hauge, Amber Overstreet, Big Timber Grade School, Big Timber, MT Mission To Planet Earth Students in grades 6 - 8, worked in three-person teams to create an interdisciplinary project using satellites to study the effects of human activity on the Earth's ecosystem. They used research methods and an understanding of technology to search for solutions to society's ecological problems. * Steve Gold, Evan Volkman, Jonathan Jaffe, Michael Haendler, Bi-Cultural Day School, Stamford, CT Aerospace Internship Competitions Students in grades 9 - 12 competed for a one-week internship with their teacher/advisor at a NASA facility. Students were chosen on the basis of a written proposal of an experiment that could theoretically be performed at one of the facilities. Supercomputer Internship * Tomoya Ohno, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA, with scientists and engineers working on a Cray Computer.

Space Station Internship * Maureen Morgan, Parma Senior H.S., Parma, OH, will intern at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, with scientists and engineers working on the Space Station. Wind Tunnel Internship * Leslie Shope, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, with scientists and engineers conducting research in aerodynamics using wind tunnels. Microgravity Internship * Eric Shang, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, with scientists performing microgravity experiments in a drop tube. Spacelab Internship * Anne Lee, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, conducting experiments with scientists and engineers in the pressurized Spacelab module. Space Telerobotics Internship * Eric Schewe, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, and work with engineers conducting research in the microrover laboratory for lunar and planetary surface exploration. Space Astronomy Internship * Mary Dombrowski, Glastonbury H.S., Glastonbury, CT, will intern at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, and work with astronomers conducting research in observational and theoretical astronomy and solar physics. Launch Operations * Christine Hwang, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, FL, and work with engineers on launch operations. Atmospheric Flight Internship * Jai Xu, Montgomery Blair H.S., Silver Spring, MD, will intern at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, and work with engineers on flight research programs. -end-