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May 2012
An Aperam stainless steel rain screen adorns the John Lewis Store and
Cineplex which form part of the regeneration of the city of Leicester
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May2012 ABC+D May 2012. As another rainy day dawns over the
ABC+D offices, our May issue offers an Extended Feature
selection about Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
including the topical subject of Rainwater Harvesting on
page 20. Our Building Study demonstrates the power of
architecture to transform as we talk about the major
refurbishment of Waltham Forest College in north east
London (p.10), and the Product Focus on page 08 highlights
HD Sharman’s Plygene Gutterline – an excellent, cost-effective
solution to leaky gutters – again a topical subject, during this typical, showery British
springtime. Our usual selection of In Depth features for this issue cover an array of
subjects from tap contamination, (p. 26) to JELD-WEN’s take on enhancing the
sustainability of a building with timber windows, (p.54) all of which we hope you
find useful.
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Focus on Housebuilding Maintenance & RefurbishmentSustainability & Eco Solutions
Floors, Walls & Ceilings (inc. Acoustic Solutions) Focus on Education Extended Feature:
Fire, Safety & Security
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04 News
All the latest global construction news...
ABC+D May 2012
The resurgence of stainless steel in construction has seen it take many forms. Its resistance to corrosion,
long life expectancy, aesthetic value and overall sustainability all combine in its favour. For the John Lewis
Store and Cineplex, which formed part of a major city centre regeneration scheme in Leicester, an Aperam
stainless steel rain screen was commissioned. A UGIBRIGHT mirror finish was specified for the 34,000m
façade, pleated at different scales to diffuse the large area into a series of smaller, reflective surfaces.
The mirror finish brings colour and changing patterns to its surface throughout the day providing an
overall design which challenges the conventional blank envelopes which typify such buildings.
The exterior curtain concept provided a distinct identity between the cinema and adjoining store, and has
even been extended to such elements as matching screen curtains within the interior. A UGIBRIGHT
stainless steel systems provide a smooth surface to which contaminants cannot easily attach themselves,
thereby greatly reducing cleaning demands. With none of the attendant underside corrosion problems
associated with other hard metals, it requires no protective reverse-side coating.
Green buildings, to many owners and occupants, primarily means lower energy costs. The advantage of owning or leasing a BREEAM rated
ofce is often explained mainly in the reduced running costs, closely followed by other – usually environmental – easy-to-measure attributes
such as water use.
There is a growing body of evidence that green buildings can provide benefts well beyond the economic aspects of energy, water and waste
that are so often cited as reasons to consider green construction. Ofce design, ft out and refurbishment specialist, Morgan Lovell, points to four
major benefts that green ofces deliver: Money savings – primarily from reduced energy costs; legislative compliance; positive company image –
demonstrating to stakeholders that you take sustainability seriously – and increased productivity. Morgan Lovell believes that happier ofces
equal happier staf and happier clients. Ever since the industrial revolution, there has been evidence to support the idea that better buildings
deliver improved productivity, but research and measurement has focused mainly on those aspects of sustainability that can easily be measured
More recently, researchers and analysts have begun looking at how to measure the efect our working environment has on productivity.
A survey by Eversheds indicated that 66% of employees said their working environment had a signifcant impact on whether or not they
would accept a job.
Research carried out by Michigan State University looked into the life cycle cost analysis of occupant well-being and productivity in LEED
rated ofces. Starting from the premise that staf are actually 90% of the cost of running a building, it made perfect sense to the researchers to
focus on this aspect of expenditure rather than the energy savings that everyone else tends to focus on. The work centred around the study of
two diferent companies, each of which were moving from non-LEED into LEED certifed ofces and assessing the employees’ attendance
record, productivity and satisfaction both pre and post-move. As well as identifying that staf were happier in their new environment, the
Michigan research team concluded that absenteeism had reduced and productivity was improved. Overall, it estimates that an average increase
in productivity of 39 hours per year, per employee, was attributed to the move to greener ofces. That’s a whole week each year of additional
output, which the research showed far outweighed any increased cost of construction.
More work is now beginning to take place on how we can place a value on the social and staf welfare advantages that green buildings deliver,
leading to a better understanding of what the green premium provided by low carbon buildings really means in economic, social and
environmental terms.
Graham Sprigg is managing director of IMS Consulting, which specialises in sustainability engagement,
strategy and communication in the construction sector. Visit www.imsplc.comfor more information.
Your ideas, thoughts and comments are welcome. Email FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Graham Sprigg
The hidden value of
sustainable buildings
Cover story...
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06 Hot Topic
Building Information Modelling
ABC+D May 2012
esults from an annual, industry-wide survey undertaken by
NBS have provided the most comprehensive and accurate
picture of UK BIM (Building Information Modelling) and its
growing influence within the built environment industry.
Unquestionably one of the hottest topics in construction, the
adoption of BIM has recently been described as unstoppable by
Paul Morrell, the Government’s chief construction adviser, who
has reiterated over the last 12 months, the intention to make
BIM compulsory for public projects.
The NBS National BIM Survey was completed in late 2011
by nearly 1,000 construction professionals
representing a range of business sizes and
disciplines from across the industry
including architecture, engineering
and surveying.
The key findings
of the NBS National
BIM Survey are:
Almost a third (31%)
of construction
professionals are now
using BIM – up from
13% in 2010
The number of
those unaware of
BIM and its
benefits has
halved with just
over a fifth (21%)
saying they were
unaware of the
technology and not
using it compared
to 43% in 2010
Three quarters of
those construction
professionals currently
aware of BIM predict they
will be using it on some
projects by the end of 2012,
and almost 19 out of 20 people
expect to be using it in five years’
74% of those using BIM believe clients
will increasingly insist on BIM adoption
More than 80% agreed BIM increases the co-
ordination of construction documents, with 65% of those using
the technology saying BIM delivered cost efficiencies.
The survey revealed that the perceived expense and time
commitments involved in adopting BIM technology remain the main
barriers to greater industry-wide adoption in the current economic
climate, particularly for smaller businesses. Almost two thirds (63%)
agreed that BIM is too expensive to consider at the moment, with
nearly half (48%) saying they needed to get through the downturn
before looking at BIM.
Despite 78% saying that BIM is the future of project information,
the survey also revealed that, in terms of understanding how BIM
works, there is still much progress to be made with four out of five
agreeing that the industry is not yet clear on what BIM actually is.
On a positive note, a high percentage (74%) sees BIM as not just a
synonym for 3D CAD drawings and the majority (46%) agreed that
unless specifications are linked to the CAD model, it’s not BIM.
Commenting on the survey, Dr Stephen Hamil, director of design
and innovation and head of BIM at RIBA Enterprises, said: “The survey
clearly shows that in the UK the question is no longer will BIM be
adopted, but how quickly? The fact that three quarters of those aware
of BIM predict they will be using it on projects by the end of the year
shows the speed with which things are moving.
It is the job of the construction industry data providers and
software companies, such as NBS, to provide the tools
necessary to make the adoption of BIM an easy
process. Whether it’s specification
information, technical guidance,
manufacturer product information
or geometric objects, the digital
information that is produced
must be structured to work
in the BIM environment.”
The 2011 National BIM
Survey represents the
latest stage in NBS’
campaign to promote
on BIM, and guide
the industry in its
and adoption of
the process.
An expert
provider of
information for
construction industry
professionals, NBS is
focused on providing
the information needed
to improve decision
making at each stage of the
construction and operation
process, as well as developing
libraries of data that will support
this information revolution.
Its new specification tool, NBS Create,
has been designed to make life much easier for
design and construction teams enabling an entire
project team to work on a single, integrated specification that
develops from outline stage through to an
“as built” record of the building.
NBS and RIBA Enterprises are members
of the BIM Technologies Alliance supporting
the UK Government's Construction Strategy
BIM Working Group.
The full National BIM Survey is
available at
78% of construction professionals surveyed said that BIM is the future of project
information but is it the present? NBS reveals more...
For more
about NBS use
any of the enquiry
methods below
quoting number
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Hot Topic 07
Building Information Modelling
ABC+D May 2012
The survey
clearly shows
that in the UK
the question is no
longer will BIM be
adopted but how
quickly? The fact
that three quarters
of those aware of
BIM predict they
will be using it on
projects by the end
of the year shows
the speed with
which things are
ENTERPRISES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
08 Feature
Product Focus
ABC+D May 2012
one are the days when property owners could put routine
maintenance to the back of their minds, safe in the knowledge
that if something went wrong they'd be able to find the money
to make things right. How things change....
These days everyone's keeping a tight rein on their resources,
saving for rainy days and pre-empting potentially expensive,
unforeseen problems – particularly with regards to properties.
From property developers to housing associations, more and
more people are looking for intelligent ways to minimise the cost
of maintaining and repairing their premises. Leaking guttering is a
common problem and, left unattended, can cause significant damage
to a building, inside and out. Traditional methods to replace or repair
guttering can be costly and often mean unwanted disruption to
businesses and residents alike.
Fortunately, HD Sharman has long had the answer; its patented
Plygene Gutterline product has been in even greater demand as the
economic climate drives the need for a cost-effective guttering solution.
Commercial appeal
The commercial appeal of Gutterline is well known, which is why it is
the product of choice for many architects, roofers, building contractors,
specifiers and property developers across the UK.
For example, Brian Steel from Steel Roofing believes:
“the Plygene Gutterline system is a great idea, a hard-wearing
liner, made-to-measure, that fits inside the existing broken gutters.”
Brian immediately saw the benefits of using Gutterline as there was
no need for any structural work, making leaking gutters a quick resolve
at significantly less cost.
Plygene Gutterline can be tailored to match any roof design
and rainwater run-off system, and can include corners, T junctions,
overflows, weirs, syphonic outlets, and side boxes. It is this flexibility
which means it can be used on all sizes and types of buildings, from old
industrial mills to modern shopping malls, on all kinds of roof and for
any gutter profile.
Keith Bartlett, owner of KB Buildings was impressed by Plygene
Gutterline right from the outset and uses it on most of his customer
projects, industrial and agricultural buildings, and even new builds.
Keith explains the benefits of installing Gutterline: “We only have to do
the job once and there is no comeback, which is a great time and cost
saving benefit for us. We install Plygene Gutterline on all industrial jobs
as a sort of insurance policy. For example, large valley gutters would
cost a fortune to replace, so Gutterline is our insurance policy that they
won’t leak, ever. And on old buildings it is the only product on the
market that is suitable.”
Addressing a social problem
It's not just commercial and industrial property owners that are feeling
the benefit of HD Sharman's “do it once, do it right” approach
to leaking gutters. There are more than 2,000 housing associations
responsible for 1.7 million properties throughout the UK and they are
feeling the squeeze in Government funding as acutely as many of their
third sector counterparts, perhaps more so. While housing association
portfolios include some modern properties (generally requiring lower
levels of maintenance) by far the greatest proportion is traditional mid-
to-late 20th century ex-council stock and, as such, they represent one
of the largest spenders on property maintenance and repair services in
the UK.
Not only do social landlords have a responsibility to maintain and
repair leaking gutters, they are also obliged to re-house tenants where
extensive rectification work is needed. HD Sharman recognised the
problem and produced a solution to what had become a nationwide
The company developed its Plygene Gutterline system specifically
for Finlock-type sectional concrete guttering. It addresses outer and
inner troughs to create a one-piece gutter within a gutter which makes
it impossible for water to seep behind or beneath it and also
incorporates a heavy-duty sarking angle designed to deflect run-off
water into the gutter's outer trough. Fitted correctly, (HD Sharman
provides free training to all users of the system) it offers a permanent
solution to gutter leakage and, because there is no need to remove the
existing, in-built guttering system, it negates the need to rehouse
tenants in order to do the work.
Lee Holohan has worked as a roofing contractor for more than ten
years and he first used the Gutterline system following a personal
recommendation: “I needed to resolve a leaking concrete-based gutter
system for a housing project when a friend pointed me in the direction
of HD Sharman. A made-to-measure roll of Plygene Gutterline for
Finlock sealed the existing gutter and stopped leaks without using
messy adhesive, structural work or disruption.”
Greenfields Community Housing is one of several more recent
converts. Responsible for more than 8,000 properties, Greenfields is
actively using the Gutterline for Finlock system to help reduce costs
and stop gutters leaking and it has already had a significant impact on
the community gateway's performance – as monitored and published
on its website.
Broad appeal
What sets Gutterline apart is that it can be used on any type of building
and with any original gutter structure. One of the directors at HD
Sharman, Margaret Bullen believes it is the combination of widespread
application with the nationwide drive to reduce maintenance and repair
costs that have combined to take the Plygene Gutterline product to the
next level. She said: “Our customer base has really broadened in the
past few years. From mills to
supermarkets, factories to aircraft
hangers, farm buildings to hospitals,
the product has even been used for
cathedrals. I think people are just
more aware that what we provide is a
permanent, cost-effective solution to
leaking gutters and that any other
approach just doesn't make sense –
certainly not financially.”
HD Sharman’s Plygene Gutterline system cuts back on
the need for costly maintenance. ABC+D finds out more...
For more information
about HD Sharman
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN201
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
2400mm lengths of beautifully engineered
FoamStone – delivered in 4 weeks
Used worldwide, SYTEX UK manufactures 2400mm lengths
of architectural FoamStone building profiles to rival cast
and quarried stone. Easily installed either during or
after construction using your existing labour,
giving savings at every stage.
SYTEX FoamStone – The look and touch of stone
SYTEX UK uses the latest computerised technology to cut
architectural shapes from high density EPS foam and finishes
them with our unique flexible stone coating.
Commercial and Residential
Banding, string courses
and cornice
Window surrounds, sills
and headers
Quoins and key stones
Brackets and corbels
Door heads and surrounds
Panels and build outs
Custom details
Call now for a quotation
01483 234 885 or visit:
Manufactured in the UK
Email your sketch / drawings
and quantities for a quote
Light in weight,
durable and strong
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10 Building Study
Waltham Forest College
ABC+D May 2012
ichard Hopkinson was appointed in 2010 by Waltham
Forest College to secure Skills Funding Agency (SFA)
support for the revitalisation of the heart of its main campus.
Richard chose to work with Platform 5 and together the team
put forward a successful bid for the college, with Waltham Forest
becoming one of only two successful applicants in South East England.
The £3m project sought to open up the existing landmark 1930s
building to create a new series of formal and informal education and
meeting areas. The team has transformed the previously austere
and run-down main spaces at Waltham Forest College, creating a
welcoming, inclusive and contemporary environment for students,
staff and other building users.
Platform 5 worked closely with Richard throughout the project,
using its skills to develop the design of the first phase of his masterplan
for the college. The result is a well-considered and successfully-
delivered scheme which has been highly acclaimed by the SFA as
offering exceptional value for money. A subsequent bid by the team
for SFA funding for a £4.8m second phase has also recently been
Before the refurbishment, visitors to the imposing main entrance
were met by a shabby and cluttered reception area and a high, blank
wall. Behind this lay a neglected and underused main hall, with a series
of cramped and similarly tired teaching spaces above. Circulation
throughout the building was poor and transparency was limited.
Building users at Waltham Forest College are now welcomed by
a bright and airy reception area on arrival at the entrance. The design
removed the rear wall in the lobby, giving clear views through to the
former main hall which now houses a large new learning centre.
The visual effect from the lobby is a series of layers: looking beyond the
main staircase through full-height glazing into the new learning centre
with glimpses of new interventions inside the main space. As you move
up the revitalised main staircase transparency has been incorporated
on all levels to reflect the open, inclusive nature the college wishes to
The new learning centre is designed to attract students, staff and
visitors to the heart of the main building. At its entrance is a new cafe,
providing a much-needed meeting and refreshment area, which
deliberately blurs the boundaries between formal and informal uses.
Beyond a glazed wall, the former hall then opens out into a large,
double-height, brightly lit and colourful space containing a library and
a series of informal learning areas. Learning is now visibly at the core
of the college campus.
The most striking feature of this area is a new intervention,
a suspended glazed box, offset from the main orientation of the
learning centre. Accessed by a slender, oak-lined staircase or from a
mezzanine gallery, this learning-pod houses two seminar rooms
overlooking the library which can be opened into a larger teaching
space. The mezzanine level contains a well-equipped IT suite,
separated from the learning centre below by a balcony. Both the pod
and the mezzanine level are hung from the ceiling of the main space –
necessary as a swimming pool beneath this area meant that new load-
bearing walls were not possible.
The former stage area is now configured as a black box performing
arts studio which can open to the floor of the learning centre via a
demountable feature wall, for performances, fashion shows award
ceremonies and other activities.
A wide and deep new lightwell has been inserted,
piercing the two storeys above the learning centre and
bringing additional natural light into the core of the
building. At upper levels the resulting voids are glazed from
floor to ceiling, giving views into the learning centre from
the top of the college. This new area is laid out as a set of
seminar rooms or conference suite visibly linked to the
areas below. This transparent series of vertical layers
mimic the vertical layering at the entrance to the college.
The conference suite leads to a vibrantly coloured
refectory. This flexible, open-plan space can also be linked
with the adjacent spaces for other teaching and social
In order to improve circulation and additional emergency
escape routes to the upper floors, the team inserted two
new staircases. Highly functional in appearance, they offer
a pleasing contrast with the Deco-inspired main college
staircase. Both new staircases are clad with simple
insulated panels, appearing from outside as translucent
boxes gently resting upon the original 1930s structure.
The team introduced graphic designer, Nalla, to the
college to support the changes with new branding.
The results are colourful interior design, which along with
quality furniture selected by the team, work to uplift the
college environment. FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
A major refurbishment of Waltham Forest
College in north-east London has been
completed by Richard Hopkinson Architects
in collaboration with Platform 5 Architects.
ABC+Dtakes a look...
Building Study 11
Waltham Forest College
ABC+D May 2012 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Peter Allen, Partner at Platform 5 said: “We feel very fortunate to be involved in
such an exciting project, and proud to have provided Waltham Forest College with
an exceptional new heart to its campus that will bring real educational change. Our
continuing and successful collaboration with Richard Hopkinson has allowed us
both to play to our strengths: teaming Richard’s exceptional sector and
management experience with our focus on high quality design and capacity to
deliver has allowed us to be agile in a challenging environment and provide value for
money to the college. As that partnership continues, we hope to bring our skills to
bear on an increasing number of education projects as we believe we really do have
something special to offer.”
Richard Hopkinson said: “It has been very enjoyable to form a collaboration
with Platform 5, realise a successful project and witness the transformative power
of architecture.”
Peter Glasgow, vice-principal at Waltham Forest
College said: “The college now has a physical visible
heart that reflects the great teaching experience
that we offer to the community of Walthamstow.
The project demonstrates what a good team of
designers can do with
limited funds to raise
aspirations in difficult
times. The whole
encourages meeting,
dialogue and good
behaviour. What is best
is that it is fun for the
students and staff alike.”
For more information
about Richard Hopkinson
Architects and Platform 5
Architects use any of the
enquiry methods below
quoting number BN202
Images: (Courtesy of Platform 5 Architects
and Alan Williams Photography)
Opposite page:
Top: Waltham Forest College exterior
Bottom: Learning Centre
This page:
Top: Upper landing and light void
Middle: Reception area (before)
Bottom: Reception area (after)
12 Products
Innovations: New products for May
SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
The highly energy efficient EPIC fan
coil range from Advanced Air has
specific fan powers (SFPs) as low as
0.2W/l/s constant speed or 0.15W/l/s on VAV
models. This system has a fan deck arrangement
where the large ec fans are mounted horizontally as
opposed to vertically mounted fans that have been traditionally
used in conventional ac fan coils for the past 50 years. This new development means
that much larger ec motors can be used – 250W compared to the existing 75W –
on the vertically mounted fan. With the use of a larger ec motor, many duties can be
covered by utilising a single fan as opposed to multiple decks giving much lower SFP
at a lower cost. Even on the largest units, with cooling outputs of over 9kW, only two
fans are used compared to five fans on standard fan decks. A section of this very
large EPIC fan coil is shown with the two fans horizontally mounted. As well as being
energy efficient and a cost-effective solution these larger fans running at lower
speeds are much quieter and low NR levels can be achieved. In fact, on a recent
project for media rooms, Advanced Air achieved the criteria of NR20 for fan coils
mounted in the corridors and NR25 for those mounted directly in the media rooms.
Wolf Systems, manufacturer of the easi-joist metal-web system, has joined
forces with insulation specialist, Thermal Economics, to develop a low-cost
method of constructing Part E-compliant suspended timber floors. The design,
which incorporates a layer of Thermal Economics’ high performance Isorubber
TF insulating material, is being developed as an alternative to Robust Detail
E-FT3 for structural timber separating floors using metal-web joists.
The proposed Robust Detail promises not just to be more economical
than the existing one but will also offer significantly better performance
in reducing sound transfer between dwellings. Robust Detail E-FT3 is a
design which is accepted as meeting the noise reduction requirements
of Part E of the Building Regulations in timber framed buildings. Robust
Details were introduced with the last revision of Part E to allow designers
and builders to meet these stringent noise requirements without the need
for every floor to be tested post-completion. The new Wolf Systems/
Thermal Economics design uses a 6mm layer of Isorubber to separate
the OSB decking layer from the plasterboard intermediate layer. This thin
sheet of Isorubber replaces the 75 x 45mm softwood timber battens
which feature in E-FT3.
The Skaftray, designed and built in
the UK, can be added to any scaffold
tower, podium steps or MEWP to
improve safety and productivity.
Health and safety inspectors regularly
criticise the practice of precariously
balancing items on wooden or
makeshift planks placed across
the top of the access equipment.
Light in weight, but able to hold a
recommended load of 20kg, Skaftray
is robustly built from either HDPE or
aluminium, both of which are 100%
recyclable. It can be fitted to any
standard scaffolding tower or podium
steps. It is slotted over the tower side
rails, adjusted to fit any dimension of
rail and then latched using a simple
securing device at one end. This
means that,
even if the
tray is
moved at
one side,
it will remain
secured in
position to
Dow Building Solutions – the inventor of STYROFOAM insulation – has launched
XENERGY SL, a new generation extruded polystyrene (XPS) for insulation of inverted
flat roofs. XENERGY XPS combines the proven features of STYROFOAM XPS –
durability, reliability and strength – but has even better insulation performance thanks
to the addition of infra-red blocking particles to scatter and reflect heat radiation within
the foam board. Now, roof designers and contractors are the first to be offered
XENERGY SL designed for inverted roof insulation, an extension to Dow’s already
popular ROOFMATE SL-A product range. XENERGY SL, which comes in steel grey,
is available in single extruded thicknesses of 100, 120, 140 and 160mm. 4mW thermal
conductivity gains are possible at 140 and 160mm thicknesses, an 11% improved
insulation performance compared with ROOFMATE SL-A. XENERGY XPS is blown with
CO2, giving it a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five. Its launch comes hot
on the heels of recent thermal conductivity gains across the entire STYROFOAM-A
InterfaceFLORhas launched
Awarehouse – a new, state-of-the-art
brand experience and learning centre
for customers and partners in
Europe, the Middle East, Africa and
India. Reflecting InterfaceFLOR’s
heritage in design and sustainability,
the Awarehouse has been created
by transforming a disused factory
building in Scherpenzeel, The
Netherlands into a beautiful,
functional, and inspiring space.
Dutch architect, Claessens Erdmann,
collaborated with InterfaceFLOR VP
of Branding Michele Iacovitti to design
a multi-functional space with a variety
of areas and zones; these include
office space, a sustainability corner,
product and brand experience areas,
a gallery where new products and the
work of emerging artists can be
displayed, meeting rooms, as well as a
hi-tech hospitality suite, complete with
video wall and theater, which can host
up to 400 visitors. Neutral carpet tiles
provide a blank canvas in the main
space, with different textures and
patterns used to create walkways that
lead people through the building.
The overall feeling is one of openness,
space and light with few walls – other
than those in the original structure –
and bright vibrant carpet tiles used to
define areas for different activities.
BN207 BN208
Junckers’ Single Stave Blocks
are a more contemporary take
on the much-loved parquet floor.
Junckers has updated this classic
look to offer all the benefits of a new,
solid hardwood floor – no draughts
through gaps, no marks, very easy
to maintain and will last a lifetime –
with all the charm and character
of an aged floor. Solid oak planks
have been laid in a traditional
herringbone pattern have been
treated with Junckers’ Black Oil –
a finishing product originally
developed for a Danish fashion
brand, to give the floor an
antique feel.
For information call FREE on 00 800 0421 6144
e: f: 00 800 0262 3299 w:
The 200 Series Aluminium Railing
System (ARS) can be used with
glass or picket infill’s and features a
durable, low profile handrail. Suitable
for interior and exterior applications
the railing system provides superior
colour retention, impact and weather
For further information on the 200
series and other CRL Aluminium
Railings Systems please contact us
or visit

º Oan be used w|th 6 or 10mm
toughened glass or picket infill’s
º Square or round p|cket
infill’s available
º Deck (top) mounted or íasc|a mount
applications available
º Wh|te, s||ver and b|ack ava||ab|e írom
stock, custom colours also available
º Su|tab|e íor |nter|or and
exterior applications
º Standard ra|| he|ghts are 914mm,
1066mm and 1219mm
Door Hardware W
Shower Hardware W
Pa|||ng Hardware W
Glass Fittings & Supplies W
Introducing the
NEW CRL 200 Series
Aluminium Railing
System (ARS)
Infill Options
Top Rail
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ABC+D May 2012
14 Products
Innovations: New products for May FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
entrance matting?
Then COBA’s new
website – designed
for architects and
specifiers – could
provide the entrance
matting inspiration
and solution for a
wide range of
projects. Creatively designed and regularly updated with latest product news,
installations and more in-depth case studies, the new website is much more than
an online brochure. Its fresh entertaining approach delivers factual, up-to-the-
minute information for architects, specifiers, interior designers and facilities
managers. There is also a handy, online CPD booking form for those looking for
more in-depth information about specifying the right matting for the right
location. Check it out for the latest offers, surveys and prize giveaways.
Natural Paving Products (UK)
is celebrating the launch of its new
brochure and enhanced website while
being proud to announce its continuing
partnership with FIRED EARTH, to offer
an exclusive range of exciting natural
stone products that will enhance any
home or garden. The new brochure
includes popular favourites such as
York Grey flagstones and block paving
from the FIRED EARTH Collection,
Midnight Blue natural stone block paving, as well as a range of new products,
colours and features that have been carefully designed and selected to give
the contractor and client the opportunity to choose the very highest quality
natural stone materials for their project. The company has seen
unprecedented sales for its ranges of natural stone flagstones and block
paving over recent months, as they become the desired material choice for
patios and driveways as consumers divert away from concrete alternatives.
Additions to the Natural Paving Collection for 2012 include an enhanced
Premiastone Collection with Rustic Quartz, Argent, Ivory, Ibis and Thistle
to name but a few new products. The Cragstone Collection of weathered
flagstones and circles is also new for 2012 in a range of stunning colours
and variable sizes to suit all feature areas. Another already popular addition
to the Natural Paving offering is the new bull nose sandstone step available in
a lightly textured finish and three new colours. The new company website
includes a range of exciting features such as a downloads section, product
gallery, colour swatches alongside tips and laying advice.
The Envirograf HW02E intumescent
paint system was recently used in one
of the most rigorous fire tests for
coating systems. Known as the K10
test, the HW system was applied onto
tongue and grooved pine boards
typically used in the Scandinavian
house sector. The test is designed
to measure the actual impact of
the coating used on the substrate.
According to regulations, a K10 rating
is required, ensuring that wooden
linings of this type resist fire for
a full ten minutes, ensuring that the
overall wall system does not ignite
for that set time. The HW system
successfully passed the EN 14135
test at the Danish Institute of Fire
and Security Technology (DBI) and is
now being specified throughout the
Scandinavian housing sector market.
Rinnai has developed a device that
solves the problem of limescale build
up. The integrated scale control system
is a solution to an age-old problem
and comes in the form of an LC (lime
check) code on the display of the
controller. The system helps to ensure
the performance and efficiency of
Rinnai continuous flow water heaters
installed in hard water areas. Ultimately,
ongoing use with hard water may
shorten the lifespan of water heating
appliances. To safeguard against these
dangers occurring in Rinnai units its
system continually monitors the
appliances for limescale deposits
around the heat exchanger. Once
limescale build-up has been identified,
a message is sent to the built-in
interface panel on the front of the
appliance. The message is displayed
as LC, which alerts the end user that it
is time to call a Rinnai service agent to
perform a limescale flush to clear the
potentially harmful deposits.
BN213 BN214
Leafield Environmental
has introduced Linsign
150, a new range of sign
bollards that is thought
to offer a solution for
designating cycle routes or parking spaces and controlling site access or
safety. The Linsign 150 sign bollard is available in a choice of traditional and
contemporary styles, co-ordinating with the already established Heritage
and Sentinel bollard designs to suit any street environment. Manufactured
from durable, maintenance-free, medium density polyethylene in a wide
range of colours, the Linsign 150 will never require painting. It has a double
sided sign head for two-way visibility and incorporates a choice of standard,
150mm diameter roundels, with personalized roundels available to order.
A Reflex, self-righting variant is also offered that bends on impact, reducing
vehicle damage and injury while making the sign bollard fixing less
susceptible to impact damage.
Safety and comfort are at the heart of a major new residential
development by Linden Homes in Hammersmith, London,
which is using a combined smoke and natural ventilation
solution from SE Controls to protect residents in the
multi-storey apartment building.
The smoke ventilation system was developed to remove
smoke from corridors and stairwells by using a mix of natural
air buoyancy venting and fan extraction through smoke shafts.
On floor one to five, smoke ventilation is provided by extract
fans located in the building’s cycle store, with replacement air
being supplied through ground floor and air inlet shaft, while
the sixth floor is vented by a 1.5m
vent in the top floor corridor
and stairs by a similar arrangement at the head of the stair.
It is also designed to provide mechanically assisted natural
ventilation to help maintain a comfortable temperature within
the building’s corridors. As central heating and hot water
distribution pipe work feeds each apartment via the corridors,
the potential for the corridors to become overheated in some
situations has also been addressed by the system.
On the first five floors, extract fans, which run at half speed,
remove warm air from the corridors and the system’s smoke
dampers are opened as required by the building’s natural
ventilation control panel. On the sixth floor, a dedicated tamper
proof thermostat controls the lobby vent while hooded vents
allow ventilation during inclement weather conditions.
The integrated smoke and natural ventilation control
strategy was developed by SE Controls to meet the specific
needs of the apartment building and involved the use of nine
OS2 controllers and tamper proof manual control points, as
well as a range of temperature sensors and smoke sensors, all
of which are linked to the main system control panel with a
failsafe battery back up.
Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions
and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling +44 (0) 1543 443060.
Enquiry Number BN8
he Peace Bridge spans the River
Foyle which runs through the centre
of Derry-Londonderry, and links the
Ebrington Barracks on the east bank with
the City side on the west. The bridge is the
centrepiece of a wider regeneration plan
for the city and its purpose is to physically
and symbolically join two historically
divided communities - hence the name,
The Peace Bridge.
At the City side, the abutments for the
312m long, self anchored suspension
bridge are founded on bored concrete
piles but at the Ebrington Barracks side
an existing grassed embankment meant
that a more visually sympathetic solution
was required.
Structural Engineers AECOM, in
consultation with the Northern Ireland
Environment Agency and client Ilex Urban
Regeneration Company, proposed a green
faced reinforced soil structure which
would integrate seamlessly with the
This arrangement also allowed the
creation of a flat viewing area at the deck
level as well as disabled access into the
adjacent Barracks parade ground.
Belfast based Maccaferri worked closely
with the AECOM Design team and
developed the scheme in accordance with
the Approval in Principle. Macaferri
supplied its Green Terramesh reinforced
soil system for the construction of the
40.0m long, 8.0m high abutment wall
which surrounds and supports the high
level bridge bankseat.
Green Terramesh comprises PVC
coated, galvanised double twist wire soil
retention units with integral geogrid tails.
In the Peace Bridge project the system
was used in combination with the
company’s Paragrid 80/15 geogrid
reinforcement. The unit tails and
reinforcement geogrid are sandwiched
between progressive layers of compacted
granular backfill and create a stable and
highly efficient reinforced soil structure.
Behind the front face of the Green
Terramesh units is a factory fitted heavy
welded panel and a coir erosion control
blanket. This stops the backfill from
spilling out between the apertures in the
mesh facing. About 250mm depth of
topsoil is also installed directly behind the
face of the unit to provide the nutrient
reservoir for vegetation establishment.
The welded facing panel and its support
brackets hold the face at the correct angle
during back-filling operations, removing
the need for external formwork and
shuttering, saving on installation costs
and time.
According to Maccaferri, this makes the
installation of Green Terramesh quicker
than traditional wrapped face soil
reinforcement structures, yet also offering
a crisper, more regular face aesthetic.
Construction of the £14.7m Derry Peace
Bridge was undertaken by main
contractor Graham Construction. The
project was sponsored by the SEUP III
Peace Initiative – with funding from the
European Peace Initiative, the Department
of Regional Development and the
Department for Social Development.
The bridge will become a focal point
when Derry-Londonderry becomes the UK
City of Culture in 2013.
Construction began in early 2010 and
the bridge was opened in June 2011 by the
First Minister, Peter D. Robinson, MLA
and deputy First Minister Martin
McGuinness MLA, who said it would be a
catalyst for change in the City.
Areinforcedsoil systemfromgeotechnical specialists Maccaferri has beenusedinthe construction
of the iconic newbridge named “The Peace Bridge”, inLondonderry, NorthernIreland.
T: 01865 770555
Macaferri supplied its Green
Terramesh reinforced soil
system for the construction
of the abutment wall which
surrounds and supports the
high level bridge bankseat.
Areinforced soil system from
geotechnical specialists Maccaferri,
helps “The Peace Bridge” span the
River Foyle in Derry-Londonderry
The Bridge deck was craned into position
during night-time working
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16 Products
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ABC+D May 2012
Junckers’ new Saw
Mill Oak floor will be
unveiled at this year’s
Clerkenwell Design
Week on stand MW10.
Saw Mill Oak has a
rustic look and feel
as the surface of the
plank has not been
planed. The rough,
irregular transverse
lines created by a band
saw add character to
the wood, with a patina that will only improve with age and usage. Saw Mill Oak is
made of solid hardwood oak in either a 22mm board or a 20.5mm wide board
plank. The floor is delivered untreated with a choice of on-site finishing
treatments available. The floor can also be used untreated. See Junckers new
range at Clerkenwell Design Week, 22-24 May 2012, London.
Dulux Trade showcased
its latest advances in
sustainability at this year’s
Ecobuild event, including
further updates to its
environmentally focused
range of coatings, Ecosure.
Ecobuild provided a good platform for Dulux Trade to present its upgraded
Ecosure Gloss and Undercoat Pure Brilliant White, which has been
reformulated to provide improved standards of opacity, whiteness and gloss
level, without compromising on its environmental credentials. What’s more, ICI
Paints AkzoNobel, the parent company of Dulux Trade, used the event to unveil
a new website for professional specifiers –
Designed to make paint selection as easy as possible, the site features a
wealth of news and advice and interactive colour tools, as well as at-a-glance
product information for brands including Dulux Trade, Cuprinol Trade, Sikkens
and Polycell Trade. “As an organisation, our vision is to lead the paint industry
into a more sustainable future and ensure our business has a positive impact
on the planet and society,” explained John Staunton, customer marketing
manager at Dulux Trade. “Ecobuild provided a great opportunity for us to share
this vision, and exhibit our latest pioneering solutions and services to an
audience on a wide scale, which will allow us to shape a more sustainable
future for the painting industry.” At the show, visitors were also given further
details of the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership Step Towards Greener
programme, an initiative designed to help commercial painting contractors
embrace the sustainability challenge.
In response to the growing complexity
and rigour of energy-related
regulations in the construction
industry, Oregon Timber Frame,
one of the UK’s largest, independent
timber frame
had launched a
new Technical
Services division
– Oregon TS.
Drawing on
its years of
in designing, manufacturing and
supplying structural timber frames,
Oregon TS now offers a complete
Energy Compliance Service for all
standard forms of construction,
• SAPs and EPCs
• 3D Linear Modelling, calculating
Ψ-values on linear thermal bridges
• Air Tightness Testing
• Thermal Imaging Surveys
Troldtekt, the Danish manufacturer
of acoustic wall and ceiling tiles, has
launched its environmentally-friendly
and aesthetically pleasing products in
the UK. The tiles are made of natural
wood fibres mixed with cement to
create wood wool. The main benefits
are high sound absorption, resistance
to fire and humidity, high durability,
natural breathability and low cost life
cycle performance. Troldekt tiles are
available in various sizes from 600 x
600 to 600 x 2,400mm, 25 and 35mm
thick and in three grades from ultrafine
to coarse. They can be left untreated,
or, more commonly, are factory
painted white, while virtually any other
RAL colour is available to order.
BN218 BN219
A lightweight platform for working at height
has been launched by approved installer
Safety Net Services. The WalkAbout
system from SpanSet is a tensioned decking
designed to enable workers to access
awkward or remote areas at height and, due
to its low deflection, to work with the ease
normally associated with ground-level tasks.
Anchorage of the system can be achieved in
various ways including bolts, beam clamps and slings depending on the
type of structure or vulnerability of protective coatings. As a WalkAbout
approved installer, Safety Net Services is responsible for specifying suitable
anchorages and the optimum panel layout for the application. The company
also supplies site surveys or a review of design drawings to determine
suitability, a comprehensive design report which addresses loadings on
the structure, and loading scenarios when the platform is in use.
Elliptical Polyma GRP column casings fromEncasement have
been chosen for the interior of a newa £6.3 million extra care
housing complex, in Boston, Lincolnshire to conceal internal
structural column and rainwater harvesting pipe work.
OperatedbyBostonMayflower housingassociationand
constructedbyLovell Partnerships, thenewthreestorey, 40-
bedroomdevelopment replaces anexistingcarefacilityonthesame
siteandhas beencreatedfor peoplewithspecialist careneeds.
Encasement’s Polyma GRP column casings are
manufactured fro moulded glass reinforced polymer to provide
a lightweight and tough solution that can be produced to meet
virtually any design or shape requirements. Polyma casings are
also being highly resistant to scuffs and damage in busy
environments, such as care homes hospitals and health centres
as well as being easy to clean to maintain hygiene.
The elliptical design was chosen to provide the ‘best fit’ with
a minimumfootprint, while enabling the structural columns and
other services to be concealed effectively and each 2.7 metre
high casing measures 800mmx 500mm. Following the
installation, the casings have been given an orange coloured
finish, which not only brightens the interior, but also provides
contrast for people with impaired sight.
In addition to the rainwater harvesting system, part of which is
concealed by Encasement’s column casings, Broadfield House
incorporates a range of number of sustainable technologies and
design features including a solar heated domestic hot water
supply and energy-efficient ground source heat pumps.
Further information on every product in the Encasement range
can be obtained or by calling
01733 266889.
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ABC+D May 2012
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Enquiry Number BN11
18 Products
Innovations: New products for May
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ABC+D May 2012
Nittan (UK) has had its Evolution
fire alarm range installed into the
new Brooklands Hotel in Surrey.
To provide the best fire protection
for the luxury new hotel, NBE Fire and Security installed an Evolution Analogue
fire detection system from Nittan, featuring EV-DP dual optical detectors, EV-P
optical detectors, EV-H-A1R heat detectors, call points and interfaces. The system
runs on eight loops controlled by two Advanced Electronics control panels
networked together on a fault tolerant network. The fire system is directly
interfaced to the hotel’s own network via the RS232 output, from which
information, including faults or fires, are immediately converted to voice
announcements distributed to the relevant staff via DECT (Digital Enhanced
Cordless Technology) phones. As the fire detection system has an investigation
delay fitted, staff can quickly inspect any alerts and react accordingly. The EV-DP
alarm is designed using Nittan’s award-winning Dual Optical Technology.
Unlike other conventional detectors, the EV-DP effectively measures the actual
particle size in the chamber via its combined IR and blue LED technology.
FAAC will be unveiling its
first hybrid powered barrier
range at this year’s IFSEC
exhibition. Combining the
high performance and
reliability of hydraulics with
the flexibility and safety
benefits of a 24v motor,
the B680 barrier is suitable
for a variety of commercial
applications with high
volumes of traffic. With twice
as much power than an
electromechanical barrier, the B680 can operate beams up to 8m in length
and, with fewer moving parts, it is more economical to maintain. An oil-bath
lubrication system reduces the wear of the mechanical components, resulting
in a longer life span and less operating noise. Helping installers to comply with
current European standards, the B680 features an integrated encoder which
monitors the position of the beam and instructs the barrier to reverse if an
obstacle is detected. The beam speed can be adjusted through the integrated
control board, providing precise control over beam movement. For increased
safety and visibility, the B680 is available with cabinet and beam dual-coloured
LED lights. Also on the stand will be the A140 AIR automatic door system
which offers energy savings of up to 40% compared with standard automatic
door systems, helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save
money. Unlike standard automatic doors, which often stay open much longer
than necessary, the A140 uses information from a sensor to optimise
opening/closing times, reducing air loss and energy consumed by internal
air-conditioning and heating systems.
Birmingham’s Greenworks Training
Academy has launched the Domestic
Energy Assessor (DEA) course, an
important qualification designed to
teach candidates how to assess a
property from an energy point of view.
An Energy Performance Certificate
(EPC) is now required for any existing
property, which is sold or let in the UK,
and EPCs can only be produced by
qualified, certified domestic energy
assessors. The three-day City and
Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Domestic
Energy Assessment course includes
all elements of a DEA’s role and also
involves practical experience of
property surveying and producing
EPCs using user-friendly RdSAP
software. To become an assessor,
candidates need to complete the
course and pass a multiple choice
City & Guilds online examination.
In addition, candidates must submit
a portfolio containing evidence of
business skills and five EPCs.
Recognising the fundamental difference between how a building looks and how it
feels, Ambius has launched a free Biophilia Toolkit. Drawing on scientific studies
which show the link between closeness to nature and well-being, the toolkit provides
key pointers for architects and interior designers on the techniques and tools they can
use to bring nature into building design, helping to create environments in which
people naturally feel at ease. Highlighting eight elements of interior landscape design,
the toolkit offers an illustration of a workspace with clickable icons to explain different
ways plants, as well as sound and smell can be used to enhance the environment.
The eight elements of biophilic interior landscape design create the feel of nature
indoors through a degree of randomness and informality; recreate the illusion of
overlooking a landscape; blur the boundary from outside to in; create interest with
light and shade through the foliage of interior plants; use natural (and local) materials
such as plant containers; provide shelter and privacy; incorporate the sound or sight
of water and use natural scents and perfumes to add an extra dimension.
IDS has extended its popular
Webstore online shopping solution
to now include laminate. Trade
customers are just a click away from
accessing the entire product portfolios
from the major laminate brands of
Polyrey, Formica and Resopal. Further
collections from Arpa and Abet are
planned to follow shortly. The three
brands now available collectively offer
an expansive choice of 1,622 different
decors encompassing plain colours,
designs, woodgrains and metallics, 23
sheet sizes and 46 textures,
amounting to the industry’s first and
largest laminate collection available to
purchase online.
Webstore also allows customers the
ability to check and manage the status
of their account and delivery tracking.
It gives customers the flexibility to
purchase flooring, worktops and
showerwall panelling 24/7 online from
its extensive brand line-up including
Tuscan solid and engineered wood
flooring, Quickstep and KronoOriginal
laminate flooring, Tuscan solid wood
worktops, as well as a host of laminate
worktop brands from Bushboard,
Formica and Duropal. The site has
gone from strength to strength, with
more than a £1m worth of sales
generated through this purchasing
BN223 BN224
Stanley Security Solutions has launched
the Videofied wireless intruder alarm
system with integrated video, providing
a low cost bridge between intruder
alarm and CCTV systems. Videofied is an
event-based alarm system featuring PIR
intruder detectors with in-built cameras.
When the PIR sensor is triggered, the onboard video camera is activated
and instantly takes a ten-second video clip of whatever has caused the
detection. The video is immediately sent to the alarm monitoring station
with the alarm signal, allowing the operator to see what has caused the
alarm and enabling them to distinguish between a genuine intruder and a
false alarm event. Videofied is extremely cost-effective to purchase, install
and monitor, especially when compared to the cost of most conventional
CCTV systems. One of the key reasons for this is that Videofied is a totally
wireless system.
Extended Feature 19
Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
ABC+D May 2012 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
hanges in the way we live our lives, population growth and
climate change are placing increasing demands on our water
supplies. In the UK, each person uses around 155L
of water per day, roughly 70% more than 30 years ago.
People in the main are much more savvy when it comes to wasting
water in the home than they were three decades ago, with people
opting to take a shower rather than a bath and being mindful of
hosepipe bans and such like. So how come we’re using more water now
than we ever have? The answer, quite simply, is that we are flushing it
away. On average, each person will flush the toilet 5.2 times per day
and roughly a third of a household’s total water usage is spent in this
way. When looked at annually, the figures are frightening, with almost
12,000L of water being flushed away when using a standard 6L cistern.
You can multiply this figure even more when you consider public
washrooms where the users aren't footing the bill for the water rates.
The most effective way for specifiers to play their part in water
saving in both commercial and domestic situations, is therefore to opt
for dual-flush cisterns and a look at the figures will clearly show you
why. A cistern that performs with a maximum 4.5L flush reduces the
average amount of water used per year by more than 2,800 and as
much as 5,840L when flushed at the lower water volume of 3L which
many cisterns are now able to offer.
The commercial sector also
has a huge part to play in the amount of
water we Brits flush away. For public washrooms
in restaurants, bars, pubs and the like,
consideration should also be given to urinals,
where opting for a urinal frame with an infra-red
automatic flush system can save a vast amount
of water by reducing the flush volume from 3L
down to just 1L and most importantly only flushes
after use.
This flushing method is also the more hygienic option, especially
in public places, so it makes sense all round.
And let’s not forget that handwashing is also a big contributor to
water wastage – particularly in commercial premises – with taps left to
run needlessly long after the user has left the room. While sensor taps
have been specified for this environment largely as a means of creating
a luxury finish rather than out of necessity, as water saving becomes a
huge issue within the building sector, specifiers are increasingly
required to consider the water saving qualities of such technology
and make water saving much more of a priority.
Manufacturers are opening up new ways for specifiers to ensure they
have ticked the water saving box without having to make any drastic
changes to the way they work. However, having
the products at your disposal is one thing and
having the know-how to ensure they are
installed correctly is quite another, so investing
in the relevant training has never been so
important. In order to be truly water saving and
therefore, truly sustainable, these solutions
need to be installed correctly by a fitter who is
knowledgeable and experienced in both the
product and his craft. For example, when using
efficient low flush volume cisterns for WCs, the
discharge pipe design and size needs to be
considered – the ceramic specified should be
one that is designed for low volumes. The same
level of detail applies to electronically
controlled taps and flush systems in public
facilities and only adequate training will teach
you how to make this possible.
Having a sound knowledge of how to fit such
solutions is also crucial if installation times are
to be kept to a minimum, so investing time in
training to ensure your installers are fully up to
speed will pay
back dividends
in the long-term,
particularly as
become ever-
more stringent
over issues of
Water saving for
sustainable living
Specifying sustainable, water saving plumbing solutions to
reduce the amount of water that is quite literally flushed away
is becoming ever more crucial as climate change and population
growth takes hold. Here, Geberit’s product manager Victoria Willis
explores some of the options available to specifiers...
For more information
about Geberit
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN230
For public washrooms in restaurants, bars, pubs and the like, consideration should also be given to urinals,
where opting for a urinal frame with an infra-red automatic flush system can save a vast amount of water
by reducing the flush volume from 3L down to just 1L and most importantly only flushes after use
20 Extended Feature
Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
ABC+D May 2012
ith hosepipe bans in place from April by seven water
companies in south east and eastern England, the time
has come to invest in large capacity rainwater storage
tanks. To promote saving on mains water use, the official
stance currently places great emphasis on changing our water use
behaviour by, for example, taking shorter showers and not leaving the
water running while we brush our teeth. We are also encouraged to
install water efficient appliances such as slow running taps and low-
flush WCs. This is all very commendable but it is a pity that not more
incentives are available encourage the take-up of rainwater harvesting
as well.
Climate change, population growth plus our hunger for water-greedy
appliances in the home have all put a great strain on our aged mains
water supply network. Even with modernisation, our mains water
supply will not be able to fulfil our needs in the future. Rainwater
harvesting could be a key way to supplement mains water supply.
30% of mains water goes down the toilet and, by using rainwater not
only for WCs but also for the washing machine and outdoors, we can
save 50% on mains water. Rainwater can be used for anywhere that
does not require drinking quality water.
Installing a rainwater harvesting system
Installing a rainwater harvesting system is not complicated. To harvest
rainwater productively it is essential to invest in a large capacity storage
tank. Most people now realise how quickly the typical 200L butt they
have in their garden will run out in dry weather (20 watering cans’
worth). Conversely, this same butt will overflow in a few minutes in a
torrential downpour such as we tend to have in the summer nowadays.
10,000L of rain can fall on an average family home roof in a short
Obviously the bigger the tank, the less likely is the rainwater to run
out in a dry spell. For homeowner use, tanks will typically range from
2,000 to 7,000L .
For garden and other outdoor use, above ground tanks are a cheaper
and easier option compared with below ground tanks, mainly because
installation is cheaper as there is no hole to be dug. Underground tanks
have two great advantages: the rainwater stays cool and fresh and the
tank is out of the way.
Current Government initiatives
Building Regulations now force the private sector to take water
consumption into consideration. Building Regulations Part G, which
came into force in April 2010, requires that, “for any new dwelling, the
potential wholesome water consumption by persons occupying it must
not exceed 125L per person per day.”
In the public sector, Level 3 of The Code of Sustainable Homes
(maximum consumption of 105L a day) has been adopted for all
social housing.
Using rainwater during water shortages
The Flood and Water Management Bill that came into force in April
2010 gave water companies the right to impose stricter rules during
water shortages. Before this Bill, hosepipe bans covered irrigation
and washing private cars, but now – as large areas of England are
discovering – extends to include, amongst others, topping-up pools,
hot tubs, ornamental ponds and fountains whether with hosepipes
or permanent plumbing.
Direct or indirect supply systems
Rainwater is taken from the main storage tank to where it is needed
from a choice of two distribution methods. With direct feed, a pressure
sensitive pump in the storage tank maintains pressure on the rainwater
pipes typically to toilets, washing machines and for outdoor use.
The pump will be activated whenever water is drawn.
With an indirect gravity feed system, the pump in the main storage
tank supplies a header tank in the roof space, and the rainwater then
gravity feeds to its destination.
Energy-conscious indirect supply system
Where progress has really been made in reducing power use by the
pump, is in the development of a special header tank equipped with
electric float sensors so that the pump is activated to refill the tank
only when it is completely empty rather than every time water is drawn.
In this way, much less electricity is used. In fact, power costs with this
Rain Director management system are estimated at only 1p per person
per day.
Encouragement to use rainwater harvesting
There are many variables to take into account to make accurate
assessments of payback periods. Water companies’ charges vary
considerably, and so will the amount of rainwater used. The figure used
is a 50% reduction in mains water consumption. Payback periods can
be six years or more, but with water
bills already set to rise by 8.8% next
year, this time will lessen.
Encouraging consumers to
use water-efficient appliances in
conjunction with rainwater harvesting
will make using less mains water a
more attractive proposition and
achieve the ultimate aim of reducing
mains water use.
harvesting –
a necessity
With the Environment Agency and
DEFRA declaring much of southern
and eastern England officially in a
state of drought, there has never
been a more appropriate time to
consider the efficient harvesting
of rainwater. Marcus Bicknell of
Rainwater Harvesting explains
how systems are easily installed
and discusses their water and
money saving benefits...
For more information
about Rainwater
Harvesting use any of
the enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN231
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Extended Feature 21
Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
ABC+D May 2012 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Top Left: This shallow rectangular tank is easy to install and suitable
for locations where it is difficult to dig a deep hole.
Above: A Rain Director rainwater harvesting system where
the pump in the underground tank sends the
rainwater to a header tank which then
gravity feeds down to the appliances.
Pump use is reduced to the minimum.
Right: Components of a typical
direct supply system with
pump, filter and mains
back-up facility.
Far Right: A 2,700L Carat
tank being installed.
In a normal water table,
no concrete is needed, just gravel.
22 Extended Feature
Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
ABC+D May 2012
ot all plumbing systems are the same. To be more precise,
not all plastic plumbing systems are the same. In the past,
push-fit has been perceived as having enormous benefits
in terms of ease of use and speed of installation – but there
is one large drawback – it just isn’t as secure. Many professionals have
stayed true to copper systems for precisely this reason. There is also
the aesthetic consideration that push-fit systems are undeniably larger
and less discreet; another reason, in the past, to
opt for copper.
Times have changed, however, and the
polybutene system has brought together some of
plastic’s best attributes, while designing out its weaknesses.
It is now well worth taking a serious look at a new way of installing
Polybutene systems are not just quicker to fit than copper, they are
also installed without heat, using the ClampSeal method, which creates
a sturdy, cold-clamped joint which doesn’t leak. It is actually very
robust indeed, and in a housing situation it stands up extremely well to
knocks from buggies, wheelchairs, vacuum cleaners and ride-on toys.
Polybutene pipe, which has a similar slender profile to copper, can also
be painted so that it blends with any décor.
To prove the point on strength, a recent demonstration involved a
piece of pipe which was clamped into a loop and used to tow a 3.85
tonne forklift truck with a car. The pipe stretched, but the joint didn’t
break apart. The handbrake was then applied to the forklift – obviously
far more punishment than a pipe would normally receive in either a
domestic or a commercial setting. Eventually, the pipe stretched to
more than double its original
length and snapped, but the joint
itself still held firm. (You can see
this on Youtube if you search for
The ClampSeal method is much
faster than soldering, but the
absence of heat is a huge advantage
in itself. Not only does this mean that
there’s no need for a heat certificate
when working on site; it also means there’s no
cut off time after which work must stop. Using a
cold clamping method, you can install
polybutene pipework all day
as no cooling down
is required.
In real terms, you double
the available time for installation
and can complete most projects in half the
time, without making any compromise on quality. And, as we all know,
time is money.
Another incentive to use polybutene over copper is added security.
The news is full of instances of copper theft, which only seems to be
increasing. Copper pipework is undeniably a target, and not just from
stores and work vehicles. An alarming number of instances of the theft
of installed pipework are appearing in the press. Polybutene doesn’t
have the same attraction for thieves. In refurbishment or new build
properties which are unoccupied for any length of time, this is a distinct
advantage, especially as at certain stages of construction it is difficult
to secure some buildings.
The polybutene approach is new to the UK but it isn’t untested.
In New Zealand, where the method originates, Australia, Malaysia
and other parts of the world, it already has a 30-year track record
of robust, leak-free service, and is frequently the method of choice.
Crimping and clamping are very popular in Europe; in fact in most
European countries, push-fit never really caught on. Installers simply
went from copper systems to crimping or clamping. Some of these still
have a few drawbacks; largely that in most systems fittings still have
moving parts, so you have more potential for losing or damaging parts
on site. These losses may be small, but they can hold you up when
you’re trying to get ahead, and slight damage can go unnoticed, giving
you a compromised joint, despite the skill of the installer.
The polybutene-based system helps to eliminate installer error
through the simplicity of its one-piece fittings and simple hand
clamping method. The system has no o-rings or pipe inserts which
ensures it has a long life, with guarantees of more than
25 years on the system and 50 year durability on the polybutene pipe.
Due to its construction, polybutene pipe is also completely immune
to limescale build up.
With so much emphasis on new
technology and renewable heating
solutions, all of which require
considerable investment, it’s a bit
of a mystery why we haven’t yet
convinced every specifier to put
as much energy into exploring the
possibilities of new plumbing
When plastic does you credit
Much care is given to specifying boilers, radiators and renewable
technologies when it comes to building or refurbishing homes.
But we’re missing a trick if we don’t give equal consideration to the
plumbing system that connects them all, says Gary Fisher, general
manager of Buteline UK...
For more information
about Buteline use any
of the enquiry methods
below quoting number
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Nowavailable fromDallmer Ltd.,
is the FastTrap, a one piece
drain for wetrooms on
timber, in solid floors and
also for installation in screed.
While this latest addition to the
extensive Dallmer product list is ideal for
new-build situations, the FastTrap, with a
height of only 100mm, has proved particularly
popular for installation in older properties where
lack of build up height has to be overcome. Tested
to a flowrate of 45 l/m, the newtrap is designed
for use with the latest high-powered showers.
The FastTrap can be used on plywood decks or with solid floors and
has a height adjustability of up to 46mmfor the floor finish – enough
to allowfor anything frommarble to mosaics. For use in screedTisto-
anchors have been incorporated in the base plate to provide
permanent adhesion and the trap, in a high quality polypropylene
body, can be used with brush-on or layer membrane. A‘vertical’
version of the trap is available with a height adjustable grating and a
DN50 vertical outlet and is offered with a 304 grade Stainless Steel
grating in either 95mmsquare or 120mmsquare size. The couplings
have DN50 compression joints with a solvent weld socket. The trap
has ABS connectors and the 120mmsquare grate is available inABS
as well as top quality Stainless Steel.
The FastTrap is manufactured fromhigh quality materials throughout,
is easy to fit and fully efficient in use.
TEL: 01787 248244 | FAX: 01787 248246
Email: | Website:
Optimum Hydraulics
Tailored hydraulic response curves.
Optimum Value
Ìncreased effciency; can reduce on-site storage requirements by up
to 15% in comparison with other vortex fow control devices.
Optimum Flexibility
Now with the additional option of post-installation fow rate
adjustment of up to 20%.
Optimum Installation
A wide range of installation options and accessories available.
For further information call the
hotline: 01275 337937
or visit
Would the real
please step forward
Hydro-Brake Optimum™ Flow Control
There is no equivalent.
ould the W


Optimum Hydraulics
please ste
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Hydro-Brake Optim
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mum™ Flow Control

installat f o range wide A
Optimum Installation
20% to up of adjustment
additional the with Now
Optimum Flexibility
w comparison in 15% to
can iency; effc Ìncreased
alue Optimum V
ulic respo ailored hydra TTa
Optimum Hydraulics

availab accessories and ns optio tion
fow post-installation of option
de control fow vortex other with
requir storage on-site reduce n
es. nse curv

ble. .hydro or visit www
For further informa
ne: 01275 337937
ation call the

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24 Products
In Depth: Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
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ABC+D May 2012
Ashworth has further
increased its offering of Bonney
Forge valves, giving customers
even more choice and flexibility.
The valves are available
throughout its branches with
stock held at the distributor’s Manchester branch. Bonney Forge is an industry
leader in manufacturing forged steel fittings and unions, branch connections,
forged steel valves, cast steel valves and specialty products. Ashworth has
previously supplied Bonney Forge’s high quality valves and was keen to further
increase its offering to give customers further choice and availability, providing an
even better service. Ashworth’s range of Bonney Forge valves now includes the
manufacturer’s Forged Steel (Grade A105N) Gate, Globe and Check valves.
The valves are available in sizes ½” to 2”, in a class 800 rating and with the choice
of either socket weld, screwed BSP or screwed NPT connections. In addition,
in sizes ½” to 1½”, with a rating class of 150 and 300, the products are available
with a flanged ANSI RF connection.
Geberit’s expertise in providing piping,
drainage and bathroom systems was
called into action on a prestigious
residential development in Belfast.
The Obel Tower stands at 28 storeys
high, making it the tallest building in
the city and features £100,000 worth
of Geberit materials within its iconic
structure. Contractor, Blackbourne
Mechanical, specified several Geberit
products for use on site, due to the ease
of installation, reliability and durability
that they offered. Particularly suitable for use in tall buildings due to its
superior environmental and acoustic properties, as well as being easier
to install than metal alternatives, Geberit’s HDPE piping was chosen
alongside the manufacturer’s Geberit Sovent soil and waste drainage
system. The Geberit Sovent fitting is a single stack drainage system
designed specifically for use in high rise buildings. Developed to
substantially increase the performance of a soil and waste drainage
system, Geberit Sovent eliminates the need for a separate vent stack
and reduces the diameter of the stacks in high-rise buildings.
The specially- designed branch inlet fitting also reduces the pneumatic
pressure fluctuations in stacks, preventing the syphonage of traps.
“Geberit products offered significant design advantages with innovation
over alternative traditional methods and we were able to solve significant
drainage issues with the Sovent drainage system, enabling the project to be
approved by Building Control,” explained Giles Hill, mechanical director at
Blackbourne Mechanical. Alongside the piping and drainage system Geberit
also supplied more than 330 concealed dual-flush cisterns.
Yeoman Rainguard's XL Aluminium
rainwater system excelled in value for
money, aesthetic appearance and ease
of installation when it was recently
chosen as a replacement for old cast
iron pipes and gutters. Following the
demolition of an old farmhouse, the
bricks were reclaimed to build a larger
new family home. XL gutters and pipes
replaced the original cast iron rainwater
system which had fallen into disrepair
and helped to retain the essential
character of both the house and
the original outbuildings which were
renovated into garages and an office.
Are you looking for a rainwater harvesting system that’s easier to install and maintain?
A system incorporating the WISY vortex filter offers both these benefits, and is exclusive
to Rainharvesting Systems. This robust filter can withstand the weight of vehicles
passing directly above, hence an external protective chamber is unnecessary and
on-site installation is more straight-forward. An internal, vertical mesh uses gravity to
remove debris from the rainwater, preventing the filter from clogging up and resulting
in easier maintenance. Rainharvesting Systems draws on over 15 years of experience
in designing and supplying water-saving technology. Whether you need to save money
on a school’s water bills, supply water for large scale industrial processes, or want to
combine cutting-edge sustainability design with the needs of the modern living,
the company can design a system to meet your needs. Cardiff Bus Depot, Adnams
Brewery, and Southampton University are examples of places benefitting from high
quality systems that meet environmental performance targets and keep maintenance
to a minimum.
Marley Plumbing and Drainage
has further expanded its portfolio of
underground drainage systems with
the addition of a large diameter option
to its Quantum Highway range of
surface water drainage products.
Particularly suited to road and rail
installations, the large diameter
Quantum pipes are now available in
three extended sizes: 375, 450 and
600mm, offering greater choice for
high volume applications. All of the
pipes are available in solid, half slotted
and fully slotted versions.
In addition to the larger pipe
diameters, an extended selection of
branches and bends have been added
to the collection, to further enhance
the scope of application. The new
additions include 45 and 90° branches
and bends in a variety of sizes.
A practical alternative to concrete or
clay products, the large diameter
Quantum range is manufactured in
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE),
which delivers a number of technical
and environmental advantages.
Extremely strong and durable, the
lightweight HDPE product is easier
to transport, handle and install than
traditional materials – resulting in
quicker and more profitable contracts.
In addition, the range can easily be cut
to the required length on site and
requires minimal jointing.
BN237 BN238
Hydro International
is launching the
Hydro- Brake Optimum, a
new flow control that represents a major advance in vortex technology.
Hydro- Brake Optimum promises to set new performance standards and
achieve significant construction cost savings. The Hydro-Brake Optimum
dispenses with the need to choose from a range of sizes and types and
instead offers built-in flexibility to size each unit for absolute fit. From now
on, one type of Hydro-Brake, the Hydro-Brake Optimum, will perfectly
balance flow rates and surface water storage requirements to suit each
drainage project. The ultimate flexibility in Hydro-Brake Optimum unit sizing
enables fine-tuning according to the site priorities. For example, it may be
important to maximise hydraulic performance, or to choose a more
compact design to account for site constraints such as pipe diameter,
or for chamber retrofit. Hydro-Brake Optimum has received independent
accreditation for its performance and design from both the BBA and WRc.
Alumasc has significantly expanded its Harmer Roof Drainage range,
making it the most comprehensive offer on the market from a single
With the addition
of new products
and their new
Alumasc’s Harmer
brand offers
benefits to all
involved in the
design and
specification of
rainwater and roof
drainage products.
Alumasc’s Harmer brand is already the leading name in flat roof
drainage, and the range is suited to different roof types including
structural concrete, metal deck, timber deck, warm roof, cold roof,
green roof and inverted roof. All products feature premium quality
materials chosen for their inherent strength and durability, for ease of
installation and long-life service. The introduction of a comprehensive
range of cast iron rainwater outlets creates a competitive choice for
designers who have a preference for cast iron drainage products. The
new range of outlets provides for inverted and warm roof construction
whilst improving fire safety as well as accommodating wheel load
capacities to meet the requirements for car park and podium deck
drainage applications.
For further details on Alumasc Harmer
drainage systems or to download the
Drainage Calculator, please visit
Enquiry Number BN16 Enquiry Number BN17
Enquiry Number BN18 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
26 Feature
Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
ABC+D May 2012
ap contamination by Pseudomonas
bacteria has become a major concern
within the healthcare sector. It is the
highest cause of intensive-care related
pneumonia infections, and may account for
approximately 10% of healthcare acquired infections.
The recent, tragic infant fatalities at the Royal
Jubilee Maternity Hospital in Belfast were caused
by Pseudomonas, where the contamination was
traced back to taps installed in the neo-natal unit.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a small bacillus, or
rod-shaped bacterium which is highly mobile due
to its tail (flagellum). It occurs naturally in water,
damp soil and on plant surfaces, and can be found on
the skin, upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract
of healthy individuals. However, in healthy people, the
spread of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is relatively low
and the immune system can easily combat the
infection. It proliferates more readily in people with
weakened immune systems, hospital patients and
people taking antibiotics, causing infection in
surgical wounds, burn sites or in the lungs.
Taps become contaminated through manual contact,
retro-contamination i.e. when replacing filters, or splash-
back. The bacteria adhere to the biofilm found in the pipe
work, and thrive where there is oxygen and water
temperatures between 4-46°C. Since tap surfaces are
in constant contact with water and oxygen, they provide
an ideal environment for bacteria to proliferate.
The battle against bacterial development
requires action on four fronts: disinfection of the
tap and its mechanism; eliminating niches where bacteria
can adhere; preventing cross-contamination and flushing
installations to prevent water stagnation. Tap designs
must factor-in all of these elements if contamination
and colonisation is to be controlled effectively.
Disinfection (Fig 1 and Fig 2)
Cleaning and disinfection regimes differ depending
on the age of the installation and the sensitivity of the
environment. However, as a preventative measure,
cleaning taps in a de-scaling solution will reduce biofilm
build-up and remove any scale deposits where bacteria
can thrive. If water samples reveal a high bacterial count,
taps should be immediately disinfected as a curative
measure. This can be simplified by installing
taps, which are specifically designed to be
quickly and easily removed without shutting-
off the water supply, ensuring that cleaning
and disinfection protocols can take place with
minimal disruption. In highly sensitive areas
such as hospital burns units, taps with disposable
bayonet spouts can be regularly replaced before
colonisation occurs.
Eliminating bacterial niches (Fig 3 and Fig 4)
Traditionally, cast brass taps have rough interiors
with niches where bacteria can adhere and
proliferate. By changing the casting process,
manufacturers are able to produce mixers and taps with
completely smooth interiors. As a result, bacteria are
unable to attach to surfaces and are flushed through the
tap instead. A study undertaken in June 2010 shows that, in
constant conditions, the contamination of taps with smooth
interiors by Pseudomonas aeruginosa is 14 times slower
than for taps with rough interiors.
Avoiding cross-contamination (Fig 5)
Hands are the primary means of transferring bacteria
in healthcare environments and one of the first control
measures is to reinforce hand hygiene. Taps that are
specifically designed for the healthcare sector, i.e. for
surgical washing, patient accommodation, or care
professionals, have optimised spout heights and lengths to
facilitate thorough hand washing. An increased drop height
also reduces the risk of contaminated water splashing
back onto the spout. Moreover, self-closing, knee-
operated or long lever taps also limit opportunities for
cross-contamination by eliminating manual contact.
Automatic duty flush (Fig 6 and Fig 7)
If a sink or washbasin is unused for prolonged periods
of time, water in the pipe work is not renewed,
increasing the risk that bacteria will colonise and
proliferate. However, if taps (and showers) are used
every day, the risk of colonisation is significantly
reduced. Installing an electronic tap with a
programmed duty flush will ensure a regular flow of
water, even at remote points-of-use. A 45 second
purge every 24 hours after the last use avoids system dead
legs through lack of use, and refreshes the water in the
Pseudomonas bacteria can never be eradicated, but they
can be controlled, even in the most sensitive healthcare
environments. A concerted attack on the sources of
contamination by eliminating safe havens for bacteria,
facilitating cleaning and disinfection regimes and optimising
tap ergonomics will all contribute to the fight against
bacterial proliferation and reduce the threat of hospital
acquired infection for even the most severely immuno-
compromised patients.
For more information about
Douglas Delabie use any of
the enquiry methods below
quoting number BN242
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Tackling tap contamination
Douglas Delabie offers advice on the prevention of contamination from Pseudomonas
bacteria in taps and stystems...
Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 5
Fig 6
Fig 7
Tel.: 01491 824449 Email:
Since 1860, Delabie have been designing specialist water
controls for the healthcare sector. The BIOCLIP Single Lever
Sequential mixer provides a preventative and curative
solution in the fight against contamination by Pseudomonas
Designed to prevent bacterial growth
- Easily removed for disinfection
- Smooth body and spout interior, reducing bacterial niches
- Hygienic flow straightener minimises scale deposits
Maximum anti-scalding safety
- Opens and closes with cold water, reducing the risk of scalding
- Temperature from cold water to 40°C
- Maximum temperature limiter locked at 40°C
- Thermostatic sequential cartridge ensures stable temperatures
Ergonomic design
- Increased drop height reduces splash back
- Longer spout for improved user comfort
- Smooth, long lever operation suitable for the elderly and disabled
Use this QR code
to access our
on line brochure.
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28 Products
In Depth: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
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ABC+D May 2012
TREND is an exciting, new
technological quartz worksurface
and flooring collection developed
by COMPACthat incorporates
important new shapes and colours
involving a new design approach –
adding magic and alchemy to create
a balanced collection that is warm
and friendly, where simplicity and
purity are its hallmarks. COMPAC believes that the TREND Collection is
ecologically superior in its manufacture and composition to any other quartz
worksurface on the market and has been designed for healthy living – where
colour and texture contribute to an equilibrate feeling. COMPAC’s renowned
engineering skills have achieved a zero porosity worksurface without the need
for antibacterial chemicals to deliver a completely healthy surface. TREND sets
the trend by offering a collection of five beautiful, cool colours – tailored to the
tastes of the discerning consumer where colour is not only a state of mind but
more of a lifestyle.
Beko has published a new brochure
to promote the energy-saving
features of its extensive Built-In
Collection. The 20-page, full colour
brochure – printed on recycled
paper – is targetted at specifiers,
housebuilders and contractors who
are under increasing pressure to
source and install energy-efficient
kitchen appliances. Following the
opening message of greater
performance and energy efficiency,
the brochure explains the company’s long-term commitment to product
sustainability and environmentally responsible manufacturing. The brochure
then demonstrates the company’s green credentials through reference to
various models within the Built-In Collection, including low water usage
and low energy rated dishwashers, as well as the A+ energy rated
refrigeration range, and an A -30% rated oven. This easy-to-use,
informative brochure also refers to Beko’s Energy Saving Trust
Recommended certification, as well as several prestigious awards
recently won by the company in recognition of its ongoing efforts in
the design and production of energy-saving appliances for the kitchen.
“Low energy consumption is the key to appliance specification today,”
said Bob Abbott, Beko’s national sales manager for built-in appliances.
“Manufacturers, builders and specifiers are all under growing pressure
to provide highly affordable low energy/low water consumption
products of ever-increasing efficiency. Beko works with the trade to help all
those involved meet the stringent controls of the Code for Sustainable Homes,
and our energy-efficient Built-In Collection plays a major role in helping them
to achieve that goal.”
CaesarStone has launched the
Classico collection featuring three
new colours, 4255 Crème Brule,
4230 Shitake, and 4260 Cocoa Fudge.
The 2012 range consists of 28 colours,
with literature and samples available
now. CaesarStone has four collections:
the Classico colour range, Supremo,
the one-of-a-kind collection, Motivo,
with a textured finish and Concetto,
a semi-precious stones collection.
CaesarStone's quartz surface
collections are suitable for virtually
any interior surface from kitchen
countertops and bathroom vanities
to wall panelling and interior furniture.
All CaesarStone’s quartz surface
products are manufactured from
up to 93% quartz and high-quality
polymer resins and pigments that
are compacted under intense
vibration, vacuum, and pressure
into dense, non-porous slabs.
Bushboard’s laminate splashbacks now include a zingy new lime green option that
combines fashion and functionality with the practicality of a seamless laminate surface on
the areas between worktops and wall units and, as shown here, on a hob panel. Launched
last Summer as part of the Omega range update, this colour is bang on trend for
Spring/Summer 2012. Lime Green, together with Rose Pink and Florida Orange offer
three, high-gloss laminate options that capture the current trend for colour pops and
strong contrast. They mirror the look of polished glass but retail more affordably at £50
per linear metre, around a third of the price of glass. They also have the advantage of
visually transforming a kitchen, while being easy to maintain with just a simple wipe down.
Fresh and fashionable, the Lime Green splashbacks are available in two sizes of 3,000 x
600 x 8mm and 1,500 x 1,200 x 8mm giving the flexibility for midway areas and hob
panels. They are very easy to install with simple joinery skills and can be fixed in place and
joints can be professionally finished using Bushboard’s BB Complete range of colour-
matched adhesives.
New from Carron Phoenix for
Spring/Summer 2012 and launched
at KBB in March, is the Silhouette
glass sink available in black and
featuring contemporary design lines.
Aimed at the top end of the market,
this classy sink follows the increasingly
popular trend for coloured sinks in
granite and ceramic which design so
well with dark coloured worktops and
black appliances. The Silhouette glass
sink enhances Carron Phoenix’s
premium offer and reaffirms its ability
to appeal to all sectors of the market –
from entry level to top end.
With an RRP of £675, this stylish sink
is available in a 1.5 bowl left and right-
handed model. The Silhouette
combines a glass frame, fused with
two undermount stainless steel bowls,
for a stylish take on material mix
while also being superbly practical.
The frame has a low profile perimeter
and features sandblasted glass drainer
grooves which give a smart contrast
detail against the smooth polished
glass surface. Silhouette measures
1,000 x 535mm overall with the
stainless steel full bowl and half bowl
measuring 400 x 340 x 200mm and
400 x 177 x 140mm respectively and
fits a 600mm cabinet. This fashion
statement sink is supplied with the
new Revolution waste and overflow kit
as standard and like all Carron Phoenix
sinks is guaranteed for life.
BN247 BN248
The Silentia range of
integrated soft close hinges
featuring 12mm cup drilling
from SALICE remains a
popular choice for
performance and durability.
Specifically designed to
combine functionality and style, the Silentia range provides silent and
smooth closing action for all types of furniture doors. In addition, it is
available for the full range of applications – angled, wide opening and
blind corner specification. Salice’s Futura range of concealed drawer
runners is suitable for all drawer opening applications, both with part and
full extension on the cabinet side. Choice of soft-close and push-to-open,
ensures that Futura will be the right drawer runner for almost
any unit. To further reinforce SALICE’s impressive product offering,
the Bortoluzzi co-planar sliding door system is proving a real head turner
in the style stakes.
From first days to finals,
Amwell has a washroom for
every education facility and
all budget considerations
To discuss your
specification requirements
or to order your brochure...
T: 01763 276 210 | E: |
Amwell Systems
washrooms from concept to completion
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ABC+D May 2012
30 Products
In Depth: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
The drive towards inclusivity for elderly and disabled
people has seen a raft of new legal requirements and
directives for good practice in toilet provision. To help
specifiers better understand the requirements,
beyond Building Regulations Approved Document M,
Total Hygiene has published a white paper:
Accessible Toilets, Bathrooms and Washrooms.
“We go to the toilet on average eight times a day.
Research shows people make a conscious decision
not to go somewhere if they feel they cannot spend
a penny in an appropriate, clean environment, so it
makes sound commercial and moral sense to ensure toilet facilities outside the
home are properly specified, designed and installed,” said Robin Tuffley, Total
Hygiene marketing manager. “Everyone knows about Document M, which is being
revised in 2013, but few specifiers are aware of the raft of additional guidance
which is either a legal requirement or good practice. The white paper covers all
the new documents, and simplifies the requirements in one place. To further
facilitate appropriate specification, specifiers can link directly through to each
appropriate reference source from the white paper on Total Hygiene’s website.
IDS has updated its popular
Tuscan solid wood worktop
range with two exciting new
timber finishes and one of
the industry’s finest
specifications for being
environmentally friendly.
The range offers nine timbers
in total including Cherry,
Country Beech, Iroko, Maple,
Oak, Prime Beech and
Walnut with two new timbers
in Brown Ash and Bamboo in the premium 40mm thickness. Brown Ash offers
a warm yellow tone and appealing wide grain that gives the worktop an elegant
appearance which, like oak, can work well with a range of doors and interior
styles. It is available in 3,000/4,000 x 650mm worksurfaces and a 2,400 x
950mm breakfast bar. The other newcomer is Bamboo which boasts the
highest environmental credentials around. Naturally renewable, grown in
abundance and 100% sustainable, Bamboo not only ticks all the boxes for
being environmentally kind, but also offers an interesting design alternative
to the usual timbers. The horizontal surface combines warm coloration with
gentle knots and this is complemented by the edge detail of the worktop
which features a block effect created by the layering of the pressed
bamboo. Bamboo is available in a 3,000 x 650mm worksurface and a
2,400 x 900mm breakfast bar. Respect for the environment is a key
feature of the range reflecting IDS’s commitment not to buy timber
from countries that do not comply with international agreements or
fundamentally sound forestry practices.
Shaws has been producing fireclay
sinks for over 115 years from its factory
in Darwen, Lancashire. Each sink is
hand crafted and the range sells the
world over which is testament to its
quality. The company has an extensive
range and vast experience in providing
heavy duty, white glazed commercial
fireclay for use in schools, hospitals,
laboratories, public buildings,
institutions and nursing homes. Fireclay
is a traditional robust material which
can be used in many areas and is
designed to withstand heavy use.
Products include heavyweight Butler
sinks, eight sizes of Belfast sinks, lab
sinks, practical floor or wall mounted
cleaners sinks with stainless steel
bucket gratings, plus many other sinks.
As European boutique style
bathrooms become increasing
popular, the manufacturer behind the
renowned Francis Pegler range has
incorporated concealed bathroom
systems and increased its tap
collections to satisfy demand.
The Francis Pegler Bathroom tap
range has now been classified into
three distinct categories – Designer,
Modern and Traditional. Each category
boasts a comprehensive range of taps
that reflect the section in which they
sit. The two new ranges Adorn and
Strata Blade are featured within the
Designer and Modern collections. The
Francis Pegler Adorn
collection is a
symphony of
circles, cylinders
and curves that
encompass a wide
diameter spout with
a contrasting pencil like
single lever control. The
polished chrome finish
offers a stylish functionality
to this side action, single
lever, modern range.
BN253 BN254
Fun and subtle digitally
printed High Pressure
Laminate (HPL) from ABET
LAMINATI has been used to impressive effect at WestQuay shopping
centre in Southampton. In addition to the digitally printed panels, HPL
from Abet’s Legni woodgrain range was also used. This dark Wengè Congo
offered a balance to the bright blue digitally printed chevron pattern.
Digital Print is an interesting option and is suitable for this type of
demanding design-led application because it offers the opportunity to
reproduce photographic images and almost any design directly into the
laminate. As with all the High Pressure Laminates from ABET LAMINATI,
both Digital Print and Legni are suitable for this type of heavy-duty
application. The laminates meet or exceed all European and British
performance standards for resistance to wear, heat, moisture,
impact and scratching.
Bushboard are Top of the Class!
The Priory Community School – an Academy Trust (PCSA), is a co-educational Community School and Technology College
serving over 1200 students aged 11-16 in the Weston-Super-Mare area. The school recently undertook a six million pound
refurbishment scheme to bring their facilities into the 21st century.
Bristol building surveyors, the Building Consultancy, redesigned the school’s toilet block to provide a safe, clean and
contemporary washroom environment which minimised opportunities for bullying and anti social behaviour. The result was
an open washroom which could be easily supervised by school staff, furnished with Bushboard’s HiZone cubicles to ensure
students had the necessary privacy.
‘We have always found Bushboard to be attentive and efficient whilst offering a great quality product,’ explained Mark
Brothwell of the Building Consultancy. ‘We know that HiZone cubicles offer complete privacy, which was exactly what we
needed to complement the open, unisex design of the main washroom area.’
The systemwas completed with Bushboard’s market-leading Ready Plumbed ModulesTM(RPM). The rigid aluminiumframed
systemreduces on site installation time, providing the perfect solution for projects where time is short and deadlines are critical.
‘We always place students first and it was essential that the newwashrooms were of the highest quality,’ reports Principal, Neville Coles. ‘And Bushboard provided exactly that!’
For further details of Bushboard’s range of washrooms visit
or call 01536 533620.
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ABC+D May 2012
32 Products
In Depth: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
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ABC+D May 2012
A £35m project that forms
part of a World Heritage
Site is truly accessible to
all through investment in a
new toilet. Social enterprise
Heartlands Cornwall will
deliver a cultural space for
the local community and
visitors, combining areas in
which to live, play, work and learn, across 19 acres of disused mine land which
is part of the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site.
To ensure Heartlands Cornwall can be enjoyed by everyone, the development
team has had a Changing Places toilet installed next to the disabled car parking
spaces. Installed by Total Hygiene, the room has adequate space in the
changing area for the user and up to two carers, a height adjustable adult sized
changing bench and tracking/mobile hoist. The provision of a Changing Places
toilet is good practice under BS8300:2009, BS6465-4 and the Department of
Transport’s code of practice for accessible train station design.
With the trend for open plan living,
wood flooring delivers a fashionable and
aesthetically appealing look for the
kitchen, while offering many of the same
features and benefits of laminate, ceramic
and vinyl flooring. Says Neil Smith, flooring
director at International Decorative
Surfaces: “As the kitchen becomes the
heart of the home, wood flooring is a good
option because it creates warmth and
welcome, while also being fit for purpose.”
Tuscan Elite flooring is suitable for a
kitchen environment as it features a lacquered finish, air-dried for 48-hours
offering unrivalled durability and performance. During this process, the stain
and lacquer penetrate into the surface finish of the board giving a more
natural, less processed look and a more pleasing aesthetic. Tested to the
European standards of EN13329 and EN 02409 respectively, the AD48 lacquer,
when tested against conventional oil finishes, is proven to be more abrasion
and scratch resistant. It also features the Välinge drop loc system, meaning it
can be fitted 40% faster as a floating floor compared to a click or tongue and
groove option. With a premium product specification, Tuscan Elite offers the
benefits of speed and ease of installation, with boards simply dropped and
locked into position. There is no forced locating of the joints using tapping
blocks or hammers which minimises the risk of damage to the boards during
installation. Tuscan Elite also offers the flexibility as a floating or stick-down
floor and comes with a 25-year residential warranty. The Tuscan portfolio
offers 47 flooring effects with a wide choice of species, textures and board
widths for complete design freedom for today’s interiors. It is available ex-
stock nationwide from IDS’s eleven branches.
A new range of washrooms from
Komfort Workspace combines high-
end design and engineering to create a
unique offering to the commercial
washroom market. Following
substantial market research, which
unveiled a series of trends including
LED lighting, sustainability and water
conservation concerns, geometric
shapes, and a desire for full privacy,
Komfort crafted the new washrooms
range, bringing comfort, luxury and
privacy to the commercial space. Key
to the whole range is the specialist
engineering of Integrated Plumbing
System (IPS) – a self-supporting
module made from 1.6mm thick
galvanised steel, fully adjustable for
height, plumb and level. The result is a
pre-plumbed duct wall, which
improves on-site handling and vastly
reduces install time.
RAK Ceramics has introduced a new close-coupled family toilet to its range of
rimless WC’s. Suitable for hygiene-conscious consumers, the toilet has no hidden
rim to harbour germs, allowing easy cleaning of the whole surface. It also features
a taller, 45cm comfort height, as well as dual 4/2.5L flush, which reduces water
consumption by a third. Previously only available within healthcare settings,
the new RAKRIMLESS Compact Deluxe is fully compliant with the Water
Regulations Approved Scheme (WRAS). No ledges or rims ensure that water
is fully protected round to the front of the bowl. Upon flushing, water is directed
from three separate jets, reaching every part of the bowl below the distributor
outlet. The contoured shape is easy to clean and the need to direct expensive
products under a rim is eliminated. It has a small footprint, curved contemporary
design and a soft close wrap over seat. Fully back-to-wall and open back formats,
with soft close wrap over seats, are also available, in addition to extended HTM64-
compliant designs for wheelchair users and healthcare environments.
Laminate and wetroom are not
normally two words you would put
together. In fact they sound like a
ticking time bomb waiting to go off.
Yet Bushboard has brought together
a waterproof substrate, high pressure
laminate and a bespoke glue system
that can create a full wall-to-ceiling
walk-in shower area that is guaranteed
to be as stylish as it is 100%
waterproof. Nuance panelling is based
on a patented substrate, exclusive to
Bushboard, which is inherently 100%
It automatically repels any moisture
ingress and does not require sealant
to make it water-resistant. Even cutting
and drilling to fit shower valves and
accessories does not affect the water-
tightness of the product. And, instead of
extrusions to trap the panels at floor
level, they can simply be butted up to
the floor tiles and sealed with a single
bead of Bushboard’s Complete
adhesive, forming a neat and
waterproof joint. Nuance comes with a
15-year guarantee and is available in
33 laminate designs embracing key
BN258 BN259
The Equi-Flow automatic shower
flow limiter from Arrow Valves
is especially designed to be fitted
to a standard shower hose or
fixed head, saving water and
energy. The Equi-Flow is
especially effective on multiple
occupancy buildings, where it is
designed to balance the system,
thereby eliminating water starvation at peak times. When the limiter is fitted
to showers on all floors of a building the shower maximum flow rate is the
same throughout the building despite the varying demand and supply
pressures. The Equi-Flow is chrome plated and available with four different
flow rates offering 0.07, 0.1, 0.13 or 0.17L/S. To enable compliance with the
Water Regulations, a version incorporating a backflow preventing Double
Check Valve is also available.
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ABC+D May 2012
34 Feature
Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
ABC+D May 2012
he increasing number of
claims caused by pitched
roof defects has recently
been highlighted by NHBC.
Over half of all claims against
Buildmark warranties in 2010 related
directly to pitched roofs, with new
figures showing the proportion of
pitched roof claims continuing to rise
even further – now accounting for
almost two thirds of all claims.
This accounts for over £11m of NHBC’s
annual claims spend, but the total cost
to industry is probably many times
greater, with conservative estimates
indicating a likely cost of more than
£30m to the industry as a whole.
In a bid to reverse this trend, NHBC’s
technical team, with assistance from
builders on the Standards Review
Group, Scottish and Northern Ireland
Technical Committees, the Home
Builders’ Federation and the National
Federation of Roofing Contractors have
completely reviewed the content of
Standards Chapter 7.2 Pitched Roofs and identified a number of
pragmatic changes aimed at improving standards and quality, and in
due course reducing the number and cost of defects and claims.
The right mortar mix
The roofing mortar mix should be 1:3 cement:sand with plasticiser,
with the mix based on sharp sand with soft sand added to achieve
good workability. The sand content should not exceed two parts soft
sand to one part sharp sand.
Because sands will vary, roofers can make slight adjustments to
accommodate regional differences. However, the proportion of sharp
sand must not be less than one third of the total sand content.
Additionally, builders should no longer use adapted mixes, e.g. silo
mixes with additional cement content, or factory produced retarded
Another change to the revised chapter addresses mortar placement
to verges, which NHBC has seen to be susceptible to the effects of
freeze/thaw action.
Addressing tile fixing issues
Where ridge and hip tiles are bedded on mortar to rolled tiles,
concealed or decorative dentil tiles should be fully bedded into
all joints in excess of 25mm thick.
For many years it has been traditional to bed ridge and hip tiles in
mortar to secure them to the roof, but experience shows that pitched
roofs will be subject to some movement during the early life of the
property. Mortar is generally not tolerant of that movement and can
easily crack or de-bond, making ridge and hip tiles vulnerable when
subjected to high winds.
The revised chapter therefore requires mechanical fixing for all ridge
and hip tiles, which will greatly reduce the risk of tile-bonding failure.
Additionally, it provides more detailed guidance for builders on the
issue of verge arrangements, including the suitability of tiles and the
acceptable overhang, the positioning of the undercloak and tile batten,
together with guidance on tile fixing.
This guidance, combined with the aforementioned revised mortar
mixes and clarification of the tile batten length, should greatly reduce
the risk of claims where wet systems are used.
Reducing defects and claims
Explaining the reasons for the changes, Graham Perrior, group head
of standards and technical, said: “Since we highlighted the increasing
number of claims caused by pitched roof defects at the start of the
year, we have completely reviewed the content of Standards Chapter
7.2 focussing on the real problem areas that were causing the most
significant claims.
“Alongside the issue of Technical Extra’s, we have held a number of
extremely popular training seminars, provided in-company courses for
site managers and supervisors and have added a three session series
to The Learning Hub on pitched roof coverings aimed especially at
construction staff.
“We envisage that the revised Chapter 7.2 will make a real difference
in lowering the number of defects and claims related to pitched roofs,
which, in turn, will provide homeowners and the industry with
increased confidence that long-term satisfactory performance of
pitched roofs will be achieved.”
The revised chapter will come into effect for every NHBC registered
home whose foundations are concreted on or after 1 January 2012,
however, given the extent of problems currently experienced with
pitched roofs, it is anticipated that builders
would want to adopt the changes with
immediate effect.
Visit to download the latest
Technical Extra and the revised Chapter 7.2,
or to discover more on the range of learning
and development opportunities available.
Changes are afoot...
The National House Building Council (NHBC) explains the
recent revisions to Standards Chapter 7.2 Pitched Roofs
and what they mean for the long-term performance of
pitched roofs...
For more information
about the NHBC
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN265
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
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36 Feature
Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
ABC+D May 2012
Market evolution
The UK landscape was once a predictable vision of buildings
constructed to reflect the materials available in particular areas.
Innovations in logistics, cladding materials and a strong demand from
clients for increasingly stylish external envelopes, has given architects
greater design freedom and led to an influx of builds that incorporate
a greater range of products.
The roofing and/or building envelope contractor is now expected
to deliver these complex builds while ensuring their long term
performance. This can often mean working with a wider range of
façade materials (sometimes in combination) including metals, stone,
glass and terracotta tiles, all of which have become more affordable.
Further to the rising trend, especially in the retrofit market,
contractors must consider the process of handling and installing
the materials, especially glass, which differs dramatically from metal,
to maintain optimum design finish and compliant performance.
Too many choices
Making the right product selection can mean the difference between a
compliant and a failed design. This includes the outer layer and support
system which need to work cohesively together, and the fastening
solution which must match the standards of rainscreen and the system
as a whole if it’s to be weather proof and effective.
For example, it is essential to know that carbon steel fasteners must
not be used with aluminium due to the likelihood of electrolytic reaction
between the dissimilar metals which may lead to rapid corrosion of the
fastener; it is only austenitic stainless steel fasteners which can be
used alongside aluminium. Get this wrong and the safety of the building
could be at risk.
Right first time installation
Once the correct materials are specified, it is also important that on-
site installation lives up to the intrinsic and visual intent of the design.
Many contractors adapt to survive, but often without considering the
implications of fixer training and skills. For instance, as part of external
cladding, glass offers an additional revenue stream for the contractor.
But quality of installation and handling is paramount to continued
success as there are many differences in application.
For cold façades, sometimes used to protect expensive and
decorative curtain walling, discreet edge clamps may be used to hold
the sheets of glass in an overlapping ship lap configuration. This means
there is no requirement for a hole to be drilled in the glass and can offer
savings as less work is required.
Bolted glass façades, popular in large retail, public, leisure and office
developments, are characterised by large sheets of glass, sealed edge
to edge for complete weather envelope protection,
with corner/edge fasteners through the glass to hold them in place.
If the façade in any instance is installed out of line by even a relatively
small amount, the entire structure can be affected, both aesthetically
and functionally.
Help is at hand
This shift in design specification allows roofing and cladding
contractors to define themselves as the go-to partner, providing expert
knowledge on performance and aesthetics through detailed
understanding of the interaction and materials used.
Where there are knowledge gaps, organisations like The Rainscreen
Association (TRA), have been formed to provide contractors and
installers with guidance on industry best
practice and training programmes to help them
keep up to date. The consequences of installing
rainscreen and façade systems incorrectly can,
and have, had a negative impact on a business.
Increasing sophistication and the need for
improved quality of build is what is in front of
our industry; knowhow and minimising the risk
of getting it wrong through innovation and
training will help.
Developing a keen
eye for detail
Traditional metal roofing and cladding solutions have decreased
as the interest in ‘sheds’ has reduced. More visually appealing
solutions, such as rainscreen and façades, are frequently being
specified on a broader range of building types, to give cladding that extra aesthetic edge.
Simon Cooper, technical manager at SFS intec, explains that although materials and
installation techniques have developed, not everybody is equipped with the detailed
technical knowledge to take on this new style of construction...
For more information
about SFS intec
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN266
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Manufacturers and suppliers of quality aluminumroofights
• Fully thermally broken aluminium system
• Roof pitches from 5-45°
• Powder coated to any single or dual colour
• Double or triple glazed (DG UValue as low as 0.6w/m
• Self-clean or solar controlled glazing options
• Manual or electronically operated vents
• Many styles to choose from
• Nationwide installation service available
• Over 40 years experience
For more information call 01384 820060,
visit our website:
or email:
HOWELLS PATENT GLAZINGTritonWorks, Woods Lane, Cradley Heath, Warley, West Midlands B64 7AN
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38 Feature
Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
ABC+D May 2012
ncreasingly stringent regulations are radically improving the
energy efficiency of new buildings, but the majority of structures
that will be part of our landscape in 2050 (by which time the target
is to have reduced carbon emissions by 80%) will still be standing
– many of them over 100 years old.
With the Green Deal, the Government aims to tackle the issue of
existing housing, but public and commercial buildings also require
solutions. This problem is particularly acute for education where
funding for new schools has been drastically reduced.
Bringing these structures up to acceptable levels of thermal
efficiency will mean tackling the issue of solid (often brick) walls or
aging cavities. Older cavity wall construction may add specific
problems such as corroded wall ties, weak mortar joints or failing cavity
insulation. Add into the mix the fact that the aesthetic appeal of the
existing structure will need to be retained, the options for remedial
action are limited.
This was the situation faced by Curl la Turelle Architects when it was
considering the renovation of a listed Edwardian grammar school in
Selhurst, Croydon. This £5.5m project is designed to create a new
school, The Crescent Primary School, to provide places for 630 pupils
across a three-form entry.
The project required the thermal efficiency of the external envelope
of the building to be upgraded to 0.3W/m
K. The existing wall structure
consisted of twin brick leaves tied with brick stretchers – effectively
ruling out many of the cavity fill products on the market.
Polyurethane foam injection proved to be the solution to solve the
problems associated with the structure of the wall. Applied as a liquid
which rapidly expands, the foam moulds itself to any irregularities in
the surface of the walls. The cured system bonds permanently with the
inner surface of the walls giving additional stability, while the closed cell
structure of the polyurethane foam provides effective airtight
insulation. Post-installation, the foam will not shrink or settle over
time, providing a sustainable insulation for the building’s life span.
With the walls now sealed and thermally efficient, the heating system
can work efficiently and a chronic condensation problem within the
building is also cured. The insulated cavity, together with the additional
window replacement and roof insulation has helped to meet the levels
of performance required for new build. The resulting improvement has
led to an exemplary environment for education while maintaining the
attractive Edwardian finish of the listed school.
Condensation was also a problem for the academic offices at the
University of Wolverhampton where an un-insulated roof was making
the working environment in the offices below almost impossible.
Architect Tweedale recognised that the solution was to significantly
improve the U-values of the existing pitched roof and looked to
spray foam insulation to solve a number of practical issues with the
The aim of the project was to hit a U-value target of 0.16W/m²K.
Various issues had to be considered to achieve this result, particularly
with reference to minimising the levels of condensation within the roof
space. Unwanted moisture would adversely affect the building’s
thermal performance and the overall quality of the insulation.
Access was also a major factor for this project, as the refurbishment
work had to be carried out on a three-storey building. Ideally, the
renovation needed to be carried out internally rather than externally
to provide the quickest and best results possible. A speedy and simple
operation was crucial for this project as the academic rooms needed
to be completed in time for the return of staff and students following
the summer break.
Spray applied polyurethane foam insulation was directly applied to
the timber sarking boards within the roof space. This application met
the architect’s specification by exceeding the condensation risk
requirements. The cold surface area was sufficiently insulated,
resulting in a reliable insulation.
The spray foam’s versatility enabled the work to be carried out
internally within the roof space. The initial liquid state helps the foam
to seal every joint, resulting in highly airtight insulation.
By avoiding external work to the roof area, it was possible to
complete the project within the confines of the tight schedule.
Spray foam is still a relatively new product to the UK, however, its use
is expanding at a rapid rate due to its versatility and the impressive
airtightness results that can be achieved in both the new build and
refurbishment markets. While the product
is suitable for both project types, it is the
refurbishment market that needs to focus
on innovative solutions if Government
targets on thermal efficiency are going to
be addressed by the 2050 deadline.
Above left: Spray foam injection
Top right: The University of Wolverhampton
Bottom right: The Crescent Primary School
For more information
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN267
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A lesson in
John Bullen, sales manager at WALLTITE looks at the
role spray foam can play in upgrading the thermal
efficiency of ageing buildings within the community...
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ABC+D May 2012
40 Products
In Depth: Roofing, Cladding & Insulation FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
The Wallace Collection houses 25 galleries
of French 18th century paintings and one of
London's most important Rococo collections.
Working with John O’Connell Architects and
Purcell Miller Tritton, VMZINCsupplied zinc
bullseye dormers which were designed to
enhance the classical appearance of the
roof while disguising ventilation outlets.
Pre-weathered Quartz-zinc standing seam was
selected to break up the surface of the upper
slopes while lightwell projections were also clad
in zinc to provide an unobtrusive blend within
the roofscape. The new roof will enable ceilings
in the east galleries to be restored to their
former elegance and glory. Quartz-zinc was chosen for its traditional, lasting
appearance, sustainability, low maintenance and long life expectancy. Its muted
grey colour is similar to lead and blends well with natural slate and a variety of
other building materials. Zinc’s malleability makes it suitable for intricate detailing
and was a major factor influencing selection.
A new focus on research and development
by James Hardie has resulted in the
launch of a fresh new fibre cement cladding
solution at EcoBuild this year. Visitors to
the stand saw HardieLinea Cladding,
an exterior fibre cement product that
enhances the appearance of new and
existing residential projects with a 16mm
depth. Delivering the stylish aesthetics of
painted timber cladding, with none of the
maintenance issues, HardieLinea Cladding
is a fibre cement solution that provides a
high-specification external detail with
excellent performance characteristics.
Appearance, materials, quality and durability enable the architect or
housebuilder to create homes imbued with character, rich with the appeal of
modern colours. Striking shadow lines can be achieved with the new 16mm
HardieLinea depth. With HardieLinea the possibilities for individual design are
extensive. Applications include whole external walls, or wall treatments where
materials blend to add interest and architectural detail, for example upper
and lower elevations, extensions and even internal feature walls can all benefit
from the smart clean lines and slick modern colours this product delivers.
An inherently stable cladding product, HardieLinea provides sustainability in
its longevity. The advanced formulation fibre cement is resistant to fire, water
penetration, insect damage and inclement weather. It is dimensionally stable,
so it will not warp or twist over time. With ColourPlus Technology, the range
of 11 colours resist chipping, cracking and peeling, so a home’s appearance
requires little maintenance to stay looking smart for many years.
ICOSUN Console is a mounting system
which has recently been launched by
roofing and waterproofing membranes
manufacturer Icopal. The system has
been specially developed for installing
rigid photovoltaic panels on flat roofs
(up to a 10° roof pitch) with
waterproofing membranes.
The ICOSUN Console system is suited
to both new build and retrofit projects,
and allows for both flat and pitch
mounting to create optimum PV
performance. It is designed to support
all common types of rigid PV panels
(framed and unframed). In addition,
the system can be used with virtually
any type of waterproofing membrane,
including bitumen, POCB, PVC or TPO
roofing, and is suitable for concrete,
timber and steel decks and decks
with rigid thermal insulation board.
Polyurethanes was specified for
The Crescent Primary School as part
of the £5.5m refurbishment of a listed
Edwardian grammar school in Selhurst,
Croydon. Curl la Tourelle Architects,
together with contractor Kier are
aiming to achieve a U-value result
of 0.3W/m
K. Guy Shackle, senior
associate at Curl la Tourelle explained
the developments at the school:
“WALLTITE spray foam injection was
specified for this project as it was the
only product that would work well with
the cavity wall’s structure. A challenge
existed for us as the outer leaf of
brickwork is tied to the inner with brick
stretchers, which ruled out most of the
cavity fill products on the market.”
BN272 BN273
Knauf Insulation has
joined other well known
members to form a
not-for-profit organisation,
The Green Deal Finance
Company (TGDFC).
The organisation aims to deliver low-cost financing available to households
from Green Deal providers, facilitating the installation of energy efficiency
measures that underpin the Green Deal framework. TGDFC has been
working closely with DECC – and through them the Green Investment Bank
and the European Investment Bank (EIB) – as well as with a wide range of
local authorities that may become members in due course, with a view to
maximising its assistance to the Green Deal market. By operating at a
national level, TGDFC intends to minimise the operating and administration
costs of the Green Deal and will aim to access the cheapest sources of
finance in the market at the highest possible credit rating.
Enquiry Number BN35
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In Depth: Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
Kingspan Insulation has extended
its product range by offering a
Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP).
Launched at Ecobuild 2012, it is aimed
at providing solutions to problem
areas where space or technical
detailing is an issue. VIPs are made
from a micro-porous core, which is
capable of being evacuated, encased
and sealed in a thin, gas-tight
envelope. The structure has to be
capable of withstanding atmospheric
pressure, and of maintaining the
vacuum over time. With a typical aged
lambda of 0.008W/m.K, the resulting
panels can provide an insulating
performance that is up to ten times
better than other commonly available
insulation materials.
A new insulation product has been launched by Lakeland-based company, EnviroHomes, following
a successful national test market which encompassed domestic, local authority and commercial
properties. Vacutherm uses the company’s Vacupor panel, which is made of superfine fumed silica
granules and silicates, plus opacifiers to minimise infrared radiation. These are encased in a high
barrier film wrap and can be as slim as 10mm, depending on the U-value required. It is sandwiched
between panels of gypsum-based board which have high compressive strength and a total product
depth of 30-50mm. Test installations demonstrated that Vacutherm is suited to internal wall
insulations, complementing other EnviroHomes products for roofs and floors, etc. Vacupor,
the base product from which Vacutherm is manufactured, has successfully passed stringent 30-
year aging tests and has been used in buildings in 50 countries across the world since the 1990s
and, internationally, in freezers and refrigerators for decades.
The award-winning extension to
Liverpool’s Hope Street Hotel has
benefited from a fibre cement
decorative rainscreen cladding
solution using Natura from
Marley Eternit. An ambitious design
for the building’s re-use involved
incorporating its reinforced concrete
framework into the extension, and
building an additional four storeys
which were clad with Anthracite
coloured Natura fibre cement
cladding. Natura is available in a wide
choice of colours and the practical
qualities of the material include
durability, strength and a life
expectancy of at least 50 years.
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ABC+D May 2012
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In Depth: Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
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ABC+D May 2012
A £5m state-of-the-art training
facility for army cadets has
recently been completed using
Marley Eternit’s Birkdale fibre
cement roof slates. The choice
of roof covering allows the new
building to blend in seamlessly
with its rural surroundings. The new complex at Holcombe Moor training camp
houses the Cadet Training Centre (CTC) for the Greater Manchester Army Cadet
Force, as well as acting as the new administration base for the Army Cadet Force
County HQ. To ensure the building met planning requirements, the design had to
be mindful of the surrounding area, and this heavily influenced the specification
of materials chosen as part of the aesthetic vision. After researching various
options, the specifiers opted for the Birkdale fibre cement slate, attracted by
the available colour choice, slate-like dressed edge and the overall cost. A total
of 3,000m
of slates were used in the roofing construction, spread across the
six blocks that form the new complex.
Metsä Wood (formerly Finnforest)
Kerto, a laminated veneer lumber
(LVL), has been utilised at the
newly transformed sports centre
at St Mary’s University College,
Twickenham. Part of the
transformation included a new
fitness suite with an undulating
roof. For this, Kerto engineered
timber provided the solution
thanks to its strength-to-weight
ratio and remarkable versatility
along with its visual appeal. The new building links and provides an entrance
to the University College’s existing games hall and original 1960’s sports block
to create a single centre. The existing hall and sports block were also
refurbished at the same time. The centre is home for Sport St Mary’s which
supports the ever-growing academic programmes and student sport teams
as well as catering for all levels of student, staff and local community
activity. David Tucker, director at Rivington Street Studio, commented:
“The product’s visual appearance when viewed in both directions was key
and, in addition, we were looking for a product that would achieve the long
spans required for the relatively small cross sectional area and would be
quick to install.” Due to its homogeneous bonded structure, Metsä Wood
Kerto is strong and dimensionally stable, which means that it does not warp
or twist. This makes the product suitable for load bearing structures and
long spans. The aesthetic appeal of Kerto is visible to users of the sports
centre who will also be reassured by its exceptional eco credentials; the
wood sourced to produce Kerto is from Metsä Wood’s certified forests
and it has full PEFC accreditation.
Curtain walling and sloped glazing
from Kawneer were specified for a
refurbishment of and extension to the
Student Union centre at the University
of Bath with sustainability, cost and
maintenance implications in mind.
Kawneer’s AA110 curtain walling with
65mm sightlines and AA100 with
50mm sightlines, complemented by
sloped glazing on the roof, was installed
by specialist contractor Aluminium
Sashes for main contractor Britannia
Construction. Planning consent and
construction was achieved in just 11
months. The £5m, 2,500m² project
comprised the construction and fit-out
of a two-storey steel frame extension
and link to the existing centre which was
refurbished, as well as the controlled
removal of asbestos and remediation of
steel works to the under deck of the
Rainscreen cladding panels from Steni UKwere specified by Glas Architects for a
mixed-use development in south London for their quality and durability in terms of
longevity and colour fastness. Three shades of Steni’s Colour panels, in white, light
grey and dark grey and a matt finish, were used on all four elevations of Francis Bacon
Courton, the site of the former Manor Tavern on Galleywall Road. The fibreglass
reinforced polymer composite panels feature a surface of electron beam cured acrylic
that is applied without the use of solvents and were specified by Glas Architects after
two other types of cladding panels failed to meet the project’s criteria of quality and
cost-effectiveness. Some 800m² of the panels were face-fixed with colour-coded rivets
onto an aluminium sub-frame over four months of the 16-month build. Completely
resistant to weather, water, chemicals, impact and fire (Class O performance), Steni
Colour panels also feature a 25-year working guarantee. The six-storey building has a
ground-floor commercial unit and services for ten apartments. All have balconies with
patio doors to give views, but not directly overlook, a nature reserve on one side.
The 2012 Housing Innovation
Showcase in Dunfermline, Fife, is a
joint project conducted by Fife Council
and Kingdom Housing Association to
test and showcase the many housing
solutions on the market. In addition
to evaluating the cost and energy
performance of these systems, the
project will provide sustainable and
affordable housing for residents.
Working in partnership with
Glenrothes-based timber frame
developer, Lomond Homes, the
A. Proctor Group and Energyflo
Insulation Technologies have delivered
two and
using the
system. By
air through
the building fabric, the Dynamic Frame
system allows the timber frame walls
to meet U-values of 0.15, in a 140mm
stud, with no increase in wall depth,
maximising internal space for the
residents, while minimising their
energy bills. The project also utilises
the Reflectatherm vapour control layer
and Reflectashield-TF 0.73 breather
membrane, also supplied by the
Proctor Group, completing a
comprehensive system-based
approach to enhanced energy
performance. The Housing Innovation
Showcase exhibition runs from
14 May – 1 June 2012.
BN280 BN281
Xtralite Rooflights has become the first
rooflight producer in the UK to be awarded
the new Environmental Profile Certification from
the British Board of Agrément (BBA). The highly
sought after accreditation is the latest example of
the company’s ongoing commitment to improving
its environmental performance. The BBA
Environmental Profile Certification is calculated in
line with BS EN ISO 14040 standards and the BRE environmental profiles
methodology. It takes into account the manufacturer’s performance in
13 embodied environmental impact categories, including Global Warming
(embodied carbon), and gives an overall Ecopoints score for each product.
The certification was presented to the Xtralite team at Ecobuild 2012 by
BBA sales and communications director Alan Thomas, who commented:
“Xtralite was the first company in its sector to win BBA Approval and I am
delighted the company has gone on to become the first in its sector to gain
Environmental Profile Certification from us.”
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ABC+D May 2012
Specialist architectural
façade manufacturer,
Spanwall, has followed
up its stunning
rainscreen cladding
project for the £90m
Belfast Titanic signature
project with another
dramatic, contemporary installation. Designed by Van Aken Architecten for IT
infrastructure and data security company Terremark, the building at Schipol in
Amsterdam features 2,500m
of aluminium panels, laser-cut and punched with
a binary number design. Commissioned by Architectural Aluminium for main
contractor Mercury Engineering, the external perforated rainscreen cladding
comprises anodised and polyester powder coated panels in a 60/40% panel split.
The panels were manufactured in Spanwall’s advanced manufacturing plant in
Belfast, to fulfil the graphic effect envisioned by the architect for the exterior of
the building.
Knauf Marmorit
UK, specialist in
façade systems
and finishes, has
achieved the
recognised ISO
9001 and ISO 14001, establishing it as one of the leaders in
its field. The independent assessment was conducted by certification body,
the British Assessment Bureau, and it demonstrates Knauf Marmorit’s
commitment to customer service and quality in delivery. Knauf Marmorit UK
has now earned the right to display the coveted British Assessment Bureau
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification mark to demonstrate its conformance to
the standard. ISO 9001 has been developed for organisations to have a quality
management system in place to ensure consistency and improvement, leading
to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. ISO 14001 was first
introduced in 1996 as a British Standard and requires organisations to have an
environmental policy and action plan to manage their impact on the
environment. Certified organisations are committed to continuous
improvement and are assessed annually to ensure progress is being made.
Mark Meagrow, managing director of Knauf Marmorit UK commented: “We are
particularly pleased to have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification as
it underlines our commitment to our customers and our focus on quality and
the environment. Not many customers get to see their suppliers’ back-office
activities. This recognition demonstrates we can provide a quality solution
from quotation to delivery.”
is a UK manufacturer of fall protection
systems and access solutions,
answering the needs of the building
industry, consultants, architects,
surveyors and contractors with its
high performance, safety at height
solutions. The company completes
installations for some of the UK’s
premier companies, spanning a wide
range of sectors, including health,
education, leisure, housing
associations, offices and factories.
SAFETYWORKS has its own in-house
manufacturing and design facility,
offering clients a turn-key service,
right from the initial specification
stage, through to design, manufacture,
supply, training and annual inspection.
Products can be provided on a supply
only or supply and installation basis.
FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation from Pittsburg Corning has
been used in the construction of the new Turner Contemporary Art
Gallery, located on the North Kent coast. Designed by Stirling Prize
Winner David Chipperfield Architects, the insulation was selected
as it is impervious to water and water vapour and offers a high
compressive strength – meaning it was the only material that could
insulate and help to protect the structure from the harsh weather
conditions. Located on the prominent Margate seafront, the building is constructed with a concrete frame and acid etched
glass skin. Crucial to the success of the project, was the need for the building's envelope to withstand the corrosive elements
of the sea, high humidity levels and strong winds. As such, FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation was specified for the external
envelope as well as the mono-pitched roofs. FOAMGLAS is a high performance insulation material. It comprises hermetically
sealed glass cells, which are totally resistant to the effects of liquid moisture and gases – i.e. water vapour. It is suitable for
use on the exterior envelope of a building as well as the supporting structure. This is due to its high compressive strength,
ability not to deflect under compressive loads and its stability.
Richly coloured Natura fibre cement
rainscreen cladding from Marley
Eternit has been used to give a
distinctive identity to a new sixth form
college building in Cheshire.
Barrow Hall College was completed in
September 2011 and forms part
of Great Sankey High School in
Warrington. Architect, EWA, specified
Natura in Ruby and Anthracite for all
exterior walls of the building, with Ruby
forming the main feature colour and
Anthracite used to complement the
extensive glazed frontage. Natura
is a fibre cement panel designed
for external cladding applications.
It provides a tough and practical
rainscreen solution and is suitable for
use on a wide variety of applications.
It is available in an extensive choice
of colours and the practical qualities
of the material include durability,
strength and an installed life
expectancy of at least 50 years.
Natura has a tactile, smooth, semi-
translucent surface, which allows the
natural variegation of the fibre cement
to show through, creating a practical
as well as visually engaging building
at Great Sankey School. It is also
available with a Pro coating, which
provides protection against staining
and graffiti as well as mechanical
damage during construction.
BN286 BN287
The ongoing issue of hard-to-treat walls
in the UK can be overcome using Spacetherm
from The A. Proctor Group – an ultra-thin
insulation for thermal upgrades saving valuable
space without altering the exterior fabric of the
building. One project that benefitted from this insulation was 20 Follet
Street, Tower Hamlets, London. The solid wall Victorian House in a
conservation area was upgraded with an 80% carbon emission reduction.
The historic nature and context of the house, its position fronting directly
onto the street and the proximity of adjacent buildings, have played a key
part in the selection of material and renewable technologies. This retrofit
solution enabled the resident to remain in occupation of the house. Whole
house modelling was undertaken using SAP in conjunction with extended
SAP worksheets. AutoCAD-produced plans and elevations were used to
assist with visualisation and detailed design. The A. Proctor Group supplied
Spacetherm P (Spacetherm insulation bonded to Plasterboard) to this
project for the exposed walls to give a U-value of 0.23 W/m
44 Feature
Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
ABC+D May 2012
s the heat pump market moves forward we are seeing
a growing debate within the industry concerning the
application and use of high temperature air source
heat pumps.
The question being asked:
Is it acceptable to install a heat pump where the heat pump is
operating at a higher temperature with an obvious reduction in the
COP (co-efficient of performance) of the system when compared to a
medium temperature system?
The recent launch of the Heat Pump Emitter Guide highlights the
importance of the distribution system in ensuring that the heat pump
operates at an efficient level. It is now becoming common knowledge
that the design and selection of the emitter system is the key to
ensuring efficient heat pump performance utilising medium
temperature systems.
However, the specific demands of the application will determine
how practical it will be to carry out emitter modifications on a retrofit
application to allow for a medium temperature 45°C flow.
A new build project is much more straightforward, but we must
definitely consider the practical use of heat pumps on the fast
developing residential and commercial retrofit markets.
In general, the industry is targeting a heat pump seasonal system
COP of around 2.9 which should be achievable on either a retrofit
or new build application with the caveat that the specifier/installer
considers the basic heat pump system design requirements.
Therefore, if we are to apply heat pumps on a wider basis to both
the retrofit and the new build sectors, it is clear that heat pumps
with high temperature capability will offer benefits to our industry.
These high temperature units will allow the specifier installer to deal
with the demands of each project by applying the most suitable heat
pump, either medium or high temperature.
Heating – why is high temperature heat needed?
It is clear that the heat pump industry has learned a great deal over
the past three years and one of the main lessons has been that our
Heat pump developments
Why high temperature heat pumps?
ICS Heat Pump Technologies discusses the developments within the heat pump industry
relating specifically to high temperatue heat pump units for commercial and industrial
applications... FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Feature 45
Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
ABC+D May 2012
industry needs a flexible range of heat pumps to offer to the market.
These heat pumps need to provide a solution to the demands of the
UK heating market which, whether we like it or not, is dissimilar to
the other heat pump markets within Europe.
Our market provides the heat pump specifier/installer with two
main challenges:
IWe have a winter climate which calls for the heat pump to operate
across a wide temperature range from 10-15°C.
IOur main target market for heat pumps is the retrofit sector which
is unpredictable in terms of building performance and heat loss.
Because of these two factors we must accept that if we offer only
medium temperature heat pumps to both the residential and
commercial sectors we will restrict our market.
By medium temperature we are referring to heat pumps which
provide an output temperature of around 45°C when operating in an
ambient temperature of -5°C, whereas high temperature heat pumps
provide an output temperature in excess of 60°C at the same -5°C
So, if our industry is working towards achieving the highest
practical efficiency levels, why should we consider high
temperature heat pumps at all?
Basically because we must allow every property to potentially benefit
from the cost and carbon savings of heat pump use. If we cannot deal
with the peak winter demands of a challenging retrofit application by
providing higher emitter output capacity at lower ambient conditions
(by increasing heat pump flow temperatures) we will be unable to
access this sector without bi-valent boiler integration.
Therefore, high temperature heat pumps that will operate with high
efficiency at lower ambient temperatures can provide a viable solution
to retrofit applications and encourage wider heat pump use and
The next question is, therefore, what level of efficiency can
be achieved by these high temperature heat pumps when
operating at an output temperature of 60°C?
The expected answer may be that the heat pump efficiency could be
too low to be acceptable when operating at a high output temperature
of 60°C; however, this is not the case. For example the ICS range of Air
Source PRANA HT units will provide a COP in excess of 2.2 when
operating at a 60°C flow in an ambient of -5°C.
The same heat pump would provide a COP of 3.2 when operating in
an ambient of 2°C with a flow temperature of 50°C. Therefore, it is clear
that when operating on a weather compensated basis the heat pump
would provide an acceptable level of efficiency over a full heating
But the main point to understand here is that this application could
not have been satisfied with a medium temperature heat pump due to
the limitations of the installed emitter system, i.e. a flow temperature
of 50 or 45°C would have been inadequate at an ambient temperature
of -5°C.
When we consider the potential of the retrofit market our industry
must remove as many barriers as possible in order to encourage
market growth. In this context high temperature heat pumps provide a
means of accessing this significant retrofit market on both a residential
and commercial basis.
However, the underlying concern here is the risk of misapplication
where the specifier/installer may just view these high temperature
heat pumps as a means of approaching a project without carrying out
any diligence or improvements at all with regard to the existing emitter
In this situation, the heat pump could be set at a 65°C flow
temperature without any regard to system efficiency. Even if guidelines
and seasonal COP targets are introduced with initiatives such as the
RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) there is still the risk that the specifier/
installer may not consider the exacting requirements of a retrofit
Therefore, our industry must be diligent at every level in order to
ensure that the risk of misapplication is continually challenged and
Hence high temperature heat pumps are a natural step forward with
regard to retrofit heating applications and are simply part of the overall
heat pump mix. However, these heat pumps are particularly attractive
to the specifier/installer who is targeting this potentially lucrative
retrofit market.
High temperature heat pumps – any other reasons?
Yes, the additional demand which can be dealt with by using high
temperature heat pumps is a definite requirement for every property
in the UK.
Domestic and sanitary hot water
It is now becoming accepted that these high temperature heat pumps
deal very directly with the question of a simple solution to providing
domestic/sanitary hot water.
Unlike medium temperature 48°C units (at -3°C ambient conditions)
which will provide lower temperature hot water with correspondingly
larger storage cylinders, high temperature heat pumps can provide
stored water at temperatures of over 55°C which proves extremely
beneficial to the specifier/installer.
In addition, there are now commercial European manufactured C02
heat pumps available which will provide flow temperatures of over
80°C and are deigned to work with intelligent storage systems in
order to create a thermal battery up to 6,000L in capacity.
The principle is that the system can be charged using low cost/low
carbon electricity achieving annual COP levels of over 4 when
operating on a 365 day per year application.
Are high temperature heat pumps here to stay?
Absolutely yes. Whether we are referring to a 9kW domestic unit or
a 400kW commercial package, there is now a heat pump available
to suit the most demanding of high temperature applications.
If specified and installed correctly, these heat pumps provide an
excellent alternative to other forms of heating and can offer significant
cost and carbon savings to residential and commercial users.
Therefore, from 9kW domestic units to 400kW commercial ranges
the specifier should now recognise that the market has access to
choice. Subsequently, the specifier/installer can make choices in order
to provide the best solution to the market. This will then allow the
specifier/installer to grow their own business by offering these high
temperature heat pumps to applications
that may previously have been out of limits
if the only option had been medium
Far left: A 200kW air source heat pump
Above right: DeLonghi’s HT units provide an
output temperature of 65°C for either heating
or DHW (domestic hot water) production FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
For more information
about ICS Heat Pump
Technology use any
of the enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN295
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Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
ABC+D May 2012
hile heat escaping from a building is bad news for energy
efficiency, a lack of air movement and ventilation can
cause a different set of issues. To combat both the
ecological and health aspects of air movement, many
architects and housebuilders are turning to MVHR systems to provide
ventilation and to help meet Building Regulations. These systems work
by extracting the waste heat from wet rooms such as the kitchen,
bathroom or utility room and using this waste gas to heat fresh air
coming into the building before it is distributed to the living and
bedroom areas.
UK homes generate an extraordinary amount of heat through
everyday activities such as cooking and showering and often the
solution is to open a window. This, however, lets valuable heat escape
and there is often still the issue of moisture lingering in the air, leading
to problems with damp and mould. Although the air tightness of homes
is increasing, the level of occupier activity remains the same, therefore
specifiers and architects need to think about how to remove both
moisture and excess heat from buildings without compromising the
fabric of the building.
MVHR systems have been increasingly used in new build housing
projects, in fact the Passive House standard generally requires the
installation of an MVHR unit to meet strict airflow levels typically under
1.5 m
. The average adult consumes 15,000L of air every day,
therefore a balanced, constant supply of fresh air is needed in the
home. This air then needs to be filtered, heated or cooled accordingly
to retain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Over the
course of several years, these systems have become increasingly
efficient thanks to investment in the technology of air-to-air heat
exchangers and the low energy motors that drive them; some
now offer over 90% heat recovery efficiency.
In addition, the inclusion of MVHR systems can also count towards
SAP calculations. This is due to advances in methods of ducting and
the development of semi-rigid ducting, which features an extremely
high crushability rate of up to 16 kN/m
. This small bore system means
that this type of ducting offers zero leakage which is why, as of last year,
this type of ducting was included on the SAP Appendix Q list for
Dwelling Emission Rate. This inclusion has a massive impact on the
future of MVHR as it allows specifiers and architects to design such
ductwork into projects at early stages and for it to be included in their
SAP calculation.
More recently, MVHR systems have also been used in retrofit
scenarios in order to increase the overall efficiency of older, well
insulated buildings. Again, this is where ducting has an important role
to play. Semi-rigid ducting has the ability to squeeze through small
cavities and void spaces, which can often be found in older properties
such as Victorian terraces. Furthermore, MVHR manufacturers have
been trying to address how best to implement MVHR systems in
existing buildings where it isn’t possible to fit ducting through voids.
One newly-developed solution is to surface mount the ducting in a
similar fashion to coving. Such a fitting would be suitable for flats or
small houses where a more traditional retrofit installation isn’t viable
and, as this type of system is made of durable EPS, it can be painted to
fit in with the décor of the room and easily cut to the required length.
The beauty of MVHR is that it’s not limited to one application, and as
manufacturers we are continually striving to develop new systems that
provide workable solutions to make a real impact on the overall health
and well being of the occupants.
As a sustainable method of ventilating
homes, MVHR delivers considerable
benefits over alternatives, meeting
Building Regulations, the Code for
Sustainable Homes and, of course,
Passive House. As we approach the
Government’s target date of 2016 for
zero carbon dwellings, the use of MVHR
as standard looks set to increase.
Plugging into the
benefits of MVHR
The UK construction market is under increasing pressure to make
homes and buildings as airtight as possible to conserve energy and
reduce the amount of fuel we use to heat them. However, a sealed
home needs an effective form of ventilation. Here John Kellyat
Airflow explores how mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
systems (MVHR) provide the solution to this problem...
For more information
about Airflow
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN296
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Airflow’s RENO ducting is surface mounted in a similar fashion to coving
A typical Airflow installation
Enquiry Number BN37 Enquiry Number BN38
Enquiry Number BN39 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
48 Products
In Depth: Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
Bradford-based Shorts Environmental,
the Low Carbon Building Services
specialist, is offering the UK’s building
services industry a complete energy
saving and sustainable package for
heating and cooling plant that will feed
HVAC systems in all types of property –
industrial, commercial and residential
developments. Shorts offers a highly
specialist service that includes the design,
supply, primary circuit installation
commissioning and after sales maintenance service support. The services
include application advice and selection of the appropriate specialist equipment
(heat pump/biomass/chiller) for a project; direct assistance with integration of
its products, alongside other services – running cost calculations; life cycle cost
evaluation and investment analysis. The service can also include carbon footprint
evaluation and TEWI calculations. Also, on existing heating and cooling plant,
Shorts can offer practical assistance, commissioning, troubleshooting, spare part
identification and fully comprehensive maintenance.
A new Gas Fire Division has been created
by the Glen Dimplex Group following the
recent acquisition of two of the UK’s
leading fire brands – Valor and Wonderfire.
Alongside Robinson Willey, the brand that
was acquired in 2010 by the group, these
three foremost brands now form part of the
largest and most powerful portfolio of gas
fire names in the UK. Targeting both trade
and retail sectors, and headed up by newly-
appointed commercial director, Richard
Beaman, who brings over 20 years experience in the gas fire industry to his
new role, the division will benefit from over £2m investment in state-of-the-
art R&D facilities to develop the next generation of fires. Richard Beaman
commented: “This latest development will help breathe fire into these
celebrated brands. Plus, the access that we now have to the valuable
resources and investment from the Glen Dimplex Group will facilitate untold
product development and innovation and help create a spring board for
future growth.” The new Gas Fire R&D Facility will be managed by the well-
known industry figure for fires, technical director Willie Byrne. Formerly
with Valor and with over 25 years experience in the fires industry, Willie
is charged with new product development and raising the technical
excellence of this expansive portfolio of gas and electric fires. Richard
added: “Willie brings a wealth of high level experience and personal
enthusiasm to his role and will be an invaluable asset to the division’s
future growth. Indeed, under his guidance, the new product development
programme is already well underway with several channel-specific
product designs ready to be showcased at forthcoming events.”
Vent-Axia welcomes a recent report
which forecasts that Mechanical
Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)
is set to dominate new sustainable
homes, post 2016. According to the
Zero Carbon Hub VIAQ (Ventilation and
Indoor Air Quality) Task Group Interim
report, with over 18,000 MVHR units
sold in 2010-11, the technology already
has a significant foothold in new UK
housing. The Task Group considers
MVHR use will continue to grow
and become the dominant form of
ventilation. However, the report adds
that to realise the benefits of MVHR,
systems must be properly specified in
airtight homes and close attention
needs to be paid to system design,
installation, commissioning and
British Gas recently took the decision to
offer its customers the Grundfos ALPHA2
circulator, as standard, from March 2012.
This decision means that British Gas
customers will benefit from energy
savings of up to 75-80% immediately,
as opposed to having to wait for legislation
to kick in. This legislation will take the form
of the EuP Directive that will demand that
only the most energy efficient products
can be fitted from 2013. British Gas and
Grundfos Pumps have built a strong
business partnership in recent years and
they are both united in their determination
to deliver to their customers
the highest levels of comfort,
in the most energy-efficient
way. British Gas has
proved that it is
happy to
the newest
technology, and
that it is willing to
be the first to make a
stand that will benefit
both the environment
and its customers.
BN302 BN303
Polypipe Ventilation is pleased
to announce the launch of its
newly designed website which
has been given a complete
revamp from content through to
navigation and design, providing
more in-depth information in an easy to access format. The new, modern
design not only looks clean and fresh, but also makes for an effortless user
experience. This has been further enhanced through improved navigation.
Following Polypipe’s acquisition of the good will and assets of Silavent,
a dedicated Silavent landing page has been created on the new website.
It has been designed to incorporate elements from the former Silavent
website for customer familiarity, while also benefiting from the site’s
easier navigation and cleaner design. Product categories are clearly
displayed and accessible by buttons on the home page. These trigger a
pop-up menu displaying a brief explanation and a menu of the products
within that category which can be accessed in one click.
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ABC+D May 2012
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In Depth: Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
Seven HV1250 fans have
been supplied by Hydor,
UK specialist in the design,
manufacture and supply of
ventilation products, above
a track operated by Formula
Fast Indoor Karting at its
Banbury headquarters in
Oxfordshire. The units are needed to move large volumes of air to prevent the
build-up of carbon monoxide (CO) within the converted warehouse and to expel
fumes and stale air cost effectively. Based in Downton, Salisbury (with divisions
in Ireland, South Africa and Australia), Hydor offers a comprehensive range of
products designed to move large amounts of air efficiently. The company is proud
of the reputation it has built in agriculture as well as building services projects,
with the indoor karting track situated within 500m of Junction 11 of the M40,
providing an interesting application of its products and technologies.
When Formula Fast approached the company for a solution, Hydor realised that
its Single-Phase 1.1kw HV1250 fans were suited to the task, based on the volume
of the spaces involved.
Following Katell’s successful
launch of Laura Ashley’s fires
and fire surrounds, new models,
including multi-fuel stoves, have
been added to the collection.
Katell, a specialist in the design and
manufacture of fires and surrounds,
has worked in conjunction with
Laura Ashley to develop an
exclusive collection of fires.
One of the new fireplaces is the
Foxglove which comprises a Woburn
freestanding stove in black with
polished detail and a mantel of
Portuguese limestone with riven
slate and hearth. The mantel is
also available in natural oak and
chestnut. Only the finest solid woods, marble and stone are chosen for the
fireplace surrounds. The Woburn freestanding stove has a heat output of 5kW
and is DEFRA-approved. This multi-fuel, Class 1 stove will help housebuilders
with SAP ratings as it uses renewable energy resources. The stove
incorporates an air management system with clean burn and air wash
technology which provides the homeowner with total control of the air supply
and heat output of the appliance. The stove also boasts a draught-controlled
tertiary air system, a stainless steel ashpan and fixings, a cast iron door, an
interchangeable top or rear flue outlet, a fully multi-fuel equipped cast iron
gate and a large ceramic glass window. The stove is supplied with a Laura
Ashley embroidered glove and a removable cast iron logo.
The Government has moved to cement
in place new legislation concerning the
installation of direct fired gas water
heaters that will help it meet its
commitment for a 34% reduction in
greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and
80% by 2050. Non-condensing direct
fired gas water heaters have now been
eliminated from use in the changes to
Building Regulations, Section two –
Part L (Conservation of fuel and power).
Commenting on the announcement, Ian
Jenkins, Rinnai UK’s technical support
manager, said: “Rinnai is in an excellent
position to supply the market with
condensing units for all applications.
Rinnai’s smallest condensing unit is
rated at 49kW. Rinnai’s high efficiency
condensing range of continuous flow
water heaters, including the HDC1500
with 105% net efficiency, covers all
application and site requirements.”
Mitsubishi Electric’s commercial
heating team is aiming to raise
£75,000 for Save the Children,
by embarking on an eight day trek to
Machu Picchu, Peru in a charity
challenge that will test the strength
and endurance of all the participants.
The trip will be taking place at altitudes
of 4,600m requiring teamwork at its
highest level. The October event
follows parts of the famous Inca Trail,
trekking through rugged terrain, high
mountain passes and remote valleys
in order to reach the stunning Machu
Picchu site. “We know we have given
ourselves quite a task but have an
enormous amount of respect for the
work Save the Children do around the
world,” explained Graham Temple,
marketing manager for the
commercial ceating division.
BN307 BN308
Aztec electric boilers from TR Engineering were
first introduced several years ago and have since
supplied thousands of homes across the UK that
have had no mains gas or required a practical and
versatile heating alternative that could be installed
in the smallest of spaces. Now, a new breed of super
compact Aztec system boilers has been launched to
complement the existing range. The Aztec system is a
clever yet simple to install unit that offers the end user a clean and
easy fit. Designed as an all-in-one unit, Aztec system contains all the
major components, normally installed in addition to a standard electric
wet system boiler. The range features adjustable controls and shows off a
smart digital programmer and built in pressure and flow temperature gauge.
The pump, expansion vessel and automatic air vent on the other hand are
discreetly housed behind a clean white vitreous enamel casing. The range
is available in outputs from 6-12kW and feature the usual benefits
associated with Aztec electric boilers.
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In Depth: Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
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ABC+D May 2012
Polypipe Ventilation has
launched Domus Thermal,
a patent pending duct insulation
system for round and
rectangular duct systems.
Domus Thermal has been
designed to comply with 2010
Building Regulations and to
prevent both heat loss and the formation of condensation. Domus Thermal has
been developed by Polypipe specifically to meet the recommendations of the
Government’s 2010 Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide. The guide states
that ducting must be insulated where it passes through unheated areas and
voids, such as loft spaces, to reduce the possibility of condensation forming
which can lead to unsightly – and unhealthy – mould. The guide sets a minimum
duct insulation standard of =0.04W/(m.K), with a 25mm thickness. Domestic
duct insulation products on the market are generally unable to meet this
requirement, but the new DomusThermal range exceeds the standard, with
improved thermal conductivity complying with Part F of the Building Regulations.
Airflow’s QuietAir QT100 range of extractor fans
has recently been awarded Quiet Mark status –
the international mark of approval
award programme from the UK Noise
Abatement Society. Tested by the
Association of Noise Consultants
to verify low noise levels and compare
the fans to others available on the
market, the QuietAir QT100 range
of fans passed with flying colours and
achieved Quiet Mark status by being one of the
quietest products within its category. John Kelly,
marketing manager from Airflow, said: “Supremely quiet
in operation, the QuietAir range is suited to attaining the Quiet Mark status.
Designed with low noise levels in mind, we are pleased to be able to offer a fan
that has been independently approved by the Noise Abatement Society and is
suitable for installation in toilets, utility rooms,
bathrooms and en-suites.” Designed to help
ventilate a room, by removing moisture and
preventing the build-up of condensation, the
QuietAir range is also extremely efficient and
can help reduce unnecessary energy usage,
thanks to its built-in eco start energy saving
technology. Where most other extractor fans
are wired to the light switch in a room, meaning
they are activated whenever the light is turned
on, the QuietAir eco start technology only
switches on once a room is occupied for two
minutes, so it is only in use when really needed,
helping to reduce energy waste.
The high performance Ecoflo tertiary
heat exchanger is an incredibly simple
M&G Group solution from interActive
Flue Systems. Ecoflo is a small
PFGHRD unit which is placed directly on
top of any existing or new condensing
combination boiler. This SAP Appendix
Q-listed and WRAS-approved device
will consequently reduce average gas
consumption for domestic hot water
by 33%. The Ecoflo concept was first
introduced in March 2011 at the
Ecobuild exhibition in London, and
at the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt,
Germany. In February 2012 Ecoflo was
introduced to the Dutch market
at the VSK exhibition in Utrecht, while
in November 2011 it was nominated for
the VSK Award 2012. The jury described
Ecoflo as: “A product with a relatively
low investment compared
to the energy efficiency,” and a “great
example of creativity.”
Johnson & Starley’s new Q-Vent HRC 8x3 system provides
mechanical ventilation to en-suite bedrooms and features high
efficiency EC fan technology. The system is designed to provide
continuous extraction via a system ductwork and grilles. It offers
a solution for hotels and similar establishments looking for high
efficiency ventilation with low running costs and exceptionally low
sound levels. Heat is recovered from the stale contaminated air
drawn from the bathroom and a high performance heat exchanger
recovers the heat and transfers it to temper the incoming fresh air.
The ventilation rate will increase when the bathroom is being used
for periods in excess of two minutes and the unit switches to boost mode. The extracted air is then discharged to the outside
via a single duct and grille. Available in top or bottom opening versions, the case of Q-Vent HRC 8x3 is constructed from
aluminium/zinc coated steel. The internal faces of the casing are acoustically lined with flame retardant acoustic foam to
reduce noise to a minimum.
On a secluded rural site near Newton
Abbot in Devon known as The Retreat
– local lore claims that it was once
used by nuns – there now stands a
stylish, modern, seven bedroomed,
two-storey home. Being a new build
property, the owner sensibly specified
that his home should have water and
central heating from renewable
sources. Underfloor heating, being
at the comparatively low temperature
suited for use with heat pump
generation, was a natural choice and
the owner called on Timoleon to
design a UFCH system for the whole
of The Retreat. Timoleon, a specialist
in bespoke underfloor heating
systems, provided its Staple System
for the ground floor where a screeded
base made it the optimum choice and
for the Aether Foilboard System on the
screedless floating floor upstairs.
The Staple system is based on a
gridded insulation sheet spread over
the sub-floor making the establishment
of the piping design extremely simple,
and allowing the pipe to be speedily and
permanently fixed using the stapler
provided before the top screed is laid.
With the Aether system used on the
first floor, the pipes are simply walked
into the preformed grooves in a 35mm
deep Foilboard featuring the high
compressive strength necessary
with a floating floor. Both systems
use flexible 15mm polybutylene piping
and are extremely installer friendly.
BN312 BN313
Rinnai UK has announced the launch
of a common flue system to support its
pioneering commercial water heating
solutions. The flues will streamline
installations of its award winning
condensing continuous flow gas hot
water heaters and make the process
significantly more cost effective. Rinnai has designed and developed a
common header flue system that eliminates the need for individual flue
termination on modular banks of water heaters and commercial buffer
systems. Rinnai technical support manager, Ian Jenkins, explained: “Until
now, if you were manifolding a bank of five units, that meant making five
holes in the roof or wall to flue them individually. The new B and C type
approved common header flue system can cater for up to a maximum of
ten appliances, creating a more holistic plant room design specification.”
The advent of the common flue will make installing banks of product, such
as Rinnai’s HDC1500i, simple and quick.
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ABC+D May 2012
The new Total Filter TF1 Flushing
Adapter is the latest offering from
Fernox, developed specifically to make
powerflushing even easier for installers
and heating engineers on-site. Simple
and straightforward, this compact
adapter allows for a hassle-free
powerflush of a central heating system
via a Fernox Total Filter TF1.
The new TF1 Flushing Adapter is
designed for the easy connection of a
Fernox Powerflow Flushing Machine to
the heating system via a Fernox TF1
Filter. Suitable for 22 and 28mm
versions, the adapter provides a full flow
rate to help optimise cleaning efficiency
and is rated to 85ºC. In addition, the TF1
Flushing Adapter enables the primary
side of the secondary heat exchanger
on a combination boiler to be cleaned
simply by turning on the domestic hot
water tap to engage the boiler diverter
JS Air Curtains has supplied an electrically heated air curtain for the London Fire
Brigade Head Quarters in Union Street, to eliminate cold draughts from its reception area.
As well as keeping the cold out in the winter, it also keeps the heat out during the summer,
improving the air conditioning quality and energy efficiency of the building. JS supplied
the round, 2m Rund air curtain in brushed stainless steel to contractor Arkas which
installed it horizontally above the double entry sliding doors leading into the reception
area. A time switch and digital thermostat were also provided. John Bridger, property
services manager for the London Fire Brigade explained: “The aesthetic design of the air
curtain was important as it would be highly visible above our busy main entrance. As the
building is electrically heated, we also needed to ensure that the installed product would
not compromise its energy efficiency performance.” Each 2m air curtain is capable of
delivering an airflow of up to 5,550m³/hr and up to 30kW of electric heating output,
although this is limited to 18kW at Union Street. Other models are available with hot water
heating or fan-only operation.
Birmingham Hippodrome was the first theatre in the
UK to be registered to ISO 14001, an international
standard for Environmental Management Systems,
for its attempts to lower the carbon footprint
throughout the building. With the assistance of
Rinnai’s midlands area sales manager, Richard Bailey,
two high-efficiency Rinnai HD50i internal units were
specified because of their high efficiencies and low
running costs, which fitted well with the theatre’s
commitment to sustainable operation, and because
the compact units would be easy to handle into place
with no special equipment.
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Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
ABC+D May 2012
ajor city institutions like their headquarters buildings to be
bold architectural statements, reflecting the values of the
organisation and leaving no doubt as to their power and
influence. That invariably means that the main entrance
to the building has to impress.
The current trend in the city is towards transparency – both literally
and metaphorically, in the wake of the global banking crisis. Many of
the landmark buildings currently going up in the Square Mile share the
fashion for multi-level glazed atria clad with minimalist curtain walling
systems. Set within these transparent façades is the main entrance –
more often than not, a large glass revolving door.
Bespoke door manufacturers have had to rise to the challenge laid
down by the architect and produce a practical interpretation of what is
often a highly stylised design concept. Height currently seems to be a
common feature, the door having to match the grand scale of the high-
level atrium within.
Consequently, some buildings are now equipped with doors rising to
4, 5 or even 6m in height. This might look good, but it also sets the bar
high for the manufacturer; each leaf of a door this tall can weigh a
tonne or more, and if it’s to work efficiently and safely, then the
manufacturer must find drives, bearings and safety devices that are
up to the job.
Tall doors represent a minority of the market. Most building projects
employing revolving doors – retail premises, public sector buildings,
airports, hospitals and so on – have different requirements.
Generally, instead of very tall doors, the trend is towards larger
diameters. In recent years, accessibility has become a major issue
in buildings, thanks to the Disability Act and changes in the Building
Regulations. Previously, it was common to provide passing doors either
side of a revolving door so that wheelchair users could be allowed in
and out of the building. Now, they must be able to use the same door as
everybody else, a requirement met by large diameter, slow moving
revolving doors.
Like very tall doors, these wide models feature heavy leaves and
have huge compartment sizes; engineering them for safe, efficient
operation is the main challenge for manufacturers. The code of
practice BS7036 governing the safety of powered doors for pedestrian
use sets out clear guidelines for factors such as speed of operation,
stopping speeds and distances and presence detection.
Even the largest doors will stop instantly, and usually within
a few millimetres of arc, if an obstruction is detected. Remote and
contact sensors are located strategically to govern the speed of
rotation and maintain distance from users. At no point should the leaf
of a modern revolving door come into contact with somebody passing
through it.
Naturally, to achieve this level of control, manufacturers must
employ the most advanced controls and sensors. But also, the drives
and motors have to be highly sophisticated to meet the demanding
performance criteria of a large diameter door.
Manufacturers are constantly reviewing their product ranges and
product testing is a major part of this.
A slight slow-down in the demand for revolving doors, brought about
by the onset of the global recession, is now showing signs of sustained
recovery, according to Andy Smith, regional sales manager with
Record/Blasi: “With our Record range, we cover the market for
standard doors, while Blasi is the recognised leader in top-end bespoke
doors” said Mr Smith. “We are seeing growth in both sectors.”
One major reason for increased sales is the current focus in the
construction industry on improved energy efficiency and heat
Revolving doors are designed so that the interior space is never
completely open to the elements. “There are always at least two leaves
in contact with the drum and, while cold air does come into the building
with each compartment, there is never any uncontrolled flow through
the door as there is with a sliding or swing door,” explained Mr Smith.
Even double sliding doors cannot match the heat conservation ability
of a revolving door, since the depth of the lobby separating the two sets
of doors is seldom more than 4m. This means that both sets of doors
are often open at the same time, and often for extended periods if the
doors are in constant use.
“With the more demanding accessibility
and energy efficiency requirements of
modern buildings, designers are
increasingly looking to revolving doors for
their projects,” said Mr Smith. “Modern
revolving doors are capable of satisfying
just about any building requirement and
there is an enormous range to choose from
these days, from small, manually-operated
doors to the largest automatic models.”
Trends in revolving doors
Revolving doors are a familiar feature of many large buildings, especially those used by
large numbers of people on a fairly constant basis. As the principal means of entry to such
buildings, these doors are subject to a variety of changing factors that continue to
influence their development. Record UKdiscusses...
For more information
about Record (UK)
use any of the
enquiry methods
below quoting
number BN320
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Windows, Doors, Framing
Taking all current specification and building regulation
demands into consideration, The Parkside Group Limited
are pleased to launch Alu-Timber, a range of aluminium/
timber windows, doors and framing, that combines
sustainably grown FSC or PEFC timbers with 100%
recyclable aluminium.
“The Alu-Timber range of framing, windows and doors,
merge material solutions: timber providing the thermal
efficiency, aluminium the protection.”
Timber is a non-conductive material, minimising heat loss
and, by using high performing glass, the lowest U-values
are achievable. To protect, aluminium gives the timber
facade a standard 25 year performance guarantee.
Alu-Timber gives the specifier benefits: low U-values to
achieve current legislation as well as reassurance for the
client that the facade will last, with minimal maintenance.
The Alu-Timber range includes casement, tilt and turn
windows and an open-in and open-out door. Due to the
superior jointing of Alu-Timber, it has inherently high
deflection loads. Alu-Timber can therefore be used as a
window walling suite up to storey height, creating modular
framing systems with opening windows and doors.
Alu-Timber is a member of The Parkside Group Limited
which includes Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems,
Axim and is a distributor for Duco sun and ventilation
products. The Parkside Group Limited offers a single
source solution for all your facade requirements.
The Parkside Group Ltd, Unit 5, The Willow Centre, 17 Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4NX
Tel: +44(0) 20 8685 9685 | Fax: +44(0) 20 8646 5096 | Email: | Web:
New Facade
Product Lau nch
See more at
www. al u-ti mber. co. uk
For i nformation contact
proj ects@pa rksi degrp. co. u
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54 Feature
Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
ABC+D May 2012
round one fifth of all heat in
a home is lost through the
windows. Specification of
the correct windows is
therefore vitally important and makes a huge difference to the overall
carbon footprint of a build.
Timber windows have long been recognised for adding value to a
property because of their superior aesthetics. Today, timber windows
not only offer exceptional aesthetics but, as a highly engineered item,
they offer performance levels that in many cases exceed that of other
materials. And, with builders and developers facing the ever more
stringent Part L of the Building Regulations and the requirements of the
Code for Sustainable Homes, this means that windows have to achieve
lower U-values than ever before. This has led to innovation in timber
windows to ensure they can retain authentic styles but offer even
higher performance.
Take sliding sash windows, for example. This has been one of the
most popular window designs for classic homes for many years.
Now the thermal performance of sliding sash windows has been
enhanced to ensure they can meet and exceed Part L of the Building
Regulations – achieving a U-value of down to 1.2 W/m
K. Sliding sash
styles are still widely used in new builds in conservation areas or in
sympathetic replacements, as they offer stunning aesthetics.
Now available with very low U-values, this means they are as relevant
for modern homes as they were for homes in the past – and this is
all down to innovation in timber window production.
Authentic styling, with high performance
Buyer demands for windows have never been higher, yet sometimes
even the supposedly impossible can be achieved. Conservation
windows with authentic traditional styling can be specified without
any need to compromise on thermal performance. Windows have
been introduced to meet the needs of housebuilders by assisting with
securing planning approval in conservation areas, yet still retaining a
high level of energy efficiency. This new style is already enjoying huge
popularity in the market.
However, timber windows and doorsets are gaining popularity not
just for heritage homes and properties in conservation areas, but for
some of the most sustainable projects being built. Timber casement
windows have been supplied to one of the first zero carbon
developments – a Code Level 6 project in Norfolk, where aesthetics
and performance were all important. The development is already being
seen as a benchmark for sustainable new homes of the future and the
project is testament to the thermal performance of some timber
windows. The windows installed in these homes played a crucial part
in ensuring thermal performance and minimising the impact of these
properties on the environment.
Timber windows would not have been able to have met modern
thermal performance requirements had it not been for significant
investment in new technology. In the past, there was a choice for
specifiers and developers between volume manufacturers who offered
standard products to a certain one-size-fits-all specification and niche
operators who offered bespoke products on a much smaller scale.
Now, investment in the latest IT technology, combined with skilled
craftsmanship and knowledge passed down through the generations,
means that timber windows and doors can be produced to achieve
very low U-values, with high weather performance, as well as to meet
security and safety specifications.
Increasingly stringent requirements
The increasingly stringent requirements of the Building Regulations
means that today’s timber windows are normally supplied to meet
bespoke requirements, rather than as standard products. Specific new
ranges of windows have been developed to meet increasing demands
of the market. For example, certain windows and doorsets have been
released specifically to meet Code level 6. This range of windows is
capable of achieving U-values down to 0.7 W/m
K. Full timber or
aluminium clad versions are also available to provide even greater
flexibility and choice. Again this just shows how far timber windows
have come in the past 40 years – and how far potentially they can go
to achieve the zero carbon requirements of new build homes in 2016.
Today, buyers are looking for windows that retain their performance
for as long as possible, which is why factory finishing has become so
important. Modern hi-build factory paints are guaranteed for ten years
and again, this means lower maintenance and a superior performance
– not to mention saving a great deal of time on finishing windows on
Timber has long been renowned as the only renewable material for
doors and windows, and demand for sustainable products is again a
major contributory factor in the popularity of timber windows.
Specifiers and developers are choosing chain of custody-certified
timber windows which demonstrate their environmental credentials,
as they are sourced from forests with strict reforestation programmes.
So the question is: Can timber windows
meet the ever more stringent performance
requirements? Timber windows are better
placed than most other materials to do so.
And, with such a highly engineered
product that originates from a sustainable
source, demand looks set to increase to
ensure that the homes of the future can
retain their environmental credentials,
aesthetics and performance.
When a window makes
all the difference
Ian Purkis, technical director at JELD-WEN, looks at how timber
windows can help enhance the sustainability of a property...
For more information
about JELD-WEN use
any of the enquiry
methods below quoting
number BN321
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ABC+D May 2012
Brio's Weatherfold
exterior folding door
and window furniture
has long helped
architects and designers
to seamlessly meld
interiors and exteriors
in a secure and efficient
manner. The ever popular Weatherfold Coastal Elite exterior folding door
hardware has recently seen improvements, with particular attention being placed
on security and height adjustment. With these changes comes a new name –
Weatherfold 4s. Weatherfold 4s consists of four dedicated systems suitable for
timber and aluminium doors weighing up to 150kg per panel. It is acknowledged
to be a leading hardware model for bi-folding doors in timber, aluminium and
Aluclad materials. Weatherfold 4s hardware is suitable for both residential and
commercial inward or outward opening applications. The system is suitable for
large openings with up to eight panels folding in each direction, achieving a span
in excess of 16,000mm and accommodating panels up to 1,000mm wide.
One of the most
dramatic Kalwall
projects in Europe is
part of the conversion
of old railway
maintenance buildings
in Antwerp. The brief
for architect Verdickt
& Verdickt was to use
as much as possible of the original to create a major leisure complex. This was
to include a large new sports hall within the existing footprint, formed by
retaining the gable walls and a totally new structure behind connected to the
main complex. Maximum natural daylighting with minimum energy loss has
been achieved by cloaking the envelope entirely with translucent Kalwall from
Stoakes Systems. This highly insulating system comprises a very large
pitched roof, supported by laminated timber trusses, together with
vertical clerestories at each end and along the long side elevation.
Internally, the other long side forms an upper level viewing gallery.
When lit up at night, the building exudes an ethereal glow. Kalwall is the
most highly insulating diffuse light transmitting cladding and sky lighting
system available. It is designed to transmit museum-quality light,
flooding an interior with natural diffused daylight without glare or the
harsh contrasts of light and shade. Running costs are reduced because
of the superior insulation which reduces a building’s energy running
costs including less reliance on artificial lighting. Apart from being
specified for all types of new build, Kalwall is increasingly used for the
refurbishment of aged buildings and failed curtain-walling or sky lighting.
Cooke Brothers
has launched
its Interleaf
Continuous Hinge.
Recognising the
growing demand
for a minimal
space between
the frame and
door profile, the new Phoenix Interleaf
hinge reduces the typical gap of a
traditional heavy duty continuous hinge
from the usual 12mm down to a mere
3mm. Suited to both 44 and 54mm
timber and metal doorsets, the
aesthetical lines of the interleaf hinge
completely fills the void between the
door and frame, reducing the risk of
finger trapping considerably. For secure
environments where the risk of self harm
is a major consideration, the Interleaf
hinge is also available with reduced
ligature end caps as a specified option.
The CE marked Interleaf hinges have
been tested to BS EN 1935: Grade 14
(160kg) and is CERTIFIRE approved
for use on fire doors.
Façade systems from Technal have
been specified for Southwark Council’s
new super library which has now been
completed in Canada Water, London.
Constructed by ISG Jackson, the £14m
building sits at the edge of a new civic
plaza and a stretch of open water. The
building is clad in light bronze anodised
aluminium panels with sequined
perforations, interspersed with
recessed curtain wall screens. Finished
in bronze anodising, Technal’s MX SSG
structural glazing and CD commercial
doors have been used for the ground
floor. MX Visible Grid features as strips
of curtain walling to the three upper
floors, with MX top
hung concealed
vents for natural
ventilation and PXi
doors providing
access to the
MX SSG is a flush
curtain walling
option with less
visible aluminium
and clear
expanses of glass.
BN327 BN328
Timbmet has combined
forces with joinery company
Meer End Stairs, to produce
130 bespoke internal and
external doors for a
prestigious new build property in Warwickshire. The house measures
and the owner specified oak as his preferred material of choice
for the doors. Warwick Aldersley, MD of Meer End Stairs, suggested TEC
(Timbmet Engineered Components) oak sandwich panels as a solution in
order to minimise the inherent movement that the use of oak would cause
over time. Having worked with the Timbmet portfolio of products for many
years, Mr Aldersley was confident to adopt the TEC solution despite this
being the first time Meer End Stairs had used the range. Available in easily
machinable sheets with a cork core, the oak TEC sandwich panels combine
cost-efficiency with low wastage, and provide a flawless product with added
dimensional stability far greater than that of traditional solid wood.
Enquiry Number BN46
Products 57
In Depth: Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
Comar Architectural Aluminium
Systems has achieved Kitemark
status: BS 4873 – Systems Supplier
for Aluminium Alloy Windows and
BS 7950/4873 Enhanced Security
Performance of Windows for Domestic
Applications for Comar 5Pi ECO 55mm
and 75mm casement window systems
and Comar 5Pi Tilt/Turn windows.
The latest certification for Comar
Aluminium Systems ensures that
the design, supply and security
performance of its aluminium window
systems meets the strictest criteria
of the British Standards Institute
Kitemark Scheme.
Brio has designed its Timberoll range of bottom rolling hardware to offer the best solution for
fixing timber sliding doors whether they are cupboard doors up to 25kg or hefty sliding exterior
doors up to 300kg. Timberoll 25 is designed for residential or light commercial sliding wood
framed glazed or flush, bi-passing cupboard or cabinet and wardrobe sliding doors.
Nylon bottom rollers operate on aluminium rails producing a quiet, smooth operation.
Standard kits are available making this a total cabinet sliding door hardware solution. Timberoll
100 is an external bottom roller sliding window and door hardware system for maximum panel
weights up to 100kg and is suited for large sliding windows or patio sliding doors with timber
framed glazed panels of up to 2.4m high and 1.8m wide.
BN332 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D May 2012
Protek Pocket Door Kit
Steel Framed Pocket Door Kit for Plasterboard Walls
I Strong steel construction
I Quick to assemble
I Space saving
I No welding needed
I Ready to be fitted with plaster board
I Full finishing joinery kit supplied with wooden jambs, dust
brushes, recessed door posts and rubber gaskets
I Kits available for finished wall thickness of 100mm or
125mm (both based on using 12.5mm plaster board)
I Fixes directly to timber or metal stud work
I Systems for single or double doors
I Simultaneous operator available for double
(bi-parting) doors
I Suitable for doors weighing up to 120Kgs
I For standard door height 1981mm (contact COBURN if
other heights are required)
I Kits for finished wall thickness 100mm are suitable for
doors up to 40mm thick
I 15 year guarantee
6/,',1* 6<67(06
Tel: 020 8545 6680
Email: |
Single Door
Double Door
Enquiry Number BN47
Solatube has launched its new
Energy Care Optima range.
The range meets the strict criteria
set for Passive House construction
and is available as an upgrade for the
Solatube Brighten Up series.
Independent testing was carried
out to BS EN ISO 12567-1 2000 for
windows and doors. The Solatube
160 DS Energy Care Optima
produced a U-value of 0.5W/m²/K,
the equivalent to a window that is
triple glazed with multiple low-e
coating and Krypton filled.
58 Products
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ABC+D May 2012
The striking 12-storey
Beaufort House in the
heart of the City of
London has been
transformed by the
installation of an
individually designed,
oval-shaped entrance
lobby with curved
automatic doors from
GEZE UK. Specialist
fit-out firm Sykes,
sought out the UK manufacturer of door and window control systems, to help
deliver this very unusual project with minimal disruption to office workers and
visitors. With extremely high footfall expected at peak periods, a curved entrance
was chosen that would enable the largest possible numbers of people to flow
through the lobby at any one time. It was also important to maintain a feeling of
space within the lobby area and create an easy transition between the building’s
atrium and the busy square outside.
One of the most effective ways to bring
light in to the home, whether in a new
build or a refurbishment, is to open up
the vista via a folding timber door.
Unfortunately, these doors are likely to
be at the back of the property making
them likely to be the first port of call
for burglars. A report, Acquisitive and
Other Property Crime, highlights how
the level of home security is the key
risk factor for house breaking.
Households with lax or less than basic security were six times more likely to
have been victims of burglary (5.8%) than households with basic security
(0.9%) and ten times more likely than households with enhanced home
security measures (0.6%). PC Henderson recognizes that heavy folding
timber doors really do need to be in the enhanced class. One product that can
deliver the desired enhanced performance is Securefold Ultra, the latest
development from PC Henderson for exterior outward opening folding doors.
With its additional security components, this system gives an extra layer of
protection from intruders and enhanced weather resistance, together with all
the aesthetic benefits associated with modern design. Securefold Ultra has
three points of locking on every door seam; it has an attack resistant hinge
incorporating a security pin and a central interlocking hinge leaf that prevents
a burglar from tampering with, or actually removing, the hardware from the
door. There is also a flush bolt manufactured from extruded aluminium that
incorporates a 10mm diameter 316 stainless steel bolt which Henderson says
is impervious to any attack or potential break-in.
"It's nice to get positive responses
from the customers," said David Jarvis
director of D R Services (London).
He was speaking after D R Services
had finished an interesting job for a
church in London Fields. The company
installed three pairs of electric locking
doors. The church was originally built
with huge white painted doors that had
tiny visual panels. "They wanted to
open the place up to make it look open
but not to actually have the problem of
howling gales and things, so it’s a good
principle," said David Jarvis. "They can
leave the little chapel at the front open
if nobody is there. The inner two pairs
of doors are locked so that nobody
can get into the main church."
Urban Front’s new Twenty12 door
has been inspired by the Jubilee and
the Olympics and it certainly reflects
both events brilliantly. A mix of Iroko
and a collection of stainless steel
strips depict the Union Jack and the
current mood. Doors from the
company’s new Internal Door Range
including the Vog and the Milano were
well received at this year’s Ecobuild
show. This new range of highly sound
insulated hardwood doors come with
matching frames built with acoustic
seals on all four sides and with
concealed or pivot hinges. Available in
sizes up to 3 x 1.2m wide, these doors
make a stunning feature in any room.
Samuel Heath’s Perko Powermatic
controlled, concealed door closer is enjoying
increasing popularity with specifiers thanks
to the fact that it is totally invisible when
the door is closed. In addition to enabling
designers to retain a clean, unhindered
appearance to the door, without intrusion
from unsightly boxes and mechanical devices,
the benefits of concealment go far beyond
aesthetic considerations: A reduced opportunity for the door closer to be
vandalised improves reliability of the door to close when needed,
particularly important in times of emergency; its ability to be mounted at
low levels and the fact that it is hidden from view make Perko Powermatic
eminently suitable for anti-ligature applications and, finally, the absence of
significant horizontal surfaces minimises exposure to germs and detritus,
enhancing hygiene and simplifying cleaning.
Enquiry Number BN48
Enquiry Number BN49 Enquiry Number BN50
Enquiry Number BN51
60 Products
In Depth: Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
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ABC+D May 2012
New World Developments,
manufacturer of the most advanced
door entrance systems on the market,
is rolling out distribution of the new
Keyfree lock from Yale. Introduced as
part of its Apeer offer last year, New
World has seen demand for the premium
lock system grow as an increasing number of homeowners recognise the benefits
of having digital access to their homes. “Given the premium nature of our Apeer
all-GRP composite doorsets, there is an expectation that our offer includes the
latest in technological as well as security advances,” said Asa McGilian, MD at
New World. “Early adopters are young, affluent homeowners who recognise the
advantages of not having to carry housekeys – especially where there may be
children or other people who need access to the home. It saves having to have
keys cut as a separate visitor code can be set up for trusted friends and family.”
Featuring a keypad operating system, the Yale Keyfree lock is programmed with
a personalised PIN number. The lock is opened by typing a 4-12 digit code into
the built-in keypad, or with a remote control fob, similar to a car key.
Fareham-based REHAU
fabricator, Solent Glass &
Glazing, exhibited at Ecobuild
for the first time with a stand
focused exclusively on the
Passivhaus certified REHAU
GENEO window system. Sales
manager, Laimons Berzins was
delighted with the response and
says the exhibition was the
perfect vehicle for Solent’s
specialist product offering.
He said: “We were really
impressed, not just with the
quantity of visitors at the show,
but also with the quality.
Many of them were really well informed about Passivhaus requirements and
we felt they were at the show specifically to source products for upcoming
developments rather than just to gather information. We picked up a number
of significant leads for projects which we will be quoting on in the coming
weeks and we are very confident that our investment in the exhibition will
prove worthwhile.” Since starting to manufacture the REHAU GENEO
system in 2011, Solent Glass & Glazing has concentrated on the top end
of the domestic market with successful installations in one-off properties for
developers and self builders. Laimons added: “Ecobuild is certainly becoming
more mainstream in terms of the types of companies and products which are
on display but it’s still attracting visitors whose main focus is energy efficiency.
For us, it’s the right audience and the right venue and we would certainly
consider booking again for next year.”
Architect Jack Woolley’s almost
invisible live/work scheme on the site
of a former carpenters workshop won
this year’s Architects Journal Small
Projects Award, against strong
competition from 24 short listed
practices. Described by the judges
as delightful and a superb use of a
found site, the office and home
project featured a hidden door built
into the brickwork of an existing wall.
Architectural ironmonger, Poole Waite
& Co, recommended the door should
be fitted with satin finish TECTUS
TE640-3D hinges, from door
hardware manufacturer
SIMONSWERK, as this fully
concealed hinge, itself an award
winner, was by definition and
specification the right partner for
the project, a worthy recipient of the
prestigious AJ Small Projects prize.
The EOS 500 roller blind from Faber Blinds has secured a product design award at
the prestigious iF ceremony in Germany. The iF jury, made up of some of the leading
design experts in the world, highlighted the intricate mechanics involved in the Faber
Blinds product at the awards. The EOS 500 includes a patented metal clutch,
a durable zamac housing with polished finish and a chain drive unit that excels in
maximum operating comfort. Faber Blinds, part of the Hunter Douglas group, is a
UK supplier of internal and external systems for the control of light and glare.
As the trend shifts towards buildings with larger windows, EOS 500 was designed
to increase the amount of light entering a space. The system offers aesthetically
pleasing solutions, while contributing to energy savings with its heat reflective and
insulating properties. The streamlined installation brackets bear the weight of the
roller shade tube without compromising the aesthetic quality of the window design.
The shade is customisable and offered in several models, from bracket installation
to complete cassette systems and can span ultra-wide windows.
Internormhas developed a specialist
self-powered solar blind. I-tec Shading,
a practical sunscreen solution, is the
perfect option when electricity supply
is unavailable. Internorm composite
window systems, fitted with a
motorised shutter and integrated
with a photovoltaic solar panel, can be
operated without the need for an
external power source. The thin film
solar cell panel, which acts as the blind
cover and is integrated into the top rail,
is installed inside the window system.
I-tec Shading boasts the ultimate in
style, design and performance.
The integrated shading system uses
light energy directly sourced at the
window to operate the sunscreen,
and provides a solution when there is
no electricity supply available from a
direct source nearby. The Photovoltaic
module, controlled by a 3.7V motor,
with a maximum width of 1,289mm
can be adjusted to the desired length.
If preferred, the motor blind, with
eight programmable positions, can
be battery controlled. The battery for
the motor, which receives continuous
charging during the day even in
diffused lighting areas, can supply
energy if needed. Controlled by a
wireless remote control system,
which uses a radio frequency of
868MHz, the system lowers and
raises the blind and adjusts the slats
to 11 alternate positions.
BN340 BN341
Further extending its range of roof windows and
accessories, Keylite Roof Windows, part of the
Keystone Group, has launched an integral blind
option – where the blind is permanently sealed
within the double glazing unit, resulting in a
totally dust-free environment. This delivers a number of advantages that
make it suitable for commercial, public sector and residential settings.
Requiring no cleaning, it can be used for sterile environments such as
hospitals or doctor’s surgeries, while the protection afforded by the glass
results in a much longer lifespan, meaning it can be installed in busy
environments such as schools or offices without fear of damage.
For domestic installations, it offers a non-allergenic, maintenance-free
solution, making it an extremely popular choice. John Duffin, managing
director of Keylite, explained: “We are constantly striving to improve our
products and this clever new design feature completely removes the need
for cleaning or ongoing maintenance, making it a fit-and-forget solution.”
For samples, advice or a quotation call: 01491 642123
Visit our website
Access to your home by the tone of your phone
Looking to upgrade your intercom?
• No hard-wiring, use your existing phone!
• Wireless GSM technology.
• Allow access to visitors from anywhere in the world!
• Manufactured in the UK using locally sourced materials.
• Please refer to our web site for a list of local approved installers.
Telguard, Unit 2 / 3
The Old Stables Ockley
Court Farm Ockley, Surrey RH5 5LS
T: 01306 710120 F: 01306 713769
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S L 5 5 H R y e r rrr u S , yy, e l k c O m rrm a F t r u o C
y e l kkl c O s e l b a t S d l O e h TTh

Slimport circular vision frames with their clean
lines enhance the appearance of any door.
This flush fitting design is available in
stainless steel, or zinc plated mild steel ready
for colour coating.
Now practical vision requirements need not
compromise aesthetics. Slimport vision frames
with their unique concealed fixing design
are the answer. Ideal for luxury office suites,
corridor doors, classrooms etc.
Rectangular and custom shape vision frames,
also available.
Zero Seal Systems Ltd.
Units 43 – 45 Ladford Covert,
Seighford, Stafford ST18 9QG
Tel: 01785 282910
Fax: 01785 282498
S po t
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Solarcentury is installing over 4,400 PV panels
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Denise Freeman discusses
refurbishing derelict buildings...P40
Alan Todd explains the importance of
accurate environmental assessments...P35
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ABC+D May 2012
Instrumentation specialist
Ashtead Technology will
be giving away a Nintendo
Wii every day at both Sustainabilitylive! and the Safety & Health Expo during May
2012. However, in order to win the Wii, visitors will have to return to the company’s
stand within 60 seconds of being texted and tweeted. Both events will take place
at Birmingham’s NEC and visitors to the Ashtead Technology stands will be given
a raffle ticket in exchange for their mobile phone number. Ashtead’s marketing
manager, Stewart Curtis says: “Anyone arriving after the 60 seconds will be
disqualified, as will anyone caught rugby tackling other contenders!” The Safety
& Health Expo runs from 15-17 May (visit stand C21) and Sustainabilitylive! is
22-24 May (visit stand J51). The Ashtead Technology stands will also provide
visitors with a great opportunity to see a wide range of the latest testing and
monitoring technologies. Stewart said: “The intention is to provide visitors with an
opportunity to have a go with some of the latest instruments, because while
the internet is a wonderful tool – and we have recently radically revamped our
website – there is nothing like hands-on experience to really appreciate what
an instrument can do.”
TROX has opened
a new regional office
to serve customers
in the north of
England. Based
in a self-contained
building in the
Salford Quays area
of Manchester, it is
ideally situated for customers across the region and will provide a local base
for TROX’s team. Well-equipped, with meeting rooms, demo areas and training
facilities, it will also save customers from having to travel south. This is the
third office to be opened by TROX since the company announced, in 2010, its
intention of establishing a network of regional offices. Offices in London and
Motherwell, Scotland are already proving popular with customers, and several
new members of staff have been appointed to boost the teams at both
locations. The new regional office in Manchester continues the roll-out,
enhancing service levels for customers in this region and providing local
technical support. The creation of a network of regional sales offices fits
within TROX’s wider company philosophy, which is based on four critical
factors – continuous improvement, people focus, world-beating production
processes and investment. Concentration on delivering products and services
at a local level has been accompanied by a strengthening of its primary site
in Thetford (HQ and production facility). During 2011 TROX celebrated the
completion of a £2.1m investment programme, which saw the Thetford site
firmly established as the TROX group’s global centre of excellence for chilled
beam manufacture.
South East roofing contractor, Richard
Soan Roofing Services, has reached
the finals of the National Federation of
Roofing Contractors’ 2012 Roofing
Awards in two categories. The
contractor is in the running for both the
Reinforced Bituminous Membrane and
Roof Slating categories. Richard Soan
Roofing Services was nominated in the
Reinforced Bituminous Membrane
category by Langley Waterpoofing
Systems in acknowledgement of an
exceptional roofing refurbishment at
Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne, East
Sussex, where three roof areas totalling
900m² were refurbished using Langley
Waterproofing Systems’ High
Performance reinforced bituminous
membrane Warm Roof Construction.
The entry in the Roof Slating category
relates to a project undertaken at
Folkington Manor, an historic country
home in East Sussex.
At the KNX UKAGM, held during March, the winners of the Association's
Annual Awards were announced. The awards were made in the categories of KNX
Champion for 2011, Best KNX Product and Best KNX Installation. KNX Champion
was Iain Gordon, the Association’s president. He was selected, in part, for his
successful tenure as president which has been a period of continual growth both
in the size of the Association and KNX business in the UK. Winner of Best KNX
Product was Theben's Presence Light 360B-KNX 360° ceiling-mounted presence
detector. This product was chosen for its high levels of functionality and product
quality. Winner of the Best KNX Installation was systems integrator Entech for the
installation at the Bulgari Hotel in London where the versatility of KNX technology
has been clearly demonstrated. In accepting his award, Iain Gordon
acknowledged the contribution that all the award nominees and members
of KNX UK have made to the success and growth of KNX in both commercial
and residential markets.
IronmongeryDirect once again
demonstrated that it is a winner –
collecting the Award for Best All Round
Business or Brand (Annual Sales £10-
£25m, B2B category) at the
prestigious ECMOD (Every Channel
Mastered Optimised Delivered)
Awards 2012. “We’re extremely proud
to receive the Best All Round Business
Award for the second time,” said
IronmongeryDirect’s managing
director, Wayne Lysaght-Mason.
“This is a fantastic achievement and
recognition for the whole company.
It shows how we are adapting to meet
customer needs, while growing our
business via the most effective
means.” Despite the difficult market
conditions, the company continues
to perform achieving a seventh year
consecutive growth in 2011 with
turnover hitting £15m, up 20% on
2010. Last year the company relocated
the business to new 50,000ft
premises and increased products kept
in stock for next day delivery to 13,500
with scope to increase this offering to
The ECMOD awards celebrate
business excellence among the multi-
channel trading sector and have
evolved as the sector's definitive
measure of success. This award adds
to the company’s list of accolades with
the supplier taking home ECMOD
Awards for Outstanding Customer
Service and Niche Supplier.
BN347 BN348
Burdens chief executive
officer, Jeremy Burden,
has announced that the
company has, over the past few years, increased its turnover and logistics
capabilities by 100% and is on target to achieve a 15% rise in sales in the
current financial year. Jeremy commented: “This performance, during what
many observers believe is the most severe recession the industry has
experienced, is a remarkable achievement. We are anticipating further
growth and to realise our corporate objectives we have, through investment
company, a2e Venture Catalysts and with advisers PwC, Deloitte and Hogan
Lovells, refinanced our UK core business working capital. Our intention was
to establish a relationship with funding partners who would understand our
business model and we believe that with the support of GE Capital, Lloyds
Banking Group and Co-op Bank we can take the company to the next
stage of its development.”
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ABC+D May 2012
Knauf AMF Ceilings is pleased to
welcome two new members of staff
to its team. Bathiya Karunaratne
joins as specification manager,
following the promotion of Peter
Symons to national sales manager
at the start of the year, and Sacha
Conte takes on the role of area sales manager for the South East. Bathiya has
over seven years experience working in the interiors industry and has been
involved in a number of complex, demanding projects. He holds a BSc (Hons) and
a Masters in Business Administration. “It’s a great time to be joining Knauf AMF,”
said Bathiya. “We have an excellent product range and I’m really excited about
driving the brand and products forward, together with our great team and
valuable distribution partners.” Sacha has worked in the specification industry
for over ten years, mainly with manufacturers of high end products including
aluminium systems, sloped roof glazing and physical and ballistic security
systems. He has worked closely with leading architects and designers across
the South East on a number of major projects.
The Heating and Ventilating
Contractors’ Association
(HVCA) has rebranded and
from 1 March 2012 became
B&ES (the Building &
Engineering Services
Association). The HVCA,
established in 1904 as the
National Association of
Master Heating and Domestic Engineers, adopted the HVCA name in 1963.
Bob Shelley, president of the HVCA commented: “Back then, of course,
that’s exactly how the majority of the members would have described
themselves – as H&V contractors – with the result that the name of their
representative body accurately reflected the services they provided to the
marketplace. These days, however, things are very different. The term H&V
barely scratches the surface of the diverse, sophisticated and highly complex
nature of the work our members now undertake. Nor does it even hint at the
increasingly central role they play in the integration of engineering
services in buildings – and especially in the incorporation of the
renewable technologies that are clearly here to stay in our increasingly
environmentally-conscious age. It is also the case that, today, our
membership embraces many other specialisms – ventilation hygiene,
heat pumps and facilities management, to name but a few – all of which
sit comfortably under the building and engineering services identity”.
Looking to the future, Mr Shelley said: “Rebranding is just one element
in a re-positioning exercise that will enable this Association to provide
its members with a wider range of services, enhance its influence with
Government, and provide a natural home for all building engineering
services specialists. I am convinced that, as B&ES, we shall be ideally placed to
become just such an organisation.”
As the countdown to this summer’s
iconic sporting event continues, the
entire London 2012 Olympic Park
development has achieved dual
Project Certification from PEFCand
the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
schemes for its timber usage —the
first dual Project Certification in the
world. This groundbreaking
achievement in sustainable timber
procurement has played a prominent
role in helping the Olympic Delivery
Authority (ODA) achieve its
commitment of making the London
2012 Olympic Games the greenest
games ever with 100% of wood
products supplied certified as legal
and sustainable. The development
was audited by the Soil Association’s
Woodmark and is being hailed as a
major achievement that is potentially
destined to be a future model for
timber procurement globally.
Monier Redland’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its
manufacturing processes is being demonstrated by the installation of a wind
turbine with the capacity to fully power the whole of the company’s Rassau
plant in South Wales. The £1.5m installation is a joint project between Monier
Redland and a new company, Alto Prodotto Wind. It is the first of five wind
turbines to be funded and installed across the UK by the new company.
The project is now complete and fully commissioned. At its most efficient,
the new PowerWind 500kW wind turbine will be powerful enough to supply
sufficient electricity to fully power the plant. Following Met Office forecasts for
wind speeds across the year, it is predicted that the wind turbine will provide
the plant with one third of its entire annual electricity usage, offsetting up to
740 tonnes of CO2 per year. When the plant is not in use, power generated will
be directed back to the national grid, providing additional energy to be
distributed across the area.
The TROX Group had a satisfactory
year during 2011, despite the
economic downturn. Group turnover
showed positive growth, increasing
by 11% from EUR 350 million to about
EUR 390 million, putting it ahead of
2008 (a record-breaking year).
In comparison with the previous
financial year, the TROX GmbH
turnover in Germany rose in the two
digit percent range. This represents
the company's highest ever domestic
turnover, of more than EUR 120
million. 3,300 people (prior year:
3,200) are currently employed by
TROX in its 24 subsidiary companies
in 23 countries on five continents.
With 13 production facilities, 25
additional wholly-owned sales offices,
and a network of more than 50
importers and representatives, TROX
is the world market leader for the
development, manufacturing, and
sale of components and systems for
ventilation and air conditioning.
Commenting on the positive financial
performance during 2011, Lutz Reuter,
chief executive officer of TROX, said:
"Through the expansion of our
production in Anholt, the introduction
of the X-CUBE air handling unit, our
entry into a new plastic technology,
and a number of additional new
developments, we have solidified and
further expanded our position in the
BN353 BN354
Sandtoft Roof Tiles
has boosted its national
sales team with the
appointment of Amy
Maslen. Amy, 39 from Crawley, West Sussex, joins Sandtoft as area sales
manager for the southern region incorporating West Sussex, Surrey,
Berkshire and Hampshire. With over 14 years’ experience in the roofing
industry, Amy joins Sandtoft from Redland where she was also an area
manager. Before that, she held positions with Marley Eternit and Decra
Roof Systems. Speaking about her appointment, Amy said: “I’m delighted
to be joining such a forward-thinking company. Having been in
the roofing industry for almost 15 years, I’ve always been aware of the
innovations Sandtoft brings to the market. I’m really looking forward to
my new role with Sandtoft, which will involve building close links with
housebuilders, local authorities and stockists, amongst others.”
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ABC+D May 2012
Two of the building sector’s buzz
words in 2012, Social media and
BIM, were themes running through
all the presentations at CAB’s
recent mini-conference and
members’ meeting in Bradford. Over 150 members and guests across the
supply chain attended the event entitled The Changing Face of Specification.
The unanimous member feedback afterwards was that it had represented one
of the best added value meetings that included high quality networking, detailed
knowledge and clinical insight that could be taken straight back to the work place
and implemented. The importance for CAB members was the need to be able to
offer virtual products which can be used in BIM design. These virtual products
contain not only the three dimensional model of the product, but a complete
specifcation. Metz Architects acknowledged the particular challenges of
interfacing BIM with current software used by CAB members for the design
and production of façades, windows and doors.
Joe Cavanaugh has been
appointed vice president
and general manager for
Europe Africa and the
Middle East and will
relocate from the US to
Tensar’s UK offices in
Blackburn. Joe has many
years of experience with Tensar International, most recently as vice president
of Global Technology, a position he has held since 2009. Also, Ian Fraser has
been appointed vice president of Global Technology. Ian joined Tensar in 2007
as UK and international business manager, and was elevated to director of
application technology, at the end of 2010. He will also operate out of the US
offices in Blackburn. “The geotechnical industry is now truly global,”
commented Bob Vevoda, Tensar chief operating officer, Tensar Corporation,
“and these key appointments reflect the application of our technology
throughout the world. Geogrid advances in one region can provide exciting
benefits in others, for example the progress of TriAx internationally.”
Joe has 19 years of experience in the geotechnical and geosynthetic
construction industries, including three years as vice president
technology western hemisphere, and has gained immense technical
expertise and global experience. Ian has over 25 years experience in
geotechnical consultancy, material supply and specialist contracting
with particular emphasis on technical application and design and
construction. He is currently chairman of the International
Geosynthetics Society UK Chapter, and sits on a number of national
and international technical committees related to geosynthetics and
geotechnical engineering.
Fernox will be showcasing its range of
products and equipment designed to
protect and maintain the efficiency of
both traditional and renewable heating
systems at Mostra Convegno
Expocomfort 2012. The Fernox stand
will feature the current, best-in-class
range of traditional chemical water
treatments to prevent corrosion,
limescale and central heating system
failure. Among the products on display
will be the popular Total Filter TF1 –
a hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line
filter that removes and contains
contaminants from central heating
systems. Fernox will also be promoting
its new generation of chemical water
treatments specifically developed for
renewable heating applications
including the comprehensive Fernox
(Heat Pump) HP range.
With the introduction of the latest Vicaimawebsite, the company presents an exciting and new
brand segmentation, which has been set out into three new strategic areas. This will ensure
clearer communication of its many solutions for clients and specifiers in the construction and
architectural sectors. The Vicaima First segment brings together all the door solutions aimed
towards professionals and specifiers. It integrates many of the technical products that have
been well established by Vicaima in the market over recent years. This includes Vicaima’s ability
to provide customized solutions to meet the various technical and architectural specifications
required within individual projects. The Vicaima Technology segment represents the pinnacle of
the companies research and development. Providing technological innovation developed not
only for the door sector, but also other sectors which can benefit from Vicaima’s technical
advancement. This segment is a vanguard for ideas capable of gaining relevant use in both
national and international markets. Memorable and audacious, the Vicaima Haute Couture
segment acts as Vicaima’s ambassador and will be one of the main strategic areas of Vicaima
and a flagship for Vicaima design eminence in the international arena.
The Fuelcard People has urged van
users to stop throwing money away
on over-priced refuelling. Steve Clarke,
general manager, said: “Any business
depending upon vans needs to cut
costs with a fuel card but, if it isn’t the
right one, they might just as well feed
banknotes into a shredder. Even for a
small fleet, overpaying by even a
fraction of a penny per litre mounts
up to a serious loss over a year.” Many
firms using vans and other light
commercial vehicles use fuel cards
which they have held for years,
assuming that there is no need to
review the market for a better deal.
“Fuel cards are not all the same,
though,” said Steve, “and markets
can change.
“There is no guarantee that last year’s
great deal is still the best option.
Companies need to review the
complete fuel card market, to avoid
the strong possibility that they are now
missing out.” Steve Clarke continued:
“As an independent supplier of
commercial rate fuel cards covering all
major oil company brands, we can
make it simple to compare all of BP,
Esso, Shell, Texaco, Total, Diesel Direct
(Keyfuels) and UK Fuels.”
BN359 BN360
TROX UK has appointed
Suzanne Ranson as finance
director. Ms Ranson completed
her accountancy training at
Cranfield School of
Management and the University
of Hull. Her career has included
senior finance manager roles
within the financial services
sector. She joins TROX from
Precision Valve UK where she
was UK financial director. In her
new role, Ms Ranson assumes
responsibility for financial
control across the UK division
of the TROX group, to include management of the company’s capital
investment programme and formulation of corporate financial strategy.
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ABC+D May 2012
WAGNER UK’s fire protection
solutions – OxyReduct and TITANUS
ASD – will be going on tour around
the UK and Ireland on a multi-city
Roadshow during May and June
2012. Visitors will be able to visit
the OxyReduct demonstration trailer
and witness at first hand an environment where fire cannot start. They will also be
able to get hands-on with TITANUS ASD, one of the most comprehensive ranges
of Air Sampling Smoke Detection systems currently available. CPD presentations
will be running throughout the day at each of the 14 venues and WAGNER UK’s
staff will be available to answer questions and help with hands-on sessions.
OxyReduct continuously reduces the oxygen level in a room by adding nitrogen
to the air so that an open fire is impossible. Importantly, people can enter and
work in the protected area at any time. It is, therefore, the ultimate form of fire
protection, as it stops a fire from starting in the first place. TITANUS ASD systems
can detect fires at a very early stage, often before visible smouldering takes place,
before an open fire occurs and before intense smoke develops.
EMS Radio Fire and Security has recently
introduced the latest addition to its FireCell
radio fire detection system – wireless local area
network (LAN). This new capability now allows
up to eight FireCell systems, with a total of 4,096
devices, to be linked wirelessly across buildings
and estates. The FireCell system consists
of an industry standard control panel,
linked to a radio hub and set of radio cluster
communicators (RCCs) that act as bi-
directional range extenders. The FireCell
system communicates via radio using
868mhz frequency, which means that no
cabling is required. The wireless LAN is connected to each FireCell panel,
together with the addition of a network PCB. This is then programmed to
meet a customer’s individual fire plan. The FireCell network devices can
be identified by their label and location so that it is possible to accurately
identify the exact areas in which they are located. All information is
transmitted across the network to either a master location or to all panels,
depending on the requirements of the customer’s individual fire plan.
In addition, for complex signalling and evacuation plans, customers are
able to configure cause and effect programming. Each device can trigger a
different scenario. For example, a heat detector in a halls of residence could
trigger and alarm signal on that floor and then alert other floors with a pulsing
signal as well as alerting a neighbouring building. Delays can also be built-in
to escalate the alarm throughout the building using a cascade type approach.
Although this ability can be achieved using wires, it would be necessary to get
the cables across the properties.
Kidde Fyrnetics has raised the bar
for safety in housing, with carbon
monoxide alarms as well as smoke
and heat alarms all fully guaranteed
for ten years. This impressive, shared
replacement cycle ensures long-term,
problem-free protection and simplified
property management. The new
TenYCO battery powered carbon
monoxide alarm complements the
recently launched TEN-4 smoke
alarm. Both ranges are specially
designed for quick and simple
installation by non-electricians and
for low cost of ownership. They feature
the best quality lithium batteries, only
activated when the alarm is mounted
onto its base plate so preserving
freshness until needed.
Fire Protection in Buildings Explained
– The Role of Passive Fire Protection
Products is the new name for the
successful Chiltern International
Fire (CIF) CPD training course
Passive Fire Protection Explained.
course will
be held at
CIF’s High
on 17 May
and 4
2012. It is
aimed at
building contractors, facilities/estates
managers, fire stopping installation
companies, electrical and plumbing
contractors, architects, building
control inspectors and fire engineering
students. Delegate fees are £285.00 +
VAT (Standard) and £225 + VAT
(TRADA members).
BN367 BN368
EASY AS 1,2,3...
P2 from BSB Electronics is
a high quality, low cost access
control solution that is as easy
as 1,2,3. P2 is simple to specify,
simple to install and simple to
use. It is suitable for small to medium sized applications up to a maximum
of 16 doors and 2,000 users. The operating software has been designed to
be extremely easy to use and allows the installer and end user easy access
to a simple interface for swift set-up and card management. The system
comes complete with stylish, durable readers that are suited to both
modern and traditional settings. System activity is monitored and can be
viewed using simple-to-create reports from within the software and, adding
custom fields into the card database allows for even more tailored reports
to be created. P2 offers cost benefits both in terms of the system cost and
also installation. Ethernet electronics are used at board level which provides
major cost savings allowing the deployment of IP connected access
controllers at a fraction of the normal cost.
Kidde Fyrnetics Slick
smoke and heat alarms provide discreet fire safety measures integrated with interior
design for a major development of luxury apartments overlooking London’s Hyde Park.
The Lancasters was originally an elegant parade of magnificent stucco-fronted houses built in the mid 19th
Century. The seventy seven apartments have been designed around the grandeur of the original architecture,
adding back interior features such as high ceilings, ornate cornicing and fireplaces.
Smoke and heat alarms were selected to minimise impact on the carefully designed interiors and to match
developer Northacre’s aim of providing a unique fusion of traditional architecture with brand new design and
cutting edge technology.
With a matching family appearance, Slick
interconnectable, optical and ionisation smoke alarms and heat alarms are circular in shape to avoid alignment
problems. Integral rechargeable lithium batteries provide 6 months continuous backup in the event of mains failure. For major developers, third party
certification is essential, particularly in such a critical area as fire safety, and Slick
is still the only range of fast-fit rechargeable smoke and heat alarms
guaranteed for 10 years. And all Slick
alarms are BSi Kitemarked to reinforce the consistent quality provided by the world’s largest manufacturer.
A Slick relay pattress accessory is available to operate remote devices and Building Management Systems.
More information on smoke, heat and CO alarms can be found in a new guide - ‘FIRE & CO SAFETY IN HOUSING’
This is available via: | Tel: +44(0)1753 685148
Enquiry Number BN56
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ABC+D May 2012
Progeny's Touch Switch is
a state-of-the-art, general
purpose switch capable of
detecting near-proximity
or touch. Designed specifically for entry and exit type applications, the switch
is used extensively in banks, building societies, hospitals and many more public
places where access needs to be controlled and is a much superior option than
the conventional green button. The DDA compliant, fully sealed IP66 enclosure
is suitable for internal and external applications and is attractively designed with
clear fascia labelling. There are no moving parts in the switch and, consequently,
the life span is increased far beyond most of the other alternatives on the market.
As it is not necessary for contact to be made with the human hand or finger to
open the door, only near proximity, the switch also reduces the risk of infection by
reducing the incidents of germ transfer through touch. Installation is made easy
as the switch plate version will mount onto any UK standard single gang light
switch back box resulting in an aesthetic flush mounted finish. For applications
where space is limited a surface mounted mullion version is available. There are
three fascia design options –Touch to Open, Touch to Release and Green Hand.
Progeny's long range RFID reader is the sensible option to control barriers and
gates. Cutting-edge technology boasts a typical read range of up to 25m and
allows multiple facilities with just one key. The long read
range removes the need to have the reader on a post
by the side of the road and vehicle users do not need
to get out of the cab in order to open a barrier.
The reader works on two channels and is available
with P2, HID and MIFARE and uses the standard
Progeny reader interface. The IP56 enclosure is
surface mountable and is suitable for indoor or
outdoor use. This is particularly beneficial as it
removes the need to dig up the road or car park
to run cables to readers near the gate or barrier.
A Telekey fob
is also available
with embedded P2
prox, HID prox and
iCLASS credentials.
Each fob can be
treated as any other
credential and can
therefore be
allocated access
levels, time zones,
calendar limits
plus valid from
and valid to dates.
Frontrunner XT entrance matting from
Plastic Extruders is being laid across
Lidl stores in Germany. The high
performance matting provides a safe
and slip resistant walkway over the
ceramic floors, which otherwise could be
slippery due to rain or snow. The 100%
vinyl open grid matting was selected
because of its proven high performance
in extreme weather conditions and its
tough grip surface which removes
underfoot dirt. This, in turn, falls through
the grid and is not transferred inside
buildings by subsequent visitors, thereby
reducing cleaning and maintenance
costs. Frontrunner XT is loose laid and
can easily be rolled up to facilitate easy
cleaning and removal of dirt beneath.
It is supplied in 5 or 10m rolls and in
widths of 60, 91 and 120cm for recessed
and surface-mounted applications.
FibreGrid has installed its on the wall,
Building Regulations compliant
handrail system to the steps leading up
to two platforms at Bury St Edmunds
Railway Station in Suffolk. The team
installed the product, during night
works that lasted for four nights.
While the FibreRail handrail system
can be installed using standard
uprights to be free standing, the on the
wall components and tube were used
so as not to impede the staircase.
The installation was quite complicated
as the station was old and the walls
had many twists and turns, but this
proved the versatility of the FibreRail
BN372 BN373
Freedor, the wireless, electrically powered
free-swing door closer from Fireco,
is proving a success at Trowbridge
Community Hospital, where it is improving
access for patients and staff using the hospital’s Maternity, X-ray and
Physiotherapy departments. Project manager, Peter Scott, says that during the
initial trial, Freedor proved so successful that the Trust now plans to install the
door closers on fire doors in a number of the Trust’s other sites. Freedor is a
wireless solution that allows users to hold open fire doors at any angle,
automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds to prevent the spread
of fire and smoke around the building. Installed at the top of the door, Freedor
is neat, unobtrusive and is easy to install, with none of the expense and
disruption to occupants or the building associated with the installation of hard-
wired door closers. Features include fail-to-safe technology, with a minimum
battery life of 12-18 months, adjustable sensitivity and compliance with BS EN
1154, BS EN 1155, BS 7273-4 category B.
Hunter Douglas Ceilings, Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffs, WS12 2FR
Tel: 01543 275 757 | Email: |
Renowned architect Rudy Uytenhaak’s bold plans for a ceiling sweeping down to floor level
within a new development at Amsterdam, Faculty of Natural Science have been realised thanks
to Hunter Douglas.
The company was chosen to supply the bespoke wooden ceiling solution for the innovatively
designed Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, which curves down the
building’s walls to provide benched seating areas in the main atrium.
Using American Ash as the main material, Hunter Douglas produced a curved grid solution that
covers a total of 2,721 m
and provides a striking finish to the prestigious building. The grid
system consists of solid wooden slats, fixed by flexible dowels and this type of ceiling is very
useful in areas that require a high degree of acoustic control.
Enquiry Number BN57
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Product Round Up: Floors, Walls & Ceilings >Focus on Education >Interior Environment
(inc. Acoustic Solutions)
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ABC+D May 2012
If a smart, high performance
and easy to install wallpanelling
product is what you need,
then Rey Solutions Partitions
from Polyrey fits the bill.
Incorporating all the advantages
of a plasterboard core and
Polyrey’s melamine surface
technology, this product offers an economical, environmentally friendly, acoustic,
fire resistant, recyclable, and decorative solution from just one panel without the
need for further fabrication. The panels come in 13 popular designs, ex-stock in a
sheet size of 3,000 x 1,200 x 12.5mm and are compatible with all the major
modular systems available on the market. Just cut them to size and install. For an
even wider design choice, 30 extra decors are available to order on a two week
lead time. The panels conform to Euroclass B-s1,dO, equivalent to Class 0, are
non-toxic on combustion and have a low calorific value which guarantees that
they meet or exceed all current fire legislation. Polyrey offers a free, one hour,
long RIBA accredited CPD presentation on the product.
Micro-perforated metal tiles
from Armstrong Ceilings
have played a pivotal role in
the aesthetics and acoustics
of Birmingham City Council’s
new workplace, 10 Woodcock
Street. Specified by
Associated Architects,
3,200m² of Armstrong’s metal 1,200 x 300mm tiles featuring 71% light
reflectance and a fleece backing for additional acoustic insulation, were
installed by specialist sub-contractor CG Reynolds for the principal contractor
Thomas Vale Construction. CG Reynolds had a team of 15-20 ceiling fixers
working over four months to install the metal white swing down planks, which
can be folded down to allow access to service areas above, throughout the
60,960m² of open plan offices, meeting rooms and break out areas. In the
open plan office area, containing more than 2,200 work stations, they were
used as rafts with plasterboard perimeters and in larger occupancy meeting
rooms as suspended ceilings under a natural ventilation system of ceiling-
mounted fan coil units. Simon Alexander, associate with Associated Architects
which is a regular specifier of Armstrong Ceilings, said: “The ceiling solution
was an incredibly important component of the design of the internal office
environment – visually, acoustically and for ease of access to services. We also
wanted a fairly reflective white ceiling to complement the light and airy feel of
the office environment. We liked the clean lines of the Armstrong metal system
and the 1,200 x 300 proportions matched the horizontality of the external
appearance of the building. The planks also met our acoustic absorption
criteria and we liked the ease of access into the ceiling void they provided by
hinging down and folding to one side. They were set within a plasterboard
margin to ensure we were never forced to cut any of them.”
High performance smoothing
underlayments and adhesives from
F. Ball and Co., have played a key role in
the restoration of 1,700m
of flooring at
the Watford Colosseum, Hertfordshire.
The use of F. Ball products helped create
a durable and aesthetically pleasing floor
finish in several areas. To protect the
new floorcoverings, Stopgap high
performance waterproof surface
membrane was applied where relative
humidity measurements showed there
was excess moisture. In the bar area,
where subfloor conditions were
particularly poor, slump resistant
Stopgap 400 Repair was used to patch
repair holes in the concrete and
sand/cement screed subfloor to make
the surface good. Fast setting, Stopgap
Green Bag 128 smoothing underlayment
was then applied to all areas to create a
smooth surface on which to apply new
Space is the final frontier, it is said, and it certainly appears that every cubic
centimeter counts in our overcrowded metropolitan centres. One solution some
have found is to look up, and there's no doubt that many Victorian buildings have tall
ceilings, so there is unused space above head height. But how to utilise this huge
resource? It is easy to install a shelving unit but tough to get access to it safely and
then find a way to stow the ladder in a convenient and sensible place when it is not
being used. One answer is library ladders made of steel, the material of choice since
aluminium is often too bulky and inconvenient for most premises. D R Services has
worked on a very special product for the Rothschild Library involving a 4m-high ladder
system that goes round corners on one track and has its own safety rails. “It's all been
designed so that the rungs of the ladder are made of the same wood as the library
bookshelves in a beautiful English Oak,” said Julie Jarvis, a director at D R Services. D R
Services is the English language countries (outside the USA) distributor for the
German manufacturer of the steel-based library ladders.
For the 10th time in succession,
Gerflor’s Taraflex sports flooring will
be used at the 2012 Olympic Games in
London. Through its International Table
Tennis Federation (ITTF) and Federation
International Volleyball (FIVB)
agreements and the endorsement of
Taraflex sports flooring range for this
event, Gerflor will supply courts for
volleyball and handball tournaments
during the Olympic Games, and for
sitting volleyball for the Paralympic
Games. Gerflor has once again met the
two key selection conditions as an
official supplier of sports equipment:
being recommended to the local
organising committee by international
federations and being selected by that
same committee for its global and
tailored installation programme.
In response to LOCOG’s (London
Organising Committee of the Olympic
Games) particular requirements,
Gerflor presented a partnership solution
including commitments to the quality
assurance of the product manufacture,
delivery, installation, full technical
assistance and subsequent dismantling
of the volleyball and handball courts.
The partnership agreement was signed
in June 2011. With ten volleyball courts
in four different venues, eight handball
courts in three venues and five sitting
volleyball courts in two venues, there will
be over 17,500m
of Gerflor sports
flooring installed at these key events.
BN377 BN378
When Balfour Beatty was appointed
to undertake the planning, design and
construction of eleven schools under
the Building Schools for the Future initiative, it knew that success would
depend on a concerted team effort involving designers, engineers,
contractors and materials suppliers. The projects, currently being
undertaken in the Stoke-on-Trent and Derby areas, comprise a mixture of
SEN and secondary education establishments of various designs, with a
total value of £145m. Metsec was appointed not only to manufacture and
deliver the steel framing systems required, but also to provide design
expertise. Metsec’s designers attended meetings and workshops aimed
at developing design solutions which would streamline the construction
process to maximise efficiency and, where possible, make cost savings.
The early involvement of Metsec’s in-house design team has not only
delivered cost savings across all of the projects completed to date,
but has helped to assure the accuracy of the designs.
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ABC+D May 2012
Caledonian Modular has begun work
on four new accommodation buildings
for service men and women at
Whittington Barracks near Lichfield in
Staffordshire. In an £8.3m project, 286
modules forming a total of 446 single
bedrooms are being built and fitted out in Caledonian's vast production facility in
Newark, Nottinghamshire ready for delivery and site assembly starting mid June.
The new buildings are part of Project SLAM – Single Living Accommodation
Modernisation – a tri-service project which aims to make service men and
women feel valued by upgrading their living environment. Steel-framed modules
are being built side-by-side with the precision and quality assurance of a factory
production line. Caledonian's skilled trades work progressively down the line
installing drylining systems, doors and windows, and heating and lighting. At the
same time, teams are factory-fitting the en-suite bathrooms with sanitary ware
and tiling, leaving tails for services to be connected simply and quickly on site.
The project design complies with all building standards and regulations including
Part L for insulation and Part M for accessibility for disabled persons.
Yorkon has completed a challenging
cranage project for principal contractor
Thomas Vale Construction at Ninestiles
School – a new, high achieving academy in
Birmingham. The site operation involved
the use of a large, 350-tonne crane to lift
the steel and concrete building modules
over the top of an existing building and
into a completely enclosed courtyard in
the centre of the school. Working closely
in partnership with Thomas Vale and the
school, the installation was timed to
coincide with the half-term holiday,
minimising any disruption to teaching. The new scheme will provide the school
with six new classrooms to help meet the increased demand for places and to
replace an outdated facility. Design features will include brick cladding to the
ground floor with a contrasting white finish to the upper floor; windows, doors
and aluminium cladding panels in anthracite grey; a full height glazed
stairwell, and a link corridor to the main school building. The building
also has a concrete floor throughout, which was pre-installed in the
Yorkon factory to further reduce work on site. This is a robust design
option, suitable for high traffic areas, that reduces sound transmission.
Commenting on the project, Simon Ambler, director of Yorkon said:
“Off-site construction was chosen by the client for this project because
of the site constraints. The building is located in the centre of a
courtyard with very little access for materials and equipment. The off-
site approach, however, has allowed the building structure to be
prefabricated in a factory environment and craned into position over
the existing school, in just a few days.”
Modular Wiring Systems,
a subsidiary of electrical cable
manufacturer Tratos, has designed,
manufactured and supplied modular
power and lighting distribution systems
for Birmingham City Council’s new
flagship workplace. Modular Wiring
Systems has designed, manufactured
off site and supplied multi functional
power and lighting distribution systems
with standard Point to Point and
switching and DALI control for the new
offices. Unlike standard builds, where
the distribution systems are installed
from the bottom up with cables running
under false ceilings, the Woodcock
Street office installation has been a top-
to-bottom installation. Power is fed from
above and cables have been run through
raised flooring as there are no false
ceilings. The second floor was a
particular challenge, with all cabling
fed under an acoustic canopy.
GE Lighting exhibited its Entertainment Lighting Solutions at
this year’s Prolight + Sound. The company’s turn-and-lock lamps
for the event and theatre market, both in traditional discharge and
now halogen light source, were highlighted on the stand. Lighting
used within the entertainment industry needs to have a high
degree of output and control. It is also important for light sources
to offer a choice of colour temperatures to enhance the event
or show while retaining colour stability throughout their life.
GE Lighting has launched a new halogen lamp that can be used
with the Coemar Infinity M-series, a range of Moving Head fixtures
widely used for light projection at major events such as rock
concerts. The GE 750W 100V TAL Tungsten Turn-and-Lock
halogen lamp provides the flexibility to switch to a warmer light
simply by swapping lamps.
Following the success of its structural
insulated panel venture, Thru-Wall,
Lakesmere has consolidated its
expertise in the off-site construction
market by offering a range of bespoke
solutions for roofing and walling.
By promoting the use of off-site
construction at the earliest
opportunity, Lakesmere has been
able to work closely with steelwork
contractors in order to incorporate
external finishes into the steel frame
to create bespoke modules ready for
installation on site. Such close supply-
chain collaboration at pre-tender stage
can provide cost-effective and time-
efficient solutions to challenging
projects where site access is limited
or presents safety risks to either the
public or the construction teams.
Such joint venture schemes are
proving extremely beneficial to a wide
range of clients, particularly those
working within the transport and
infrastructure sectors. Lakesmere is
also delighted to offer clients two
modular roofing solutions – Corus Hi-
Point and Ruukki Pro-Roof. Where
appropriate, the use of modular
roofing can bring invaluable cost and
time savings to a project in addition
to increasing safety of those working
on site.
BN383 BN384
GE Lighting started the day at this year’s
Light+Building with a series of expert talks.
The issues facing the retail, office and outdoor
sectors were on the table – with guest slots from
industry authorities and technical experts from
GE Lighting including Simon Fisher. Guest
speakers included Andreas Schulz, CEO of Licht
Kunst Licht, Andrea Borsetto, design director at CREA International and
Miles Pinniger, leading international lighting consultant and opinion leader
together with the GE Lighting international expert team. In addition, in the
afternoons, experts from GE Lighting dealt with office, retail and outdoor
segment issues in more details. At the GE Lighting booth, the company
showed its range of energy efficient and reliable lighting solutions,
luminaires, drivers and power controls – that are made to enhance people’s
lighting experience and help reduce carbon emissions and maintenance
costs. The booth featured innovations specifically developed for retail,
commercial spaces and outdoor applications.
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>Sustainability & Eco Solutions
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ABC+D May 2012
Sapphire Balustrades has
manufactured and installed Jasper
balustrades for internal and external
applications at Imperial Wharf,
one of London’s most striking
new residential and commercial
developments. With Sapphire’s
pathway of project support, the project designer was able to create a number of
customised solutions for different elements of Imperial Wharf. Balustrades for
the nine-storey development range from structural glass and stainless steel
balustrades for apartment balconies and interior staircases to a variety of coated
steel solutions with custom features such as mesh infill panels and natural
hardwood handrails. The apartment balconies at Imperial Wharf feature 1,100mm
balustrades from Sapphire’s Jasper flat baluster system with polished stainless
steel tubular handrails. The balustrades’ clear, toughened glass infill panels are
combined with customised, single, flat balusters. In addition, Sapphire
manufactured and installed opaque glass privacy screens between apartment
terraces to complement the balcony balustrades.
Solarcentury has
recently seen the
installation of its
C21e solar slates on a
homeowner’s property
in the Scilly Isles. The new
system powers the self-
built home with a 3.3kWp
array of Solarcentury’s
award-winning C21e technology. Installed by Solarcentury Network Installer,
Plug into the Sun, the system will provide the homeowner with an income and
savings of £36,675 over 25 years. The newly built domestic home, with an
enviable south-facing roof, required a solar installation that could be seamlessly
combined with the existing slates. With the property in an Area of Outstanding
Natural Beauty (AONB), residents were understandably concerned
regarding the impact of the solar installation making the importance of
conserving the aesthetics of the property paramount. Andy Tanner, MD
at Plug into the Sun said: “We were very impressed with how the C21e
slates looked and integrated into the roof. The C21e installation advice
and guidance from Solarcentury was very professional – this allowed
us to provide a professional service to our customer and a fast and
efficient installation. Plug into the Sun and the house owner are thrilled
with the end result.” With such a sensitive case, Solarcentury’s C21e
solar slates were suitable for the property as the panels could be
integrated into the conventional roof slates, resulting in a subtle
change of appearance. Compatible with any existing roof slate, the
C21e solar slates, covering 36m
of roof space, were an obvious choice
for the St Mary’s Island project. Manufactured as single components,
Solarcentury’s C21e slates are simple and efficient to install.
Reconomy has been selected by the
Enterprise Group to handle its waste
management procurement processes
and deliver recycling-led solutions and
landfill diversion initiatives to its public
sector and utility industry customers
nationwide. The Enterprise Group’s
Procurement team was charged with
sourcing a recycling and waste partner
to help meet a target of recycling 90%
of waste generated on all its contracts
by the end of 2012. The three-year
agreement, across both utility and
Government divisions, will see
Reconomy provide a range of services
from utility tipping, aggregate supply
and hazardous waste disposal right
through to nationwide skip hire and
general waste and recycling.
Reconomy will manage this through
its extensive national supplier base
of waste and recycling providers.
A development of half a dozen executive style homes in one of the country’s most
picturesque towns has been built using steel lintels manufactured by Catnic;
selected for their strength, reliability and ease of installation. Rivermeade in
Welford-on-Avon, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, is an enclave of six
detached properties built by Greenhall Construction for Templeoak. Each of the
properties required more than a dozen of the Catnic lintels – varying in quantity
and size depending on layout – all of which were supplied through the Stratford-
upon-Avon branch of Jewson. Catnic lintels are manufactured from hot-dipped
galvanized steel. For the Duplex corrosion protection, a coating of thermal setting
polyester powder is applied by an electrostatic process. High temperature curing
then produces a tough durable surface to enable the product to be highly
resistant to impact, abrasion and damage; this enables ease of on-site handling.
All of Catnic’s lintels have gained the approval of the regulatory authorities both
in the domestic and international market.
This year’s Ecobuild showcased
Thermastore, the UK’s first passive
thermal underground heat store for
domestic and commercial building
projects. Based on passive thermal
storage and ventilation, Thermastore
provides a passive carbon neutral
alternative to air conditioning systems.
The technology behind Thermastore
has been developed by East Midlands
Renewable Energy (EMRE) and the
system is being brought to market in
a partnership between Aggregate
Industries and EMRE.
Thermastore is the first technology
of its kind in the UK and dramatically
improves the overall efficacy of
renewable heating systems, absorbing
surplus heat during the warmer
seasons and supplying heat during the
colder seasons. By using an
aggregate-based solution to store the
heat, Thermastore has a number of
advantages over more conventional
water-based systems. Unlike water,
aggregate is largely inert and won’t
leak, boil, freeze or have any of the
potential health affects (such as
legionnaires bacterial infection).
The aggregate can also be designed
into a building’s existing foundation
footprint without impacting on
habitable floor space.
BN389 BN390
alsecco’s anti-crack flexible render
system has been specified for the
newly opened LEGOLAND Windsor
Resort Hotel. The Flexewall Lite
render and paint system was chosen
as this was the only system able to
reproduce the variety of colours specified by the client and provide the
product guarantee for the complete system. The exterior façade of the hotel
was required to be colourful and playful, mirroring the amazing entrance
and the imaginatively-themed bedrooms and interior. alsecco TZ1, Primer P,
Miratect S, Thermosan and Amphibolin paints in a range of specified colours
were used to ensure a premium, durable and impact resistant finish, while
guaranteeing an exact colour match. Gareth Bryden-Reid, project architect,
at Allison Pike Partnership, commented: “alsecco’s Flexewall Lite render
and paint system was selected as it could offer the precise colour matches
required by our client, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. We are delighted with
the result...”
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ABC+D May 2012
With the continuing drive for energy-efficient
buildings, Passivent has devised a raft of
solutions that deliver the optimum solution.
The company has a portfolio that uses little, or no
electricity to function, helping achieve low-energy
and even zero-carbon domestic and commercial
buildings. Passivent’s thermal modeling service,
bespoke software tools, and SAP calculation
facility enable specifiers to prove their designs
before a brick is laid, while performance analysis
of completed buildings reinforces the findings –
for example, Tesco’s first zero carbon eco store uses Passivent ventilation, and
inclusion of Passivent iHybrid combined natural ventilation and heat recovery
used in refurbishment of a Victorian home is contributing towards an 80%
reduction in carbon emissions. Natural ventilation and natural daylighting
harness natural resources to air and light structures. Passivent iPSV (intelligent
passive stack ventilation) and Airscoop use only variations in air pressure and
humidity to function, requiring no electricity at all.
A family from
Burnley have been
given back the use
of their garden
thanks to the
creative use of Trex
Transcend which is
available in the UK
from Arbor Forest
Products. With the
homeowners requiring that a single platform garden be created so that their
sons, one of whom is a wheelchair user, could experience the full benefit of
their home, a terrace was created using Trex Transcend to replace the existing
lawn. The extensive project took an expert team five weeks to complete and
used over 250m
of Trex Transcend in Vintage Lantern to transform the garden
and surrounding land into a wheelchair-friendly space. The Trex system was
also adapted to create a stunning, bespoke glass balustrade that fully
complies with UK standards. The properties of composite decking made it
suitable for the project – it doesn’t require staining or painting, it won’t
warp or splinter and it is fade, stain, mould, rot and scratch resistant.
Trex Transcend will look as good in 25 years as the day it was installed.
The environmental credentials of Trex are also impressive. In 20 years
of production not a single tree has been felled by Trex and each year the
company recycles 1.5 billion shopping bags in the manufacturing process.
At least 95% of the content of Trex Transcend is recycled material.
Available in a choice of five classic colours, Trex Transcend is backed by a
ten-year guarantee. If specified for a residential project, this is extended to
a class-leading 25 years.
DMMP, which imports recycled poly-
wood garden furniture was thrilled that
this year a seaside family favourite
took the decision to use its products in
a new venue. Attracted by the idea that
poly-wood furniture can be used,
enjoyed and not worried about as it is
maintenance-free, Butlins loved the
range when it was suggested for a
large decking area at the holiday
resort’s 400-cover Sun & Moon public
house at its Skegness site.
The furniture for the 100-cover
outdoor decking area had to rise to the
challenge of being used frequently and
being subjected to British summers,
sea air and cold winters.
Ancon’s stand at Greenbuild Expo featured the
company’s extensive range of low thermal conductivity
cavity wall ties, which includes the basalt-fibre
TeploTie. Also on display was a range of Thermal
Breaks for use at other locations where the insulated
building envelope is interrupted, such as balconies
and brickwork support brackets. Many of Ancon's high
integrity fixings are engineered from stainless steel
which has a lower thermal conductivity than other
metals and is 100% recyclable at the end of a long,
maintenance-free service life. Staff were on hand at
the show to discuss construction issues such as cold
bridging and sound transmittance.
One of London’s most celebrated
centres of art and culture, Somerset
House is renowned for its spectacular
architecture, beautiful grounds and
year-round programme of events and
exhibitions. This March saw the iconic
Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court
transformed into a stunning
greensward, as part of a new
installation by Chilean artist Fernando
Casasempere. The impressive
lawn was grown and
delivered by Paynes Turf. Created to
celebrate the end of winter and the
beginning of spring, the Out of Sync
installation featured 10,000 ceramic
flowers planted in the lawn.
Given the special nature of the project,
and the significant visual impact of the
grass expanse, it was essential that
only the highest quality, low
maintenance turf be selected. Paynes
Turf’s Premium Grade Lawn Turf was
chosen for its quality, colour and hard-
wearing properties by Springbridge,
the landscaping supply firm
responsible for specifying the turf and
providing 360 tonnes of topsoil for the
project. The Premium Grade Lawn Turf
used in the Out of Sync exhibit was
grown on Paynes Turf’s farm in Suffolk.
Grown from a mix of seed containing
Perennial Ryegrass, Slender Creeping
Red Fescue, Strong Creeping Red
Fescue and Chewings Fescue, it has a
wonderful colour and extraordinary
BN395 BN396
Aggregate Industries
has launched Life – a solely
sustainable products and services brand. The idea is simple – clear, visible
sustainability credentials of all Aggregate Industries’ sustainable products
and services, whether concrete, asphalt, aggregates, commercial
landscaping or design solutions. Every Aggregate Industries product or
solution that carries the Life logo meets or exceeds at least one of the set
benchmarks in the three key areas of carbon reduction, non-primary
content and water treatment or control within a SUDS solution.
The sustainable contribution of each Life product is clearly quantified in
simple graphics for customers to reference: 1. CARBON – Minimum of 20%
carbon reduction in manufacture or in use. 2. NON-PRIMARY – Minimum
of 45% non-primary material content based on the entire product mix.
3. SUSTAINABLE DRAINAGE SOLUTION – Management of the quality
and quantity of water within SUDS. This move sees the company responding
to an ongoing challenge within sustainable product specification.
The Royal Veterinary College’s new £5.4m Teaching
and Research Centre (TaRC), situated at the heart
of its Hawkshead Campus, benefits from natural
ventilation and a stylish solar shading solution from
Levolux. The TaRC building features Western Red
Cedar cladding and generous glazing, including two
roof lights which allow daylight to illuminate the
building. To ensure optimum internal conditions are
maintained within the building and its roof plantroom, Levolux was invited to develop
a solution combining its successful Infiniti Fin system, along with its ventilation and
screening louvres. Eleven horizontal, aerofoil-shaped fins are fixed at 45° to absorb and
reflect a proportion of the sun’s rays before they enter the laboratories, thereby limiting
solar heat gain in the summer.
Sto, manufacturer of External Wall Insulation Systems and
renders, has appointed of Tim Deathridge as MD of the UK and
Irish subsidiary. Tim takes over from Iain MacDonald, founder of
Sto, who retires in June 2012. Prior to joining Sto, Tim has gained
15 years experience in the construction sector, most recently as
the UK general manager of Fermacell, a company of the Xella
Group. “I am delighted to be joining the excellent team in Great
Britain and Ireland that Iain has developed over the last 30
years,” the 40-year-old MD commented. “The opportunity is both
exciting and challenging and I am looking forward to building on
the success of recent years and reinforcing Sto as a market leader of construction products
for the UK market.” Tim will be working with Iain to gain a profound understanding of the
company in the months leading up to Iain’s formal retirement on 1 June.
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ABC+D May 2012
Elta Fans Building Services has launched
This dedicated website brings together one of the widest
ranges of fans and associated ventilation products on the
market, including the recently launched range of 17 new
products. Featuring Elta Fans’ stocked range available for
next day delivery, the site is informative, user friendly and
suitable for navigation on all browsers including tablets
and smart phones. Detailed technical information for all
products is provided in both onscreen and downloadable
formats. In addition, the new site features 13 colour
co-ordinated product categories, making the selection
process easier and quicker for the customer.
Elta Fans
The Sempatap Thermal stand at Ecobuild
was busier than ever this year with over
1,500 visitors. Insulation is a high priority
at the moment with the escalating costs
of heating, particularly for homeowners
living in cold, solid-wall homes.
Sempatap Thermal from MGC was of
particular interest because it is easy and
quick to insulate your home and can be
completed on a DIY basis. It is very
economical to use, has a life expectancy
of 30 years and homeowners feel the benefit of warmer rooms immediately.
MGC (Mould Growth Consultants)
Staff at T-T Pumps have demonstrated their
knowledge and competence in hygiene in the
water industry with managers, sales teams
and engineers receiving training and
certification in the National Water Hygiene
Scheme (NWHS). The purpose of the NWHS
scheme is to establish a UK-wide water
industry approach to the training, registering
and monitoring of the hygiene requirements of employees, contractors and suppliers.
Each UK water company is required to ensure that employees, contractors and suppliers,
who operate within drinking water environments, are not carriers of waterborne diseases
and that they have an understanding of the need to operate hygienically.
T-T Pumps
MGC’s Mould Eradication Kit has been supplied
and successfully used by local authorities,
housing associations, private landlords and
homeowners for 25 years. The kit is a compact
system containing everything required to treat
black mould problems. There is sufficient product
for the treatment of 10-12m² of mould and will
stop a small outbreak from becoming a major
problem. All materials are water-based and approved for amateur use as well as
professional under COPR by the Health and Safety Executive. The Mould Eradication Kit is
economical to use and proven over the past 25 years as highly successful in solving mould
problems, even in severe condensation situations.
MGC (Mould Growth Consultants)
Metal Technology, partnering with installer Windell,
has completed work on Lanyon Plaza, part of the
prestigious Lanyon Place development which
includes Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, the BT Tower
and Belfast Hilton. The building offers a showcase
for Metal Technology’s high performance systems,
having substantial specialist glazed curtain walling
to the external envelope. The office section of the
building has a combination of specialist planar glazing and Metal Technology System 17
Curtain Walling, with decorative frit and coloured ceramic glazing, Brise-soleil and bespoke
vertical fin solar shading features. The residential towers have Metal Technology’s System
17 SP (Silicone Pointed) curtain walling, frameless vents and tilt and slide doors to the
Metal Technology
Ennis Prismo Traffic Safety Solutions’ videos,
available on YouTube, have achieved in excess
of 11,000 viewings, proving that customers find
them to be an extremely useful tool, which helps
them to understand how Ennis Prismo products
can be applied, how they operate and the
benefits they provide. The company’s YouTube library, which includes a total of 25 videos,
highlights the wide range of products available from Ennis Prismo and demonstrates the
ease with which they can be used in a range of applications. The videos feature a selection
of installations and different types of products, from Ennis Prismo’s Flexiline and
Paintmark road-marking and surface safety solutions, to its Textureflex and Tyregrip high
friction surfacing systems.
Ennis Prismo Traffic Safety Solutions
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ABC+D May 2012
By installing AZUR 2P modules, users achieve a great return on
investment. Virtually free of degradation, these technically
advanced CO2 saving, self-cleaning, self-healing modules
produce up to 11.6% more lifetime power plus they are
guaranteed to perform at above 98% efficiency even after
25 years. Even with the revised Feed-in Tariff, an 8-10% return
on investment should be achieved – better than leaving funds
on deposit earning little interest at the current rates.
AZUR SOLAR has delivered thousands of highly reliable, award-
winning solar power generation systems to residential
customers plus prestigious UK commercial projects for
The Body Shop, Staples, Covers Builders Merchants and SEGRO/Slough Estates.
AZUR Solar Systems
Polyflor’s popular Polysafe Standard safety
vinyl flooring collection is now available with
the manufacturer’s Polysafe polyurethane
reinforcement (PUR). Cross-linked and UV
cured, Polysafe PUR is a super-strength
reinforcement designed to make Polysafe
Standard PUR even easier to clean, provide
optimum appearance and colour retention as
well as improved soil release. Using a micro
mop maintenance regime, chemical usage, energy intensive cleaning and water
consumption are significantly reduced, and life cycle maintenance costs of up to 60%
are achievable over a 15-year period when compared to untreated safety flooring.
Mapei products have been utilised in the
ultramodern ROCA London Gallery situated
close to Chelsea Harbour. Mapei’s Ultratop
cementitious flooring system and Keraflex
ceramic adhesive were used across the
single floor in the project designed by
the esteemed Zaha Hadid Architects and installed by Resin Flooring Specialists. Inspiration
was taken from the element of water; transforming both the exterior and interior into a
spectacular sculptured space where it appears that water has morphed and smoothed each
and every detail. The Ultratop flooring system provided a fluid final aesthetic that was
integral with the theme offering a highly polished look. The Ultratop cementitious flooring
system comprised of Primer SN; a two component epoxy filling primer, Quartz 1.2; Ultratop
Anthracite, Keraseal transparent sealant and Mapelux wax.
Lincat, UK manufacturer of commercial
catering equipment, has added a stylish,
compact, wall-mounted water boiler to its
award-winning FilterFlow range. Equipped
with Lincat’s built-in FilterFlow water
filtration system, which eliminates the
need for a costly separate filtration unit,
the WMB3F delivers up to 31L of filtered,
hot water per hour. The slim design of the new boiler makes it suitable for office kitchens
and staff rooms, where it can be installed over a sink. When compared to a traditional kettle,
the advantages of an automatic boiler, with built-in filtration, are not limited to better tasting
water. You don’t have to wait for it boil and it’s impossible to produce more hot water than
you need, saving both time and electricity.
National roofing and waterproofing expert, Langley
Waterproofing Systems has launched a new look corporate
brochure showcasing its full range of services and expertise.
The comprehensive brochure gives specifiers, contractors
and building stakeholders an insight into Langley’s personal
approach to each and every project, and the unrivalled range
of high performance, long lasting roofing and waterproofing
systems it offers. It comes at an exciting time for the
company, which has just celebrated its most successful
trading year to date. “Langley has provided strong,
technically sound roofing systems for over 40 years, and our
new corporate brochure reflects this proud history and the broad range of sectors we work
across,” commented Langley managing director, Tony Silvestri.
Langley Waterproofing Systems
2011 saw the celebration of Sir Alex
Ferguson’s 25 year service to
Manchester United, and the repaving
of Sir Matt Busby Way and the main
entrance. At the design stage,
concerns were expressed with regard
to the erosion of sand from the anticipated cleaning regimes, and to the maintenance
of the cleanliness and appearance of the pavement when subjected to the three million
pedestrians visiting the club on an annual basis. Resiblock was consulted, culminating in
the installation of its product Resiblock Resiecco, a single pack, specialist, water-based
paving sealer which stabilised the jointing sand, preventing its erosion from heavy duty
cleaning regimes, while providing significant stain protection to the surface of the paving.
Howe Green access panels have been
installed in the newly re-opened Cutty
Sark visitor attraction. The world’s last
surviving tea clipper was officially re-
opened by Her Majesty The Queen on
25th April at its home in the Maritime
Greenwich World Heritage Site, having
undergone extensive works that
required almost every inch of the 143-
year old vessel to be conserved. Over
fifty 7500 Series aluminium access covers with bespoke Z-section supports were made to
order by Howe Green, the industry’s leading manufacturer of metal floor, ceiling and wall
access covers. Ellmer Construction installed single and multipart units under a unique glass
canopy designed to allow people to walk underneath Cutty Sark itself and view the elegant
lines of her hull. The space and opportunity for the construction arose following an
incredible feat of engineering, which saw Cutty Sark raised by 11 feet onto steel supports in
order to relieve the keel of the weight of the ship and help preserve her unique shape. Howe
Green’s 7500 Series aluminium access panels were fitted into raised access flooring within
the new museum facility in order to provide a route to essential ventilation ducting needed
to keep air circulating in what is effectively a large void under the historic clipper. Designed
for use with all types of hard floors, Howe Green 7500 Series aluminium panels sit 100%
flush so as not create a trip hazard and offer proven reliability to withstand high levels of
foot traffic. They are double sealed to ensure no water ingress or dirt trapping and provide
a reliable and maintenance-free solution to accessing essential building services – for what
looks set to become one of the Capital’s most popular tourist attractions. Each access
panel from Howe Green is manufactured to client’s exact specifications. Thanks to modern
manufacturing techniques and the company’s innovative approach to product design, the
bespoke nature of the panels does not come with a price associated with bespoke
manufacturing. Instead Howe Green is able to offer competitively priced panels, designed
for exact purposes.
Howe Green
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ABC+D May 2012
BN618 BN622
Wetherby Building Systems is partnering with
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, and is
the managing agent for a private homeowners
scheme, where external wall insulation will be
installed to approximately 1,700 No Fines
properties in specific zones of Kirkby. No Fines
properties are recognised to be hard-to-heat
homes. Around 45% of a property’s heat is lost
through poorly insulated walls, so the installation of the Wetherby Insulated Render System,
incorporating 60mm phenolic insulation, will potentially improve the thermal efficiency of
these properties by over 80%. The overall scheme will also prevent in excess of 230,000
tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere over the next 30 years.
Weatherby Building Systems
The UK VEKA Group has declared its second
Fensterbau even better than 2010, with a
visibly bigger UK audience for its new group
product offering. The Nürnberg event was the
first major showing for the VEKA Group’s
extended range since last year’s acquisition,
and sales and marketing director, Colin Torley
said the show made a superb platform for the
debut: “The feedback from everyone there was excellent. For the visitors, there was a
massive and varied range from more than 1,200 exhibitors and for us it was a great
opportunity to meet new faces as well as catching up with existing customers. It was good
to see so many UK visitors and I would urge anyone who didn’t make the journey to give it
a try next time; it was undoubtedly the main event of the year for the UK industry.”
One of VEKA's largest fabricators, Sash UK,
will be celebrating 25 years of trading with
VEKA this year. Sash UK has remained loyal
to system supplier VEKA for a quarter of a
century, and the landmark comes just one
year after VEKA itself marked 25 years of
manufacturing in the UK. Sash UK, which was
established 47 years ago, has continued to go
from strength to strength during the tough
recession, as has its relationship with VEKA, as MD Stephen Morrell explained: “VEKA has
played a significant part in our growth over the last 25 years and we wouldn't be where we
are without the support the company has given us, as well as the quality products that they
consistently deliver in all of our market sectors.”
Valve manufacturer Aquaflow Valves is
delighted with the success of the new non-slam
check valve, having supplied a high number of
these valves this month, to projects at Seven
Trent Water, Sutton and East Surrey and
internationally in Hong Kong. These high
performance valves are designed for systems
prone to high velocities and rapid flow reversal; having non-slam characteristics and
reducing the damaging effects of water hammer. Slam reduction is achieved through body
profile design and door configuration. Another key advantage to this valve is that there are
no mechanical mechanisms that could prove costly to repair or replace.
T-T Pumps
Steadmans has supplied materials for a
vineyard in Holmfirth, near Huddersfield,
West Yorkshire, the town made famous by TV
series Last of the Summer Wine. The winery
incorporates over 250m
of Steadmans’ AS35
insulated steel cladding finished in olive green
– 80mm thick panels on the roof and 60mm panels in its walls. Steadmans also supplied all
galvanised C-section framing, flashings and personnel access doors for the project, from its
range of products suiting the contractor requiring a one-stop-shop. Comprising two outer
steel skins with an integral PIR insulation core, Steadmans’ AS35 insulated panels are
available in a wide range of colours and complement Steadmans’ broad variety of pre-
engineered construction products such as gutters, flashings, rooflights and doors.
UK shower manufacturer Haven, part of the Roman
group of Companies, has been updating its high quality,
affordable Haven range with a number of key
improvements to existing products, alongside the
introduction of new product additions to expand the
range and further drive its popularity. Upgrades to the
range include the addition of pre-coated glass
protection as standard to all enclosures and bath
screens in the collection. To ensure a long life and easy
cleaning, all Haven enclosures and bath screens are
now pre-coated with Roman’s award-winning glass protection pre-coating as standard.
This can then be topped up and maintained by using Roman Ultra Care as part of a
weekly cleaning routine to ensure total on-going protection.
A motion activated light launched by LED specialist Mr Beams
requires no wiring. Easy to fix in cupboards, store rooms, lofts
and any dark areas requiring light on entry, the Ceiling Light
detects motion from 8m and turns off 30 seconds after last
movement is detected. The bright white, life-long LED runs
on standard batteries that will last on average one year.
The Mr Beams Ceiling Light eliminates the need for mains
power in areas that only need light occasionally. The light is
also suitable as a night light or backup light for corridors and
stairwells when power is cut or when main lights are turned off. The weatherproof design
also makes the light suitable for outdoor use. Powered by four C Cell batteries, the light is
compact with a diameter that is smaller than a DVD and comes with a mounting bracket
for easy installation.
Mr Beams
Mereway Kitchens has introduced a new range within its
Italian inspired Cucina Colore collection. The range features
natural wood veneers, hand stained or hand painted in a
choice of subtly contrasting and gently complementing
hues. Few manufacturers in the UK still have the traditional
skills associated with hand finishing of this kind. In this new
range however, Mereway has imaginatively married artisan
finishing with extremely contemporary design to offer a
market leading look. The Cucina Colore range offers new
ways to personalise the kitchen and open up the space.
European trends have been translated into a look that will
appeal to the local market with a comprehensive range of painted finishes that offer a
combination of design opportunities.
Mereway Kitchens
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