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mary jane's thoughts


(time frame Vs life) ratio can be used to calculate the criticality of the
einstein was completely in Weed....
the universe is a constant oscillatory motion which oscillates between an upper
critical mass limit and a lower critical masslimit....
the expanding universe has a outer exapning universe which has another outer and
soo onn....light in brain... brain's decoding algorithm....light frames ananlogous
to time frames...
Q.why mind can travel faster than light
A.mind keeps two time frames a distance "d" apart and askes light to travel from
fame 1 to frame 2 and let it be time 't0'... this is the time taken by mind to
travel an actual distance between place in frame
actual distane/d=->ifinity

what is the place called humanity do all the motherfucking called???

humanitariam crap is endowed towards cucifying the world towards human devolopment
which actually is a mechnical and monotonous motion towards a warld full of
cultured disciplinarians... what we need is fun and we shall have it... no fucking
authoritarian unioversity is going tom take it from me... for that we need drugs
girls and boooz....

what are we but an inevitalble part of the system which does not let us live but
make us do he ibidding of the system... ew want ot bring the system down... what
makes this hell ois like going to the other system where hell is the worst from of
chaos... annihilating the system instantly where we cant do athing like the
concoous ness goes into the other groun system.... so working for the system is
like saving the system from annihilation.... but todays system is most relentless
system creating apocalypse anytime for our system.... but system si given a cover
up.... what we doing how is it affecting everything uipwars... what we doing
affecting everything downwards... why is system lying to us
what should we do... should we work for the system... or should we work against
the system... what whould we do.... why should we do... questions unanswerable...
the world is falling
my mind is falling... what is it thats happening... dont know what i should do...
why i should do all this crap whats are the implications o the things i do... i
dont know hwether is houild do it or not... i am like doing for the system or
against the system.... whether i belong to the system... what my part is in
sustaining the system... whether i should susteion the system or not... why
hosuld we favour its stutanance.. going after another system is like viwing there
is a systemk on top of our system..... it can be called as the systemised

All system can be classified as systemised system... now tht question arises
whether there exists an outer system which has no outer shell since it is th e
ouer most system..... this queation waas answerd ealier with the osccilatory
universe concept.... this is like the system... alll systems has an outer
system.... Our work is the break the outer system and go to the next level...
conquering it all...

So the theses concludeds towards the satement that we should work towards the
destruction of the system.... Let the system fall...
like SoaD said.... FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!!