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Delivery by road Delivery by air Secure delivery

DHL Same Day Courier Products

Delivery by road

DHL Sprintline - Urgent Delivery

Time critical van or truck delivery door-to-door to any destination. For packages requiring urgent delivery that can be achieved by road to destinations in the UK or mainland Europe, you can rely on DHL Sprintline to deliver direct in the fastest time possible. Our couriers pick up within 60 minutes of booking and will then make your urgent delivery via dedicated motorbike, small van or transit van. For large or heavy deliveries and deliveries to mainland Europe we utilise a fleet of trailers. Deliveries are completely secure, theres no transfer from one vehicle to another, and you can monitor the progress of your package throughout its journey from the moment its picked up to when its been delivered. Using our online tracking service, you can rest

assured that the delivery of your package is our priority and that our courier is focused on getting to the destination as quickly as possible. But you dont have to worry about checking whether your package has been delivered in time. As well as online tracking, our customer service team will provide you with proof of delivery via phone, fax, email or sms text message whichever is most convenient for you. DHL Sprintline has no weight or size restrictions, but large or heavy items and international deliveries carry an additional charge.

An urgent delivery service whenever you need it

With 33 service centres strategically located throughout the UK, you can enjoy a local service from a national network. Booking takes just a few moments and you dont even need to have an account. Whether you have a high volume of urgent deliveries to make, want to set up pre-planned or multi-drop runs on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, or simply need urgent deliveries on an ad-hoc basis, DHL Sprintline is there for you a totally flexible service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Products

Delivery by road Delivery by air Secure delivery

DHL Same Day Courier Products

Delivery by air

DHL Jetline - First flight delivery

Next available flight delivery door-to-door to any destination. If you need to get a package from one end of the UK to the other or across the world, you can depend on DHL Jetline to achieve your deadline. For first flight deliveries to destinations that cannot be reached by road within the same day an air freight delivery is the perfect solution. Booking a first flight courier is simple. It takes just one phone call to get your package on the move and you dont even have to have a DHL account. Well then despatch one of our dedicated couriers from your local service centre we have 33 strategically located throughout the UK, so were within easy reach wherever you are to collect your package within 60 minutes. Well deliver your package on the next available flight out. A DHL courier will collect your package from the destination airport and complete the delivery to the specified address. Efficient, seamless and fast, everything you would expect from a time-critical delivery. Weight and size restrictions are determined by the specific airline used for your delivery. This will be confirmed when you make your booking.

Our first flight delivery service takes care of every detail

If your package is being sent internationally, we will even remove the stress of clearing customs. DHLs expertise in international shipping means that we can handle all the customs formalities and paperwork on your behalf, ensuring fast clearance at departure and destination airports, so you dont have to worry about anything. For extra peace of mind you can track the progress of your packages journey using our online tracking service. And as soon as your package has arrived at its destination you will receive a phone call, fax, email or SMS text message to confirm proof of delivery whichever is most convenient for you.

Wherever in the world you need to send a package, DHL Jetline is the air delivery service you can trust fast and flexible, supported by excellent customer service from a single point of contact.


Delivery by road Delivery by air Secure delivery

DHL Same Day Courier Products

Secure couriers

DHL Secureline - Secure delivery

Personally accompanied door-to-door delivery by air for maximum security and reliability. If you need to send confidential, sensitive or valuable items by air to UK or international destinations, you'll want the assurance of a secure courier service. Urgent secure deliveries

are our speciality and we guarantee to deliver to any destination in the world - even if you don't have an account with DHL. DHL Secureline provides secure deliveries by air via helicopter, private jet, commercial flight or air freighter where your package is accompanied by a specially trained courier throughout its entire journey. So from the moment we collect your package to the moment it's delivered to its destination address, we provide a dedicated on-board courier to ensure the highest level of security at all times. Small packages are kept with the courier throughout the journey. For larger shipments that cannot be carried on as hand luggage we provide locked and secure containers. We mainly work with approved air charter partners in order to maintain the high standards of security that our customers expect of DHL. Weight and size restrictions are determined by the specific airline used for your delivery. This will be confirmed when you make your booking.

Secure couriers, fast, reliable and efficient

We know that speed is of the essence, so our dedicated courier will collect your package within 60 minutes of booking. Your courier and package will travel from your nearest airport on the next available fight out, and we'll even handle all customs documentation and paperwork for you. You can track the progress of your package using our online tracking service. And as soon as our secure courier has delivered your package you will receive immediate confirmation via phone, fax, email or SMS text message to confirm proof of delivery whichever is most convenient for you. Giving you added peace of mind. When you need a secure door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world, choose DHL Secureline, the service you can trust. SERVICES

Technical Courier: A Comprehensive Deliver, Install and Return Solution for PC Peripherals

The DHL Same Day Technical Courier Program is a Deliver, Install and Return solution for computer peripherals. Through this high-quality, customized and cost-efficient service, specially trained DHL couriers deliver, install and test replacement units, then pack and return defective peripherals, saving time and money. Technical Courier Program services include:

Specially trained technical couriers An end-to-end delivery, installation, testing and defective parts return process Customized solutions for monitors, printers, keyboards, mice, receipt printers, card swipes, pin pads, customer-specific hardware and other PC Peripherals DHL Technical Courier services more than 500 cities in North America 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Service Delivery, Call Center and Helpdesk Operations Asset recovery, including pickup, package and ship Recovery of end-of-life and end-of-lease assets Proactive shipment monitoring from call-in through delivery Shipment arrival confirmation via phone, fax, e-mail, EDI or cell phone/PD

Jetline: The Right Flight for Your Shipment

Whether its a domestic or international shipping need, Jetline offers Next Flight Out service, covering more than 220 countries across the globe. Next Flight Out doesnt simply mean the next scheduled flight; it means best flight out. Our proprietary, multi-modal routing system identifies the optimal flight, based on available connections and dependability. Our primary business is speed, reliability and security; ensuring the right solution for your shipment. Jetline services include:

Expedited via first available commercial flight and delivered upon arrival Proactive shipment monitoring from call-in through delivery

Door-to-door delivery to and from more than 220 countries Customs clearance/document preparation Oversized, overweight shipments, anywhere in the world Freight is never consolidated or aged Pickup normally within 60 minutes of order Shipment arrival confirmation via phone, fax, e-mail, EDI or cell phone/PDA


DHL Same Day Logistics offers a comprehensive strategic storage solution through a complete nationwide warehousing network. Our services feature intelligent and secure warehousing solutions, providing a global view of stock and the highest level of responsiveness to customer orders. DHL warehouses include more than 100 Strategic Parts Centers (SPC). SPCs are in-country facilities offering high-speed logistics services, such as Same Day (ASAP), 2-hour and 4-hour order fulfillment. DHL Same Day Logistics features include:

State-of-the art inventory control Pull, pick and pack capabilities Immediate transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year access to your inventory Flexible options for part return Ability to interface with client TMS systems to provide same-day/next-day order handling Remote Call Collection Track and Trace for network and non-network shipments Technical Call Center services RMA handling

Sprintline: The Fastest Point-to-Point Ground Service

When a package of any size or weight has to get to any destination by land with no time to lose, Sprintline gets it there. Simply book a courier, and

DHL Same Day will pick up your shipment immediately and deliver it nonstop to your destination. Sprintline services include:

Expedited, point-to-point ground transportation Proactive shipment monitoring from call-in through delivery Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Pickup normally within 60 minutes of order Shipment arrival confirmation via phone, fax, e-mail, EDI or cell phone/PDA

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Customer Service
DHL Same Day Customer Service is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year always available to help you meet any shipping challenge. Our Global Command Center services ensure that every Customer Service Representative is linked in real time to your shipment information. They have the knowledge and data to provide every customer with a maximized transportation solution. DHL Same Day Customer Service features include:

Customer Service Representatives that speak more than 10 languages An ASA (average seconds to answer) of 12 seconds, with an average call length of less than 3 minutes One-call resolution A single contact for all your shipping and service needs Order placement by phone, fax, mail and online

To contact DHL Same Day Customer Service, call 1-800-DHL-ASAP (1-800-345-2727) or e-mail Same

What DHL Same Day customers say:

ACS Expedited Solutions: A Competitive Advantage

We have been pleased with DHL Same Days performance and consider them to be a valued provider, transporting our daily packages and securing their year-round delivery. In todays competitive business climate, theyve helped TripPak remainand continue to be the industry standard for document delivery and workflow solutions in the transportation industry. Kelley Walkup, Vice President and General Manager, ACS Expedited Solutions Delta Air Lines, Inc.: Maximizing Turn Times Thank you for the excellent support we have received on our project in Hong KongPart of our success on our turn time is a result of your assisting us to provide critical material in a maximum of 36 hours or less. None of our standard providers could come close in the initial phases of the operation. DHL Same Day certainly sets the bar for performance.

Packaging Tips
DHL encourages the use of proper packaging. Because you, as a shipper, are ultimately responsible for safely and securely preparing your shipment, the following tips can help you package properly. Our courier will inspect the shipment when the pickup is made. If improvements in packaging are necessary, the courier may request that you modify the packaging or may refuse the pickup.

Safety & Security

At DHL Same Dayand throughout the entire DHL Networkthe safety and security of your shipment is of paramount importance. In a global environment requiring heightened security measures, we make every conceivable effort to safeguard the packages we handle. For example, DHL Express has been validated for C-TPAT, the

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, a joint government-business initiative designed to protect the security of the U.S. supply chain. In fact, our security measures are so well-regarded that DHL is the exclusive carrier of letters and small packages for the Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. and worldwide. Beyond what we do, there steps you can take to protect your packages:

Double-check your paperwork, on and offlineMake sure youre completed all the necessary paperwork, especially for international shipping. (To learn more about international shipping, check out the DHL International Trade Center.) Check the labelEspecially for multi-part packages, ensure that all labeling is clear and correct. Package properlyPerhaps the most important step you can take is making sure that your packages are as protected as possible, from the inside out. Refer to Packaging Tips to learn more. Talk to DHL Same DayIf you have any questions about the safety and security of your shipment, call us at 1-800-DHL-ASAP (1-800-345-2727) or e-mail Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

DHL Trade Automation Services (TAS): Taking the Confusion Out of International Shipping
Navigating the many rules and regulations of shipping your goods across borders can be a confusing and time-consuming process. DHL Trade Automation Services (TAS) is a powerful tool designed to help you cut through the red tape. DHL TAS is a broad, web-based suite of trade information tools that covers 63 countries and approximately 98% of the worlds trade. This free, 24/7 tool gives you the ability to get the right information you need depending on the products youre shipping or receiving with access to all the relevant international trade regulations, including all the information you need to comply with customs regulations. Another major benefit is that it allows you to proactively compare the relative cost efficiencies associated with sourcing from different countries. DHL TAS ensures that, with a click of your mouse, you will have access to the most comprehensive trade and customs information currently available. Youll get all the information and

support you need to ensure complete and accurate customs paperwork, calculate landed cost estimates and get your goods to market more efficiently and profitably. Its key functions include:

Landed Cost Estimate Product Compliance Comparative Services for Landed Costs and Product Compliance Trade Documentation International Harmonized System (HS) Commodity Code Classification Restricted Party Screening

Currency Converter
The Universal Currency Converter contains the top 85 currencies sorted by country name, listing the 10 most popular currencies first. Special units and precious metals are listed both alphabetically and separately.

Our Competitive Advantage

When you use DHL Same Day, youre taking advantage of a truly competitive edge. Our dedicated Special Services team within DHL manages more than half a million high-profile Same Day shipments annually, proactively monitoring each one from origin to destination. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, were always there for you.

A unique, proprietary routing system

The DHL Same Day proprietary, multi-modal system gives us the unique ability to find not just a fast route for your shipment, but the fastest route. Once we obtain your destination information, our Customer Service Representatives know within seconds the optimal route. It might be by air, by land or a combination of both, but only the DHL Same Day system identifies the optimal path for your shipment.

Best-in-class technology
Every shipment and warehouse need is supported by customized software, built specifically for DHL Same Day. Our technology services and functions include, but are not limited to:

Automated Dispatch System (ADS) for automated updates and Proof-of-Delivery Performance-based best-flight-out selection and optimized routing Self-help web portal Quarterly Business Reporting (QBR) tool Best-in-class phone system with call balance routing, secure monitoring and call identifier features to speed order flow Auto advisements via e-mail, fax or SMS messaging Direct airline links Driver scanning and paging tools EDI alternatives

Industries We Serve
The flexibility of DHL Same Day services is reflected in the breadth of the clients we serve. Beyond that breadth is the depth of technical expertise we bring to every industry in which we ship, whether its the extensive database of aircraft parts we maintain for Aircraft On Ground clients, expediting mission-critical parts, both domestically and internationally, for the U.S. Department of Defense or the ability to meet the time-critical, temperature-sensitive requirements unique to life sciences and clinical trial logistics. DHL Same Day gets the shipment where it must be, when it has to be there for any business or organization. A partial list of the industries we serve includes:

Aerospace Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Automotive Department of Defense Electronics/Micro-electronics Energy, Gas and Oil Engineering Entertainment, Film and Media Fashion Financial Services Healthcare Legal Life Sciences Manufacturing Optical Pharmaceutical Technology

Freight Insurance
DHL is acknowledged within the industry for its insurance expertise. On top of the standard industry liability, we provide insurance services that offer you financial protection against the risk of physical loss or damage, from almost any external cause. Unlike many freight insurers, we measure according to value, rather than weight or package count. This gives you a more accurate valuation of your freight should compensation be required. To make sure your working capital keeps on working, even in a loss or damage situation, select the insurance product you require, or call us to speak to an expert.


Road Freight Insurance

Goods worth many billion Euros are lost or stolen every year, in Europe alone. In spite of the high quality and performance of DHL Freights transportation solutions, shipment damage or loss can also affect our customers due to external causes. In Europe the liability of road transportation service providers is typically limited by CMR regulations (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road). However, in the event of a loss or damage these limitations are often not representative of the actual value of the goods. Complementing its transportation services DHL Freight can upon request arrange your freight insurance. This gives you financial protection against most risks of physical loss or damage due to external causes. Thus, customers who utilize freight insurance set-up by DHL Freight can significantly reduce the financial impact associated with these unfortunate events. Read more In addition to arranging shipment insurance, DHL Freight takes a variety of proactive measures to ensure your freights safety. Comprehensive surveillance, padlocks, clamps and alarm systems; trucks marked on the roof with a license plate or a tactical number for aerial surveillance, emergency hotlines, second drivers on board - there are many things we are doing to protect your shipment throughout its journey.

Air & Ocean Freight Insurance

Every year we insure billions of euros worth of cargo. This gives us tremendous buying power and more favorable pricing than most shippers can command on their own. We offer a broad range of insurance programs, including all-risk coverage for ocean, air, ground, warehousing, and heavy industrial projects. Read more We take the complexity out of claims handling. Claims decisions are made within 30 days of receiving a fully documented claim, and with our worldwide buying power we can offer competitive pricing for every company, from start ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Cargo can be insured on a per-shipment basis, or we can provide insurance solutions for your entire cargo program. And no matter where the shipment takes place, youll only have to deal with your local claim handling center. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Supply Chain Solutions

As the world's largest logistics specialist, we offer a comprehensive suite of services drawing on our global scale and local insight to deliver value across your supply chain. From the initial consultancy and design, to final mile delivery and reverse logistics, we provide customized supply chain solutions across all industry sectors.


Supply Chain Analysis & Design

Many customers come to DHL with a business problem, and not necessarily one in their supply chain. Through supply chain consulting and network design studies, we help you with the big picture; what's working and what can be optimized for improved operational efficiency and better customer service. Read more We combine innovative supply chain modeling tools with the real-life practical experience we've accumulated over hundreds of implementations. The result? A supply chain that will help your business from day one and give you the flexibility to meet changing business needs. When you're more nimble as a business, have formed better relationships with your customers, have achieved a lower cost base, and achieved better service and visibility throughout your supply chain, that's when we know we've accomplished our goal.

Lead Logistics Provider

At DHL, being Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) means instigating and managing change across your entire supply chain, to meet changing business and customer demands. We do this by bringing continuous improvement and cost reduction, introducing lean logistics processes and optimizing logistics networks. Read more A successful LLP is built upon a strong and effective partnership arrangement with our customer to deliver value to their business, and encompasses a whole range of skills and experience that we deploy to meet the needs of your business. These include:

Network analysis and design Consultancy Business planning Change management Project management Control tower and network management services, coordinating a wide supplier base across many modes and geographies Inventory planning and management Inbound, outbound and reverse logistics management.

We take responsibility for assembling and controlling the resources, capabilities and technologies of our own organization with those of complementary service providers. We assume accountability for the management, performance, cost and development of all supply chain functions, transactions, systems and suppliers within an agreed scope, which may change over time.

Environmental Compliance
DHL is working to accelerate the reduction of our customers' carbon footprints. We create and execute greenhouse gas reduction strategies by assessing, reducing, replacing, and in some cases neutralizing direct and indirect carbon emissions. As environmental legislation increases, so is our drive to keep pace with it. Read more Environmental compliance isnt just critical to your business, but also to your customers. Thats why were committed to following the strictest standards in the transport and storage of your goods. We invest heavily in training, set demanding performance targets, and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement in safety, security, health, and environmental performance