Dwayne C.

Brown Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1726) RELEASE: 98-78

May 7, 1998

ARMSTRONG NAMED ASSOCIATE ADMINISTRATOR FOR AERONAUTICS AND SPACE TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY Lt. Gen. Spence M. (Sam) Armstrong (USAF, Ret.) has been named to head NASA's Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology Enterprise at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, effective May 11, 1998, Administrator Daniel S. Goldin announced today. Armstrong's extensive career includes experience in flight testing and astronautical engineering as well as command at five different levels within the U.S. Air Force. He has served as NASA's Associate Administrator for Human Resources and Education since September 1991. (Stanley S. Kask Jr. will serve as acting Associate Administrator for this office.) Prior to that assignment, Armstrong served as director of program architecture for the Synthesis Group, formed as a temporary organization from 1990-1991 to develop long-range program architectures for the U.S. human space flight program. As Associate Administrator, Armstrong will be responsible for strategic planning, requirements definition and budgetary formulation of NASA's aeronautics research and space transportation technology activities. Armstrong's duties will include overall responsibility for each of NASA's four aeronautical research centers -- Ames, Moffett Field, CA; Dryden, Edwards Air Force Base, CA; Langley, Hampton, VA; and Lewis, Cleveland, OH. "We are at a crucial time for NASA, the Nation and the world in aerospace technology," Goldin said. "We have the traditional aeronautics research and we have the technologies that are emerging from the efforts in space transportation. NASA needs to fully integrate the two to get the leverage and synergy needed if we are to be the future aerospace leader. I've chosen Sam Armstrong because he has the technical background and proven track record as a leader. He has my complete backing to make this happen through organizational changes within the enterprise and through cooperation with other government agencies, the aerospace industry and the international community." Armstrong is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General and command pilot with over 4,500 hours (including 100 missions over North Vietnam in the F-105) flying time in 50 different aircraft. He was Vice Commander of Air Force Systems Command from July 1987 to April 1990, and prior to that was Vice Commander in Chief, Military Airlift Command. From July 1983 to July 1985 he was Chief of the U.S. Military Training Mission to Saudi Arabia. He also served as Commander, Air Force Military Training Center, San Antonio, TX; Deputy Chief of Staff for Technical Training, Air Training Command; Deputy

Director for Space and C3, DCS Research, Development, and Acquisition, Headquarters USAF, the Pentagon; Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Air Training Command; Commander, 80th Flying Training Wing, Sheppard Air Force Base, TX; Base Commander and, later, Deputy for logistics, 12th Flying Training Wing, Randolph AFB, TX. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, with a BS in engineering. Armstrong also received master's degrees in both astronautical and instrumentation engineering from the University of Michigan. He also attended Harvard University's Senior Managers in Government Program; Columbia University's Executive Program in Business Administration; the USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School, Edwards Air Force Base, CA; and the Air War College. He is married to the former Beth Webb of Myrtle Beach, SC, and they have two children and three grandchildren. -end-