Minutes of the Devon & Cornwall Area Committee Meeting of the Foresters Friendly Society Held at the Public Rooms

, Liskeard, Cornwall on Saturday 22nd May 2010 The Meeting started at 1029 Present Sister Margaret Williams (Area Sub-Chief Ranger) Brothers Stan Reynolds (Area Chief Ranger), John Small, Christopher Hunn and Marc Quigley-Ferriday Apologies Brothers Peter Corke (Area Coordinator) and Ken Thomas Approval of Minutes The Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 24th February 2010 at the R.A.O.B. Club, North Hill, Plymouth be received. RESOLVED That the Minutes of the above aforesaid meeting be duly signed as a correct record Matters Arising Brother Small felt that Agenda item No. 4 (c), was purely the Coordinators opinion of what had taken place at discussion of the Coordinators at their recent meeting, and not the policy of either this Area or the Society. Brother Small spoke with reference to the Skittles Evening that had taken place at Lee Mill, in Plymouth It was thought that the buffet was not what was expected. Brother Quigley-Ferriday spoke about the title “Area Chief Ranger” and said that the Court Handbook appears to allow this title to be used, as well as the plain designation “Area Chairman”. Brother Quigley-Ferriday stated that in order to show that the Committee was not a closed clique, details on how members could put themselves up for the Area Committee, was printed on the back of this year’s Area Dinner Menu. (Copy attached, Annex A) The Area Chief Ranger spoke with reference to this year’s Area Dinner at Trethorne Leisure Centre, near Launceston in Cornwall. The Committee thought that the food was of a high standard. Brother Hunn stated that the Committee review the format of the dinner for 2011, and maybe have a look at reverting to the Eagle House Hotel in Launceston. Brother Small stated that in view of the small number of members and guests that actually dance, the Committee reconsider having music at the dinner. This would be a saving (at 2010 prices) of £130.00 [One Hundred and Thirty Pounds] RESOLVED That the Area would dispense with entertainment for the 2011 dinner, and that the Area Committee would review the matter again next year.

A general discussion ensued on the price of the dinner, and the impact it had on attendance at this year’s dinner, notwithstanding the fact, that some, if not all Courts’ gave a subsidy to members who were attending the dinner. The consensus of the Committee was that the cost of the Area Dinner should not exceed £15.00 [Fifteen Pounds] per member. Area Coordinators Report The Area Coordinator was unavoidable absent. Page 2 Minutes of the Devon & Cornwall Area Committee Meeting held on 22nd May 2010 Area Budget The Area Budget was received and duly noted. Various discussions ensued on the content and format of the Area Budget. Brother Hunn stated that arrangements needed to be made and clarification given for the buffet at the Skittles evening, in order that we receive the buffet that we want. RESOLVED The Area Coordinator to pursue the Establishment at Lee Mill, to ensure that the correct buffet at the right price is achieved. Brother Quigley-Ferriday stated that he thought it was better if the Area Budget was not circulate at the Area Annual General Meeting, that afternoon, but figures from the budget communicated to the meeting, and subsequent questions taken from the floor. A general discussion ensued on the presentation of the accounts, and it was considered desirable that the Committee be given a running account, in a format similar to double entry bookkeeping. RESOLVED That the Area Coordinator supply to the Committee a budget, and Income and expenditure analysis of the Area’s Account. High Court 2010 & 2011 The High Court Quiz for 2010 was discussed and it noted that the Area Coordinator request Head-Office to circulate a circular to all Courts’ details of the proposed High Court Quiz. All replies to be received direct to the Area Chief Ranger Elect (Sister Williams) no later than the 15th August 2010. A general discussion ensued on the choice of hotels for the Area to choose from for next year. It was thought by the Committee that the hotel suggested by Past High Chief Ranger Battershill, appeared to be of a very basic standard. Brother Quigley-Ferriday suggested the Best Western Hotel in Southport for the Area, as it was close by the conference centre. The Area Chief Ranger stated that another organisation, of which he was a member, was using the hotel for a conference, to which they had people attending from all over the world. He was certain that they would be able to give us a group-booking rate.

Brother Quigley-Ferriday stated that when he requested a brochure the hotel stated that they were not able to supply the 2011 price list yet. Brother Quigley-Ferriday stated he would endeavour to supply the same for the next Committee Meeting on 28th July 2010. Social Matters Sister Williams informed the Committee that Court “One And All” No. 3470 were having a lunch at the Carlton Hotel, Truro on 14th August 2010, to celebrate the Courts’ 150th Anniversary. The exact cost has not yet been agreed by the Court, but would not be more that £14.00 [Fourteen Pounds] per member. Page 3 Minutes of the Devon & Cornwall Area Committee Meeting held on the 22nd May 2010 Brother Small asked if Court “Pride of the Plym” No. 4087, could be granted a subsidy of £50.00 [Fifty Pounds], in respect of an event they are planning to hold in Plymouth. RESOLVED That Court “Pride of the Plym” No. 4087 be granted a subsidy of £50.00 [Fifty Pounds] towards a function they are holding in Plymouth. The Area Chief Ranger stated that it should be made known that the Lawn Bowls at Lee Moor, was in fact a Court event for Court “Pride of the Plym” No. 4087, and not an Area event. Brother Small stated that the Court took it to be a Court event. Matters to be discussed at the Area Annual General Meeting A brief discussion ensued on whom was to be Area Sub-Chief Ranger. Brother Small Proposed and Brother Hunn Seconded that Brother Marc Quigley-Ferriday’s name goes forward as Area Sub-Chief Ranger for the ensuing year. Brother Quigley-Ferriday thanked the Committee for his nomination. RESOLVED That the Committee nominate Brother Marc Quigley-Ferriday as Area Sub-Chief Ranger for the ensuing year Any Other Business Brother Quigley-Ferriday state that he had provisionally booked the Davie Hall in Plymouth for the November Area Meeting. He would advise the Committee in due course as to the food available. The Area Coordinator had suggested that the Area Dinner might be moved to September. The Committee felt, that although they could see why September might be thought of as a good time to hold the dinner, it has always been considered as the final event of the Area Chief Rangers Year. The Area Chief Ranger stated that some members of the Area had voiced concerns about the lack of accommodation at Trethorne, and wondered if the Committee would consider looking at alternative venues.

RESOLVED The Area Dinner venue be left in the hands of the Area Chief Ranger of the day, (after consultation with the Committee).

The Meeting ended at 1210 The members of the Committee adjourned to the Royal British Legion Club in Barn Street, Liskeard for lunch with members of the Area

Attachments: Annex ‘A’ Menu Cards)

Composition of the Area Committee and how to join (from the

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