CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

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Electron Beam Welding
1. General:
Electron beam welding machine with the following specifications is required for welding of the
components like NGVs, HP Compressor stages etc made up of Nimonic alloys. The equipment
should have the following construction:
1. Working chamber with run-out platform
2. Work piece manipulation (X-Y- table)
3. Vacuum installation of the working chamber
4. Electron beam generator
5. Machine control and supply
6. Central visual operating unit
7. CNC – control system

2. Construction features:
2.1 Working chamber with run-out platform:
Technical data:
Chamber dimensions (approx.):
Inner length x : 1400 mm
Inner width y : 1000 mm
Inner height z : 1000 mm

The chamber shall be a welded structure, made of thick non magnetic steel plates designed for
trouble free operation. It should have a rectangular cross-section and shall be closed at the right
side by motor driven sliding door.

The internal surface of the chamber shall be super finished with a glass-beaded jet. The result of
this finishing shall be a high surface quality enabling a low pump down time. The exterior of the
chamber and electron gun column shall be clad in lead to provide protection from X-rays
generated during welding.

The run-out platform shall be placed directly on the workshop floor at the right side and shall be
adjustable by leveling feet.

The electron generator shall be arranged in the center of the chamber roof in a vertical position.

For servicing the generator, a section of the chamber roof shall be in the form of a working
platform. It should be accessible by means of a ladder and shall be protected by safety rails.

General lighting of the working area shall be provided by protected fluorescent tubes mounted at
the chamber ceiling.

A viewing window shall be provided on the front side of the chamber so that the inner space of
the chamber can be readily observed. The inner surface of the window shall be protected by an
easy changeable thin pane of glass.
The vacuum system shall be placed near the chamber.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

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Electron Beam Welding

2.2 Run-out platform

In front of the chamber door, a run-out platform shall be mounted in X-direction to the working
chamber. The complete work piece manipulator can be run out of the chamber onto the run-out
platform without uncoupling the driving spindle and without disconnecting any electrical
connectors. The work piece can be changed and clamped outside the working chamber quickly
and without problems.

2.3 Safety protection

The following provisions shall be provided to prevent any persons from being trapped inside the
a) The “Close the chamber door” control can only be used if the safety release button has
been operated immediately before. The arrangement shall be in such a way that the complete
inner space of the chamber can be seen when activating it.

b) In addition, on each of the two side walls inside the working chamber there are safety
lines. As soon as one of these two safety lines is operated the pumps are immediately
deactivated, the vent valve is opened and the “Close the door” process is interrupted.

2.4 Work piece manipulator

Technical data (Approx.):
Table length x : 600 mm
Table width y : 450 mm
Height above table : 1000 mm
Travel in x-direction (inside the chamber) : 550 mm
Travel in x-direction (total) :1675 mm
Travel in y-direction : 450 mm
Speed range : 1.0 – 100 mm/s
Positional accuracy : ±0.05 mm per 300 mm
Positioning repeatability : ± 0.03 mm
Table load : 500 Kg

The working table shall move in x and y directions. A clamping table with T-slots shall be
provided to carry the fixtures or devices with high precision. The working table shall be driven by
two continuously variable servo motors and recirculating ball screw in such a way that nearly the
entire chamber base area can be covered. With the open chamber door it should be possible to
run the complete work piece manipulator onto the run-out platform and back into the chamber
without any coupling or uncoupling operation.

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
For the entire work piece manipulator precision roller elements as well as hardened and ground
guide rails shall be used which are protected to a large extent against contamination from the
welding process. All guiding elements have to be adjusted at assembly which ensures accurate
motion of the working table without backlash.

The controlling shall be with keys and menu dialogue at the central visual operating unit. The
control unit should allow accurate positioning of the work piece with simultaneous visual control
through the chamber window or through the viewing system of the generator.

2.5 Rotary device

- Tiltable Rotary device - (vertical axis of rotation, Horizontal axis of tilting)

The drive motor with an integrated encoder system of the rotary device shall be accommodated
in a compact housing protected against vapour deposit. The flexible connection cable shall be
provided with armored housing. The rotary table should be tiltable with 0 to 90 deg with
electronic display, with an optional CNC control for the tilt table.

The actual motion speed and position of the axis shall be displayed on the control console.

Technical data (Approx.):
Face plate diameter 600 mm
8 T-slots DIN 650 14 mm H8
Star shaped up to dia. 230 mm
center bore 80 mm H7
quill 66 mm

Height of centers with angle bracket 1 405 mm
With angle bracket 2 520 mm
With angle bracket 3 700 mm

Speed range 0.1 – 30 rpm
Positioning repeatability 0.02

Admissible load Horizontal 1000 daN
Vertical 1000 daN

2.6 Tailstock: Should be provided to match the rotary table centre.

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
3. Vacuum installation

For evacuating the working chamber a powerful pump station shall be provided consisting of:
- Vacuum pump station
- Pump station control
- Monitoring unit for air and water
The vacuum installation should produce either soft or high vacuum level in the working chamber.

3.1 Soft vacuum mode:
If the welding task does not require the high vacuum level

3.2 High vacuum mode:
This mode shall be used when the high level of vacuum is required.

The vacuum controls and system shall be controlled in such a way that optimum level of
performance can be obtained in each mode

3.3 Vacuum pump station
Technical Data:
Working pressure inside the chamber : 7 x 10
Pump down time to 7 x 10
mbar : Max. of 25 min
Diffusion pump, Roots pump & Rotary vane pump with suitable capacity shall be provided to
achieve the above mentioned vacuum in the desired pump down time.
The vacuum pump station shall be an independent unit operating both high vacuum mode and
soft vacuum mode. It shall consist of an oil diffusion pump with an associated set of backing
pumps, angular plate valves, X-ray protection, connecting lines and vacuum gauge equipment.

3.4 Pump station control
The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) of the complete installation should automatically
control the vacuum installations of the generator column and the working chamber, ensuring the
shortest possible evacuating times and preventing operating errors. The automatic pump station
control should be started from the visual operating unit. The vacuum and the switching sequence
should be monitored by vacuum gauges and should be displayed at the control system CRT-

3.5 Monitoring unit for air and water
This unit should contain the entire element required for monitoring and supplying the installation
with cooling water and compressed air. If the air or water pressure drops below the minimum set
values an audible signal should be actuated and after approx. 2 min, the EB installation should
be deactivated.

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
4. Electron beam generator:
BEAM GENERATORS should be designed in accordance with the state-of-the-art in electron-
optical criteria. It should have high beam performance and long-time stability of beam
parameters with excellent high-voltage stability, operational reliability and ease of maintenance.
The electricity supply units should be matched to the high standard of the electron beam
generator to ensure maximum reproducibility of beam parameters.

4.1 Technical data

Accelerating voltage [ U
] : 20 to 150 kV
- Long-term stability : ± 0.5 % full scale

Beam current [ l
] at U
80 kV : 0 to 100 mA
- long-term stability at U
>100kV : ±0.2 % full scale
- slope in/out times : 01 sec

Beam power [P] : 0 to 15 kW
- Duty cycle ED : 100 %

Lens current [ l
] : 1.0 to 3.0 A
- Long-term stability : ± 0.05 % full scale

Beam deflection angle (DC) at U
: 150 kV max. ± 5 deg

Working distance [ a
] : 200 to 1500 mm
(Distance chamber ceiling or wall to working spot)

Optical viewing system:
- magnification : 3 to 20 x
- Resolution at a
= 500mm : 0.025 mm
- Illumination at a
= 500mm : 500 Lux
- adjusting device : cross hair with scale

Working pressure in the beam source : 1 x 10
Pumping time to 1 x 10
mbar : max. 5 min.

Pumps of the EB generator of suitable capacity to match the vacuum requirement & pumping
down time
- Oil-diffusion/ turbo pump
- Rotary vane pump

High voltage generator with (150 kV) acceleration voltage which offers higher power and, with
longer working distances, should ensure narrow weld seams, less heat input into the work piece
and greater intensity to interference.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

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Electron Beam Welding
The EB generator should consist of the generator column and the electrical supply.

- The beam generating system (beam source) should be arranged in the top parts of the
generator column.

- The lower part of the generator column should be of easily dismountable sections. It should
contain the vacuum unit, the electromagnetic system and the optical viewing system with

- The electrical supply should contain the high voltage equipment, the electronic control units
and the user control monitoring of the EB generator.

4.2 Beam generating system
The insulator shape selected should provide virtually uniform electrical field distribution over the
entire inside wall of the insulator. The beam generating system in the insulator space should
consist of a filament in the filament cartridge (cathode), the bias cup (Wehnelt) and the anode.

4.3 Quick change cartridge system
As the filament is the only consumable part which has to be changed regularly the filament
changing has to be simple, quick and must not affect the beam data. The design should
guarantee the high reproducibility of the preset beam parameters following its replacement.
Spare cartridge should be provided with the machine

4.4 Vacuum unit of the generator
The necessary high vacuum in the beam generating space shall be maintained independently of
the vacuum in the working chamber.

4.5 Electromagnetic system
The electromagnetic system should be arranged in the lower functional assembly of the EB
generator column.

The electromagnetic system should consist of the focusing lens and the deflection system.

The electromagnetic focusing lens which focuses beam to the working distance shall be
steplessly controllable. By varying the lens current the Electron beam can be focused to any
working distance within the working range.

The deflection system should be provided for static deflection of the electron beam. The system
should have facility for generation of the dynamic deflection functions through function generator
or similar facilities.

At the lower end of the generator column, a heat shield protects the generator components from
direct vaporization and metal spatters as well as form the heat and x-radiation produced by the
welding process.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

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Electron Beam Welding
4.6 Electrical supply of the generator

The voltages and currents for the beam source shall be generated and fed through an oil-free
triple-core cable to the generator column.
The high voltage equipment shall be designed in modern IGBT technology. The modular
designed constant voltage sources for accelerating voltage, heating current, and Wehnelt
voltage should be provided. The system should be very stable and easy to exchange and should
be possible to adjust independently.

The generator control and the high-voltage interlocks shall be integrated into the program control
(PLC). The generator functions and beam parameters should be controlled and displayed on the
central operating visual display unit VDU.

5. Machine control and supply
5.1 Machine control
The complete machine shall be controlled by a microprocessor-based programmable logical
control (PLC). It should comprise of the pump control of the chamber and of the generator
column, the complete motion control, all interlocks and logic operations as well as the interface
for the visual operating unit VDU.
Technical data:
Manufacturer : Reputed make like Siemens / ABB
Consisting of : central unit
: Power supply unit
: Central subassembly
: Peripheral assemblies

Input : 32 inputs, 24 V DC, 0.5A, potential separation

Output : 32 outputs, 24 V DC, 0.5 A, potential separation

Program storage : EEPROM

The PLC shall be installed separately in the cabinet. The control unit shall have a central
processor unit and a number of discrete input/output modules clearly arranged on tracks. The
individual modules shall be provided with LED status indicators allowing quick fault diagnostic.
The machine program comprised in the scope of delivery shall be stored on EEPROM.

5.2 Electrical supply of the machine
The electrical supply of the machine should be clearly arranged in cabinets and should meet IP
54 and EN regulations. A water cooled cooling system should be provided to ensure constant
temperature in the cabinet line.
The machine should be able to operate under following power supply conditions:
• 415 V ±10%, 3 phase, 50 ± 2 Hz.
Party should quote for the isolation transformer and voltage stabilizer.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

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Electron Beam Welding

5.3 Visual Operating Unit:
The visual operating unit should serve as the central system for data input and output. From the
control unit, the complete machine system should be controlled and viewed.

The communication module shall be there as the connecting part between the operating panel,
PLC control and CNC.

The operating panel should show the process and machine data input as well as facility should
be there for selection of the desired monitor screens which show the machine status and

An electronic hand wheel should be provided which allows rapid and exact adjustment of the
electrical and mechanical parameters.

The machine and parameter representation on the CRT monitor shall be selectable from
logically arranged pages. The operator panel shall be driven by soft key inputs / touch screen
inputs. The monitor should represent both inputs and output for the following:
- Process parameters
- Machine status
- Event indications
- Service information

5.4 Hand held pendent
A small hand held pendent shall be additionally provided near the chamber door for easy and
safe work piece handling. The door movement and the run out of the working-table shall be
operated from this hand held pendent also.

5.5 PLC programming unit

For the integrated machine control PLC, the transportable programming unit shall be provided. It
shall be used for program preparation, for completion and modification of control programs and
for error and fault location; it should be easy to operate with user guidance

5.6 Programming:
All functions necessary for programming the requirements shall be provided.

5.7 Program corrections:
Overwriting, inserting or clearing of individual statements or complete networks shall be possible
in on-line as well as off-line operation.

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
Fault location is facilitated by:
- Search run for addressees
-inquiry of signal state and results of logic operations
-control of output, markers, etc.
-direct program selection in any point of the program

5.8 Technical data:
Manufacturer Reputed make like Siemens
Primary storage 1 MB RAM
Hard disk drive 1 GB capacity
External drives CD Drive & Floppy drive
Graphic display 15 “LCD
Keyboard includes special keys for S5-functions
Interfaces 1 parallel, 2 serial, 2 USB
Supply Rechargeable battery

5.9 CNC process control

Basic equipment
The use of a special process control is required in order to fully exploit the benefits of the EB
process. By addition of CNC Control the simple production machine controlled by the PLC shall
be modified to an adaptable universal machine with extended range of welding tasks .

- Simultaneous interpolation without selection of upto
i. 12 axes of movement
ii. 18 analog values

- Through full pre-processing of the program -LOOK-AHEAD function – the
block cycle time is virtually zero (real time processing). Preprocessing of the
program is carried out for optimum matching of the sequence of movements on the
programmed path (e.g. for welding around sharp corners). The extreme changes
of speed and direction will be detected on ahead and the necessary corrections for
the compensation by electron beam (beam tracking) will be computed on ahead
- Programming of the constant welding speed shall be possible independently
of the welding contour through continuous compensation of positional deviations
by beam deflection.

- The PC based processing shall allow communication through network and
use of normal PC functions & multiprocessing

- Comfortable editor
i. user friendly input
ii. manual input via keyboard
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
iii. program listing on the screen
iv. syntax check
v. alter, insert and erase in record block
vi. insert record block with automatic record number correction
vii. erase record block with automatic number correction
viii. comments (can be selectively erased)
ix. absolute and / or incremental programming

5.10 Hardware

The standard basic equipment of CNC system shall include:

- Computer card with 32 bit microprocessor
- 512 MB RAM
- closed loop controls for two mechanical axes (extended upto 12 axes)
- Board for analogue output values
- Power supply
- Digital analog converter
- Control program storage in hard disc
- input for signals of the position measuring systems of all axes of movement
- Fast digital inputs (24 V) recallable by user program
- Fast switching functions which are programmable (24 V, 80 mA)
- CD ROM, USB Ports, Ethernet interface etc
- Keyboard

The complete CNC hardware and the communication module shall be accommodated in a
control cabinet arranged on racks and connected together.

5.11 Safety and protection functions

The CNC system should monitor various parameters for safety:

- Voltage level
- Battery back-up
- Watchdog for digital outputs
- Plausibility of measuring signals
- Wire break
- SRAM memory (user program, machine data)
- EEPROM memory (control program)
- Floppy disk drive
- Bus system
- Syntax check for CNC-programs
- Checksum
- Software limit switches
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
- Protection for writing and deleting of CNC programs
- Password protection
- Diagnosis:
By means of an integrated off-line diagnosis programme the CNC hardware can be self-

5.12 Operating modes

The CNC control shall run in the “manual mode” and in the “automatic mode”. For each mode
there shall be several functions which can be selected and activated on the VDU.

5.13 Manual mode

- Manual feed continuous (JOG)
- Manual feed incremental (JOG)
- Exact positioning of the axes by the hand wheel
- speed override up to 125%
- Home position:
Automatic travel to zero point machine
- Facility for setting any reference points on workpiece
- Definition of working range of workpiece (software limits)
- Calibration:
Routing for metric calibration of the beam deflection in relation to high
voltage and working distance. The determined calibration values inputted in
the CNC program allow programming of the beam deflection in mm.
- tack welding:
o Length of tack weld and interval between welds pre-selectable;
o Automatic operation as soon as a movement is switched on, i.e. the beam is
switched on and off in accordance with the programmed selections.

5.14 Automatic Mode
- Program selection
- Test mode 1 – program run without beam and with reduced speed
- Test mode 2 – program run without beam
- Single step:
Program is run step by step.
- block selection:
Start of program at a particular record block number
- The change into the manual mode during the program run without program break
is possible.

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
5.15 Programmable parameters

It shall be possible to program the following parameters:

- High voltage
- Beam current
- Lens current
- Linear axes of movement
- rotating axes
- welding speed
- statical metric beam deflection in x- and y- direction
- Dynamic metric beam deflection in x- and y- direction
- beam oscillating figures
- beam oscillating figures
- programmed welding contour with beam deflection only
- tracking functions
- vectorisation of the dynamic deflection function

5.16 Functions

The basic equipment shall include:

- subroutine technology
o repetition of record sequence from the current program
o repetition of external subroutines (up to 20 levels)
- linear interpolation
- circle interpolation (clockwise, anti-clockwise)
- interpolation of the welding speed over a given path
- selection of surfaces of circle interpolation (xy, xz, zy)
- incremental programming – relating only to the actual position
- absolute programming
- modulo function:
o resetting of the angle indication to zero if 360
for a rotation axis are reached
- optional stop:
o for testing purposes a program can be stopped at programmed points
- back step:
o program shall run back step by step
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
- sequence counter:
o A counter is incremented on the screen for multiple repetitions, for example.
This allows the part welds to be checked or, following an interruption, permits
operation to be resumed at a particular sequence number.
- software limits
o definition of working range for the axes
- rapid traverse work piece positioning
- slope-in of the beam oscillation amplitude
- slope-out of the beam oscillation amplitude
- conditional program interrupt:
o when the beam functions are not ready for operation
o when the HOME position was not found
- machine code:
o A machine identification code can be entered. Before running, each program will
be checked if it is identified by the code valid for the machine in question.

6. Optical viewing system

The optical viewing system should facilitate the operator an enlarged view of the workpiece
surface in the working area of the electro beam. It should enable the beam spot to be checked
and evaluated, the positioning of the joint and should allow the operator to observe the welding
process itself.
The optical viewing system shall consist of a binocular telescope, light source, two adjustable
prisms and vaporisation protection system.

The adjustment of the prisms should allow the operator to observe the illuminated workpiece
surface even with different working distances. The vaporisation protection of the prism should be
easily accessible and should be simple to change. A rotatable pane of protective glass should be
inserted in the optical beam path.

7. TV-Optical Viewing system

A video camera shall be added to the standard or to the extended CNC-controlled optical
viewing system enabling the operator to see the picture both, directly through the telescope
and/or on the 14” colour monitor.

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
The picture required for the CCD camera shall be delivered by means of a beam splitting
(semitransparent) mirror from the optical beam path of the telescope. Filters shall protect the
pick-up CCD sensor form blooming and damage during the monitoring. The optical equipment
shall be mounted outside of the generator and shall be protected.

The TV system shall be provided with an own movable cross wire and an output for a video
device. The colour monitor shall be arranged in a comfortable viewing position on the operating

The operating shall be done further more by the standard or CNC-controlled optical viewing
system of the generator.

8. Accessories:
8.1 Oil mist filter & oil return device
The oil-mist filters shall be fitted onto the exhaust connections of the last rotary vane pumps

The filter elements should consist of non-woven glass polyester which prevents the air from
being polluted by oil mist. Degree of separation: 99.98%. The filter elements shall be mounted in
a housing of aluminium and they shall be easily replaceable. A built-in relief pressure valve shall
be provided which will indicate filter clogging when the filter elements are heavily contaminated.
The oil returns device collects the pump oil in a receiver. The oil is then fed back to the rotary
vane pump by means of a back pump. So it helps to reduce operating costs.

8.2 Closed-circuit water cooling system
The EB equipment requires the specified quantity of cooling water. The closed circuit cooling
system provides the possibility of making the EB-installation independent of the supply and
discharge of external cooling water.
All machine components to be cooled should be supplied with cooling water from a central water
storage tank by a circulating pump. A heat exchanger integrated into this closed circuit, should
maintain the water temperature of the storage tank at the required value. Ambient temperature:
max. 35

8.3 Function-Generator
It might be necessary for certain welding applications to deflect the electron beam statically or
dynamically according to definite functions. The function generator unit shall be controlled by the
operating control unit or programmable by the CNC process control. This shall facilitate the

a) Static deflection DC
The electron beam can be deflected for positional corrections, in any

CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
b) Dynamic deflection AC
The following functions stored in EPROMs can be activated either
manually or by CNC:
Sine wave
All functions in x- and y- directions.
c) Superimposed deflection
Static and dynamic (DC and AC) deflections of the unit can be
Frequency for b) and c):
Frequency range 0.01 to 1000 Hz
Continuously adjustable

8.4 Pulse generator
A pulsed beam can be more effective for special application (deep welds, geometry of the weld,
special materials). In particular the ratio between seam width and seam depth will be improved.

The beam current shall be controlled by a controllable function generator which allows pulsing
and modulation in the following:

Technical data:
Current pulsing:
Pulse frequency -regulated 0 to 1000 Hz
Single pulse -unregulated triggerable
Pulse time 400 s to DC

Current modulation on the DC-component of the sine,
Square or saw-tooth function

Frequency -regulated 10 to 1000 Hz

Continuous variation of intensity of modulated function
From 0 to 100% of I

Adjustments. a) Pulse amplitude
b) “Mark space ratio” in pulse operation
c) Pulse or modulation frequency
d) Modulation form
e) Modulation amplitude
f) Average value for modulation
This shall be Programmable by CNC or set manually at the VDU.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
8.5 Seam tracking control system

This system serves for correcting automatically possible difference between the preset position
of the electron beam and the real position of the joint.

To eliminate the effect of tolerances at the workpiece or the fixtures or of residual magnetic fields
a low-powered oscillated electron beam is used as a measuring instrument during one sensing
cycle. The differences measured between the desired and the actual position of the joint with
respect to the electron beam are determined and stored by the numerical control system (option)
and in the following welding program they are recalled and compensated by beam deflection or
by work piece movement.

Maximum deviation ±3.0 mm
Tracking accuracy max. ± 0.15 mm
Programmable width of scanning raster max. 5 mm

8.6 Heating current regulator
Automatic heating current optimization for the filament shall be provided.

9. Spares :
• A kit of spare parts for maintenance of the machine for a period of 2 years operation to
be quoted. The list of the spares and break up cost should be provided. However the
supplier should ensure continued supply of spares throughout the useful life of the
machine/ at least for a period of 10 years.
• Supplier shall quote separately for the spares for drives, controller and mechanical
• Full set of spares for the controls: Power supply card, memory card, axes card etc.
10. Annual Maintenance Contract :
• Supplier should quote as option for Annual Maintenance Contract for a period of 4 years
after the warranty period.
• The conditions for the annual maintenance contract will be as follows:-
AMC schedule for the machine, which will be operational for 500 hours per month
on 3 shift basis.
Breakdown calls should be attended within 48 hours from the breakdown time
Preventive maintenance shall be carried out every 3 months or as per the
manufacturer’s recommendations during warranty period.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
Repair services shall be subjected to acceptance by Maintenance Department of
Uptime of the machine on monthly basis to be maintained to 95%- minimum
11. Safety :
• Working area of the machine should have safety enclosure with Plexi glass windows.
• The machine must be provided with all safety features necessary to protect the
machine, control and the operator while in operation from possible damage/ injury.
• Automatic machine shutoff with warning in the event of failure of sub systems
12. Installation & Commissioning :
• Foundation kit like vibro mounts, bolts etc required for foundation to be supplied.
• Layout drawing of the machine to be provided.
• Approximate weight of the machine & accessories should be specified
• Detailed drawing of foundation indicating necessary details to be supplied along with the
• Requirements of water and compressed air lines to be specified.
• Special requirements like isolation, vibration criteria, Air conditioning, dust free
atmosphere and flooring to be specified.
• The installation & commissioning will be done by Supplier’s Engineers at HAL site within
the stipulated time from the receipt of the machine at HAL site.
• The commissioning will be treated as complete if HAL issues the certificate of
• Data Back up for re-installation in case of Hard Disc failure should be supplied on CD at
the end of commissioning. The data should include “NC, MMC, PLC Archieve files,
Alarm text, fixed cycles, etc.
13. Acceptance test and inspection :
• Inspection schedule for acceptance covering all the relevant international standards
should be enclosed along with the quotation.
• The test charts/methods adopted for confirming the geometrical accuracies of the
machines are to be furnished by the Supplier along with quotation.
• All the tests required for confirming the geometrical and positional accuracies should be
demonstrated to HAL’s engineers for acceptance at HAL site.
CPR No. 4570-21028
Dtd. 10.11.07

Bangalore Complex

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Electron Beam Welding
• The prove out of typical components which is within the working envelope of the
machine is to be carried out at HAL site at the time of commissioning of the machine as
a part of acceptance test.
• The supplier should prove out the standard test piece as a part of acceptance at HAL
14. Warranty :
• Supplier should provide warranty for 12 months for the entire machine inclusive of all
systems/ accessories from the date of installation/ commissioning against all the design,
material or manufacturing defects.
• Supplier should make two free visits to HAL works as Customer Support program during
warranty period.
• Supplier to indicate the useful life of the machine on 3 shift per day basis.
15. Training :
• Party should provide training for HAL personnel in the following areas
Mechanical Maintenance
Electrical and control system maintenance
Control system and Programming
• During commissioning visit, supplier’s engineer should provide training
16. Documentation :
• Three sets of the following documents (Both soft copy & hard copy) in ENGLISH
are to be supplied with the machine:-
Operator manual
Programming manual
Spare parts list
Maintenance manual
Electrical wiring diagrams
Preventive maintenance check list, trouble shooting charts and guidelines.
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Electron Beam Welding
17. Experience / Clientele :
• Supplier should provide
ο The list of customers in Aerospace to whom offered model of the machine have been
ο The list of customers in other manufacturing Industries to whom same or similar machines
have been supplied.
18. Special Instructions :
• The supplier should quote technically proven model of machine and control system.
• The supplier should quote in two bids separately i.e., Technical Bid & Commercial Bid.
CONFIRMED, WILL BE COMPLIED are not acceptable where numerical values are
required to be quoted.
• The quotation should be comprehensive against specification and the supplier should state
whether the machine and control system offered by them confirm as per specification point
by point as listed. If any alternate offers are made, it should be stated as alternative and
price to be quoted if any.
• The supplier should provide catalogues/ Detailed Drawings of the machine and the items
offered. Sketches are not acceptable. Quotations received without these details are likely
to be ignored / disqualified for consideration.
• The offer will be ignored / disqualified in-case the supplier is designing and manufacturing
the machine for the first time.
• The items to be supplied with the machine should be of standard manufacturer make,
necessary drawings/ catalogues should be enclosed giving the details. Non standard
items/outdated technology is not acceptable.
• The supplier should clearly categories the Basic/ Standard features as well as optional
features of the machine & Control system in order to have clear cost comparison.
19. Important:
All offers should be accompanied by a clause-by-clause specification compliance/ deviation
statement as indicated below indicating all the points of the specification:
Compliance Spec’n
Item Description
Yes No
(If Any)

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