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1. 500cc NaCL with Heparin 25,000 units to infuse at 1200u/hr. What rate do you set the pump?



Ordered: Digoxin .5 mg IV Supplied: Digoxin 0.25 mg/mL How much will you give?


Order: 2 L D5W in 24 hours IV How many cc/hr?


Order: KCL 40 mEq/100 cc D5W What is the recommended rate of infusion by peripheral and central lines? Peripheral: ____________ Central: ____________


Order: Lasix 80mg IVP Supply:10mg/ml concentration How many cc will be given?

How many minutes should it take to inject?

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6. What is the mechanism of action for ß1-receptor antagonists on the heart? a. Increase heart rate, increase cardiac output b. Decrease heart rate and contractility. c. Increases retention of salt and water. d. Decreased heart rate and increased cardiac output. 7. What is the most troublesome side effect of ACE inhibitors? a. Diarrhea b. Hypokalemia c. Cough d. Hypertension 8. Humulin R insulin 100U/250cc 0.9% NaCL to infuse over 24 hours. How many units/hr will the patient receive?


Medications that are recommended in Congestive Heart Failure are which of the following: a. ACE inihibitors, Beta blockers, diuretics b. Antithrombotic, ACE inhibitors, antiatherosclerotic c. ACE inihibitors, fluoroquinolones, antiarrhythmic d. None of the above.


Order: Lactulose 30g in 100mL fluid TID Supply:Lactulose 3.33g/ 5mL Give _____ml


Which of the following oral anti-diabetes agent should be stopped before or at the time of a scheduled cardiac catheterization or IVP and not resumed for 48 hours after the procedure? a. Dymelor b. Glucophage c. Glucotrol CL d. Prandin


Waht medications need to be checked by two nurses bfore administration? a. Lasix, insulin, heparin b. Beta blockers, insulin, ACE inhibitors c. Insulin, heparin d. Inotropes, heparin, insulin

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13. To convert milligram to micrograms, multiply by: a. 60 b. 1000 c. 10 d. 100 14. If a patient weighs 50kg his weight in pounds is: a. 110 lbs. b. 200 lbs. c. 28 lbs. d. 150 lbs. 15. What test is used to determine the therapeutic range for heparin? a. PT/INR b. PTT c. ACT d. Clotting time 16. If a dose smaller than one-half of a scored tablet is needed you should: a. Substitute a commercially available solution or suspension or one prepared by the pharmacist b. Cut the tablet with a knife. c. Break the tablet with your hand. d. Crush the pill then divide it equally 17. What are the DO NOT USE abbreviations for DSH? a. qd, os Q.D., Q.O.D. b. prn c. as, ad, ou, od, MS, MSO4, MgSO4 d. trailing zeros, T.I.W., ug d. All but B 18. Order: Synthroid 150 mcg p.o. every day Supply:Synthroid 0.05mg tablets Give _____ tablets


You noted an order by a physician that stated Humulin insulin 50U after breakfast. The nurse gave the dose for 3 days. On the morning of the third day, the patient developed signs of hypoglycemia, including shakiness, tremors, and confusion. What steps should the nurse follow before giving any dose of insulin?

How could this have been prevented?

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20. A nurse flushed a triple lumen catheter. According to hospital policy, the nurse was to flush each line with 10ml of NS followed by 2ml of heparin flush solution with a concentration of 100units/mL. The nurse used a vial that said 10,000 units/mL. The patient received 60,000 units instead of 600 units. What steps does the nurse need to take before administering any heparin? a. Read the medication label correctly b. Check the dose c. Follow hospital policy d. All of the above 21. Which of the following orders is written properly to minimize the potential of a medication error? a. Lanoxin 0.125 p.o. q.d. b. MX 10.0 mg IM q 5hr prn pain c. Levothroid .1mg p.o. daily d. Coumadin 5.0 mg p.o. daily 22. 23. 24. Vancomycin must have peak and trough levels after each dose: Dilantin does not need a filter for administration: Coumadin therapeutic dosages are based on what lab work? a. PTT b. ACT c. PT/INR d. Clotting times 25. A heparin drip (20,000units/500cc) is infusing at 1000 units per hour. If you increase the rate by 7cc/hr, what is the new dose? T T F F


What type of action does negative chronotropes exhibit? a. Increased heart rate b. Decreased heart rate c. Increased contractility d. Decreased contractility


How many mg/min should Dilantin be pushed? a. >30mg b. <50mg c. <20mg d. >60mg

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28. What is the maximum dosage for acetaminophen per day? a. 2 Gms/ day b. 3 Gms/ day c. 4 Gms/ day d. 5 Gms/ day 29. Please convert the following from Centigrade to Fahrenheit: a. 38 ° C b. 34 ° C c. 37 ° C 30. ________ ________ ________

All of the following are signs of digitalis toxicity except: a. N/V, diarrhea, anorexia b. Fatigue, pulmonary embolis, porphyria c. Fatigue, agitation, yellow-green halos d. Dizziness, hallucinations, vertigo


Diltazem is a calcium channel blocker that: a. Is used for wide complex tachycardia b. Converts the rhythm to sinus c. As a continuous infusion raises blood pressure and cardiac output d. Slow AV confuction and is used for rate control for atrial fibrillation


Order: Valium 10mg IVP now Supplied: Valium 5mg/ml Administer at 2mg/min Give ____ml Give_____ml/min


Order: Zantac 100 mg IVP every 8h Dilute to 20ml and administer over 5 minutes How many mg of Zantac will be in each ml after dilution? ______ Give _____ml/min


Order: Solumedrol 90 mg IVP Supplied: 120mg/2ml Give_____ml

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35. Order: Demerol 10mg IV Supply: Demerol 50mg/ml Draw up ____ml Dilute Demerol 10 mg with 5ml normal saline and administer over 5 minutes. Administer ____ ml/min


Order: Promethazine HCL 25mg po hs Supply: Promethazine HCL 6.25mg Give: _____tab


Aminophylline 0.5 g in 250 ml D5W is to infuse at 30 mg/hr Set the IV pump at _____ml/hr


Digoxin: a. Increases heart rate b. Is contraindicated in persons with asthma c. Is a calcium channel blocker d. Increases the force of myocardial contractions


The primary side effect of nitroglycerin administration is: a. Hypokalemia because of excessive diuresis b. Hypotension, which may worsen myocardial ischemia c. Vasoconstriction which may elevate blood pressure d. Prolongation of the QT interval


Epinephrine decreases myocardial oxygen demand and should be used for patients with ischemic heart disease T F


Nitroglycerin IV is indicated for the following conditions: a. Myocardial infarctions b. Cardiac Ischemia c. Hypertension d. All of the above

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42. The following is true about Lasix except: a. Lasix may cause dehydration and hypotension. b. Lasix may cause electrolyte imbalances such as hyperkalemia, hyperchloremia, and hypomagnesemia c. Muscle cramps and weakness are caused by hypokalemia from Lasix d. Lasix is a potent loop diuretic 43. The following about Lovenox is(are) true except: a. It should not be given within several hours of inserting or removing an epidural catheter b. Adverse reactions include decreases in hemoglobin and hematocrit c. Lower doses are given for patients with renal insufficiency d. Heparin and Lovenox may be given concomitantly 44. You are to administer a 50cc IVPB medication over 15 minutes. At what rate do you set the infusion pump?


NPH insulin 20u and Regular insulin 5u were given at 0800. At 1400 you make round and discover your patient is experiencing the following symptoms: Headache, blurred vision, dizziness, diaphoresis, and difficulty organizing thoughts. Which of the two insulins is the most likely cause of these symptoms? What is the patient experiencing?


My Miller is on an IV infusion of 1000 units of heparin/hr for the thrombophlebitis of his left calf. He has also been started on po Coumadin. Mr. Miller requests pain medication for a headache. The physician has ordered aspirin X grains by mouth every 4 hrs as needed for headache. The nurse should: a. Call the physician and request a different pain reliever b. Substitute Tylenol for the aspirin c. Give the aspirin as ordered d. Give Mr. Miller 5 grains of aspirin now and 5 grains later


Order: Keflex 100mg po daily Supply: Keflex oral suspension 250/5ml Give: ___ ml

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48. Order: Hydrochlorthiazide 30mg po bid Supply: Hydrochlorthiazide suspension 50mg/ml Give: _____ ml


Order: Restricted fluids: 1000ml NS IV for 24 hrs Ampicillin 500g in 50ml D5W IVPB qid over 30 minutes Flow rate: _____ml/hr IVPB and _____ml/hr primary IV


Order: Amoxicillin 350mg po q8hr Supply: 250mg/5ml Give: ____ ml

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